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Preview You Came From Another Star Episode 16

“Running Man” Episode 220 Preview

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Especially, this episode is featured with the two rising stars   Song Jae Rim and Kangnam, who have gained popularity for their current roles in dramas and TV shows. Song Jae Rim is currently participating in “We Got Married” and Kangnam is appearing in “I Live Alone” and “I’m Going to School.”

The preview shows the guests having to couple up with the “Running Man” who are dressed up as females. It looks like the return on Kim Kwang Ja and Kim Jong Sook!

“Running Man” airs on SBS every Sunday. The next episode airs November 9.

Song Jae Rim gets jealous over Kim So Eun and her co-star Lee Sang Yoon on upcoming episode of
Song Jae Rim Gets Jealous Over Kim So Eun And Her Co-Star Lee Sang Yoon On Upcoming Episode Of "we Got Married"

Song Jae Rim gets jealous over Kim So Eun and her co-star Lee Sang Yoon on upcoming episode of "We Got Married"

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During a recent filming, the onscreen couple were eating breakfast when Song Jae Rim mentioned the articles he read on Kim So Eun"s press conference for her tvN drama "Liar Game". One of the articles said, "[Kim So Eun] likes Lee Sang Yoon more than Song Jae Rim," and Song Jae Rim couldn"t hide his disappointment reading this.

Although Kim So Eun explained that that wasn"t what she meant, Song Jae Rim continued to get jealous as he mentioned how she had failed to put a heart in the caption for the photo of them on SNS, but she put a heart for the photo of her and Lee Sang Yoon.

He quickly got over his jealousy though as he helped put lipstick on his "wife" while she was getting ready for their outing, telling her "Close your eyes". Having earned the right to a wish in the previous episode, he told her, "You have to go straight into [skinship] three times today."

Korean MBN Drama Tears of Heaven Episode 7 Preview

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Yoon Cha Young (Hong Ah Reum) is a daughter who’d once believed that a mother’s love was like heaven. She then learns that she was abandoned by her own mother, Yoo Sun Kyung (Park Ji Young) twice out of her own greed. The two of them have no choice but to violently point swords at each other.

Korean CSTV Drama Greatest Marriage Episode 8 Preview

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Here is the preview of Korean CSTV Drama Greatest Marriage Episode 8 (최고의 결혼 8화 예고). This Episode will air on CSTV on November 1st at 23:00 PM. Let’s check!

This drama telling a story about the relationships between four different couples and a marriage centered around a woman who voluntarily becomes a single mother.

Korean OCN Drama Bad Guys Episode 5 Preview

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To combat rising violent crimes, the Police Chief asks Detective Oh Goo Tak (Kim Sang Joong) to form a team consisting of criminals. He is currently suspended from the police force for using excessive force. He then gathers team members: Park Woong Chul (Ma Dong Suk) who is a gangster, Lee Jung Moon (Park Hae Jin) who is the youngest serial killer with extraordinary intelligence and Jung Tae Soo (Jo Dong Hyuk) who is a contract killer. Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young (Kang Ye Won) also joins the team and she tries to have these guys work as a team by dealing with them rationally and sometimes emotionally.

Korean TVN Drama Misaeng Episode 5 Preview 미생 5화 예고

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Jang Geu Rae (Siwan) played the board game “baduk” (a strategy game somewhat like chess) since he was a child. Playing the game was everything to him, but he failed to become a professional baduk player. Now he is thrown out into the real world. By an acquaintance’s recommendation, He is able to begin to work at “One International” as an intern and struggles to adapt working at a company.

Meanwhile, Ahn Young Yi (Kang So Ra) is a competent and intelligent new intern and Jang Baek Ki (Kang Ha Neul) is another co-worker. Oh Sang Sik (Lee Sung Min) will play their boss.

Actors SiwanLee Sung Min and about 50 staff members travelled toAmman, Jordan on 2014-Sep-18 to shoot prologue scenes for this drama. They will also film scenes in ancient Petra City, Wadi Rum and other areas of Jordan. They will return to South Korea on 2014-Sep-24. This drama is the first South Korean drama series to film in Jordan.

Korean MBC Drama The Legendary Witch Episode 3 Preview

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This drama is about four female inmates in Room 10 of the Chungjoo Women’s Prison who are charged with murder, fraud, stock manipulation, and attempted murder. These Four women are Moon Soo In (Han Ji Hye), Shim Bok Nyuh (Go Doo Shim), Son Poong Geum (Oh Hyun Kyung) and Seo Mi Oh (Ha Yeon Soo).

After being released, with the baking knowledge learned from the prison, they join to open a bakery shop which eventually compete against a large bakery company run by a conglomerate.

Korean MBC Drama Rosy Lovers Episode 5 Preview

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Here is the preview of Korean MBC Drama Rosy Lovers Episode 5 (장미빛 연인들 5회 예고). This Episode will air on MBC on November 1st at 21:55 PM. Let's check!

Korean SBS Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 Preview

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Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) is the heir of a large company. He is suffering from a broken heart syndrome due to a psychological shock. To get the woman he loves back, he completely changes an unattractive and overweight Sa Geum Ran (Ha Jae Sook) to beautiful Sara (Han Ye Seul). In the process, Han Tae Hee falls in love with Sara.

Korean KBS2 Drama Hi School - Love One Episode 14 Preview

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Lee Seul Bi (Kim Sae Ron) is an angel who is sent to Earth to look after Shin Woo Hyun (Nam Woo Hyun), who lives with his grandmother and carries emotional scars from being abandoned by his parents. Despite his cold demeanor, Woo Hyun is popular in school because of his good looks and singing ability. When his best friend, Hwang Sung Yeol (Lee Sung Yeol), finds out a secret that ties them together and also develops feelings for Seul Bi, who is posing as a fellow student at their school, the best friends turn into rivals. Can Seul Bi survive first love and other the perils of life as a teenager and properly do her job to protect Woo Hyun?