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CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa And Sunwoo Junga Unencumber 'Empathy Project' VIDEO

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(Photo : FNC Entertainment)K-pop idol Jung Yong Hwa has discovered some "Empathy" with Sunwoo Junga.

The CNBLUE frontman and the feminine soloist teamed up on their fresh Empathy Collaboration Project. On Friday, the pair released an EP and a couple oftune videos.

"Fireworks" and "Hello" were written viathe 2 musicians; Jung Yong Hwa wrote "Hello" for Sunwoo Junga, whilst Sunwoo Junga wrote "Fireworks" for the CNBLUE singer.

K-Pop Throwback: Examining The mystical Qualities Of Haihm's 2014 Unmarried 'Bird No Singing' VIDEO

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British writer Arthur C. Clarke once claimed that "any sufficiently complexgeneration is indistinguishable from magic."

Haihm is yet any othera section of the wave of impressive feminine synth artists popping out of Korea, adding Shirosky and Kirara. As a classically trained pianist, the Seoul-based Haihm does not shy clear of complexity and has the chops to back it up.

Originally released at the 2014 EP "Point 9," the track "Bird No Singing" demonstrates that whilst Haihm is a wonderfully capable singer, she prefers to shy faraway from words and pay attention onnatural music in thisprolongededition of that track. Although her vocals do make some fleeting, albeit chopped-up appearances.

Yoo Jae Suk & Yoo Hee Yeol's 'TWO Yoo Project' releases teaser for the primary episode!

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We hope you"re able for the ability duo, Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol as they just released a teaser clip to the primary episode in their upcoming kind show, "TWO Yoo Project"!

And we should say, the display looks amazing. From MC competition to weekly mysteries to fierce competition, all wrapped up in a comedic farce, we"re certain the display will reside up to its prime expectations!

Yoo Jae Suk & Yoo Hee Yeol's 'TWO Yoo Project' secures a time slot to air first episode this month!
Yoo Jae Suk & Yoo Hee Yeol's 'two Yoo Project' Secures A Time Slot To Air First Episode This Month!

Yoo Jae Suk & Yoo Hee Yeol's 'TWO Yoo Project' secures a time slot to air first episode this month!

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JTBC"s representative told TVReport, "It"s been showed that "TWO Yoo Project"may be arranged to air on August 19 at 11pm KST."This implies that the display willmove up opposed to MBC"s popular display "Radio Star" in the similar time slot.

The first recording for the pilot episode used to be held on August 5, with Hani, Sojin, John Park and Mad Clown as the episode"s guests.

[Video] Eric Nam and 15&′s Park Ji Min Sing of ′Dreams′ in Sweetune Donation Project

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Regarding the project, Sweetune stated, "There aren′t a lot of opportunities to create music that innocently show our own purpose, especially since we create music as a business. It′s not a huge project, but we wanted to purely share our emotions through songs and donate all profits back to society."

Jimin and N.Flying’s J.Don have wowed people with the introduction of the music video Teaser designed for Project Single “GOD”

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FNC Entertainments project duo featuring AOAJimin and N.Flying‘s J.Don (formerly known as Seunghyub) has revealed their teaser video for GOD.

The song is described as a trap hip-hop track that highlights the “fiery” chemistry between the two, and will be released as a single on April 28. For the track, FNC Entertainment continues their partnership with Brand New Music‘s Rhymer and Assbrass, who produced Jimin and Iron‘s chart-topper “Puss” off the “Unpretty Rapstar” compilation album.

Jimin has been gaining more public attention in Korea after appearing in the competition “Unpretty Rapstar.” Rock group N.Flying has yet to debut in Korea, but has seen success in Japan.

“Seventeen Project” has launched the Preview video before the release day

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After introducing all 13 members through a series of teasers, Pledis Entertainment has continued to build excitement for the new boy groups debut. Fans will next get the chance to follow the boy groups debut process through Seventeen Project, a reality show that will hopefully connect the members with the fans even before their official debut.

In the teaser, Pledis CEO Han Sung Soo tells Seventeen to seek for approval and recognition of the public, hinting that the members will have to prove their talent through rigorous work.

BEAST Release Teaser For New Japanese Monthly Project Song 'Can't Wait To Love You' [VIDEO]

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According to Koreaboo, Beast announced their 10 month project in celebration of their five year anniversary of their Japanese debut. BEAST Music, their personal label spearheaded by member Junhyung, is the first label in Japan to be launched by the Korean artists themselves.

The 10 track project is set to last until December. Additionally, Beast is set to begin a tour of all major cities in Japan in May. The previous songs released for the project include "One" and "Hands Up."

In addition to this ongoing project, Beast fans will also get a solo project from group member Hyunseung. His solo debut is currently set for early May. Hyunseung is the third member of Beast to have a solo debut after Yoseob and Junhyung.

[Video] JYP to Begin New Girl Group Project Program ′Sixteen′ in May

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Mnet PD, Kim Jung Bum, in charge of Sixteen stated, "The core point of this program is to see how well these 16 candiates bring out their innate star quality. As JYP seeks stars who are "healthy and natural instead of a star who was created to become a star,′ the program will deliver a lot of fun and touching moments as the trainees passionately work towards that goal."

BIGBANG"s video teaser for "JAPAN DOME TOUR 2014 ~ 2015 ‘X"" DVD

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The DVD will be available in four various versions. One bundle will have three DVDs, two live CDs, a special box, and a photo book. The other bundle will include two blu-ray disks, two live CDs, a special box, and a photo book. But fans can still purchase the two disk DVD set or the two blu-ray disk set without the live CD, special box, and photo book.