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Fans oogling video of GOT7 Jackson flexing in exchange room

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Share on FacebookShare on TwitterGOT7s Jackson is known for hitting the gym continuously and operating on his guns. In those trending GIFs he can also benoticedcommencing his blouse in a transformation room and giving fanaticsa nicewonder flex session.

Jackson optimistically tosses his shirt off and stared directly into the camera whilst flexing his arms, chest, and abs in an Arnold-esque pose. Fans knew he worked out, yet this GIF proves his resultsand theyr fantastic. Try it out below!

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Album & MV Review GOT7 - 'Mad (Winter Edition)'

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Starting with the sound of sleigh bells (or is that jingle bells?), Jackson's raps come in quickly, and Junior, BamBam, and Yugyeom fill the making a song duties, followed by capacity of rapping by Mark at the end. It isdelightful groove, yet the refrain sounds slightly like "A" from 2014's 'Got Love.' Or not it's sung in the similar pitch even, just with a down note. It still does not ruin an attractivejust right tune. It is a song about confessing to a lady and the anxiousemotions leading up to that.

A slow RB track, the menbackwreck out croonish, heartfelt voices and wealthy harmonies. Amid claps to stay the beat and the occasional rap, this glossy song is supposedto pullin your tear ducts and melt your heart. Interestingly enough, JB gets a bettersection here than in "Confession Song," regardless that Youngjae's portions are again miniscule. The message is that each and every day, they feel thankful for her.

This song takes us into ballad territory, and what isappealing is that it's sung a piece more forceful than "Every Day," practicallyas though the boys could be clenching their fists at the consideredwasting the girl. The lyrics are evocative of seasons converting from fall to winter -- a minimum ofat first -- and there is some great imagery there. The takeaway is that they are crying over a breakup.

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GOT7 Sing “I Love You” in “Confession Song” Teaser Video

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Shot at a standard high school, the video displays some of the adorable GOT7 participants basically going round the school wearing massive Rudolph heads and surprising everyone with their costume. They then take a couple of feminine students to a secret location where another mysterious Rudolph holding a bouquet of roses turns out to be looking ahead to them. We also see some GOT7 members tracking the procedure from a screen, leaving us wondering what role they're going to play in this grand operation.

Near the very end, we get to pay attention a little preview of the song. With the lads singing “I love you, Infant I love you,” the song can’t turn out to be anything yet perfectly sweet and festive.

GOT7 wonder scholars in new 'Confession Song' teaser video

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As in the past mentioned, they"ll be freeing "MAD wintry weather Edition" this coming season, and it seems like "Confession Song" is going to be their identify track. whilst the former teaser video featured the GOT7 contributors as adorable cartoons, the lads in reality seek recommendation from a lecture room in this video.

Recap: Five Memorable Moments from GOT7′s Fanmeet in Manila
Recap: Five Memorable Moments From Got7′s Fanmeet In Manila

Recap: Five Memorable Moments from GOT7′s Fanmeet in Manila

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One of the games GOT7 played with the fans is the pedometer game or as the boys like to name it, the “Shake Shake” game. Every member is teamed up with a fan and they have got pedometers strapped to their fingers which they wish to shake for 30 seconds. The participants did the rest and the entirety to get a high score– from swinging their arms madly to wreck dancing to just simple flailing around the stage. Youngjae had numerous arm action going on and were given a ranking of zero. Thus, the protest that his pedometer was broken.

Long prior to GOT7 happened, JB and JR made their debut as the duo JJ Task with the track, “Bounce.” GOT7 closed the fanmeet and taken down the home by singing THAT track.

At the fanmeet’s press conference, the community was asked if they would truly like a cute or attractive thought for their next comeback. Some of the members spoke back “sexy” and the audience agreed. Jackson corrected that and said “No, because THAT’S WHAT WE ARE!”

GOT7 are 'Mad' boyfriends in new 'If You Do' dance prepare video

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If here is what GOT7 looks as if when they"re mad, then they is also in a position to be mad at us all day! The individuals have kept their promise to their enthusiasts for attaining the following view count milestone on their "If You Do" MV.

Their new "MAD boyfriend version" for their dance practice to name song "If You Do" has been released on YouTube! glance at the ones sultry, brooding stares, the entire whilst with easiest dance moves.

Melody Day's teaser video for 'Speed Up' capabilities GOT7’s Junior

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The newest teaser video uploaded featured GOT7"s Junior. "Speed Up" is Melody Day"s first dance single, and may be released on October 7th.

GOT7 Release Angst-Filled Music Video For Their 'MAD' Comeback

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With a song that describes the pain of loving an apathetic girl who spends her time dwelling on the flaws of her boyfriend, GOT7 are definitely showing off different personas as the video for "If You Do" is full of angry men, destructive behavior, powerful dancing and perfect bias hair.

For those fans that have been waiting for the day GOT7 put aside the cute and cocky concepts to embrace an angsty bad-boy image, that day is here.

GOT7's preview video for mini-album 'Mad' sounds amazing

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The songs have that signature JYP sound you all know and love whilst GOT7 make it their own with their authentic voices and style.  The sound, especially the name tune "If You Do," sounds large good.