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Rain Becomes Pals With His Bulldog Co-Star in Stills From Upcoming SBS Drama
Rain Becomes Pals With His Bulldog Co-Star In Stills From Upcoming Sbs Drama

Rain Becomes Pals With His Bulldog Co-Star in Stills From Upcoming SBS Drama

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Rain Becomes Buddies With His Bulldog Co-Star in Stills From Upcoming SBS Dramailmare42 February 2, 2016 0 Actor-singer Rain stocks some love with a bulldog in stills from his first shoot for the impending SBS drama “Come Back, Uncle (working title).

In the drama, Rain could begambling the role of Lee Hae Joon, a good-looking manager at a branchshop whose frame is possessed through Kim Young Soo, a guy who died from overworking yet is given the opportunity to hold out unfinished business.

On January 11, Rain took section in his first shoot for the display at a area in Seoul. In his first scene, Lee Hae Joon has been possessed by Kim Young Soo, who returns to his house and reunites with his puppy dog. It’s stated that Rain arrived to the shooting location early, and took time to greet all of theparticipants of the workforce and glanceround the set.

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Lee Min Ho in Talks to Celebrity in Next Rom-Com Drama by way of “My Love From the Star” Writer
Lee Min Ho In Talks To Celebrity In Next Rom-Com Drama By Way Of “my Love From The Star” Writer

Lee Min Ho in Talks to Celebrity in Next Rom-Com Drama by way of “My Love From the Star” Writer

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Lee Min Ho in Talks to Superstar in Next Rom-Com Drama by way of My Love From the Star Author crystalcove January 20, 2016 0 We could be actor Lee Min Ho soon in a drama again!

Starhaus Entertainment answered in an respectableremark to reports that the actor will be in a rom-com drama penned by the My Love From the Star writer –Park Ji Eun – by announcing that the drama is being evaluated undoubtedly amongstbest priority.

The drama may beacknowledged to be helmed by director Jin Hyuk, whom Lee Min Ho has in the past worked with on Town Hunter and has also led Masters Sun and Physician Stranger, among other works.

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Review: 'Unpretty Rapstar' Winner Cheetah Moves Back With 'Star Wars' VIDEO

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Cheetah's personality is widescreen-huge. In 2007, when she used to be 18, the rapper turned into left in a transient coma after being hit by a bus while crossing the street. The coincidence left her without the abilty to sing on account of her prolonged fourth dimensionthe use of a respirator. Yet it's challenging not to interpret the vigor and lust for lifestyles Cheetah projects in her rhymes although her fierce, uncompromising start equally a birthday celebration of life and her choice to persevere. The MC sounds utterly unconcerned with her painful past, and unworried about our shared doubtful future. She is, in a word, present.

Her toughness has some precedent in the new bravado displayed by Nicki Minaj, but Cheetah's go with the flowcontinuously skids off the rails, showing a boldness hardly exhibited by her American counterpart. While most often an unhinged shipping is anchored by rock-solid backing, the music on "Star Wars" is in all places the place. Yet, somehow, it works.

While rapid-fire trap hi-hats rub shoulders with EDM "special effects," that is just the end of the iceberg. At the verses of "Star Wars," the percussion takes on a gadget gun-like quality, spraying the track with off-kilter accents. It combines the largest trends of the beyond year, while sounding each and every bit like it's riding the wave of recent musicmaking that could not accept emerged anytime except for now.

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Luhan Unearths His 'Inner Force' In New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Promotional Song Video

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(Photo : Weibo)(Photo : Star Wars)"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is on the correct track to be the largestfilm of all time, already having grossed over $700 million worldwide. Yetthere might be one country it has yet to arrive in: China.

Perhaps because of this the franchise has tapped Luhan, one of the crucial country's maximuma hit pop stars, to advertise the film. Today, Luhan's "The Internal Force" promotional music video started streaming online, just in time for the Jan. nine Chinese premiere of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Lovers can take a glance atthe hot music video below.

For fans wondering if being an ambassador for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" turns outa bit of out of persona for Luhan, the singer latelydiscussed that he has a massive number ofother interests across all the entertainment industry.

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IU, Baekhyun, Seohyun And Lee Joon Gi Lead All-Star Solid For Upcoming Fantasty Drama 'Startling through  Every Step: Ryo'
Iu, Baekhyun, Seohyun And Lee Joon Gi Lead All-Star Solid For Upcoming Fantasty Drama 'startling Through Every Step: Ryo'

IU, Baekhyun, Seohyun And Lee Joon Gi Lead All-Star Solid For Upcoming Fantasty Drama 'Startling through Every Step: Ryo'

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Producers of the display this week showedthe total cast for Startling by Each one Step: Ryo(also referred to as Moon Lovers), which is based totally off the Chinese novel "Bu Bu Jing Xin" by Tong Hua. The taleused to beprior to now adapted for the screen in 2011 by the Chinese network HBS as "Scarlet Heart."

The new myth drama adaptationwill be directed by Kim Kyu Tae, who is understood for hit Korean dramas equivalent to That Winter, the Wind Blows, Its Okay, Thats Love, and Iris.

Startling by Every Step: Ryomarks the television acting debut for EXO member Baekhyun, whilst his SM Entertainment label mate Seohyuncontinues to additional her acting occupation after making her debut in the 2013 SBS dramaPassionate Love.

Jeon Ji-hyeon negotiating new drama with author Park Ji-eun from "My Love from the Star"

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SBS drama "My Love from the Star" creator Park Ji-eun is making plans a new drama with Jeon Ji-hyeon's control Munhwa Changgo.

Will Hani mention boyfriend Junsu on an upcoming episode of 'Radio Star'?
Will Hani Mention Boyfriend Junsu On An Upcoming Episode Of 'radio Star'?

Will Hani mention boyfriend Junsu on an upcoming episode of 'Radio Star'?

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A lot of attention has been fixated at thecurrentlycame upon Hani and Junsu couple, so it is no marvel that a lot of other folks are wondering whether she would possibly mention her beau on an upcoming episode of 'Radio Star'!

It's been published that on January 6, she arrived at the MBC developmenttogether withcomic Kim Sook, actor Kwak Si Yang, and comedian Hwang Je Sung for a recording of 'Radio Star.'

Although she's mentioned her ideal kind and the like in recordings of displaysearlier than the dating news release, this can be one of her first broadcasting appearances after the fact. Knowing the MCs of 'Radio Star,' whew, it'll exist tough, and it seems like a lot of individuals will be tuning into the episode!  

Ex-EXO Member Luhan's Chinese 'Star Wars' Tune Video Teaser Released

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(Photo : Star Wars)Luhan is proceeding his activites as an offical Chinese ambassador of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" promotional activities in China.

On Jan. 1, the music video teaser for Luhan's Star Wars music video was once uploaded on YouTube. The former EXO member sings to an upbeat, intense track whilst scenes from "Star Wars" play in the background, with scenes occassionally cutting to Luhan.

Previously, the member starred in a 60-second Television spot where he changed into a Jedi, used the Force, and wielded a lightsaber to advertise the film.

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ZE:A's Hyungsik says in 'The Star' that he does no longer  wish to use a stunt double in upcoming drama
Ze:a's Hyungsik Says In 'the Star' That He Does No Longer Wish To Use A Stunt Double In Upcoming Drama

ZE:A's Hyungsik says in 'The Star' that he does no longer wish to use a stunt double in upcoming drama

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In the interview, he mentioned his upcoming historic drama, 'Hwarang,' saying, "I'm taking a lookahead to it.  It's my first time looking a duration piece.  I were given to the fourth level of kendo and learned horse riding when I used to be young.  I would like tokeep away fromthe use of a stunt double for action scenes up to possible.  These days, I'menthusiastic about scuba diving.  I also revel in a shooting game at home.  I enjoy purchasing a excellent gun when it's far released."

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Eric Nam Gets John Boyega And Daisy Ridley To Open Up About All Things 'Star Wars' VIDEO

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"He looked at me and became like, 'I watched your film Attack the Block, I believeyou are alarge actor. One day I am gonna get you in something. I have no idea what it's faryet I'm gonna get you in something,'" recalled Boyega. "At that time, everyone in Hollywood was roughlyannouncing that, their edition of, 'We'll be in touch.' I did nottrust him till four years later when he called and said, 'There are auditions for Big name Wars.'"

"Everyone thinks that i amrepeatedly doing spoilers," Ridley joked. "It's amazing, but you will need exist thence careful with what you write because all people volition read into it."

Since the actors were in Korea for a limited time, Nam presented to lend a hand them get the maximum productiverevel in out of the country. Ridley instantlystated that she sought after to acquireskin carepointerswhilst Boyega neededto have a look at local dishes.