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SEVENTEEN’s Functionality Unit takes on “Mansae” as a team in concert video special release

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On January 17th, Pledis Entertainment shared a unique video clip of the Functionality unit of measurement Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino appearing Mansae all through their concert in 2015 titled 2015 LIKE SEVENTEEN Boys Wish held between December 24th throughout the 26th at Yongsan Art Hall.

For two minutes, the Performance Unit was oncein a positionto polish on stage by themselves as they showed off their sharp dancing abilities to screaming enthusiasts along to their hit song Mansae.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN may beconserving a special encore concert this February in gentle of the good fortunein theirultimate event, LIKE SEVENTEEN Boys Wish Encore Concert, for February 13, 2016.

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Leo is the following 'Beautiful Liar' in teaser video for VIXX sub-unit debut

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With his long black hair framing his face and his fairly vocals giving a preview into their tune "Beautiful Liar," this teaser will create the entire feels for VIXX fans.  Get able to swoon by way of clicking play above!

Ravi is a 'Beautiful Liar' in his teaser video for VIXX sub-unit

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The dark close-ups play with lights to turn other portions of his face at once, most competitive giving short and speedy peeks at his features. Regardless, while you catch his eye, you"ll be riveted! The air of mystery jumps off the screen.

VIXX's newly Shaped sub-unit with Leo and Ravi releases teaser video!

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Looking at the video Name and the description on YouTube, the duo Could Also Be called LR, a Call Shaped By Means Of combining The Primary letters of The 2 idols" names. The teaser Displays Photos from VIXX"s Beyond concerts, with A Focal Point on Leo and Ravi. It doesn"t Disclose much, Yet it Certain will make Lovers Look Ahead To the duo"s upcoming debut which Is Decided for this coming August 17 at midnight!

Sub-unit INFINITE F release teaser video for "My Heart is Beating"

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Previously, it was revealed that INFINITE sub-unit consisting of Sungjong, Sungyeol, and L called INFINITE F were going to debut in Japan! The three previously collaborated on a song that was included in INFINITE"s "Season 2" album, but will soon be releasing new track, "My Heart Is Beating."

The boys dropped a cute and refreshing teaser image that brings back the joys of summertime as they race through a vast field and get aboard a hot air balloon! The song is also very uplifting, suiting the youthful nature of the three INFINITE members.

SMRookies Male Unit, SR14B, Releases “Super Moon” Dance Video

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SR14B releases its second video after member Taeyongs individual skill video. This new video features members Johnny, Taeyong, and Hansol. Its a dance focus video titled Super Moon with the aforementioned rookies showing off their dance moves.

What do you think of the members dancing skills?

SMRookies Seulgi and Irene finally form unit "SR14G" and release "Be Natural" video clip

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Aside from their attractive and fresh visuals, the girls prove that they are more than just pretty faces showing their dancing and projection skills in the video as well as their powerful voice.

'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' talks about 'porn' in first episode trailer

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This time, the four main characters are at work interrogating a man. Lee Sun Jae provides wit when he turned red finding out that the man has 100TB of 'porn' at home creating a silly scenario among the other cast Byun Hee Bong, Jang Gwang, and Super Junior Heechul. Seems like their 'teamwork' is really good.

Are you excited to watch this drama? Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' premieres on May 2 at 9:50PM KST. Watch the preview below for the mean time:

Super Junior’s Heechul Cast in tvN Drama, “Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Unit” with Lee Soon Jae and More
Super Junior’S Heechul Cast In Tvn Drama, “Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Unit” With Lee Soon Jae And More

Super Junior’s Heechul Cast in tvN Drama, “Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Unit” with Lee Soon Jae and More

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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul will be joining veteran actors Lee Soon Jae, Byun Hee Bong, and Jang Kwang for the upcoming tvN drama, “Grandpas over Flowers Investigation Unit.” In regards to the casting, a representative expressed, “Kim Heechul will show his energy as he acts with veteran actors. He has a great desire to try a new challenge as he works with the veterans.”

“Grandpas over Flowers Investigation Unit” will focus on the past lives of grandpas who currently work at a delivery service. The comedic investigative drama will show three elderly delivery men working with one young worker, displaying a format similar to the variety show, “Grandpas over Flowers.” As Lee Soon Jae will act as Go Kang San, a former traffic officer who now runs the delivery service, the drama will be filled with comedic moments as the young worker played by Kim Heechul will try and adjust working with the three other grandpas.

In the past, Kim Heechul made his acting debut through “Banolim 2” back in 2005 and has diligently cultivated his acting resume. We can’t wait to see this new combination of actors, as tvN dramas never disappoint. The drama, “Grandpas over Flowers Investigation Unit” will broadcast starting in May.

Sub-unit Toheart unveil prologue teaser video

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SM Entertainment updated their official Youtube channel with the prologue teaser video of the boys under caption, “Toheart coming soon!”