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WINNER Plan Large-Scale Comeback With Triple Tune Video Unencumber And New EP

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(Photo : YG Entertainment)WINNER are planning a large comeback in 2016 vialiberating3 music videos for their upcoming EP, to be released on Feb. 1.

According to a remark made by a high-level representative at YG Entertainment on Jan. 16, the gang is still running on either the music videos and the album. "WINNER are these days filming three music videos," he said. "The mini-album will involve4to 5 songs, with over part the tracks having their own music video."

Another insider at YG Entertainment told Korean media outlet OSEN, "WINNER won a good deal of rookie awards remaining year, and to make up for the time the staffused to be on hiatus, we've gotready for their comeback with all our energy."

Cross Gene's Yongseok is in a position to beat things up in new comeback teaser video!

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In his teaser, Yongseok looks slick in a well-fitting black suit, yetin its place of keeping his cool, he makes a decision to beat up a couple of things. He gets competitive with the fence and a few boxes, and in the end settles down when he sees the big, white teddy endurethat is been in a collection of the other member teasers. "Noona, You" is the identifysong of Cross Gene's upcoming 3rd mini-album, 'Game'.

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Cross Gene's Casper gets soaking wet in new comeback teaser video!

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In his teaser, Casper gets frustrated with an enormous white teddy bear, yet then gets distracted via pulling on a couple of cords. Unfortunately, the cord he pulls gets him soaking weteven though he does notappear to mind. "Noona, You" is the identifytune of Cross Gene's upcoming 3rd mini-album, 'Game'.

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Cross Gene's Sangmin does stunts in comeback teaser video

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Sangmin's teaser is filled with stunts as he flips off of walls and simply jumps over stumbling blocks for "Noona, You", which turns out to be the identifytunein their upcoming mini-album 'Game'. Here's their 3rd mini-album following'Play With Me', which used to be released final April.

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Kim So Yeon is in a position for her drama comeback!

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She has been solid equally the lead of MBC's new weekend drama, 'When One's House is Happy.'  Promotion firm The Tik Tok published on January 12 that she can begambling Bong Hae Ryung, a housewife of thirteen years and the firstborn daughter of the Bong family.  The background of the drama is the maximum importanteating place in Chinatown called Ka Hwa Guy Sa Sung (which translates to 'when one's house is happy').

The promotion agency stated, "Bong Hae Ryung is as serene as the attention of a typhoon, yetbecause of the raging scenarios around her, she finally ends up living a lifestylesthat is like a wave."

Kim So Yeon explained, "I totally fell into the character, so I read the synopsis and script in one sitting.  I idea onemaynow not lose this personaas itin realityappeared tohave compatibility me, so I made up our minds to appear."

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Dal Shabet Are Difficult Gun-Wielding Beauties In 4-Member Comeback Song Video

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(Photo : Satisfied Face Entertainment)After the new departure of 2contributors from the group, Dal Shabet are back as a quartet with their 9th EP "Naturalness."

The music video for "Someone like U," which used to be released on Jan. 4, displays the members confronting a guy who broke their hearts via going to clubs with other women.

The album changed into released on Jan. 5, marking the five-year anniversary of the group's debut in 2011. "Naturalness" incorporates ageneral of six songs and is the primary of Dal Shabet's albumsto be composed by noted Korean manufacturerCourageous Brothers.

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First Episode of Song Il Gook’s Comeback Drama “Jang Young Shil” Leaves Sturdy Impression
First Episode Of Song Il Gook’s Comeback Drama “jang Young Shil” Leaves Sturdy Impression

First Episode of Song Il Gook’s Comeback Drama “Jang Young Shil” Leaves Sturdy Impression

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First Episode of Song Il Gooks Comeback Drama Jang Young Shil Leaves SturdyInfluence leejojoba January 3, 2016 0 It used to bea terrific comeback. Actor Song Il Gook’s sheer presence at thetv screen becamesufficient for the audience to put from your mind roughly his more familiar symbol every bit the father of triplets or his five-year spoil from acting. Even in the previews which slightly lasted a minute, Song Il Gook’s presence left the viewers in want of for more.

The first episode of KBS2TV’s “Jang Young Shil” aired on January 2. The episode portrayed elder Jang Young Shil’s (Song Il Gook) ultimate moments of existence and young Jang Young Shil (Jung Yoon Suk) studying about science.

Unlike other historic dramas which have a tendency to painting from the adolescence of the major character, “Jang Young Shil” began out appearing death of Jang Young Shil as an old man. Elder Jang Young Shil is observed walking around thedesertmaintaining a sundial. Seeing the clouds duvet up the sun, he yells out, “Right! Just swallow it all up!”

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Rain showed to make his drama comeback!
Rain Showed To Make His Drama Comeback!

Rain showed to make his drama comeback!

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It's been a year and 3 months since we saw him on 'My Stunning Girl', and audience are excited to him in 'Come Back Ahjussi', a remake of the japanese novel 'Tsubakiyama Kacho No Nanoka Kan'. The drama centers around a guyand girl who come to a decision they wish togo back from death temporarily.

Rain will play the role of an reasonable mall worker who returns as a rich 'flower boy.' 'Come Back Ahjussi' will get started airing in February of 2016.  

Rain Confirms SBS Drama Comeback
Rain Confirms Sbs Drama Comeback

Rain Confirms SBS Drama Comeback

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Rain Confirms SBS Drama Comebackleejojoba December 23, 2015 0 Singer and actor Rain is showed to make his drama comeback in February of 2016 on SBS. The drama is titled “Come Back, Uncle” (working title) and should air on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It’s been a year and 3 months since his final drama “Shes So Loveable (also referred to as My Stunning Girl).” His comeback drama used to beprior to nowis known as “Goodbye My Beloved, yet has been up to date to “Come Back, Uncle.

“Come Back, Uncle” is in keeping withthe japanese novel “Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanoka-kan” which translates to “Seven Days of Manager Tsubakiyama.” It’s a comedy that explores the question, “What if you’re readyto come to existence from the dead for a moment?”

Rain portrays the good-looking manager Lee Hae Joon, who turned into a middle-aged salaryman who dies, but is given the opportunity to reside again. The drama will explore the which means of true love and the essence of life.

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Turbo Signals a “Restart” With Video Teaser for Comeback

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Turbo Signals a Restart With Video Teaser for Comebackcrystalcove December 15, 2015 0 Dance crew Turbo, which is coming circular again after 15 years since their closingrespectable release, has just dropped its first video teaser.

Turbo is a male pop community that debuted in 1991. The long-establishedcontributors were Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jung Nam, with Kim Jung Nam later leaving and rapper Mikey joining in 1997.

Turbo is now returning as a trio – Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jung Nam, and Mikey – coming in combination to unencumber the teams6th studio album. The identifytune is Again, penned via Duble Kick.