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HanCinema's Drama Review 'It's Okay, That's Love' Episode 5
Hancinema's Drama Review 'it's Okay, That's Love' Episode 5
HanCinema's Drama Review 'It's Okay, That's Love' Episode 4
Hancinema's Drama Review 'it's Okay, That's Love' Episode 4
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Hancinema's Drama Review 'high Faculty - Love On' Episode 4
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Hancinema's Drama Review 'it's Okay, That's Love' Episode 11
HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 5
Hancinema's Drama Review 'hogu's Love' Episode 5

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 5

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I"m relatively certain this speech was once intended to make us see Kang-cheol as a bad guy. the issue is, the complete thing he says applies nearly perfectly to Do-hee"s situation- she has, in fact, been hurting other people, draining the system, and rather transparently planned to fail for the baby"s future. In the context of this episode, Do-hee never explains her movements even if a couple of characters call for one from her. Most frustratingly, Do-hee does give an explanation for why she became taking into account an abortion- and it"s by no means transparent to me why here is a applicable attention six months later when the baby"s already left the barn door.

What"s more, the twist printed by the finishing begs more questions than answers- and I don"t mean that during a just right way. I assumed Do-hee for sure should have had some ambiguous emotions toward Kang-cheol, given how all the explanations we were aware of at the time were just screaming that she had to get the abortion. yet it sounds as if their feelings are mutually antipathetical. Look, up to I hate to confess it, i must aspect with Kang-cheol here. Do-hee"s idea procedure makes fully no sense.

The worst of it's miles that many of the new plot issues here explicitly contradict the emotional points which made the closing episode so strong. About the sole sustained quality at this time is the humor- which is every now and then funny, but also similarly perplexing. What are we intended to make of Hogu"s strange delusion scene? That perhaps Kang-cheol isn"t necessarily wrong? That Do-hee actually is a damsel in distress? That Hogu isn"t as great as he seems? I truthfully haven't any idea- but it"s difficult to consider that the solution to this query is going to in any way be a pleasing one.

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 9
Hancinema's Drama Review 'hogu's Love' Episode 9

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 9

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"Hogu"s Love" is more and more coming off as a well-structured narrative. I don"t mean that as a compliment. I mean that during the sense that it"s handiest imaginable for the plot to transport ahead if the entire characters act in an incredibly specific, regimented way to scenarios which can be by way of definition supposed to be chaotic and uncontrollable. just about each and every scene here would move in a radically other direction if the infant just began crying. For the ones of you who have experience with babies, you can note that this is their favourite thing to do, and that the only in "Hogu"s Love" is strangely sedate in this regard.

For what it"s worth, i'm laughing. yet now not for the correct reasons, I think. I laugh at scenes where characters communicate to every other and explicitly indicate the ways that the tale doesn"t in point of fact make any sense. Hogu"s large war of words with Kang-cheol is hilarious exactly because Hogu"s logical deduction is in fact highly plausible. Given how little we the fact is know about Do-hee, from Hogu"s perspective, this makes best sense.

To be truthful I"m a little disappointed that the scene with Kang-cheol and Do-hee in the automobile obviously establishes that Hogu"s assumption is wrong. that could had been an attractive excellent double opposite plot twist. As it stands, I"m on no account certain what to make of the cliffhanger and the next preview. Which personality is meant to be in the right? And how is the plot perhaps going to make any sense going forward if we"re just supposed to reject the practical solution?

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 14
Hancinema's Drama Review 'hogu's Love' Episode 14

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 14

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The episode opens up with two very important clarifications to two somewhat vital tertiary characters. whilst it"s great for topics to be made transparent, I can"t lend a hand yet continue to feel aggravated that the majority of the power in "Hogu"s Love" is devoted to having characters provide an explanation for things to each and every other. This is particularly true for the explanation that the massive plot twist this time isn"t even that relevant. We will have learned the real cases of Do-hee"s pregnancy several episodes ago, and it will have replaced totally not anything save that there would were more time to in reality building up the romance that"s threatened through the cliffhanger.

Hogu and Do-hee try and play the cuteness up by acting all in love for the outlet portion. But all this does is identify that they"ve made no meaningful persona development- even in the face of an manifestly stressful situation, they"re either acting like children themselves and failing to believe that the present term scenario isn't sustainable. How they controlled to move via one hundred days of taking care of a child without a meaningful mishaps could also be a mystery- no doctor"s visits? He never were given sick?

Kang-cheol"s homosexual subplot is similarly annoying, most commonly because he"s no longer truly gay. "Hogu"s Love" has evident pretensions of social observation on problems like ethical stigmas, but as presented in this totally goofy condition comedy context they inevitably must fall flat because the whole tale is so blatantly unrealistic. It"s like gazing anyone check out to discuss a political view the usage of an absurd hypothetical situation- the argument is completely unpersuasive although you already agree with the premise.

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Hancinema's Drama Review 'it's Okay, That's Love' Episode 16 Final
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Hancinema's Drama Review 'high Faculty - Love On' Episode 7
HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 7
Hancinema's Drama Review 'hogu's Love' Episode 7

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 7

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It"s a particularly funny subtext for the comedic portions. Any individual who"s ever truly attempted to observe the clinical way to dating knows that it doesn"t actually paintings that well. Ho-kyeong in flashback is simply a less pretentious edition of Ho-kyeong in the existing day. And this works to make the primary 1/2 of the episode a most commonly a laugh self-contained love story, even supposing it"s a tale that"s most effective being told on account of how characters will react in the current day. By the way, I actually need Kang-cheol"s shirt. this is one rad-looking shirt.

I was also fairly happy to discover that Lee Do-yeon has in the end been given some dialogue. As Do-hee"s rival...well, she"s now not really much of a rival at all. The woman"s certainly quite amicable, and it"s fairly obtrusive that the sole reason they"re not pals is because Do-hee"s inferiority complex reasons her to interpret practically the entirety as some form of snide insult. That"s what genuine self-confidence looks as if Do-hee- the facility to be great to those who manifestly don"t like you.

On that personality note, Hogu has settled into the pseudo-heroic mode of being the baby"s primary recommend while also resolving by the finish to strike a blow for justice. This makes a fine contrast to Kang-cheol, who"s increasingly coming off as a reluctant villain. All in all "Hogu"s Love" takes a turn this time for, if not being all that deep a minimum of beautiful charming- the kind of drama to place you in a certain up mood.