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TEEN TOP"s BTS group video for "10+Star"

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On the BTS video, the members of TEEN TOP were seemed having so much fun while they were doing the shoot for the magazine. The bond of the group is seen inevitably as the atmosphere is just fresh and seemed that they are not working.

Weekly Recap: tragedy strikes, banned banned banned, and Western love for K-pop

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Epik High Concert The allkpop staff was lucky enough to attend Epik High"s New York City concert! The trio definitely threw some awesome performances of songs from their latest album Shoebox as well as fan favorites like "Fly," "Umbrella," and "Happen Ending." We even got to see glimpses of their awesome personalities and hidden agendas here and there, from Tablo"s comments on everything to Mithra"s wish to "spread the Korean language in America." Plus, it turns out that the trio really, really loves Shake Shack!

The "JYJ Law," proposed by Choi Min Hee as a measure to protect artists, failed to pass. While this law aimed to help artists by banning broadcast companies" actions of unjustifiably prohibiting the appearance of artists, the bill was instead put on hold on continuous evaluation as it was said to need further revisions. Let"s hope a law like this one can get passed soon to protect our favorite K-pop idols.

American wrestler Xavier Woods revealed his status as a Shawol. Tweeting a screenshot of Shinee"s "Alive," he gushed, "On repeat all day & is now my Gym Jam - about to learn these romanized lyrics SHINee I think I"m a Shawol." Welcome to the club Mr. Woods!

Agency updates on Lee Yu Bi
Agency Updates On Lee Yu Bi"s Condition As Co-Star Lee Jun Ki Returns To Filming Their Drama

Agency updates on Lee Yu Bi"s condition as co-star Lee Jun Ki returns to filming their drama

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Agency Sidus HQ revealed to TV Daily on June 19, "Lee Yu Bi is currently still admitted into the hospital. She needs a bit more treatment, so I think we just need to watch over her. The date for her return has not been concretely decided on yet, rather we will decide on her return depending on what the doctor says."

5 Reasons To Love 2PM's 'My House' Music Video
5 Reasons To Love 2Pm's 'my House' Music Video

5 Reasons To Love 2PM's 'My House' Music Video

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In the video, 2PM takes on the roles of five handsome princes and one roguishly handsome wolf; all trying to woo one lucky Cinderella. In a video full of gorgeous sets, beautiful costumes, dashing men and just a touch of magic, it"s hard not to love "My House," in fact it"s nearly impossible and here"s why:

(Photo : JYP"s Official YouTube Channel) The "Cinderella" story is obvious but with nods to "Little Red Riding Hood," "Alice in Wonderland" and "Rapunzel," there"s a lot more going on here than first meets the eye.

(Photo : JYP"s Official YouTube Channel) Everyone knows fairy tale princes are supposed to be charming but these princes take that charm to a whole new level. The fact that most of these men seem to harbor a darker side only make them that much more attractive.

[Video] Added Korean drama
[Video] Added Korean Drama "divorce Lawyer In Love" Final Episodes 17 And 18

[Video] Added Korean drama "Divorce Lawyer in Love" final episodes 17 and 18

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"Divorce Lawyer in Love" (2015) Directed by Park Yong-soon Written by Kim Ah-jeong Network : SBS With Jo Yeo-jeong, Yeon Woo-jin, Sim Hyeong-tak, Wang Ji-won, Hwang Yeong-hee, Lee Dong-hwi,... 18 episodes - Sat, Sun 20:45 Synopsis A romance drama about a man and a woman who meet an unfavorable lawyer as a junior at work and an unfavorable manager as a superior. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/04/18

Exid"s Junghwa To Star In Webtoon Drama "tundra Show"

EXID"s Junghwa to star in webtoon drama "Tundra Show"

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According to MBC Plus Media, writer Kim Jae Han of popular webtoon, "What"s There to Know," which is currently being published serially, is personally planning one segment of the web drama and even planning to act in it. Meanwhile, Junghwa has been cast as the female lead for this segment and will officially start preparations.

Within the production, Junghwa will be playing college student Yook Ah Young, who needs to take care of her older sister"s baby due to extenuating circumstances, but she has the help of four pretty boys!

[Video] Added Korean drama
[Video] Added Korean Drama "my Love Eun-Dong" Episodes 5 And 6

[Video] Added Korean drama "My Love Eun-dong" episodes 5 and 6

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"My Love Eun-dong" (2015) Directed by Lee Tae-gon-I Written by Baek Mi-kyeong Network : jTBC With Joo Jin-mo, Kim Sa-rang, Kim Tae-hoon, Kim Yoo-ri-I, Kim Yoon-seo, Jeong Dong-hwan,... Fri, Sat 21:40 Synopsis A top star"s love for one woman spanning over 20 years. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/05/29

Henry Confesses His Love To Yewon During The Final Episode Of 'We Got Married'
Henry Confesses His Love To Yewon During The Final Episode Of 'we Got Married'

Henry Confesses His Love To Yewon During The Final Episode Of 'We Got Married'

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On Saturday, June 13, the final episode for Henry and Yewon aired and featured special guests Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz and singer Eric Nam. During the show, the four stars went to a karaoke room (noraebang) and had a great time. 15"s Park Jimin and U-KISS"s Kevin also joined in on the fun making for a celebrity-filled good time for all.

Laughter aside, the mood eventually turned a little more serious as Henry serenaded his wife Yewon in the karaoke room. Henry chose to sing "So Nice" by indie-acoustic duo 10cm. "Yewon ah, I love you," added Henry.

Yewon was truly touched as she did not expect Henry to sing to her. Yewon loved his sincerity and also could not hide her emotion. "I felt like I was being proposed to" is what Yewon said.

Joo Won and Kim Tae-hee confirmed to star in the new SBS drama
Joo Won And Kim Tae-Hee Confirmed To Star In The New Sbs Drama "yong-Pal-Yi"

Joo Won and Kim Tae-hee confirmed to star in the new SBS drama "Yong-pal-yi"

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"Yong-pal-yi" is a melodrama about Kim Tae-hyeon (Joo Won), a fraud doctor who would do anything for money and Han Yeo-jin (Kim Tae-hee), the heiress to a very rich family who is lying in a hospital bed.

Joo Won plays Kim Tae-hyeon who became a doctor after going through hills and mountains, but is an unfortunate being and has to support his sister who has to go through kidney dialysis every week.

Kim Tae-hee plays Han Yeo-jin who is in a come in the VIP room of the hospital. She was put in a coma by her brother who wants the heritage for himself but Kim Tae-hyeon helps her wake up and seeks vengeance.

2PM"s Taecyeon in talks to star in new KBS"s drama "Assembly"

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If the role is confirmed, Taecyeon will be playing as Kim Kyu Han who graduated with a public administration degree and has always trying to become a police officer for the past three years. His character is said to be very persistent since he studies in the libary during the day while working as a substitute driver by night.

"Assembly" will be a political drama and will focus on the inside of Korea"s National Assembly. It is scheduled to broadcast on July 15th READ MORE