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The Cast From My Love From Another Star

Netizens Loopy In Love With SHINee’s Onew After Liberate Of Drama Stills
Netizens Loopy In Love With Shinee’s Onew After Liberate Of Drama Stills

Netizens Loopy In Love With SHINee’s Onew After Liberate Of Drama Stills

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In fact, a recent drama still from the display featuring the SM Entertainment singer dressed as a physician has wona massive number of attention lately. Though its unclear how just right the singer is at acting, netizens have appeared to agree that up to now his visuals fill the role perfectly.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

Rain Becomes Pals With His Bulldog Co-Star in Stills From Upcoming SBS Drama
Rain Becomes Pals With His Bulldog Co-Star In Stills From Upcoming Sbs Drama

Rain Becomes Pals With His Bulldog Co-Star in Stills From Upcoming SBS Drama

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Rain Becomes Buddies With His Bulldog Co-Star in Stills From Upcoming SBS Dramailmare42 February 2, 2016 0 Actor-singer Rain stocks some love with a bulldog in stills from his first shoot for the impending SBS drama “Come Back, Uncle (working title).

In the drama, Rain could begambling the role of Lee Hae Joon, a good-looking manager at a branchshop whose frame is possessed through Kim Young Soo, a guy who died from overworking yet is given the opportunity to hold out unfinished business.

On January 11, Rain took section in his first shoot for the display at a area in Seoul. In his first scene, Lee Hae Joon has been possessed by Kim Young Soo, who returns to his house and reunites with his puppy dog. It’s stated that Rain arrived to the shooting location early, and took time to greet all of theparticipants of the workforce and glanceround the set.

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Web drama 'Clueless Prime  Elegance Unrequited Love' drops bts cuts of Jung Il Woo, Jin Se Yeon, and Bora
Web Drama 'clueless Prime Elegance Unrequited Love' Drops Bts Cuts Of Jung Il Woo, Jin Se Yeon, And Bora

Web drama 'Clueless Prime Elegance Unrequited Love' drops bts cuts of Jung Il Woo, Jin Se Yeon, and Bora

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The web drama, which hit over one hundred million perspectives on January 28 dropped these bts imagesto turn how cheery and pro the hardworking actors were on set. Whether they were appearing aegyo, petting an adorable dog, or speaking to the crew, they all appear to bethey areplaying their time at the drama.

The production group stated, "We in spite of everything plan on liberating the ultimate episode of 'Clueless High Category Unrequited Love' today," and relayed thank you to all the netizens who enjoyed the drama.

Lee Min Ho May  Go back To K-Drama With The 'My Love From The Stars' Screenwriter
Lee Min Ho May Go Back To K-Drama With The 'my Love From The Stars' Screenwriter

Lee Min Ho May Go back To K-Drama With The 'My Love From The Stars' Screenwriter

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(Photo : TGNT ) Lee Min Ho is thinking about his Korean drama comeback, in a taskthis is being crafted via "My Love from the Star" and "Producer," screenwriter, Park Ji Eun.

On January 21, Starhaus Entertainment showedthe prospective casting, in an exclusive file that was once released by the domestic publication, Donga.

The project is being helmed by producer-director Ji Hyuk, who up to now worked with Lee at the action drama, "City Hunter." Ji may be credited with the direction of the supernatural hit, "Master's Sun" and the Lee Jong Suk clinical drama, "Doctor Stranger."

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Sehun and Irene are in love in more, hot 'CeCi' footage interview video

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Plus, their complete photoshoot video is out, adding their interview. Either Sehun and Irene divulge what words arise to them when they call to mind love. The words incorporated gaze, promise, warmness and fluttering. They also shared how glad they were to join in in this pictorial to assist children.

The photoshoot is for Louis Vuitton and UNICEF's 'Make a Promise' campaign, and both are wearingjewelleryfrom Louis Vuitton's silver locket collection.

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5 Conventional K-Drama Romance Plots You Hate Yet Love
5 Conventional K-Drama Romance Plots You Hate Yet Love

5 Conventional K-Drama Romance Plots You Hate Yet Love

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5 Standard K-Drama Romance Plots You Hate Yet honey brookenicole January 13, 2016 0 What’s a excellent romance without a bit of cliché? If you’ve noticeda massive number of K-dramas, chances are top that you’ve spotted a trend between a couple of of them and their romance plots. And whilst the romances mightevery so often exist a little too familiar, that doesn’t lead them to tug any less at our heartstrings.

The Romeo and Juliet Plot

Kind of like the vintage forbidden love story, this one occurs a lot. Its appealingnow notsimpleston account of its forbidden complex, but it also employs the opposites draw in theory, too. But as always, things can never be that simple. The couple, similar to the couples in Heirs or Secret Garden, shouldcombat their parents’ disapproval — which can unquestionably turn the delusion into a bumpy ride.

Review: Fortunate J Combines The maximum productive Of Then And Now At the Epic Showstopper 'No Love' VIDEO

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A lot of other peoplelove to brandamusingof recent Eminem. At his best, however, his more fresh singles capture the facility of an arena rock band like Journey, albeit in hip hop form. "No Love" hits identicalexcitement points. Drums pound like a Southern edition of Bon Jovi whilst the pattern and synths stay things anthemic ample for you to position your hands in the air and preserve them there at some point of the song.

Vocals are either sung and rapped, the interaction of which adds to the tune's overall feel of natural release. The band members' performances screen a fragility while at the similar time staying difficult equally nails--an encapsulation of all the human revel inobservedin the process the lens of one K-pop tune.

"No Love" hits similar marks as Lucky J's 2014 single "Can You Listen Me," but the addition of a standard Korean string instrument like Haegeum provides up any otherpointof class to the group's pop hip-hop fist pumpers.

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Review: 'Unpretty Rapstar' Winner Cheetah Moves Back With 'Star Wars' VIDEO

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Cheetah's personality is widescreen-huge. In 2007, when she used to be 18, the rapper turned into left in a transient coma after being hit by a bus while crossing the street. The coincidence left her without the abilty to sing on account of her prolonged fourth dimensionthe use of a respirator. Yet it's challenging not to interpret the vigor and lust for lifestyles Cheetah projects in her rhymes although her fierce, uncompromising start equally a birthday celebration of life and her choice to persevere. The MC sounds utterly unconcerned with her painful past, and unworried about our shared doubtful future. She is, in a word, present.

Her toughness has some precedent in the new bravado displayed by Nicki Minaj, but Cheetah's go with the flowcontinuously skids off the rails, showing a boldness hardly exhibited by her American counterpart. While most often an unhinged shipping is anchored by rock-solid backing, the music on "Star Wars" is in all places the place. Yet, somehow, it works.

While rapid-fire trap hi-hats rub shoulders with EDM "special effects," that is just the end of the iceberg. At the verses of "Star Wars," the percussion takes on a gadget gun-like quality, spraying the track with off-kilter accents. It combines the largest trends of the beyond year, while sounding each and every bit like it's riding the wave of recent musicmaking that could not accept emerged anytime except for now.

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Luhan Unearths His 'Inner Force' In New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Promotional Song Video

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(Photo : Weibo)(Photo : Star Wars)"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is on the correct track to be the largestfilm of all time, already having grossed over $700 million worldwide. Yetthere might be one country it has yet to arrive in: China.

Perhaps because of this the franchise has tapped Luhan, one of the crucial country's maximuma hit pop stars, to advertise the film. Today, Luhan's "The Internal Force" promotional music video started streaming online, just in time for the Jan. nine Chinese premiere of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Lovers can take a glance atthe hot music video below.

For fans wondering if being an ambassador for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" turns outa bit of out of persona for Luhan, the singer latelydiscussed that he has a massive number ofother interests across all the entertainment industry.

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Fans In Love With Video Of Hyorin “Shaking It” In A Hot Tub
Fans In Love With Video Of Hyorin “shaking It” In A Hot Tub

Fans In Love With Video Of Hyorin “Shaking It” In A Hot Tub

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Fans straight away wondered who shot the video, and where it used to be filmed. It becomesupposed to exist either Hyorins personalplace of abode or a complicated hotel the contributors of Sistar were staying at. The clip presentations Hyorin bathing on a rooftop patio hot bathtub at night, overlooking an unlimitedtown skyline. She has a bright smile on her face, and does a little shake in the water for the camera. Lovers pointed out how adorable glad she looked, whilsttaking section ina calming bath with a truly perfecturban view. Take a glance at the short, yetadorable clip below.

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