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Album Review: Psy Swings For The Fences At the '7th Album' His First Full-Length In Over 3 Years AUDIO

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You will need "stay on your lane" Alicia Secret is pop megastarregulate ego Skye Summers says in this week's episode of "Empire," or else your enthusiasts volitiondesolate tract you.

The 37-year-old South Korean rapper Psy will almost certainlyat all times existperfectreferred to as the goofy guy dancing in the "Gangnam Style" tune video, the maximum viewed clip in the history of the Internet. That maytake place when billions of folks see you in something. And he will haveeffortlessly stayed in that lane, turning out slapstick techno-rap for the remainder of his career.

Instead, on his first full-length since July of 2012, the "7th Album," released Tuesday, Psy throws away the script and adopts a technique of never being afraid to leave from the birthday celebrationsurroundings momentarily, to hammer housea truly perfect hook.

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HanCinema's Drama Review 'Full House'
Hancinema's Drama Review 'full House'

[Video] Wonder Ladies Covers Sunmi′s ′Full Moon′ on ′Today′s Room′

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Sunmi then unearths a backstory to the song, saying, "Yubin unnie used to be meant to do the featuring for Full Moon, yet the firm said, ′We can′t divulge Yubin yet,′ so she couldn′t do it."

Yubin adds, "It used to be sad. I practiced in reality hard," sooner than Sunmi says, "[The Full Moon rap part] used to be completely made for Yubin unnie. She could′ve done it with such a lot swag, it′s so sad."

Today′s Room is a internet series, produced by way of Mnet′s virtual Lab, that invitations a new idol big name into a randomly-decorated room each and every week and captures what is going down. The episodes are to be had to view by way of way of Naver Tv Cast and PlayMnet′s legitimate YouTube channel.

“Producer” Drops Video Teaser Featuring Full Main Cast

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From just how the actors get on the bus and their interactions with each other, viewers can get a good idea of the different personalities of the characters that the actors will depict.

First Video Teaser for “Producer” Released Featuring Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun + Official Website KBS Shows to Move Around to Make Room For “Producer” “Producer” Completes Filming for Title Sequence in Tight Secrecy Related

[Video] EXID reveals full version of their song “Ah Yeah” at comeback showcase.
[Video] Exid Reveals Full Version Of Their Song “ah Yeah” At Comeback Showcase.

[Video] EXID reveals full version of their song “Ah Yeah” at comeback showcase.

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This is their first physical album since 3 years ago when they debuted and Solji stated, We put a lot of work into this album and the producer Shinsadong Tiger and LE thought long and hard about the title track because there were so many good songs. We are confident so please anticipate our comeback

Korean Drama "Seonam Girls High School Investigators" Episode 9 Full Video

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Also known as "Detectives of Seonam Girls" High School" Synopsis Based on an original novel, five high school students act investigators and solve the problems of private education, abortion, gang bullying and other problems in the Korean education system.

KBS2 Drama "King's Face" Episode 19 Full Video

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Gwanghae"s relationships with those around him is one of the more pleasant aspects of "The King"s Face" that I haven"t much mentioned. He treated people well and they do the same for him. That behavior is reflected in his diplomatic policies. There is an openness in him that is well-portrayed by Seo In-guk. It"s a wonderful challenge for an actor who hasn"t had much to work with in regards to the script. But Seo makes palpable connections with those he works with and that makes him effective on screen.

Then we have King Seonjo who is a very useless, petty, self-absorbed man. He, however, is falling in love with Ga-hee and that makes him a useful writing tool as well as a major playing card for Do-chi. It makes him more vulnerable to manipulation and with Ga-hee and Do-chi becoming more determined to execute their goals, King Seonjo is a veritable pawn. Lee Sung-jae is wonderful as he weak, manipulated king and makes him a character to enjoy on screen despite his utter uselessness as a ruler.

Why the show is only now coming to the points that were advertised at the start of "The King"s Face" such as the love triangle between the king, Gwanghae, and Do-chi, and, the tension between father in son, I do not know. Writing them into the plot more strongly and much earlier would"ve benefitted the show. At least it has happened now.

SBS Drama "Punch" Episode 17 Full Video

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Synopsis The recordings from the last 6 months of Park Jeong-hwan, an investigations command chief from the Supreme Prosecutor"s Office. This man says goodbye to life as he crosses a world that he'll never return from.