[Spoiler] Added final episode 20 captures for the Korean drama

[Spoiler] Added final episode 20 captures for the Korean drama "Fated to Love You"

Added final episode 20 captures for the Korean drama "Fated to Love You" (2014)

Directed by Kim Hee-won-II, Lee Dong-yoonWritten by Jo Jin-gook, Joo Chan-okNetwork : MBCWith Jang Hyeok, Jang Nara, Choi Jin-hyeok, Wang Ji-won, Jeong Eun-pyo, Choi Dae-cheol,...20 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA remake of a Taiwanese drama from the year 2008. A normal and non-existant woman spends a night with an heir to a wealthy family.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07/02



Kdrama Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap Screenshot

Kdrama Fated To Love You Episode 20 Recap by Dramabeans


Just as Manager Tak is about to send everyone home now that they’re missing their bride and groom, Gun and Mi-young come through the door hand in hand. Grandma Wang is beside herself with joy.

Mi-young notices Mom is missing, but still begins her walk down the aisle… At least until Mom yells frantically from the doorway, “I’m here!!” She all but falls into Gun’s arms as she worries she’s too late, but everyone’s all smiles and laughter. She’s just in time.

Gun and Mi-young begin their official walk down the aisle this time, which is like night and day compared to when Gun looked like he was walking to his grave the first time around.

Yong notices one of the candles is unlit during the ceremony, and uses his magical fire powers to light it. Haha. I still don’t get this bit, but I’m glad they’re committing to it through the end.

Then it’s the exchange of vows. They promise to take each other as husband and wife, and say aloud (and together) their promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives, till death do they part.

But then there’s the addendum they both say: “No, even if death separates us, we swear to be together forever.” Now man and wife, they kiss to seal the deal. (*sniff*)

On their way to their honeymoon spot on Jeju Island, Gun complains about how short their trip has to be because of Mi-young’s work schedule. She preempts his question on whether work is more important to her than he is, which causes him to stop the car as he extols his impressive lineage, all, Pfft, like I was going to ask anyway! (He was totally going to ask.)

Mi-young takes things into her own hands by literally taking the wheel, leaving Gun panicked in the passenger seat as he asks her if she even has a license. She says she does, but that she’s never driven a car before. HAH.


It’s her way of getting out of Gun’s proposal that she’d have to kiss him at every stop light, but it backfires adorably when Gun realizes that he can kiss her at will now that he’s not the one driving. Cue cuteness overload.

Manager Tak and Yong, dressed like spies, undertake a mission they call “Revival Macau,” which entails them preparing the honeymoon suite (Room 2009) so that Gun and Mi-young can get down to business. Grandma Wang’s orders, of course—she wants a grandchild stat.

We flash back to Grandma Wang telling Gun that she wants a grandchild to hold in ten months, only for Gun to tell her that he planned on enjoying newlywed life with his snail for at least six months. Since that didn’t sit well with her, Manager Tak and Yong are there to make sure things go according to her plan.


Our newlywed couple arrives at Room 2006, and it’s funny how both of them make sure that last number is stuck on and totally unflippable. Little do they know that the two spies are watching from the peephole in Room 2009 across the hall.

After Mi-young puts the kibosh on sexy times before the sun sets, the two of them slow dance under the stars. Mi-young tells him that her father used to dance with her when she was young, calling her “Princess Mi-young” even though she admits that she never felt like much of a princess, and more like a maid.


Gun takes offense to that as he says that his Mi-young is no maid, but a pretty and kind princess who found the key to this prince’s heart. She laughs at the cheesiness of calling him “Prince Lee Gun,” while Manager Tak and Yong literally watch on with snacks in hand.

But they’ve still got something else planned: They’re going to drug the two of them again to really recreate that night in Macau. I’m… not quite sure how to respond to that.

To make matters worse, Gun reiterates to Mi-young that this is their first real night together, considering that neither of them remember that night in Macau.


So to be sure they remember tonight, they make a pact to keep themselves clearheaded, unaware that Manager Tak and Yong have already bribed the bartender to drug their drinks. But when Gun is rejected for a love shot, he brings up how she had no problem doing it with Daniel…

…Which opens another can of worms, since Mi-young had no idea Gun was following her around back then and isn’t all that pleased about it. They both down their (drugged) drinks as a challenge before ordering another round, and Gun makes another misstep when he tells her she shouldn’t drink so much. Mi-young isn’t the snail she used to be, and isn’t a fan of being told what to do.

She leaves in a huff, but Gun isn’t too worried—she’s only got one place to go, and it’s the same as him. He does notice a familiar taste in the drink a little too late, since we find Mi-young stumbling back to her room as she grumbles about having a lover’s quarrel with Gun.


Gun is next to all but crawl his way down the hall, laughing hysterically at the generic paintings on the hotel walls for whatever reason. He can’t escape that feeling of deja vu as he stubbornly tries to enter what should be Room 2006, but which has now been labeled Room 2009 by the Spy Duo.

Mi-young is already in bed when Gun crawls into it, and they find each other with their eyes closed before Gun pulls the blanket over their heads…

Grandma Wang asks the multiple portraits of the Lee Clan ancestors to bless Gun and Mi-young so that they return as three, instead of two. Mama Yong also joins in the prayers, even adding her hope that they’ll have twins.


Dressed in traditional wedding hanbok in a cartoonishly familiar world, Gun and Mi-young act out their wild night together much like they did in Episode 2, replete with zany innuendo. Wouldn’t be the same without it.

They wake up with a scream the next morning, neither of them having any recollection of what happened the night before. Gun cries as he remembers this exact situation in Macau, especially since he’s been looking forward to sleeping with her for years now… and he can’t remember it.

He can’t even remember if they slept slept together, though all signs point to yes. They try to piece together the events of last night, and while both of them remember feeling strangely drunk, Gun belatedly remembers seeing Manager Tak and Yong outside his room. He was just too drugged to recognize them then.


Gun finds them across the hall in Room 2009, and makes the two of them kneel with their hands over their heads like schoolchildren. But Manager Tak and Yong spill the beans to Mi-young that it’s all because of what Gun told Grandma Wang about not wanting a child right away.

Still, Gun can’t get over how the Spy Duo ruined the first night of his honeymoon—but I love how he ends up being the one to hold Mi-young back when she launches at the pair for insinuating that sacrificing one night isn’t such a huge deal when they’ll have countless more in the future.


Daniel confronts Se-ra’s mother with the picture of him and his sister as children, and she doesn’t deny that the little girl is indeed Se-ra. While the weight of this revelation settles in, Se-ra arrives in time for her mother to pull her aside and tell her the truth: She’s adopted.

Se-ra’s mother, freshly lobotomized, shares a tender moment with her adopted daughter as they both agree that they’re still mother and daughter even if they’re not related by blood.

After Gun gets to brag about his wife’s success as an artist, the two lie on the hotel rooftop and stare at the stars. They reminisce about when their fate actually began, and while Mi-young thinks it was when he called her his lady luck at the casino, he thinks it started when they first met, chasing after his ring.


“The thing called fate,” Gun muses, “I thought it would be special, but I don’t think it is. Right now, the person in front of me… Everything will be fine as long as I’m with her. Not being able to imagine being with anyone else but her… I think that’s what fate is.”

“I’m okay even if we aren’t fated to love each other,” Mi-young replies. “Because I’d still love you like we were.” Gun takes her hand as he tells her that her future with him won’t be without difficulties, but Mi-young isn’t afraid, and doesn’t want him to be either: “Let’s do our best to love each other and be happy together every moment of every day for the rest of our lives.”

So Gun makes a vow to her as they look up at the night sky: “Until the day all those stars disappear, I’ll love you like you’re my fate every day.” Mi-young: “Until the day all those stars disappear, I’ll love you like you’re my fate every day.”


And at what feels like long last, the two get to have a night together they’ll actually remember, complete with candlelight and all their unspoken words of undying love passing between them as they kiss, undress, and make love.

One month later.

Grandma Wang and Gun wait in the doctor’s office with bated breath until Mi-young comes out bearing news… she’s having twins! Grandma Wang is over the moon with happiness as she praises her grandson’s virility, which, hah.


But it’s not long before Gun jokingly blames his grandmother for taking away their chance to live as plain ol’ newlyweds, even though he can’t stay that upset. Plus, Grandma Wang isn’t the least bit sorry.

Se-ra finds a post-it note inviting her out for ice cream from her oppa. It’s their first time meeting since they found out they’re brother and sister, since both of them needed time to process their feelings.

But from now on, Daniel wants them to live as siblings, which Se-ra agrees to. In a throwback to their first meeting on the plane, Daniel draws a portrait of his sister—only now he doesn’t have to guess what she looks like.


When Se-ra asks why he’s drawing his sister alone, Daniel’s eyes brim with tears as he mentions the day he lost her while buying ice cream. He tells it like a story that isn’t about her, which is maybe the only way he can get through it, but all that matters is that Se-ra understands.

They both have tears in their eyes as Daniel laments that he wasn’t fast enough back then and has been sorry for it ever since, to which Se-ra replies that he can make it up now by buying his sister that long-awaited ice cream.

Daniel holds out his hand to her, “I’ll never go off by myself again. I’ll always hold on tightly to our Mi-young’s hand.” Se-ra smiles through her tears as she takes his hand and calls him “Oppa.”

Three years later. Doctor Moon and Gun take a look at his crystal clear brain scans, with the good doctor surmising that if he’s had no more symptoms at his age, he can expect to live the rest of his life free of his family’s genetic disease.

However, Gun knows that Doctor Moon is courting Mi-young’s mother, and gives him some tips… like calling her “Lettuce Wrap Lady,” Gun’s favorite nickname for her. And it totally works, earning Doctor Moon a date with an extra-coquettish Mom.

Since we’re wrapping up everyone’s stories neatly, we find out that Manager Tak does have a passion outside of serving Gun—and that passion is dance. (In a fun throwback, his instructor turns out to be one of the many clones of Gun and Mi-young’s prenatal class teacher.)


He totally fangirls when he learns he’ll be taking lessons from a legendary dancer named Charles, only to recognize the pink-clad legend after he salsa’s up to him as none other than Lawyer Hong. Like Manager Tak, he needed a hobby, and it’s not long before the two stop using petty human words in favor of dance, the universal language.

While waiting for Se-ra to get out of her teaching job, Daniel watches with amusement as one of her young male students professes his undying love for her. Then he scares the kid off by saying that he’s the one who loves Se-ra most in this world, only for her to reply that Daniel is also the man she loves the most in this world.

Afterward, Se-ra uses Daniel’s given name to scold him for saying his sister is the person he loves most when he could be dating. Daniel tosses back that she doesn’t have much room to talk when she’s pretty, but also just as single.

Mama Yong reluctantly attends a meeting with Ji-yeon and her father, intent on showing her disapproval once and for all. But when Ji-yeon’s father is revealed to be a chaebol, and she a chaebol heiress, Mama Yong sure does change her tune fast.


When Yong asks why Ji-yeon kept her lineage a secret from him, she admits that she didn’t want him to love her because of her money. But now that Mama Yong smells money, she’s all for a quick marriage.

Gun and Mi-young have a picnic with their twins, a boy and a girl, now toddlers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gun was born to be a father, but he manages to surprise even Mi-young when he offers to read the kids his favorite story…


…And he pulls out a hand-drawn, hand-written book called “Princess Snail.” It’s the story of a princess who wore round glasses like their mother, and who was bad at studying. Haha.

The story goes on to say that the princess had an illness making her incapable of refusing a stranger’s request, as well as being incapable of abandoning anyone. In fact, as he tells them, she didn’t even know she was a princess, and thought she was a maid.

Then Gun tells of the rude prince from a neighboring land who called the princess “Snail,” and, living up to her namesake, the princess crept into his life and heart. The prince fell in love with the princess, and suffered an illness where he couldn’t live without her.


As we get taken through a flashback reel, Gun alludes to his real illness by saying that others were worried for the prince, but that he wasn’t afraid because the princess was by his side. “As long as the princess is next to him, the prince will never get sick again.”

He flips to the last page of the book, with a drawing of him and Mi-young, their two children, and lots of adorable snails as he finishes the tale: “The princess and the prince had twins and are living happily ever after.” And forever more, just in case the “ever after” wasn’t enough.

When Gun asks Mi-young if she ever regretted marrying him, she treats it like the ridiculous question it is—why would she?


“Thank you for being by my side from today, and at this very moment.” Gun says.

“Thank you for always being with me that time, not sometime, but this moment,” Mi-young replies.

“I love you, Princess Snail.”

“I love you, Prince Lee Gun.”

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Korean Drama Its Okay, That's Love (SBS) Episode 13 Recap and Screenshot

Korean Drama Its Okay, That's Love (SBS) Episode 13 Recap and Screenshot

In It's Okay, That's Love Episode 13, our characters keep calm and try to process the truth. Everyone is so lucky when they has many people caring for them, such as Jea-yeol. However, Jea-yeol don't know that the danger is all around him and people. Savoring the meaningful moments with his lover is important to him before everything comes crumbling down at his feet.   



It's Okay, It's Love SBS episode 13 review by Dramabeans:

After sitting Hae-soo down, Sunbae Jo and Doctor Lee cut right to the chase: they believe Jae-yeol is schizophrenic. Furthermore, the aspiring young writer Jae-yeol cares about so much—Kang-woo—doesn’t exist and neither do any of the kid’s manuscripts.

It isn’t an easy pill for anyone to swallow, particularly Hae-soo, who reacts with a mix of shock and confusion. She understandably doesn’t want to believe it, but watching the CCTV evidence of Jae-yeol fighting no one but himself disturbs her.

She tries her best to keep her voice calm when Jae-yeol calls, her eyes glued to the monitor. He picks up on her nervousness on the phone, and hangs up since he’ll be writing tonight. Jae-yeol was allegedly involved in an altercation with Kang-woo’s father about two months ago, which has Hae-soo tearfully recall the night Jae-yeol returned home battered and bloody.

After being told that Mama Ok-ja may be responsible for Jae-yeol’s stepfather’s death, Hae-soo is also told that imaginary Kang-woo may be a manifestation of Jae-yeol’s own younger self and personified guilt towards his brother. But what’s even more unsettling is how Jae-yeol is unaware that he’s hurting himself.

His condition is severe enough for Doctor Lee to consider hospitalizing Jae-yeol immediately, something Hae-soo is reluctant to even think about. When asked if Jae-yeol has voluntarily put himself in danger before, she recalls Jae-yeol’s risk-taking behaviors, from the speedy car chase to when he ran into oncoming traffic to his most recent car accident.

But Hae-soo denies any such behavior despite being told that time is of the essence. The building sweat on Hae-soo’s body betrays her words, though, and Doctor Lee warns Tae-yeol against taking any rash actions which could worsen Jae-yeol’s condition.

They have to keep Hae-soo away from Jae-yeol, Doctor Lee tells Sunbae Jo afterwards—for both of their sakes. If Jae-yeol’s self-harming behavior progresses, the end result is suicide.

When Hae-soo calls Jae-yeol asking where Kang-woo’s manuscripts are, he explains that he last saw them when she came in while he was on the phone with Kang-woo. Now we see the memory from her perspective, realizing that Jae-yeol wasn’t holding anything in his hands, let alone a manuscript.

Jae-yeol directs her to the drawer he believes he stuffed the document in. It’s empty of course, and he’s left perplexed when Hae-soo says it isn’t there.

She’s still very much in denial of Jae-yeol’s psychological issues afterwards, refusing to believe Sunbae Jo’s hypothesis of schizophrenia when it could be a minor neurological issue. Why should they as doctors jump to conclusions when she hasn’t witnessed any abnormal behavior?

Soo-kwang and So-nyeo happen to catch the tail-end of that conversation. After sending his girlfriend home, Soo-kwang recalls a time when Jae-yeol was carrying on a conversation by himself outside the cafe.

So when Hae-soo lights another candle that night, Soo-kwang repeats the statistics she spoke from her own mouth—how the majority of schizophrenic patients can lead normal lives with proper medication. But Hae-soo returns to her room without another word.

Concerned, Soo-kwang heads over to Jae-yeol’s place for an unexpected sleepover, much to the latter’s annoyance. He even grabs Jae-yeol in a surprise back hug to express his gratitude for the coolest guy he knows. Aw.

Jae-yeol’s stuck with him tonight whether he likes it or night, and though Soo-kwang makes light of his presence here, he tries his best to tamp down his worries.

Hae-soo thinks back to Sunbae Jo’s words earlier: if Jae-yeol’s repressed guilt is the primary issue, then his risk of self-harm increases the happier he is with Hae-soo. The memories flash through her head: how Jae-yeol hurt himself water skiing after they kissed, his violent dreams after they slept together, and his collision into a pole after their impromptu water fight.

Hae-soo leaves for work the next morning, ignoring Sunbae Jo trying to win some points back by offering breakfast. There’s a funny bit when Sunbae Jo claims that Soo-kwang hard-boiled the eggs, only to crack one on his forehead and discover that it’s raw. Ha.

There’s some projection going on at work with Doctor Lee and Hae-soo; the former telling the team to think of the patient’s safety versus how he feels and the latter arguing with a mother about the harms of prescribing ADHD to a normal child.

Hae-soo tries to avoid hanging out with Doctor Lee, citing that she’s going to see Mama Ok-ja. But Doctor Lee tells her to take Sunbae Jo with her, pointing out that Hae-soo isn’t reaching out to her sunbaes for help regarding Jae-yeol.

Meanwhile, Soo-kwang calls Jae-yeol to breakfast, going so far as forcing him to stop by closing his laptop when he doesn’t readily respond. He says he noticed Jae-yeol didn’t sleep at all, judging from the time Jae-yeol slipped into the bathroom.

Soo-kwang has some fun at the dining table, laughing when he gets ketchup on Jae-yeol’s face. He gets a beating for that, but stops joshing around the moment Jae-yeol retches into the sink after taking one bite. Uh oh, is that the Lou Gehrig’s disease rising to the surface?

Jae-yeol tells Soo-kwang to keep this a secret from Hae-soo, which Soo-kwang agrees to for about two seconds before secretly texting her about Jae-yeol’s condition, anyway. Still, Jae-yeol’s healthy enough to shoot hoops against Soo-kwang (and win) afterward.

Soo-kwang uses the opportunity to encourage Jae-yeol to get himself checked out. Jae-yeol says he’ll handle it, like he always does. So Soo-kwang doubles back to give Jae-yeol a present—a photo puzzle of the lovebirds—which he breaks up into pieces, to Jae-yeol’s surprise.

But Soo-kwang is trying to prove a point: that most people consider those with mental illnesses like a giant, tangled mess—like people who can’t recognize their own loved ones. “Even after cursing someone out, that there’s no sense of guilt.”

“But that’s not what we’re really like. We’re mostly normal… and only a small part of us is ill,” Soo-kwang states. Jae-yeol agrees with that. Using a puzzle piece to illustrate, Soo-kwang says his episodes only amount to a few seconds or minutes in a year. However for a schizophrenic like Hye-jin (Yoon-chul’s wife), several more pieces fall apart of their world due to a brain abnormality or deep emotional scars.

“Reality slipping into fantasy?” Jae-yeol asks. Soo-kwang: “Something like that.” But the good news is that if the patient seeks professional help and has the will to change, then they have the chance to put their fallen pieces back together.

With that, Soo-kwang gets going, and when Jae-yeol jokingly tells him not to come ’round anymore, Soo-kwang yells back that he probably will. Aw, I do like their friendship. Jae-yeol leaves the completed puzzle behind to shoot more hoops, and then we see imaginary Kang-woo stare at the puzzle and remove one piece.

Meanwhile, Jae-bum smiles at the roses he’s made out of his food, telling a fellow inmate that they’re for his mother… because she’ll be sad once Jae-yeol’s gone for good. He remembers how Jae-yeol had tried to warn him from getting thrown in prison for life, but shakes off that notion. 

Hae-soo invites Mama Ok-ja over and barely gets a private conversation going before they’re interrupted by Sunbae Jo and Tae-yong’s arrival. Tae-yong breaks down in tears upon seeing Mama Ok-ja, and Hae-soo is asked to leave so that Sunbae Jo can inform Mama Ok-ja about her younger son’s condition.

Downstairs at the cafe, So-nyeo gets upset when Soo-kwang dismisses her future dreams in becoming a psychiatrist like Hae-soo. He’s already on edge as it is, annoyed that his girlfriend can’t tell that he’s having a hard time worrying about Jae-yeol. But So-nyeo says that’s why she’s trying to make conversation to make things easier—or would he prefer her to be sad and in tears?

She has a point there, and her words leave Soo-kwang impressed. He tells her that he loves her, to which So-nyeo has to suppress a smile.


It's Okay, That's Love Episode 13 Screen Capture

By the time Hae-soo returns downstairs, it seems that Mama Ok-ja has decided to have hospitalized after all, though she believes that her son is suffering from stress-related issues. She’s still very shaken, however, and Hae-soo places a reassuring hand over hers, saying that Jae-yeol’s condition isn’t terminal.

Mama Ok-ja tries to convince herself that Jae-yeol can just receive treatment, worried that Hae-soo must’ve been even more shocked than she is. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Mama Ok-ja takes her leave.

She wills herself to be strong, but her overwhelming emotions and tears betray the words that psychological treatment and medication will help Jae-yeol. Her heartwrenching sobs are simply hard to watch.

Sunbae Jo notices that there are two candles now, asking if one of them is for Jae-yeol. he stops her from heading over to Jae-yeol’s place, curious as to what she plans to say when she get there. And now Hae-soo finally breaks down in tears, having no idea as to what she’ll say to Jae-yeol’s face.

She sits down with Sunbae Jo after the tears stop, but they’re replaced with fresh ones when she thinks of how foolish it was for her to believe that Jae-yeol would be unaffected by his tragic past. Furthermore, for a woman who claims to love him, she’s never once showed any true empathy to his emotional scars or suffering.

She wonders if she was ever truly sympathetic to his painful past and his relationship to his brother, because she told herself that she could understand the situation since she’s a doctor. Even after seeing Jae-yeol suffering from violent nightmares, she told him that he’d overcome it, but perhaps a part of her wanted to ignore his issues. 

That was a show of her faith in Jae-yeol, not ignorance, Sunbae Jo offers consolingly. Calling herself a selfish person and an awful doctor and girlfriend, Hae-soo asks if it’s possible to keep Jae-yeol from being admitted.

Sunbae Jo’s silence pretty much says no, an answer Hae-soo accepts resignedly. Soo-kwang puts his arms out to give Hae-soo a comforting hug (aw), then gestures a thumbs-down sign when asked about Jae-yeol’s level of functioning.

Jae-yeol’s on the phone with Mama Ok-ja when Hae-soo swings by. He’s happy to see her and tells his mother that he can’t come see her since he’s working, much to Mama Ok-ja’s frustration. He suddenly starts coughing, which has Hae-soo recall when Jae-yeol asked her about Kang-woo’s symptoms.


Hae-soo and Jae-yeol share in a romantic moment while looking at the photo montage attached on the wall. After agreeing to let him photograph her hands and feet if she shaves, she recalls how Jae-yeol had said he wanted to protect Kang-woo because the kid reminded him of his younger self.

The words Doctor Lee spoke about Kang-woo being a manifestation of Jae-yeol’s guilt echoes in her mind as well. Looking at his New York Yankees hat, she casually asks if he knows of Lou Gehrig, the famous baseball player who suffered from the neurodegenerative disease which was later named after him. He does, but doesn’t really know how he did, figuring he read about it in a book.

Hae-soo continues to gaze at Jae-yeol with sympathy, softly stroking his hair. The pictures he takes of her hands and feet are added to the wall, and Jae-yeol keeps up his end of the bargain by letting Hae-soo shave his stubble.

She asks what he’d be most worried about if he ever found himself sick and hospitalized. He doesn’t know where this question is coming from, but answers that he’d probably be worried about his inability to write. He needn’t worry, since she’ll still like him if he isn’t a writer.

That prompts Jae-yeol to ask when she’s ever going to tell him that she loves him, then says he hasn’t heard from Kang-woo in a while and isn’t answering his calls either. Hae-soo softly answers that Jae-yeol must be really worried about him, and Jae-yeol replies, “I think he’s going to die soon.”

Kang-woo failed the recent novel writing competition and is sick these days. Hae-soo says Jae-yeol mentioned that Kang-woo was feeling much better, but Jae-yeol says the kid was lying—he’s got Lou Gehrig’s disease. 

He states that Kang-woo once called him outside the clinic wearing a grim expression. She asks if Jae-yeol went with him to the hospital that day, which he didn’t because he was with her.

“Then how do you know Kang-woo looked upset? You’re describing it like you saw the scene in a movie or a book.” Jae-yeol opens his eyes, now questioning himself on how he can clearly picture Kang-woo’s memories when he was supposedly alone.

Jae-yeol isn’t willing to let Hae-soo leave so soon, but she assures him that their scheduled date is tomorrow. She’s nearly on the verge of tears when she tells him to wash up. He tells her that he loves her like crazy, but Hae-woo doesn’t echo the words. 

Hae-soo sticks around to save a copy of Jae-yeol’s current manuscript from his laptop onto a USB drive, then calls Tae-yong (who’s been waiting downstairs) out for a chat. So Hae-soo is long gone by the time Jae-yeol exits the bathroom, and he smiles when he receives a call from Kang-woo moments later.

He’s relieved that Kang-woo’s fine since he was worried. Kang-woo says nothing as he rides his bike down the road, his eyes closed and his arms wide open. Jae-yeol tells him, “Don’t ever think that you’re alone. I’m always by your side. You know that, right?”

Tae-yong looks over the manuscript Hae-soo nicked and confirms that Jae-yeol’s written this story before—there’s nearly no new material. Jae-yeol encountered the same issue during the first few months when writing his previous novel, and now Tae-yong realizes that his friend has never quite been the same ever since Jae-bum stabbed him with a fork three years ago.


It’s taking Jae-yeol much longer than usual to write, given how rehashing his work for over two years now and unaware that he’s plagiarizing himself. Hae-soo asks that Tae-yong never leave Jae-yeol’s side.

At work, Hae-soo finally admits to Doctor Lee about Jae-yeol’s issues, describing his insomnia and inability to eat or write properly. Moreover, he’s put himself in danger on several occasions, hidden his injuries from her, and she now sees how his case could quickly spiral into a suicide risk. 

She believes he might do something drastic, given imaginary Kang-woo’s situation right now: losing a writing composition and being diagnosed with ALS. Doctor Lee asks how she came to understand that someone like Jae-yeol would leave his loved ones and fall victim to his psychological issues.

“His desire to die and leave me, the one he loves, behind… There’s no rational reasoning to it,” Hae-soo answers. “Because it’s a mental illness.” This is her professional judgment: that Jae-yeol is unwell.

She knows they have to resort to force to have Jae-yeol admitted (since Jae-yeol won’t recognize how unwell he is in his current state), but he needs to be hospitalized to treat his active symptoms (i.e., his hallucinations) first. 

While Editor Bae sobs in Tae-yong’s arms after informing the broadcasters that Jae-yeol won’t be able to continue his radio show, Doctor Lee and Sunbae Jo give Mama Ok-ja a tour of Jae-yeol’s soon-to-be new home in the psych ward.

She asks whether her son will be hospitalized for months or even years like she’s seen in books or on TV. Doctor Lee assures her that Jae-yeol will likely be hospitalized for a month or two, but I can’t shake off the feeling that that estimate sounds pretty short. 

While Sunbae Jo prepares the other medical professionals about Jae-yeol’s case, we see Jae-bum get dropped off at his old neighborhood. He envisions seeing a young Jae-yeol and his mother washing each other in the river—not too far off, Kang-woo looks on.

Jae-yeol finds Hae-soo already waiting for him at home, much to his pleasant surprise. She has him stop in place so she can take in his handsome features. Doctor Lee calls in to inform her that the ambulance to pick up Jae-yeol is standing by for her cue. Hae-soo says she’ll call back.

Then she opens her arms, inviting him for a hug. He gladly takes her up on the offer, planting a kiss on her forehead before pulling her into a tight embrace. “I love you,” he says. A tear rolls down Hae-soo’s cheek as she asks to stay like this for a little longer. He agrees.


The It's Okay, It's Love Episode 15 will be aired on Wenesday, 9th September 2014.


[Spoiler] Added episode 14 captures for the Korean drama

[Spoiler] Added episode 14 captures for the Korean drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love"

Added episode 14 captures for the Korean drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love" (2014)Directed by Kim Kyoo-taeWritten by Noh Hee-kyeongNetwork : SBSWith Jo In-Seong, Kong Hyo-jin, Seong Dong-il, Lee Gwang-soo, Jin Kyeong, Lee Seong-kyeong,...20 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisBased in a mental clinic, this drama portrays the life and love of modern day people.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07/23



[Spoiler] Added episode 19 captures for the Korean drama

[Spoiler] Added episode 19 captures for the Korean drama "Fated to Love You"

Added episode 19 captures for the Korean drama "Fated to Love You" (2014)Directed by Kim Hee-won-II, Lee Dong-yoonWritten by Jo Jin-gook, Joo Chan-okNetwork : MBCWith Jang Hyeok, Jang Nara, Choi Jin-hyeok, Wang Ji-won, Jeong Eun-pyo, Choi Dae-cheol,...20 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA remake of a Taiwanese drama from the year 2008. A normal and non-existant woman spends a night with an heir to a wealthy family.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07/02



[Spoiler] Added episode 13 captures for the Korean drama

[Spoiler] Added episode 13 captures for the Korean drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love"

Added episode 13 captures for the Korean drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love" (2014)Directed by Kim Kyoo-taeWritten by Noh Hee-kyeongNetwork : SBSWith Jo In-Seong, Kong Hyo-jin, Seong Dong-il, Lee Gwang-soo, Jin Kyeong, Lee Seong-kyeong,...20 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisBased in a mental clinic, this drama portrays the life and love of modern day people.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07/23



It's Okay, That's Love Episode 15 Preview (English Sub)

It's Okay, That's Love Episode 15 Preview (English Sub)

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Credit: DramaSBS


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