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Writer Of "secret Garden" And "the Heirs" Sends Love Call To Song Joong Ki For New Drama

Writer of "Secret Garden" and "The Heirs" Sends Love Call To Song Joong Ki For New Drama

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His agency released a statement saying “It’s true that Song Joong Ki received an offer for the lead role in Kim Eun Sook’s ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ However, nothing has been decided yet.”

Song Joong Ki left for his military service after establishing himself as a star in popular projects such as “A Werewolf Boy” and “The Innocent Man.”

“Descendents of the Sun” comes from the writer of “Secret Garden,” “Heirs,” and “Lovers in Paris,” all big hits for SBS. For the first time, writer Kim Eun Sook’s drama will be airing on a different network, on KBS. “Descendents of the Sun” will be helmed by “Secret” PD Lee Eung Bok.

SECRET showcase their energetic and sexy choreography in dance practice video for "I"m In Love"

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SECRET continued to prove that they can pull off both cute and sexy concepts returning with an energetic yet sensual choreography for this comeback. Although it was the group"s first time working with Duble Sidekick for their title track, the song sounds like a perfect match for them.

The girls will perform their comeback stages on music programs this week, so check back for the coveragewhile you watch the dance practice video!

Secret unveils “I’m In Love” choreography practice video ahead of comeback stage

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With up close shots as well as wide views, Secrets intense and intricate choreography is revealed. Performing as if they were in front of a live audience, Secret lipsync the lyrics as they dance in sync.

Meanwhile, Secret recently completed their comeback showcase and are preparing to take the stage on the weekly music shows. Are you looking forward to their upcoming stages?

[MV Review] SECRET - "I"m in Love"

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I like the plot, what there is of it. A woman trying to get a man, perhaps her therapist, to notice her ("crazy crazy crazy for love"). You get the sense that no matter what she does, he is all business and analytical. I also got a sense that he might be her boss, and she his lovelorn assistant. The frustrated pounding of the desk and grabbing his tie were nice touches. At the end, all of a sudden, Hyosung is in his chair? That could be along the lines of "now you don"t have anything to agonize over. Get back to work!" I didn"t quite get the shower scene though. That just looked thrown in there. And, maybe it wasn"t supposed to make sense.

The dance moves were fair to middling. There were some nice moments where they made some sweeping gestures, but those were all too fleeting. Mostly they shook their assets, which were made more obvious by the costumes. I could do without the twerking though. I was enjoying the lack of this dubious gimmick until about 1:45.

This is a strong MV overall. The girls look lovelier than I"ve ever seen them, the song is definitely hook-filled, and, for the most part, the video is a lot of fun.

Secret Drops Sultry and Fun “I’m in Love” Music Video

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Secret is officially back, having just released the music video for Im in Love, the title track of the groups new album, Secret Summer. The album was made available overnight in local time. The title track rose to number one on Bugs music chart, while it in others, it ranked among the top.

Secret returns as a full four-member group for the first time in eight months with this new album and with the title track, the group plans to show a 180 degree image transformation. Im in Love is composed by hit-maker Duble Sidekick, who is collaborating with Secret for the first time.

Secret will hold an album release showcase today and proceed with promotions throughout the week. Check out the music video for Im in Love below.

SECRET releases music video for "I"m In Love"!

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The melody heard in the background is catchy as expected of Duble Sidekick, the producer behind their title track, and SECRET go back to being sexy vixens for their new comeback. The music video is directed by none other than ZANYBROS.

The girls will be the first ever girl group to have a showcase at the Gangnam Station! The showcase will be held at the "M-Stage", and it will be an open showcase that anyone who loves SECRET can attend.

SECRET turns from brokenhearted to full of vengeance in group music video teaser for “I’m In Love”

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Each light teaser of the members had showcased a naturally beautiful member, light tones bringing an atmosphere of tranquility and a bit of sadness. On the other hand, each dark teaser had shown a sexier, bolder side of the SECRET members that clashed against the innocent title. This first group video teaser, then, combined the two opposing elements and put it into one. The beginning starts with a slow piano melody, while showing the members in tears or deep thought over the special man sitting across from them. White curtains and bright lights further enhanced the feeling of a ballad, in which each member stares soulfully into the mirror.

However, the latter half showcases Hyosung, Jieun, Hana, and Sunhwa in classy black dresses, bold eye makeup, and in both anger and desire regarding the man they love. Somehow having realized an ugly truth, Hyosung especially battles with her former self who used to be so in love, as in the end her conscious and her current self sit face-to-face.

Watch the teaser below, and tell us what you think of SECRET’s surprising teaser! Also listen to their previously released track medley, in anticipation for their full album and MV release this upcoming Monday!

Secret Drops New Group Photo and Seductive “I’m in Love” Teaser Video

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TS Entertainment, the talent agency that represents girl group Secret, has released yet another teaser image as the clock ticks down to the act’s comeback with the mini album, “Secret Summer.” The new release’s lead track will be “I’m in Love.” The agency has also released a teaser video for the track.

A representative from TS explained about the music video preview that “there is a lot to see in the teaser, including aspects and charms of the group that some fans might not be familiar with yet.”

Secret shares first CF video teaser ft. Hyosung for “I’m In Love”

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Just a few days ago, Secret was confirmed for a comeback with a new title track, revealed to be titled Im In Love. The popular girl group will be releasing their 5th mini-album, SECRET SUMMER, seven months following their last single release, I Do I Do.

The first CF teaser stars Hyosung sitting calmly in the middle of the beach, a fish bowl with a goldfish swimming inside as the oceans waves hits the sand. She begins to walk alongside the waves, a tear dropping from her eye.