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Pemain The Heirs Parody

[Video] Watch "The Heirs and I Hear Your Voice" parody video for the upcoming drama Pinocchio

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This parody video features scenes cut from "The Heirs" and "I Hear Your Voice" which features Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk. It was uploaded by SBS on YouTube earlier. You can watch it here:

WINNER to parody drama 'Heirs' in eighth episode of 'WINNER TV'?

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This time, it appears the boys will be taking on acting! It seems they are following in the footsteps of their senior group, Big Bang, who are known for their hilarious takes on popular dramas like "Boys Over Flowers" and "Secret Garden." As the background song in this preview is from the SBS drama "Heirs" and the drama is featured at the very end of the preview, it seems a safe bet that this will be the subject of the boys" parody version.

This will definitely be an entertaining and humorous episode as the boys don wigs and fight over parts. Check out the preview above for the eighth episode, which airs on January 31.

BTOB Parody Red Velvet And Get 'Dumb Dumb' VIDEO

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In the Lunar New Year debut episode of The Boss Is Watching, a new provethat includes K-pop celebrities along their entertainment agencys CEOs, Dice Entertainment boy band BTOB captured the hearts of audiences by ability ofplacing on dresses. 4participants of BTOB donned dresses, aprons, and stockings very an identical tothe ones worn by Red Velvet all over their promotional length for the song Dumb Dumb, and promptly danced to the song in a comical manner.

BTOBs Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Hyunsik offered themselves as a new workforcereferred to as Red Carpet, the direct competitor to Red Velvet.

The quartet garnered plenty of laughs from the audience, and the CEO of Cube Entertainment, as they danced along to the preferred Red Velvet. Members of BTS, AOA, and EXID were gigglingsooner than the four began even dancing, and several idol teams stood up to give the crowda status ovation.

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“Running Man” Forged Turn into Heirs in Special Mansion Episode

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Running GuySolidTransform Heirs in Special Mansion Episodekokoberry January 8, 2016 0 At the upcoming episode of SBSs Running Man, the solidindividuals transform into heirs as play a game over winning land inside a mansion.

The members are awestruck by ability of the flashy interior of the mansion when they enter. The mansion game sends members to more than a fewportions of the mansion dependent on their rating in the game. They aren't allowed to headout of doorsin their designated territory.

Apparently, there used to bevarious laughter whilst filming because of members getting their land stolen from other members and experiencing indignity as they lose their inheritor status.

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Hilarious “Reply 1988″ Parody Video Grabs Fans’ Attention

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Hilarious Answer 1988 Parody Video Grabs Fans’ Attentionleejojoba December 22, 2015 0 A hilarious parody video of tvN’s drama “Reply 1988” is grabbing many fans’ attention online.

Lee Seung Jae, who is referred to as a Facebook star, made a parody video of the drama’s OST “A Little Girl” sung by singer Hyuk Oh.

Lee Seung Jae cracks all and sundry up dressed up as Duk Sun and acts much like her. He suitsthe entirety from her outfits to objects featured in the music video. He even lip-syncs and doesn’t pass over detailed movements by way of the actors.

Dynamic Duo Explains Intentions In the back of Their BIGBANG Parody in New Tune Video

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Dynamic Duo‘s new track “Jam” functions lyrics that play at the names of all five BIGBANG members, and to move along side it, the music video encompasses a lighthearted parody of the group.

On November 17, at a press convention for the liberate of Dynamic Duo’s new album “Grand Carnival,” member Choiza explained their intentions behind their imitations of BIGBANG in the video. “We parodied them because we admire them,” he says. “We like BIGBANG. They’re so noted that any one may just tell who we were parodying, although we glance not anything like them. We idea they’d have numerous amusing staring at it too.”

Gaeko says. “After we made the bridge a phase of the song with BIGBANG members’ names, we thought about seeking to do a parody. We worried so much over whether or no longer we must do it. We thought that fanatics could be offended, yet we did it because we thought it should be lots of fun.”

“She used to be Pretty” Park SEO Joon and “Kill Me Heal Me” Ji Sung Are enthusiasts in Fan-Made Parody Video

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A talented fan has created a parody video pairing Park Seo Joon and Ji Sung together, and it’s fantastic.

The identify is “Yo Na Was Pretty,” relating to Ji Sung’s personality Yo Na in “Kill Me Heal Me,” who is paired with Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) from “She Was Pretty.”

The tale unfolds as Yo Na is in a one-sided love with Ji Sung Joon, and she does the entire thing she can to catch his attention. Sadly, he isn't very inquisitive about her yet.

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