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BEAST"s Hyunseung teaser video for "YeY"

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"YeY" become once written, composed, and organized via good life. BEAST may be coming back with their 8th mini-album "recurring" with "YeY" as its identify song on July 27th at the hours of darkness KST.

BEAST Jang Hyunseung has wowed people with the introduction of “You’re the First” music video

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BEAST member Jang Hyunseung has finally dropped the music video for his solo single, Youre the Firstafter much teasing!

The video, which was released at midnight KST on May 8, depicts the singer going after a beautiful girl. For the entirety of the video, he tries his best to get her attention. Throughout the video, Hyunseung also showcases his fantastic dance skills, fully equipped with a powerful dance solo after the bridge.

Rapper Giriboy of Just Music and Show Me the Money 3 fame also feature in the song, and make a brief appearance in the music video.

[Album and MV Review] Hyunseung - "My"

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Taken as a whole, it kind of tells a story, albeit not the happiest one. "It"s Me" is also written to a girl, which blends into "Ma First." Emboldened by his conquest, he worms his way into another relationship and steals his friend"s girl. "Dirty Jokes" is the playful period, the "honeymoon" that new lovers go through, spending time with his stolen girlfriend. "Come Out" mentions the girl is sad, possibly with the knowledge of what she"s done. And the final track chronicles when everything falls apart.

Interesting concept (if I"m reading this right), and different from what I expected. Pop is not typically concept-laden, other than I want you, I love you, I miss you (or go away). This EP contains some killer jams as well as pretty high-quality songs overall. Even if you"re not a fan of B2ST or Trouble Maker, this is definitely worth picking up.

We see Hyunseung walking through an alley because everyone knows that"s where you can find hot chicks, right? (Maybe for pay, but I digress.) After greeting a couple of guys with fist bumps and handshakes, he sees a girl and immediately cops a feel.

Hyunseung"s BTS video for "You’re The First" MV

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Hyunseung debuted as a solo artist with the release of the MV of "Youre The First." Now is the time to see how Hyunseung and staff made the MV for the song as awesome as the result.

BEAST Hyunseung"s video to promote Beautiful Show in Hong Kong 2015

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Moreover on May 5th, he released a short clip to promote the upcoming BEAST concert which will be held in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The short clip is attached at below. Hyunseung mentioned that the members have been preparing a lot of special stages for the concert. Therefore, he hopes that they will receive overwhelming support from their fans.

BEAST will be holding their Beautiful Show concert tour on 30th May 2015 at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, Hong Kong.Thisevent is brought to you by Sun Entertainment Culture and Jasco entertainment.

BEAST reveals music video teaser featuring Hyunseung for “Good Luck”!

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Following members Kikwang, Doojoon, Dongwoon, and Yoseob, BEAST’s Hyunseung revealed his individual music video teaser for upcoming release “Good Luck.”

This music video teaser features Hyunseung standing pensively on a balcony as a mysterious man is in a room with the same female as in previous teasers.

Trouble Maker Duo Video Teaser Has Been Released, HyunA and Hyunseung Sizzle! [VIDEO]

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The teaser features the two idols in various stages of sexy, at first looking into the camera so that they could look into your soul. Later on, the pair are dancing in tandem in the middle of an open space inside a vacant loft of sorts, the only source of light streaming from the doorway behind them. The two dance in sync and in the moment, skin oiled and glowing almost under the pale lighting.

The two first promoted together for their hit Troublemaker, and since the performances and their tangible chemistry, the two have been placed into the same duo so that this chemistry could continue. Now the two are back with their new hit "Now" which was also initially introduced as "There is No Tomorrow."

The teasers and anticipation for the music video that is about to be released for "Now" has reached global status on Twitter as well. This is more proof that the two have reached that international brand as they are now being monitored by a number of diverse fans.