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VIXX are 'The King' for section 2 of member Hongbin's starring drama 'Murim School'

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They sang "The King", a song that combines a rock sound, dubstep, and synthesizer onto a hiphop beat. The song is the boys' 2dsection of supporting member Hongbin since he isone of the crucialmajor characters in the drama.

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VIXX Says 'Depend On Me' With The japanese Unencumber Of Tune Video

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The album has a generalof eleven tracks, adding Japanese versions for singles "Error," "Can't Say," and "Love Letter." Also incorporated are songs "Spider," "Hot Enough," "Heaven," and "Stop It Girl" may be included.

Aside from the album losing soon, VIXX is these dayspreserving mini reside and prime touch occasions in Sapporo, Kobe, Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka from Jan. thirteenthru 31.

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Review: VIXX's Contribution To 'Moorim School' Soundtrack 'Alive' Mixes Strings And EDM Beats To Create A utterly unique Temper AUDIO

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Produced by the music duo Iconic Sounds, the track kicks off in a naturally dramatic fashion. Stressful strings collide headfirst with not easy drums and laser-fried synths. From here, the drums temporarily drop out, leading the entirety into a depression piano run that then proceeds to powerinstantly into the primarylarge chorus. The melding of those high-budget symphonic components with an overlyrecent rap and electronic dance music (EDM)-influenced sound palate is actually what makes this track come, well, alive.

There is anything widescreen about Iconic Sounds' production effort. When put along with smooth, polished K-pop vocals of VIXX, you were given yourself something like an audio movie. A sung verse makes way for a rapped pre-chorus sooner than hitting back into the massive hook. An earworm of a post-chorus takes the power higher, yet in some ways, everything is trulyconstruction up to the breakdown.

The track's symphonic breakdown gets cut with a distorted vocal and slow increase before a wash of synth white noise propels everything into the general chorus.Kick drums threaten to move double-time, but never utterly do, a pleasant trick to stay the calories up. Guitars wail heroically.

VIXX sings 'Alive' for member Hongbin's drama 'Moorim School' OST

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The song "Alive" is the key theme song for the KBS 2TVdrama, and it is a song that combinesa robust trap urban beat with synthesizer, string, and guitar sounds. The composing team Iconic Soundsproduced the song that is already played as the finishing song for the primary two episodes.

VIXX’s Firm Clears the Air Relating to Censoring the Christmas “VIXX TV2″ Episode

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VIXXs Firm Clears the Air Referring to Censoring the Christmas VIXX TV2 Episodeorionight December 26, 2015 0 An unlucky moment in the Christmas episode of VIXXs internet series VIXX TV2 currentlybrought abouta little bit of a stir among fans, causing Jellyfish Entertainment to take the episode down for re-editing.

The moment in wonderedcame about in the latter portion of Episode 33, when each and every member took the camera in turn to give their Christmas greetings. Whilst Leo had the camera, Ravi and Ken sat off to the side, and Ravi playfully got rid of Kens glove. In response, Ken showed what turns out like an obscene hand gesture.


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VIXX is adorable in complete Christmas wear for new dance train video of 'Chained Up'

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VIXX has dropped a uniqueprovide for fans, which some claim to be "a Christmas miracle," in which they get dressedutterly - and I mean completely equally in head to toe - in Christmas wear. Either dressed as Santa or his reindeers, they are adorable with their props, making even their attractive moves come what mayadorable in their funny getups.

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Performances From EXID, B.A.P, VIXX, And More Right through The November 29, 2015 Episode Of SBS 'Inkigayo' Recaps

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(Photo : Twitter )SBS'sInkigayois back for some otherfantastic episode of stars from some of your favourite K-pop artists. Superlevel settings and loud fan chants were observed and heard whilst the stars performed. The MC's to announce and entertain the idols are GOT7's Jackson, actress Kim Yoo Jung, and BTOB's Sungjae.

The stars who made their comeback were EXID with "Hot Pink," Lee Hong Gi is "Insensible" for his debut, Dynamic Duo with "Jam," Navi with "Don't Omit You," B.A.P is "Young, Wild Free" for their return, and iKON's conducted their logo new singles titled "Anthem" and "Apology."

Performances From B.A.P, Nine Muses, VIXX And More Right through The November 28, 2015 Episode Of 'Music Core'

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(Photo : Twitter )MBC's Music Coreis back and featured fantastic performances from some of your favourite K-pop stars. Tremendousdegree settings and loud fan chants were noticed and heard whilst the stars performed.

The stars who made their comeback were Nine Muses with "Sleepless Night," UP10TION stated "Catch Me" for their return, April with "Muah!," and Huh Gak with "Along the Days."

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Video VIXX Releases spotlight Medley of ′Chained Up′

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From an uptempo electronic music to an R&B taste ballad and a dance track with a synth sound, the clip covers quite so much of genres. despite the reality that the snippets are handiest about 10 seconds long, they show off a more mature sound, heightening anticipation for the album.

Chained Up is VIXX′s second full-length album after two years because the release of Voodoo Doll in 2013 and includes a top-notch body of workers that contributed to the full quality of the album.

Meanwhile, VIXX′s second full-length album Chained Up may be released in the dead of night on November 10, and the music video will be released at midday at the same day.

A Pink's Eunji, VIXX's N, and more showed for new KBS drama 'Insolently Move Go'!
A Pink's Eunji, Vixx's N, And More Showed For New Kbs Drama 'insolently Move Go'!

A Pink's Eunji, VIXX's N, and more showed for new KBS drama 'Insolently Move Go'!

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Meanwhile, VIXX"s N will be tackling on the role of Ha Dong Jae, a multi-dimensional persona who receives stellar marks in school, yet possesses a childlike persona. Actress Chae Soo Bin will be gambling type student Kwon Soo Ah, who never once veered off the trail that her mother devised to get her into a prestigious university. final but now not least, Ji Soo will take on SEO Ha Joon, any other version student, who carries unspeakable wounds from the past.

The total tale line of "Insolently Go Go" is set how two entirely other student organizations merge into the school"s cheerleading team and slowly turn their discord into harmony. The drama will start airing this coming October 10 at 10pm (KST) so tune in to the tale while you get the chance!