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Choi Min Soo to Be Edited Out of Upcoming “Immortal Song” Episode Because of “A appearance at Myself” Assault
Choi Min Soo To Be Edited Out Of Upcoming “Immortal Song” Episode Because Of “A Appearance At Myself” Assault

Choi Min Soo to Be Edited Out of Upcoming “Immortal Song” Episode Because of “A appearance at Myself” Assault

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Actor Choi Min Soo will be edited out of the impending episode of “Immortal Song” due to his contemporary controversy at the set of “A glance at Myself.”

On August 24, “Immortal Song” producer Kwon Jae Young announced that Choi Min Soo’s segment on “Immortal Song” that would air on August 29 can be edited out of the show. He added, “Recently, he has been stuck up in controversy right through filming ‘A glance at Myself,’ and after our meeting, we determined to edit him out of this episode.”

Previously on August 19, Choi Min Soo turned into once reported to have punched a manufacturer in the chin whilst filming “A glance at Myself.” In step with an companion who turned into once provide at the scene, Choi Min Soo hit the manufacturer after the manufacturer told him to “stop swearing.”

Moon Myung Jin wins on the 200th episode of "Immortal Song 2"

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Prior to his performance, Moon Myung Jin said, "Since it"s the 200th episode, I"m half worried and half nervous. I picked my favorite song of Kim Soo Chul." On this day, the singer performed his rendition of "Byul-li," adding his soulful emotions to the original song.

In a bit of irony, Moon Myung Jin was also the winner on the 100th episode of the program where he collaborated with Honey Family, singing Deulgukhwa"s "Until the Morning."

Gummy takes home the trophy on the June 28 episode of 'Immortal Song 2'

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The singer, who recently signed with C-JeS Entertainment, covered the 1967 hit that was also composer Park Shi Choon"s last song, "The Windmill that Doesn"t Turn". Gummy said before going on stage, "My mother personally suggested this song to me... I want to create a space where everyone can drop their worries."

Ulala Session wins on June 21st episode of 'Immortal Song 2'

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Ulala Session made a great interpretation of Kim Gun Mo's song 'Excuse.' They caught the hearts of the audience with their doll choreo, tap dance and magic show. They earned 437 points with their well-applauded performance. Unfortunately, one member broke his ribs.

Immortal Songs 2's June 21st episode uploaded

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KBS World TV uploaded the whole June 21st episode of 'Immortal Songs 2' featuring BtoB, The One, Sonya, Lee Sejoon, Lee Jung and Rose Motel.

Ailee wins January 18 episode of 'Immortal Song 2' with a rock ballad

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She covered the late Kim Kwang Suk"s "I Wish that Painful Love Wasn"t Love" and moved the audience, but the singer said she had her share of challenges with the song. Ailee expressed, "The preparation was difficult. I think even painful love is love. I thought of a cool woman who was reminiscing about a past love."

Shin Dong Yeop Thanks
Shin Dong Yeop Thanks "i Am A Singer" For "immortal Song"s" 100Th Episode

Shin Dong Yeop Thanks "I Am a Singer" for "Immortal Song"s" 100th Episode

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The comedian and MC appeared at the press roundtable held in celebration of Immortal Song′s 100th episode on April 29. The roundtable had been held with the shoot for the episode, and featured the full cast, including MCs Jung Jae Hyung, Moon Hee Jun and Park Hyun Bin, as well as singers Sweet Sorrow, Ali, Ha Dong Gyun, You Me, Jung Dong Ha, Buga Kingz, JK Kim Dong Wook, 4Men, Jay Park, Lee Jung and Moon Myung Jin. Producer Ko Min Koo was also present.

Shin Dong Yeop said about the secret behind Immortal Song′s long life, "I think I Am a Singer played the biggest role, because it was cancelled while [Immortal Song] continued to run."

He added, "Our show also has singers compete like in I Am a Singer, but rather than make it serious and influential we tried to approach it with a lighter and more casual attitude. I Am a Singer shook up Korea and was loved by its viewers very much before it was cancelled, but we′ve lasted longer because we just showed what we had once a week."