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Lee Sang Woo In First Wives Club

[Hancinema"s Drama First Look] "ex-Girlfriends" Club"

[HanCinema"s Drama First Look] "Ex-Girlfriends" Club"

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The cast brings the already colorful characters to life and it is a pleasure to see their individual work. Lee Yoon-ji has perhaps the most straightforward character, but she delivers it delightfully. Hwa Young is a pure joy as the seductive and free-spirited Ra Ra and Jang Ji-eun"s character is still a mystery, which makes her performance important, as she nails that subtlety and suspicious nature of her role. Byeon Yo-han delivers very well too and while Myeong-soo is interesting in his own right as a male lead, he is not the main source of entertainment.

Which brings us to the problematic things about the series. For one, its main female lead. Song Ji-hyo is doing great work as Kim Soo-jin, but Soo-jin herself is the least interesting character here. She is the typical hardworking, easily deceived and down on her luck frumpy gal, complete with the virginal treatment of being the romantic one. She is also an observer to the mayhem, which is fun, but not a great permanent spot for a romantic lead. The series has not gone much deeper with the other characters either.

The story is also progressing slowly, with cat fights taking up too much time. When the plot itself does not move fast and seems to have no end goal but the making of a film and when the characters do not quickly move past their comedic function, one has to wonder if this series has something to develop and plans to. They will need to fill at least 16 episodes and even through new characters and conflicts have joined in, none are particularly engaging yet. This is just the introduction, but things need to develop soon.

Rainbow"s Yoonhye To Act In New Mbc Drama, "great First Wives"

Rainbow"s Yoonhye to act in new MBC drama, "Great First Wives"

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Her agency DSP Media revealed recently that the idol will be playing Han Gong Joo, the daughter of Cho Kyung Soon in the drama. She has a bouncy charm, likes to adorn herself, and has a vain love for all luxury brands. She may play something of a bimbo, but she is far from unlikeable as she works hard in order to meet her parents" expectations.

Yoonhye relayed her thoughts through her agency, "I"m both nervous and very excited to return to the small screen in about a year since JTBC"s "The Firstborn." I will work hard in order to make your night fun everyday through my bouncy, bright character."

Kim Sun Ah comically strangles Joo Sang Wook in posters for upcoming drama
Kim Sun Ah Comically Strangles Joo Sang Wook In Posters For Upcoming Drama "masked Prosecutor"

Kim Sun Ah comically strangles Joo Sang Wook in posters for upcoming drama "Masked Prosecutor"

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One poster shows the five main characters, Joo Sang Wook, Kim Sun Ah, Jeon Kwang Ryul, Uhm Ki Joon, and Hwang Sun Hee chicly posing. The tagline reads, "Let"s not go by the law. Because that makes me furious."The other poster takes a 180 degree turn as Kim Sun Ah strangles Joo Sang Wook"s neck with the tagline, "You"re the mask, aren"t you?"

In the drama, Joo Sang Wook"s character is a prosecutor by day and a masked man by night who punishes the people who managed to evade the law. Kim Sun Ah"s character is a detective for the violent crime division.

'Pinocchio' Actor Yoon Kyung Sang Lands Role In Ha Ji Won's New Drama
'pinocchio' Actor Yoon Kyung Sang Lands Role In Ha Ji Won's New Drama

'Pinocchio' Actor Yoon Kyung Sang Lands Role In Ha Ji Won's New Drama

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If it is the second lead, he will face some stiff competition from Lee Jin Wook who plays the lead character Choi Won. Choi Won is very popular with women but despite dating for a decade, he never seems to find the right one. That"s because the right one is his longtime friend Jang Ha Na, played by Ha Ji Won. In the Taiwanese version of the drama, the hero eventually realizes his feelings for his longtime friend but somehow he can never tell her. Either he is dating someone else or she is dating someone, which would make it awkward. They are meant to be together but fate is making it tough for them to get there.

What part Yoon Kyung Sang"s character plays in this relationship is yet to be revealed. The actor has previously said that he wants to try a variety of roles from dark to romantic. His role in "Pinoccho" could be categorized as dark. It caused him enough distress.

"I went through a lot of mental stress," said Yoon in a recent interview with Sports Hankook. "It was an emotionally consuming role to play. I think it would"ve been better if my character were a psychopath. However, Jae Myeong is a good kid. He had a lot of anger bottled up inside him. He was a miserable one."

[Hancinema"s Drama Preview] "ex-Girlfriends" Club"

[HanCinema"s Drama Preview] "Ex-Girlfriends" Club"

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Complicated stories full of attention-grabbing tropes are popular and they usually do well in terms of ratings. However, they can also end up meandering for the sake of keeping things interesting. A more approachable story about regular people leading normal lives might not always get wide attention, but it leaves room for its fewer elements to be explored properly. If the show"s plot realizes the potential of its premise, it would be a refreshing change from the usual drama.

Stories of past romances, potential cat-fights and finding an old love are not everyone"s cup of tea. "Ex-Girlfriends" Club" can easily go down a boring path or even worse, resort to cheap tricks to enhance its more realistic premise. With a good cast and assuming it keeps its plot on a stable path and messages clear, it might become a really nice show about the struggles of dating life.

New recruits Julien Kang and actor Han Sang Jin to join
New Recruits Julien Kang And Actor Han Sang Jin To Join "real Men" On Upcoming Episode

New recruits Julien Kang and actor Han Sang Jin to join "Real Men" on upcoming episode

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The other soldiers were said to have no idea about entering navy training or admitting two more soldiers and were very surprised.Viewers are likely very curious as to how the two new soldiers will do in army training in the show, especially since Julien Kang is very fit and said to have a lot of physical strength.

Not only that but many who have featured on "Real Men" have shot up in popularity, and other variety appearances, so we"ll have to stay tuned if that is the same story for Julien Kang and Han Sang Jin.

[Video] Added new teaser videos and stills for the Korean drama
[Video] Added New Teaser Videos And Stills For The Korean Drama "ex-Girlfriends" Club"

[Video] Byun Yo Han Introduces His Ex-Girlfriends in ′Ex-Girlfriend Club′ Teaser

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The ex-girlfriends consisted of Jia (Jang Ji Eun), Hwa Young (Lee Yoon Ji), and La La (Choi Hwa Young). Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo) was mentioned, but Bang Myung Soo didn′t consider her as a girlfriend, promising to explain everything.

"Ex-Girlfriend Club" reveals official poster and first teaser video

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The poster attracts much attention as the text on it says "We all want to be someone"s last love" and reveals Byun Yo Han being tortured by Song Ji Hyo, Lee Yoon Ji, Hwayoung and Jang Ji Eun, giving off a funny atmosphere.

Lee Sang Yoon in Talks for Drama “Hello Monster”
Lee Sang Yoon In Talks For Drama “hello Monster”

Lee Sang Yoon in Talks for Drama “Hello Monster”

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Lee Sang Yoons agency J-Wide Entertainment told the media on April 10, He has been offered a role in Hello Monster. Hes currently considering the prospect.

Previously, it was reported actor Lee Jin Wook was offered the same role. Jang Nara is in talks for the female lead role.