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Big Star releases 'Stand Alone' dance practice video

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Big Starshowed the rehearsal of their latest song, 'Stand Alone'!

Big Star Sings About Having to “Stand Alone” in Music Video

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Five-member boy group Big Star (Feeldog, Baram, Raehwan, Jude, and Sunghak) has officially released their music video for their digital single “Stand Alone.”

On December 12 at noon, “Stand Alone” was released through various music sites, and music video was uploaded on the Brave Family official YouTube channel. The track was created through collaboration between the Brave Brothers, Crazy Park, and Maboos of Electro Boyz.

The track consists of an RB sound with a melody in a minor key. The lyrics express the longing of a man who is reminded of his past lover in his everyday routine and how he must learn to stand alone. The distinctive voices of Raehwan and Jude especially match well with the lyrics.

Kpop Star G-Dragon Duets With Pop Idol Justin Bieber; Song May Drop Next Year (Video)

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G-Dragon answered "I always have plans. Rather than a big project, at this time, I want to just do something in a way where it's more like artists that connect well meet and enjoy things together. That way it'd be more comfortable and allow a fun song to be made. If I were to tell you one thing, it'd be that Justin Bieber has already completed the recording. It's my turn now. You'll probably be able to meet [this song] next year."

Just last month, G-Dragon was a surprise guest in Justin Bieber's first Korean concert. In the middle of the Bieb's stop at the Olympic Park's gymnasium in Seoul, G-Dragon hit the stage for a surprise performance of his song "Crayon."

Girls' Generation Yuri Sings Acoustic Rock Track "Bling Star" for "No Breathing" OST (Music Video)

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Girls Generations Yuri shows off her vocal range as she sings the acoustic rock song Bling Star for her movie No Breathing OST.

Bling Star is the song that Yuris character sings in the movie on her audition program. The lyrics deliver the hopeful message that everyone is a bling star, with the potential to shine brightly. The song is actually played by the Superstar K5 contestant Masyta Band.

The music video shows scenes of Yuri recording the track in the studio interlaced with scenes from the movie. No Breathing stars Yuri, Seo In Guk, and Lee Jong Suk to portray a story of youth, friendship, and competition in Koreas first ever movie about swimming. Seo In Guk and Lee Jong Suk are swimming athletes who are envious of each other strengths, and Yuri plays a singer-hopeful, caught between the two hunks. 

Shin Ji Hoon Releases Motivational “New Star(T)” Video

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That’s like combining the feats of Kim Yuna and Baek Ji Young. Following in one of their footsteps is a hard feat in itself, but the young fifteen year old plans to aim high and settle for nothing less. Many eyes are on this new rookie to see if she has what it takes to achieve her dreams.

Shin Ji Hoon narrates in the motivational short video. She starts off, “From when I open my eyes to when I close them, I dream about myself on the stage and also on the ice.” The video ends with “My dream is to be a figure skater that sings.”

Shin Ji Hoon just released a video teaser under her stage name V.A for “Right There,” which is composed by Beast’s Yong Jun Hyung. 4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon participates in the music video.

2EYES Releases “Shooting Star” Image and Video Teaser

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“Shooting Star” is a rock and pop fused tune using the guitar as the main instrument. J’Kyun, Vatsiky and Zion wrote the lyrics and the composition. Tom Coyne, who worked on Chris Brown and Justin Bieber’s albums, did the mastering.

2EYES will drop its “Shooting Star” on October 8 and plans to hold the first performance of the new single through SBS’s Power FM “Boom’s Young Street.”

JYJ Receiving "Best Idol Star Award" from KBS (Video Clip)
Jyj Receiving "best Idol Star Award" From Kbs (Video Clip)

JYJ Receiving "Best Idol Star Award" from KBS (Video Clip)

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Jaejoong gave his thanks, “I think this is more meaningful because the award is from KBS Netizens. I am in such a good mood right now.” Park Yoochun stated, “Thank you for giving us such a large award when we still have so much room to improve.” Junsu “Even though it has been a while since we have debuted I am thankful that we are still being called idols.”

Big Star releases dance practice video for “Run & Run”

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RunRun is the title track to the groups second mini album Hang Out which was released on August 8th. The song was directed and produced by Brave Entertainments founder Brave Brothers.

Road to KCON: K-pop Main Stage Meets Side Stage in Youtube Star JunCurryAhn’s Latest Video Covers of EXO and Henry

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JunCurryAhn's Jun Sung Ahn I spend as much time watching K-pop covers on Youtube as much as I spend time watching K-pop official MVs or even more. I always respect the creativity of the Youtube K-pop cover artists with their own versions of our beloved K-pop hits. One of my favorites happen to be Jun Sung Ahn, of the JunCurryAhn Youtube channel. My first experience with the channel was watching his violin cover of FTISLANDs Severely, and I became a subscriber since.

These last few weeks, JunCurryAhn is keeping the channel busy with his latest cover offerings featuring KCON Main Stage M! Countdown Artists. This weekend, JunCurryAhn tries to capture the brilliance of EXOs Growl in all its 360-degree camera glory, in this mash-up violin and dance cover version. Watch it from here:

Aint that awesome? Comments on the video on Youtube are all appreciative. Viewer micmoiii commented I love how u always have this creative concept of mixing violin and dance! And your dancing has improved! Execution is a lot sharper now. Awesome job, keep making more videos! :D being the top liked comment on the video page. The top rater was giving props to JunCurryAhns cameraman who was able to execute this well, ERO JR said OMG cameraman ur awesome ^_^u guys R absolutely amazingThe video has garnered 52K views within hours, which in K-pop cover land is a feat.

Jung Joon Young Thought He Would Star in TaeTiSeo's Music Video
Jung Joon Young Thought He Would Star In Taetiseo's Music Video

Jung Joon Young Thought He Would Star in TaeTiSeo's Music Video

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Jung Joon Young, former contestant of Superstar K4, revealed on the KBS variety program Happy Together that he mistakenly thought he would star in TaeTiSeos Twinkle music video.

The singer described the situation as such. An acquaintance asked him if he wanted to appear on TaeTiSeos music video in an important role. Jung Joon Young agreed and went to the filming only to find EXOs Chanyeol taking the main role.