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The Inheritors Full Episode

Korean Drama "Seonam Girls High School Investigators" Episode 9 Full Video

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Also known as "Detectives of Seonam Girls" High School" Synopsis Based on an original novel, five high school students act investigators and solve the problems of private education, abortion, gang bullying and other problems in the Korean education system.

KBS2 Drama "King's Face" Episode 19 Full Video

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Gwanghae"s relationships with those around him is one of the more pleasant aspects of "The King"s Face" that I haven"t much mentioned. He treated people well and they do the same for him. That behavior is reflected in his diplomatic policies. There is an openness in him that is well-portrayed by Seo In-guk. It"s a wonderful challenge for an actor who hasn"t had much to work with in regards to the script. But Seo makes palpable connections with those he works with and that makes him effective on screen.

Then we have King Seonjo who is a very useless, petty, self-absorbed man. He, however, is falling in love with Ga-hee and that makes him a useful writing tool as well as a major playing card for Do-chi. It makes him more vulnerable to manipulation and with Ga-hee and Do-chi becoming more determined to execute their goals, King Seonjo is a veritable pawn. Lee Sung-jae is wonderful as he weak, manipulated king and makes him a character to enjoy on screen despite his utter uselessness as a ruler.

Why the show is only now coming to the points that were advertised at the start of "The King"s Face" such as the love triangle between the king, Gwanghae, and Do-chi, and, the tension between father in son, I do not know. Writing them into the plot more strongly and much earlier would"ve benefitted the show. At least it has happened now.

SBS Drama "Punch" Episode 17 Full Video

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Synopsis The recordings from the last 6 months of Park Jeong-hwan, an investigations command chief from the Supreme Prosecutor"s Office. This man says goodbye to life as he crosses a world that he'll never return from.

KBS2 Drama "The King's Face" Episode 18 Review and Full Video

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Aside from the face, Ga-hee is settling into court life and the court is struggling to acclimate to her. Lady Kim, the head consort, is insanely jealous of her replacement. As the mother of four sons, she aspires for one of them to be king. Since Sinseong passed, her eyes are now set on Jungwon who is cunning and set to avenge his mother"s humiliation at being pushed aside for Ga-hee. He is more dangerous than Sinseong was and hopefully that"ll make him more interesting than Sinseong and Imhae, the two brothers who were in line to push Gwanghae from the throne. Imhae is still pathetic and dimwitted. He is like a royal placeholder for the bloodline and nothing more. Despite the fact that he is historically inane, such a character can still be used better than he has been. The introduction of Jungwon into the running has made Imhae less useless.

Then there is the streak of jealousy running through the "The King"s Face". The king is jealous of any time that Ga-hee spends with any other men, which only means its a matter of time before he discovers her relationship with Gwanghae. Lady Kim is jealous of Ga-hee as the favored concubine. Im-hae is jealous of Jung-won as the favored son. As political tensions rise, they fan the flames of jealousy. The tension is a breeding ground for jealousy.

The foreign relations are bolstering the intrigue of "The King"s Face". Again, this show"s dependence on the historical prestige of the story of Gwanghae is frightening. It has very little intrinsic motivation. Give me more.

KBS2 Drama "The King's Face" Episode 17 Review and Full Video

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King Seonjo has, as of late, been making more appearances, showing that he is a coward and letting other people take on his responsibilities for him. Pitting this weak king against Gwanghae"s magnetic personality is one of the inherent literary beauties of the story. What makes the king strong is those around him; what makes Gwanghae strong is his spirit. The juxtaposition of the two family members and enemies is something the show seems to be using. The king allows Do-chi to do his dirty work; the prince does his work himself. Involving Ga-hee as the king"s concubine may change the dynamic between father and son; it should, but the writing in this show hasn"t been strong enough or consistent enough for me to expect it.

Do-chi and Gwanghae"s rivalry is a good one. They have loaded conversations that grow into action. The scenes between them are purposeful and engaging. On the other hand, there are strange, disjointed scenes that depict what Gwanghae"s men are doing in Manchuria. These don"t have much impact at all. In fact, it would"ve been better to narrate them than to spend the time and money filming them.

With Ga-hee in the palace, "The King"s Face" enters its third stage. I"ve lost hope that the quality will improve. I can only hope that the import of the original story is able to carry it through.