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The Heirs Kissing Scene

Fiester Jei shoots lesbian kissing scene in new internet drama
Fiester Jei Shoots Lesbian Kissing Scene In New Internet Drama

Fiester Jei shoots lesbian kissing scene in new internet drama

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South Korean dramas dont normally take the possibility of doing homosexual themes, alternatively Lily Fever is doing just that. Now nothandiest are there intimate kissing scenes between two girls, the keysolid is a K-pop idol, Jei from Fiestar.

Jeis lesbian kissing scene is yet to air, butfanatics have noticed a preview of it and the video clip is going viral. The clip can also bevisible below, watch at your own discretion.

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"Spy - Drama" Kim Jae-joong comments about kissing scene with Ko Sung-hee

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During the press conference for KBS 2TV"s new miniseries, "SpyDrama", Kim Jae-joong said "I don"t have any tricks as to how to act in kissing scenes. It"s true though how I approach changes depending on the partner".

He added "The kissing scene with Ko Sung-hee was really natural and touching. I am usually left still emotional for a while after filming a kissing scene or scenes with affectionate touching".

"Spy - Drama" based on the Israeli drama MICE is a story about an ex-agent mother and her son, who is a current agent for National Intelligence Services. Its first episode will air on January 9th.

[Hot clip] Rain & Krystal Kissing Scene in My Lovely Girl Episode 9

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My Lovely Girl (내겐 너무 사랑스러운 그녀) is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Jung Ji-hoon (Rain) and Krystal Jung. Having the K-pop world as the backdrop, the drama tells the story of two pained individuals who find healing through music. It is currently airing on SBS starting from September 17, 2014 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes.

They eat meals, sleep, and sometimes smile like they used to in the past, but the one thing that’s changed is that even happy moments they might feel each day are tinged with misery. These two people extend hands to each other and say, “Stop being tormented, it was not your fault. So, you can be happy now.”

Through this story, two people fall in love again by letting wounds heal and opening their hearts (minds). When faced with a lot of death in life, humanity and love is what comforts us and gives us the strength to get back on our feet, after all. We would like to present a heartwarming and ordinary story.

A music video for Hyolyn’s new song “One Way Love” becomes the topic of a talk thanks to kissing scene with Yoo Yeon Seok

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The song produced by Brave Brothers, a South Korean rapper, record producer and songwriter of Brave Entertainment, based on hip-hop and RB with elegant style and tango rhythm. Furthermore, a captivating voice of the female singer caught the ears of many netizens.

On the other hand, Hyolyn will officially come back appearing on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank amid her new songs; “Lonely” and “One Way Love” ranks high on various online music charts.

A music video for Hyolyn’s new song “One Way Love” becomes the topic of a talk thanks to kissing scene with Yoo Yeon Seok eng Subtitle. Watch online new korean drama in korean Series. A music video for Hyolyn’s new song “One Way Love” becomes the topic of a talk thanks to kissing scene with Yoo Yeon Seok Recap Watch Episodes Reviews

'Cheese in the Trap': Drama scene vs. Webtoon scene

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tvN's newest drama series 'Cheese in the Trap' lately aired it is 9th episode, garnering much love from the audience for it be accurate interpretation of the long-established webtoon of the similar title. Even prior to the webtoon used to be remade into a drama, it drew in a cast fanbase and is currently running their 2nd season (in LINE Webtoon).

Here are some scenes that you spot in either the webtoon and in the drama, take a glance at how the situationreplaced as the transition changed intomade of webtoon to drama!

Seol needs to take a year off, backOne line synopsis: Seol gets inebriated and talks of ways she wants to get a year off from faculty again on account of Yoo Jung.

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WINNER’s Song Mino Says He Was once All In Right through Kiss Scene in Teaser Video

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WINNERs Song Mino Says He Was once All In All the manner through Kiss Scene in Teaser Videock525 January 10, 2016 0 WINNER’s Song Mino has published that he was in the zone whilst filming his kiss scene for the group’s song video teaser.

When asked about the kiss scene in his teaser clip, Song Mino says, “I was acting and 200% in the zone. I did so for the maximum productive results.”

Meanwhile, WINNER dropped their new album’s preview song “Pricked,” a duet with Nam Tae Hyun and Song Mino, on January 11 at the hours of darkness KST. WINNER could be making their comeback after a year and five months hiatus with their mini-album E on February 1.

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Song Triplets’ Much-Anticipated Scene Airs in Song Il Gook’s Ancient Drama “Jang Young Shil”

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Song Triplets’ Much-Anticipated Scene Airs in Song Il Gook’s Ancient Drama “Jang Young Shil”ilmare42 January 10, 2016 0 Two of Song Il Gook’s sons have now made their acting debut in the newest episode of “Jang Young Shil”!

Recently on “The Go back of Superman,” actor Song Il Gook took his cherished triplets with him to the set of his new KBS historical drama “Jang Young Shil.” Daehan, Minguk, and Manse were dressed up as Joseon generation beggars and filmed a quick scene where they cried and concealed from an drawing near mob.

Many audience were in particularinspiredby way of the acting abilities of Manse, who was oncein a positionto accomplish a short scene in which he cried on my ownat the street. We also saw the staff filming Minguk and Daehan dining a snack on the aspect of the street across from him.

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“Running Man” Forged Turn into Heirs in Special Mansion Episode

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Running GuySolidTransform Heirs in Special Mansion Episodekokoberry January 8, 2016 0 At the upcoming episode of SBSs Running Man, the solidindividuals transform into heirs as play a game over winning land inside a mansion.

The members are awestruck by ability of the flashy interior of the mansion when they enter. The mansion game sends members to more than a fewportions of the mansion dependent on their rating in the game. They aren't allowed to headout of doorsin their designated territory.

Apparently, there used to bevarious laughter whilst filming because of members getting their land stolen from other members and experiencing indignity as they lose their inheritor status.

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KBS Drama Awards Most sensible Excellence Award winner So Ji-sub, "Sin Min-ah, let's move and take the comfortable and erotic evening scene"

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The award ceremony, emceed by way of Jeon Hyeon-moo, Kim So-hyeon-I, and Park Bo-geom, happened at KBS Annex Developmentbeginning at 8:30 PM on December 31st.

He acknowledgedall the manner through the acceptance speech, "I'm so satisfied that I may play the role as Kim Yeongho. I mightlove to thank the entiregroup of workers members, who will have to be runningdemanding somewhere even now".

So Ji-sub also mentioned, "Congratulations, Min-ah for your award" about the distinction Award Actress in Mniseries Sin Min-ah received. He added, "Next week is the overall episode. Let's pass and take the relaxing and erotic evening scene". The target marketat the venue gave a large cheer as he executed his words.

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QUIZ: Are you ready to  Call the K-Drama Couple Just From Their Kissing Lips?
Quiz: Are You Ready To Call The K-Drama Couple Just From Their Kissing Lips?

QUIZ: Are you ready to Call the K-Drama Couple Just From Their Kissing Lips?

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QUIZ: Are you in a position toCall the K-Drama Couple Just From Their Kissing Lips?crystalcove December 28, 2015 0 How obsessed were you with K-dramas this year?  If you can correctly fitall of the kiss scenes here to the Best Couple nominees from Soompi Awards 2015, very. Take the quiz to discover out!

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