You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep21 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep21 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep21 Recap by Softy (finish)

MJ says the greatest superpower I have is to stop time. SY: you know how to do that? MJ: of course. i am a way more impressive man than you think. I stopped time many times - inside that time you didn’t know about -  I said this  “I love you Chun SY.” when time resumes (flows) and I say this I thought everything would flow and disappear so I said it in that stopped time “I love you chun SY. I love you.”

SY says in the time I didnt know – I love you. she rests her head on his lap and closes her eyes as he pets her hair.

MJ narrates about 400 yrs ago and now – how he isnt able to take anything with him when he leaves so he had that rule not to have anything. he kept that rule well all this time but in the last 3 months everything collapsed

SY asks when he first liked her. he says i dont know for sure but maybe it was when we first met on the elevator of when she barged in my house. at some point I wanted to have her. the last fate started. will I be able to beat this fate?

they stand on the balacony and look at the sky. SY says how it does take 400 yrs to see the comet

people on the street listen and watch the news about the comet entering and all the stars that will fall. people take photos of all the falling stars.

SY asks should we make a wish. MJ says those are just rocks. to tell the truth people have been making wishes on rocks and not stars. she asks so are you not going to make one? she closes her eyes and makes a wish

a mom tells her kid to make a wish but the asteroid catches on fire and makes them scream. one goes away from the others so a guy asks did you see that – it looked like a UFO. the girl says have you ever seen an UFO and takes pics of the sky

the UFO hovers over a tree and lights flow down.


MJ opens his eyes and sees his hands disappearing. he looks over at SY as she makes a wish. his hands come back so he reaches out to touch her but stops himself. he calls out her name – chun SY the one I love. it’s cold so don’t go around here and there. you get prettier with time. like I said last time you cant do any kiss or back hug scenes and no melos. don’t be hurt. don’t cry alone and sing. don’t drink and go into anywhere. she cries listening. at night don’t look at the sky and think of farewells. you cant see from here but I will always look here where you are every day. she is sobbing looking away from him. his voice breaks saying I will look at you every day. somehow I will find a way to be by your side for a long long time. but if cant come back – forget it all. all of it. still with her back to him – she asks how could I do that. how could I forget. am I really a dummy?  how could you say that. DMJ – answer me. answer me. are you there? she turns and he is gone.


she calls out  – it isnt yet right? how can you just say what you want and leave when I didnt say bye. dont joke around. please come out. come out!  please.  she crouches down in tears

MJ’s body disappears on that cliff.


in the car ride over Bum wonders if SY and her mom will accept if they go. Ahn says as soon as her mother sees this new bag it will be over. he shows up at SY’s home and holds up the new bags. she says i already sold the bags I already had. where were yuo last month when SY was having a hard time. she shuts the door but Ahn stops her and says how everyone is sorry to SY. there is no one who knows SY as well as me. she says ahn and yoon bum shi – i dont need any bags or anything just do something for SY. for the past few days she doesnt do anything. she wont leave MJ’s home

in his house SY imagines MJ telling her not to touch his stuff cuz she might break it and he cant replace them. she says ok talking to her vision

in trial Yoo stands up and prosecutes JK for kidnapping Yang the ex wife. and that he was the perpetrator for Han’s death. Yoo lists the other accusations against JK.  HK watches the trial. JK’s lawyer stands and says we have nothing else to say and it shocks JK. JK looks over at his dad and the dad cant look at him hardly


JK meets with his dad and asks what happened – I know you are disappointed in me. everything will be revealed. I have nothing to do with all of this. first send HK away. pay off my ex wife cuz she is poor. the dad says how he took away everything from JK – took him off his list as heir. and I wont do anything for you. JK says didnt you think what would happen to the company while I am in prison. the dad says i will leave the company to someone young. JK asks did you hear something from HK. dad says I didnt know I raised a monster all these years and that monster took my child. the dad breaks down and says it’s all my fault. i made you this way. JK asks did HK say that?  that I did that to hyung? you believe that? cuz of that file. you cant be deceived. just get me out of her and I will reveal it all. it’s a lie. the dad says stop – it’s all over. JK says you cant do this to me. it will be a problem. I still have a lot to do. cops take him away as JK warns I will get out on my own. dont do anything – got that?







SY looks at photos of MJ. she remembers when he came to the hospital and asked if she checked her text. how she told him there isnt any.

HK drops by with food. he asks why she is in the dark. she asks how did you come. he says your mother called. why are you here. let’s go home now. she says i dont want to. he says where is that DMJ you are waiting for. when is he coming. why did he go. I clearly told him if he leaves you alone I would take that place. she says that person did his best for my sake. what I cant handle is that I realized that too late. I didnt even get to say bye. he is doing his best to come back to me. he might not be able to come back but I wont forget him at all and wait diligently. HK says if you are going to wait – eat while you are doing it. cuz I got a favor to do too

MJ told him I might go somewhere. if I leave SY alone I worry about you the most but I also feel the safe too. so I will ask a favor. stay by her side. HK says even if you dont say I will do it. MJ says I am just asking you to stay by her side not stay there permanently. HK says I will protect her my way. SY asks did he say that? HK says yes so eat. i bought soup so want to eat that first? she goes over to the plants and says it’s alive. he must have arrived ok. he must be ok now and not hurt. HK asks what are you talking about? she says there is something like that. she tells the plants dont be hurt now – I will take care of you well

HK comes out and is on the phone with her mom telling her that SY ate the soup well so dont worry. he hangs up and says that bad guy

SY finds out that YJ gave him this -telescopes

flashback to YJ asking why did you call me MJ says i am going on some trip. YJ asks is it what I think and holds out his finger. MJ says not that. while I am gone be good to your sister. YJ says that’s a little hard even if it’s your request. MJ bribes him with his two telescopes. YJ says I will die if she asks me to . thank you hyung. can I ask a favor and hug you? MJ says no but YJ hugs him

SY says so he asked a favor from you too.

director is mad that SY didnt show up again after giving her days off. he threatens to fire her so Saemi says how there is news about SY so just fire her – the movie wont fail. the director says i just meant I wanted to fire her but I wont. are you friends with her – can you reach her. saemi says no i am not friends with her

Bokja wants to get a shorter haircut and says how she liked some man but her friend took him. the stylist says no wonder you couldnt grow out your hair and had short hair cuz everytime it didnt work with a guy you cut your hair. SY sits down and asks the stylist to shave her head so Bokja says not just anyone can have short hair

SY is laughing really hard listening about how MJ looked when Bokja first met him. she asks tell me more things about him. Bokja says i only saw him that time.SY starts to cry. the doorbell rings and it’s saemi. she tells SY the director said he would cut you if you dont show up tm. SY asks her – dont you have any stories about MJ – anything is ok so just tell me about him

SY lies in bed and calls out DMJ – come to my room. the door opens and saemi asks what are you doing. SY asks how much will it take to not feel hurt over him. saemi says when you dont think of him. right now you think of him so you feel hurt. one day you will say i was thinking of something else and thought of him so that is why I am not hurt. SY asks how long it takes. saemi says 15 yrs. that’s how long it took so it doesnt hurt. SY says it must have been hard for you. if it really takes that long how will I live?

SY says into the camera in his libarary. what saemi says is right. it’s harder not to think of him. i go alone to the places we went together and miss him and look for a trace of him. I am waiting for that person. that day came – our 100 days. the appointed place – Namsan tower

she sits and waits alone looking eagerly at the door.



suddenly she imagines MJ appearing and smiling at her. she smiles back. she goes out to look at their lock.

SY:i think it was then. I keep seeing him. maybe i am going crazy slowly

Jang says it’s the same for me. last time …

Jang was watering the plants saying you must be well now. I feel better. MJ calls out his name so Jang gets up to hug him but MJ is gone

SY says I went to the hospital cuz I was worried. they said it was stress. it must be the same for you

YJ show his mom the photo. how he keeps seeing it so he tracked the star. his mom doesnt understand any of it. YJ is happy cuz the star he discovers he can name it. he is going to call it DMJ. she doesnt like it cuz DMJ left but YJ says he is just on a trip. it will take 3 yrs for the star

time passes and SY’s photo is back on the poster.

YJ is being interviewed for the star he discovered. YJ is in college. he is asked why he named the star DMJ so YJ says he was my mentor.

Bokja is acting as his manager and is going to take YJ to his next interview. she says how her shop is doing well on its own and asks him to come to her so he says no. she thinks he is doing the push and pull of love

Yoo is talking about how he keeps seeing the person he killed. not too long ago JK said he saw DMJ. park says he is really crazy

on the set HK says the reaction is really great. SY says i heard a rumor. HK says how his company keeps investing in her projects – this is the 5th one. HK says this isnt a coincidence – it’s fate.  crew thank HK for all the food trucks he sent every time. SY says what are you talking about -it’s a coincidence.

SY suddenly sees MJ in the crowd and calls out for him crying so HK hugs her and says stop. she keeps saying MJ’s name. HK: it’s ok

at her home SY is getting her makeup done. the mom comes in and asks why did you cry on set. why did you do that in front of an important scene. her dad asks are you ok. SY says dad I miss him. I want to be with him – I feel like I will die. the make up artist says you cant cry but SY keeps crying

at the night of the premiere saemi walks the red carpet with her costar and does the photos. SY arrives in white and there is a huge ruckus. SY is smiling and waving.






reporter so surprised to see songyiminjoon kissing lol




time suddenly stops but SY is the only one moving. she looks around and sees MJ walking over to her. he takes off his coat and puts it over her shoulder. he says I told you not to go around wearing skimpy clothes like this. she touches his face and asks DMJ? he says yes it’s me. it’s me. he touches her face. she hugs him. he says i am sorry – i was too late huh? she looks at him and he kisses her. time resumes and people go crazy taking their photos as they keep kissing.

they are doing the interview together. MJ did I come back for good. how can I explain. SY: he did return but then he disappeared.

that night of the previemere MJ disappeared and SY and everyone looks around

MJ: when I left 3 years ago I fell into a wormhole. after I went there i recovered. it was for that sake that I went there. I just needed a short time to do that. at first i could stop time for 5 to 10 seconds. that night was the first time I succeeded though i couldn’t say anything. SY says i wasnt crazy then (when she thought she saw MJ at namsan tower on their 100 days anniverary). MJ says the second time I succeeded i was able to speak but it wasnt SY. it was when he appeared in front of Jang. MJ: after that there were many more attempts and failures. when I succeeded it was in front of someone. MJ appeared in JK’s prison cell. JK: you. MJ asks did you lose everything. money your family and everything? i came to confirm it. MJ disappears.

MJ: the important thing is that I can stay longer each time. SY says how he was able to stay over a year and six months this time

they sit in couple chairs at his home side by side as he reads the edward book. she says i am completely happy. MJ disappears.

MJ’s voice says: long time ago there was a rabbit who found his way home



SY is doing the interview alone and says: isnt it hard when he suddenly disappears? it is but I can love him more thinking the person in front of me – it might be the last time so that moment feels very precious

they are in bed. she opens her eys and MJ smiles at her saying I came back. she goes into his arms and he cradles her head.






Recap by Softy











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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep20 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep20 Recap


You From Another Star Ep20 Recap by Softy

CY says for my sake – exist somewhere. for my sake – dont die. exist somewhere. what I am saying is – go – to where you are from. if you don’t go you might die – so leave. he says I already decided to stay by your side. she says I already decided too - if you stay by my side and die I will die. don’t you know what that means. more than you know, I love you. wherever you are that you are alive. he says that wont happen – I wont leave you alone. there will be a way – I will find it.

Yoo watches the news that SY disappeared with MJ. the old grandpa is interviewed how MJ resembles the person he knew well. another person is interviewed that MJ’s former identity person already died. even Bokja is interviewed and the reporter says maybe he is an alien from another star. Park is annoyed that everyone keeps asking about MJ cuz they(yoo and him) were going to keep silent and keep his secret. where do you think MJ is now?

in bed SY asks if he is sleeping. he asks why. she says i worried how to send you away. whether to say I am tired of you or to tell you to go and live well. i was scared that you wouldnt be by my side. arent you scared. he says I saw many people born and grow old so I thought if they are going to die in the end why try to so hard. why do they persistently live. i thought they were pathetic but now knowing I could die I realized – the important thing was the moment you die. so even if the end is decided, if you can be happy. he holds her close as he speaks.

Bokja cries over SY so the comic book guys say that’s friendship caring about her friend but she was crying cuz MJ is her man.

in the cab there is news about SY so she sits close to MJ and tells the driver to turn down the news. the driver recognizes her so she admits it. she asks about JK and says how HK must be having a hard time

saemi is sitting by HK’s bedside and he tells her to go cuz he wants to be alone. she says how she didn’t like SY and wanted bad things to happen to her. but looking back what I lost the most was me. my friendship with her. there wasn’t anyone I could tell my truth to. so now I will let you go cuz I have to live. I have to let you go to be your friend and let you know all my truth. let it all out to me and cry HK.  she sits by him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

JK is giving instructions to his lawyer about the CCTV and everything. the guy gets a call and says I will go right now. JK says there are things you need to take care of.

when SY and MJ get home there are reporters waiting. she takes his hand and says dont be nervous. you told me to hide when you did something wrong. you did nothing wrong. she says I will get out first. I went through this a lot. he asks what will you happen. she says they will gather around me so you go straight in and dont use your ability since you dont feel well. dont shake. he steadies her shaking knee so she thanks him. she says ready – action and gets out of the cab. reporters ask what happened. were you kidnapped. MJ gets out of the cab so they ignore her and go to MJ and ask did you kidnap SY?  she tries to get their attention but no one listens to her. she says film me – move those cameras. a cop goes over and asks MJ to go with them. she says i will tell you – I wasnt kidnapped. MJ takes her hand.

her family watches the news and hears SY said MJ is her fiancé and wasnt kidnapped. YJ worries will our MJ hyung be caught by the police. the dad stands up so the mom asks are you leaving. the dad says she arrived safely so let me know when she calls. the mom invites him to stay for dinner and see SY.

at the station the cops wont let SY go in with MJ so she says why cant I go in. he is my fiance and didnt kidnap me. MJ tells her it’s ok. she says if something happens yell and I will go in.

the cop asks how MJ could disappear. MJ says however I did that is it against the law? the cop admits it isnt cuz it was the first time. MJ acts like a lawyer.

the cop asks if SY wants noodles. she asks if MJ is being fed. the cop says he wont eat so she says I wont eat either. Park comes over and greets her and she remembers him.

Park goes in to see MJ and yells at the cop for not contacting him first. he says how he is in charge of MJ and wants jurisdiction to handle him

Park sneaks out MJ and SY and tells them to wait while he turns away the reporters. some clerks ask for an autograph so SY says i dont have time. but the woman wants it from MJ. at first SY tries to say no but realizes the woman is married so she tells MJ to sign an autograph

Park tries to tell SY to go home and wait but she doesnt want to and stays while park and Yoo interrogate MJ

Yoo and Park go over how SY was in a dangerous state and MJ had to treat her or she would have died. Park says what about the damage done to the restaurant. Yoo says no one was hurt so MJ only needs to pay compensation. Park then goes over to beating up JK but says JK deserved it. MJ asks what are you doing now. Yoo says there was things you wanted to protect all these years but in one moment you let all of that go – I want to know that reason. MJ says dont you have someone yuo want to protect. when she was in danger in that moment there was nothing I wouldnt do. I wanted to protect her so I got hurt. there is a person like that for me

MJ goes out and she asks is it all done? let’s go home. sh takes his hand and turns the corner but they disappear

her mom is saying SY isnt home yet. there are reporters everywhere. what do you mean teleport. how could they do that. suddenly MJ and SY appear. SY asks what happened and MJ says sorry. her mom tries to hit SY but MJ gets hit on the back for SY

her mom takes SY in the room and asks what kind of person MJ is. I think YJ knows so if you dont talk I will ask YJ. SY says I love him. he might not be normal but he is the person I love.

during dinner SY takes the fish saying MJ likes it but her mom says each person gets one and hands one to MJ. MJ smiles and thanks her. SY tells MJ this is the first time in years our family ate together. her mom comments about the way YJ eats so MJ tells him to eat well so YJ obeys him. SY tastes the soup and tells her mom not to eat it. MJ tastes it and says it’s strange so she makes the dad eat it all

MJ narrates – first time I ate with a family. next to SY there are these people so I feel safe. I want to keep being with them.

after dinner they are having fruit and SY says how it’s late. her dad gets up to leave. she tells her mom to leave too. YJ tells his mom to leave. but SY tells YJ to leave too cuz he clings to MJ. she holds onto MJ. her mom says she has no charm if she does that but SY holds onto MJ more.

Ahn puts back up SY’s photo and her mom wants to know what he wants. Ahn says I want SY to have a come back. hold my hand and let’s go. she says you let go of her hand so where are you saying to go. he says let’s go – the contract we were going to do with SY. there is another contract for MJ so she asks is he some celebrity. Ahn says he is an item that can do a magic show world tour. she says I am going to find an agency that manages people and not an item

MJ asks why are you so stubborn. he thinks she doesnt want him to go cuz there is a kiss scene. he says use a stand in for kiss scenes. HK comes over and hugs her so MJ looks jealous. HK is here to take her to the set cuz there are a lot of people and she cant go alone. he got her a new phone so she likes it’s his number cuz she forgets her own. she goes in to get something so HK tells MJ – I havent give up. if you suddenly disappear from her side, I will be there for her. I wont lose her then.

in the car HK brings up what JK did and says sorry. she says how he must be feeling terrible. i am like that too. i just eat and film with no thoughts. everyone in the world except me seems happy

on the set SY sits down next to saemi. saemi says there are a lot of reporters. not cuz of you but your manager. SY says dont care. SY brags I am a scene stealer. saemi brings up all the news about SY recently so SY guesses that saemi has been bothered by all that attention SY has. do you have time now? saemi says no

SY’s mom talks to MJ alone. she says i heard from YJ  that you are an alien. is that for real? MJ says yes. she asks if he is mentally unstable. he says no it must be hard to believe but it’s true. she pinches his cheek and says your skin doesnt come off. what about your family. are they coming here? he says family is different over there and none are coming here. she says ok and tells him to go rest

in the bathroom MJ washes his hands and starts to nosebleed. he has a vision of himself disappearing. he goes to bed and lies down

SY rings his doorbell and opens it and goes in. she calls out to him. she remembers how she asked Jang – if he doesnt go will he really die. Jang said I dont know but the plant that MJ has seems to be rotting. she asks if that has something to do with MJ. Jang says I think so

she goes in and sees MJ passed out on his bed. she asks are you sleeping already? even if you are in the same home with me you arent nervous at all – is that it? she cries and goes over and turns him over. dont do this. it’s scary so dont do this. he is unconscious so she cries and says no. he opens his eyes and pats her hair. he sits up and looks at her. she asks are you awake now? he hugs her and says you are this loud so how could I not be conscious. she says i thought you died and cries. he holds her close.

they sit and talk on his bed. she talks about how much time till he has to go back. he says one week. she says it’s too short. we cant waste it on fighting. you saw a while ago – if you die by my side I will cry like that – not for months or years but tilll I die. I will be tormented that you died cuz of me. do you want that? he says what about me – even if time passes when I miss you and cant forget you – what do I do then. she says we took a lot of pics -cant  you take it with you. I will look at them here. i will think of the song you sang and think of you. you do that too. we still have time left. let’s spend the week like 7years and have fun. she looks at him and asks do you love me? he pinches her cheek and says wash your face cuz you dont look good

MJ narrates about that one week -how average it was

SY and MJ are watching tv and fighting and he has to yell at her to stop drinking

MJ reads to SY in bed – that ridiculous script. she asks who will you save if Jang and I fall into the water. he says you. cuz Jang is a great swimmer. she asks is that the only reason why you would save me. she pretends to be pouting so he asks want to go eat ice cream. she says you buy

they play go stop together. she thinks he is using his special ability. he says it’s just my ability. he flicks her forehead so she says it was too hard. she threatens to deep kiss him. but he pins her down and kisses her.

Jang reads abbout the comet

SY calls MJ from her home and he is in his library. he teleports aiming fort her room but ends up in the street barefoot. people recognize him

MJ sits and waits until Jang shows up with a coat and sneakers. Jang worries why cant you control your ability. MJ smiles and says on that night too it was this park. Jang says on the day you rescued me you brought me here after buying me food.

flashback to that park when young Jang thanks him saying you saved me and my mother. MJ hands him money and says pay me back. after you are admitted pay me back. I am not trusting you and giving you this – i dont trust anyone. I dont want to start a fate but let’s just say our fate started. Jang cries and thanks him over and over

Jang asks can i touch you once? he holds MJ’s hand.  he cries and says how he thought of MJ as his child. MJ says a long time ago someone said saying farewell you do it in advance. if the end really comes at last you cant say farewell. thank you. I wont forget you. Jang bawls so MJ holds onto his shoulder.

MJ goes home and SY is there and hugs him. she asks are you ok? come over here. she lit candles everywhere and puts flowers. MJ sits down and she kneels in front of him. she says we are getting married today. cant get divorced cuz you are leaving tm. you cant go there and cheat on me. humans are more angry when you cheat than people over there. she gives him the proposal present. a USB of the video. dont watch it now since I will be embarrassed. watch it when you miss me. I love you DMJ. if you live longer than me you will forget but a perfect woman like me loved you so dont forget that and think of it as charming. he holds her hand. he says what I want the most is to stop time. she asks can you do that. he says i am more talented than you think. I stopped time when you didnt know and said this – I love you Chun SY. when time goes by and I say this I thought everything would disappear so I said it when time stopped. I love you chun SY. I love you.



SY made Saemi record it and gave her the camera. saemi asks why should I hold this. SY: let me get married. SY dances for the camera

MJ watches it and cries and laughs. she held up flowers. SY: will you marry me? MJ laughs through tears.









songyi and minjoon inside the taxi... driver recognized them..

songyi ask if minjoon body is ok..

*i think he will got arrested very soon :s hikss!!*

other scene...

hwikyung laying in his bed... semi is inside his room....





semi said hwikyung can cry in front off her because she is his friend.

and hwikyung start to cry...

jaekyung.. tell something to his lawyer (?)

omg his music background is so scary :s hul.




many people and reporters in front off minjoon and songyi apartment.

songyi ask minjoon not to be scared...

songyi herself is scared LOL..

she said "READY AND ACTION" in english..


reporters ask her questions...

do minjoon go out from taxi...

many reporters asking him...

so they left out songyi alone

and songyi said "excuse me..i'm here" in english lololol

and suddenly police came and arrested him! T____T

songyi angry but minjoon held her hand....

songyi family watch via tv...

news reported that minjoon is songyi' fiancee.....

aigoo.. uri yoonjae so cute.. keep saying "uri minjoon hyung".. kkk

minjoon eat with songyi' family

yoonjae didn't have appetite, mom ask him to eat but he didn't want

but minjoon said "yoonjae, u have to eat"

and yoonjae said directly "YES HYUNG"

songyi said that mom's food is strange

mom ask minjoon how is it and minjoon said "its strange" HAHAHAHAHA. lol

in interview, he said..the feeling he had when he eat food for the first time with a family..










the detective come into police office.... and meet songyi..

he ask if he saw minjoon or not..

and turn out the one who interrogated minjoon is detective' hoobae!! hurray!!!

i think he is trying to help him... so he said that he will take over.

...he even help songyiminjoon to leave the place quietly.

policewoman recognized both of them and approached him.

policewoman turns to become dominjoon' fans... not seongyi fans. HAHAHAHA

detective want interrogated minjoon and ask seongyi to leave but she didn't want..

HAHAHAHA lolll some funny scenes.

yoonjae said "minjoon is mine"

songyi said "no minjoon is mine"

so funny lol.

in the songyi entertainment office...

semi photo replace with songyi' photo again

director act so nice to songyi mom...

songyi mom being so arrogant and get angry to him! lolol

try to leave the office and director try to ask her again for re-contract with them.

minjoon and songyi went out together,... i think songyi went to shooting...

hwikyung is coming and hug songyi!

hwikyung gave her phone back...

songyi go back to her apartment.

hwikyung left with minjoon..

hwikyung said because minjoon love her so much, he will let it go..

but it doesnt mean he gave up...

hwikyung went to shooting location with songyi.. he? where is minjoon?

hwikyung tried to talk about his hyung..

Mother-in-law and son-in-law




in bathroom.

suddenly minjoon nose is bleeding...

oh no

suddenly his body get weaker. and laying in his bed

songyi ring the bell...but he not coming to door

songyi enter to his aprtment bcoz she knew the password and calling his name.

songyi very worried.. remembered her convo with lawyer jang.and saw the tree.....

songyi enter his room and find minjoon laying in the bed..

songyi is crying

minjoon suddenly wake up and hold her head softly.

he wake up and looks pale

hug her :')



another aww moment!!


lawyer jang read some newspaper about star (?)

i think time is approaching.

minjoon went out but teleported to random place!!! T_T in front off mrt station

and this time..not only wearing one shoes but totally barefoot...

lawyer jang is coming and gave him jacket + shoes + scarf.



i love their friendship



SONGYI said in the end of video "will u marry me?"

song background: bruno mars marry u...

and minjoon is laughing and cries....


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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep19 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep19 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep19 Recap by Softy

Starts from Joseon times when MJ is being with some man who came to see him cuz he heard about MJ’s abilities so MJ disappears in front of him and asks is this what you are talking about. the man asks to pinch him to see if he is real so MJ says it hurts. MJ says how he doesnt use magic and stuff so the man guesses then MJ is someone not human so MJ says that’s correct. the man says how MJ shouldnt hide living away cuz he could be hope and help humans but MJ says i am living in hiding cuz i am a monster to them. the man says if you loved someone you wouldnt. MJ says I dont have anyone i love now so the man says there are a lot of people so maybe one day you will find someone to love. MJ says i am not from here and will go back some day. I am not foolish to give away everything for love.

SY reads the words in his journal that he could die here if he doesnt go back and remembers asking him if he would really be ok not going back

Jang goes out and meets SY who drove to meet him. they speak in the car. she calls him father so he says you know I am not. she says MJ said you are like a father. last time you told me that MJ would leave in 3 months. jang asks didnt you come cuz you know. she says even though I saw him appear and disappear in front of me i still have a hard time believing he is from another star but that he has to go back to his star. Jang says that’s true. she says MJ said he wouldnt go back and that it would be ok not to go back but I read his journal and it said that if he doesn’t go back that he could die. jang says he is very different from the past. he never used to be cold and stuff but these days he feels cold and the abilities he has keeps disappearing. so she asks if he doesnt go back then will he die. he could die and said he would stay by my side? Jang says cuz he likes you that much. he liked you way before you knew. he likes you more than you know. i tried to stop him many times but now he is putting his life on the line and wants to be by your side

MJ knocks and there is no answer so he just goes through the door. HK is sitting there. MJ says you asked me to come so what is up with this. HK says even if I dont open the door you can come in- what are you – some magician. even though 12 yrs passed the face is the same. can move fast. can come through doors without using your hands and now you have SY. you have everything so I envy you. MJ says I envy you. HK: you envy me? my blood relative tried to kill the woman I love and killed my eldest hyung. the day eldest hyung died

flashback to when JK asked HK to give the juice to the eldest. HK cries and says i gave it to him with my own hands. MJ says that wasnt your fault. HK says when everyone finds out and my mom and dad what will they think. MJ says you cant change your mind. if we leave JK alone he could mess with SY again. HK says that’s why I called you. answer me- what should I do?

MJ goes home and sees the note from her. she says i am too tired so I went home. let’s meet tm. he says ok let’s meet tm. he takes out his phone

SY puts on lotion and remembers Jang saying he liked you way before you knew. he likes you way more than you know. she cries.

women at the gym talk about JK and Han. JK gets a call and the man says save me. JK asks who are you. are you MJ. HK says your brother. (he played the recording of the eldest brother saying save me). JK says i will explain it all so where are you now?

JK goes to meet a drunk HK. JK says you drank alcohol when you dont. did that woman give you that? I didnt know anything about it. she hid it well for 7 yrs. when I dont take care of things it becomes complicated like this. HK asks is that why you killed them – Han, Yoo, eldest hyung – how many were there

Saemi checks on Yang and Yang asks i said something i shouldnt have so I wonder if I put him in danger

Saemi calls Hk to check on him

JK says i wont do anything to you if you obey me. he points the tranq gun and says where is that recording you played. Hk says I dont know. JK says if you dont obey you will have killed yourself and I came too late and wasnt able to save you. where is that recording and Yang. fine. even if you are hone I can find it. suddenly the gun is out of his hand and in MJ’s and he is pointing it at Jk. HK tells JK to turn himself in. JK says to MJ – didnt we say you wouldnt do this. MJ says say what you want in front of people. he teleports him to where Yoo and Park are. Yoo arrests JK. JK says you are making a mistake. there is no proof. Yoo says everything that happened in the room was caught on CCTV. JK makes up excuses and says that wasnt murder. Park brings over the lackey they caught for the wire accident. we almost missed him

reporters ask JK about Han. JK smiles and says to HK – you called the reporters. it will all be caught on tape. i wasnt going to shoot you. he scares HK and says how SY was invited thinking it was by MJ and it’s SY’s favorite wine so she will have drank it as soon as it arrives. MJ shoves him against the wall and reporters take photos so Park tells them not to. JK says do you have this kind of time. disappear. if you want to save SY that’s the only way. there are too many people watching for you to do that. MJ throws JK into the crowd and stops time. he jumps in the air and disappears. reporters saw that and says a person just disappeared. Park says I didnt see it. JK says MJ wont be able to rescue SY. HK punches him and says are you human. I will kill you

MJ lands at the restaurant and drops out of the air. he asks if she is ok. she asks how he came cuz people are watching. she already drank the wine and says I feel strange and faints. MJ catches her and teleports her to the hospital ER room. he orders the nurse around and treats her himself cuz no doctor is around. MJ blocks them from interfering so the doctor says call the police. MJ treats her

saemi reads the news and tells Bum to go to the hospital

reporters are at the hospital already. Jang’s sec says isnt this the person who comes to the office often.

YJ runs out of the house and tells his mom that SY is in the hospital

SY wakes up and she calls out his name. he asks are you ok? reporters ask isnt that her manager. she says there are too many people and it’s too loud. let’s go where there aree no people. MJ says ok and makes them disappear

they both drop out of the air and land on a road full of trees with flowers. she asks where is this place. he says i came to the right place. I worried cuz I came so far. you wanted to come where no one is around. no one can find this place I bet. she asks is this your star? some foreign place? he says yes. she walks and says I am ok my body isnt leviatating and I can breathe. I am ok. he asks are you a fool. how can this be a foriegn planet. do you know how far that place is. what will you do if it is. she says i will live there. if I can breathe there I will live there. I will be popular and do whatever to survive. so where is this place? he took her to jeju

SY yells at the view – only we are here. no police no reporters. I am Chun SY. this guy is an alien so try to catch him. we are here together. we are going to live here. just us two. we will live well. she tells him to say something too. like me. he yells we are going to live well – just the two of us. SY: yes we are so what are you going to do about it. he takes her hand so she says this is nice

she washes her hands and he hands her a handkerchief. she says should we take a pic. since i washed my face. you have a phone so let’s take it. they take a couple photo

she talks about how unusual the tree is so he points out stuff about the trees. she is envious that two differnt trees can live together. she wants to take another photo cuz that’s theonly thing that remains. they take another one

she says how everyone will be upset about now. here she is not someone the whole nation doesnt like and him being an alien doesnt matter here so let’s not worry about everyone else here. she looks at him and says i love you. even if you say you have to live on this star I want to live here and if you live anotehr star – enough to want to follow you – I love you. i am nervous you will suddenly disappear but if this time we have to be together can be stopped. even though sometimes I wish we didnt meet- still – even if I can turn back time I will meet you again. I will squabble with you like we did and you will fall for me and we will love. he touches her cheek to wipe her tears. MJ: ok. she says what is that. I said all that and all you say is ok. if a woman said such embarrassing things you should reply so he kisses her.

SY has to half carry him again cuz he is weak from the sick

Ahn hears how all the reporters are talking about SY and Bum says how JK was arrested for Han’s murder and everyone is on SY’s side. Ahn hears all the new ads that are pouring in. Bum says how she has a scandal on a high scale. Ahn says how he will treat her better.

news says how SY’s manager and her disappeared. Jang watches the footage cuz they are saying that’s it was magic or alien. Jang turns off the news and says now are you satisfied. be happy.

SY wakes up in his arms and checks his fever. she thinks he is better than last time so he is getting better (adjusted to kissing). she wants to take another photo so he asks arent you hungry. she is so they eat ramen together. she asks how many babies should we have. he chokes and says 7. she asks isnt that too many. he says how they had ten in the past. they discuss having 4 daughters and 3 sons but she says it isnt up to me. she wants to have a home with a yard and raise some dogs too. she asks dont you have anything to say to me. you never once said what was in your heart. that you like me or love me. he says to just eat. she yells I said it many times. she wants to take a photo cuz he looks sexy eating ramen. he asks are you going to take pics all day?

JK stews in jail

his dad is on the phone and yelling to stop the reporters. HK walks in and puts the wine glass and bottle in front of his dad. the dad says you cant have your brother’s place even if you do this. what are you. even if your brother is gone you dont get anything. HK says i dont want anything. he did too much. he even tried to kill SY today. the dad says he did so much so why would he do that. HK pours and says she was going to drink poisoned wine today. I will drink it so believe me. brother is a monster and not human. HK drinks but the dad takes the wine away saying how JK wouldnt do that without a reason to. HK plays the recording of the eldest brother saying save me. HK kneels and says i am sorry father and plays the recording of the murder -the whole scene. HK cries and says i am sorry father.

SY’s mom says call her again. the dad is with them. YJ says her phone is turned off. she wonders where MJ went with SY. YJ says dont worry mom. MJ wouldnt put her in danger. the dad says MJ is a good person. YJ says didnt you hear the doctor that MJ saved SY. the dad says let’s just wait. she the dad – asks are those the only clothes you have?

at night they walk on the beach and she asks which star he lived on. she points and wonders if it’s in the south or north. he says how she cant see it from here.

they sit by a fire and he asks if she isnt cold. she says I am warm. let’s come here every few years. with our 7 kids and dogs and much later with our grandchildren let’s come here. we have to work hard to feed them. you teach and I will do everything. you promise. he keeps saying let’s do that and promises. she asks him to sing. you never sang even once. he asks which song. she says a song that will make me think of you. one that will make you think of me. something that will make our memories last a long time. she leans on his shoulder and he slowly sings about a star. lyrics are it’s not your fault. want to cry.

when he is done she smiles at him. he stands and kneels down in front of her. MJ: chun SY – the words you want to hear I cant say everything but the future you imagine I want to have it with you – that’s the truth. he holds out the ring.  she asks him to put the ring on her finger so he does. she says this kind of childish proposal I really wanted to have. he says i didnt know I would do this kind of childish proposal. she says i am totally happy and cries with tears flowing down. she says his name. DMJ the one I love. it’s time for us to wake from our dream now. for my sake exist somewhere. for my sake – dont die. exist somewhere. what I am saying is – go. to where you are from. he looks at her with eyes full of tears



back in Joseon – the man says i wont forget what you said today.before I leave can I say one thing. before you leave this place I think you will love some woman and for her you will throw everything away for her. cuz a person who doesn’t believe in love will be miserable.

photos of their day comes out.

MJ didn’t get why she took so many photos, but SY planned this – she knew photos and memories were the only things they could cherish once he is gone. I bet she didn’t see that proposal coming so it must have been twice as hard to tell him then that she knows what he was willing to do for her. I bawled all through her speech for him to exist cuz every word made me so proud of her.


MJ is with Ho Gyeon sunbae and MJ suddenly uses his powers to disappear to show him that he has super powers. He pinches his cheeks to find out if he is real.

Not understanding their conversation!

Flash back to SY reading hte diary about him disappearing. She recalls how he says he will be ok even if he says and she cries.

Lawyer Jang is out to meet SY.

They are in the car talking

SY calls him dad and he says I am not his dad.

She says that DMJ does treat him like a dad?

She asks about when he was sick previously and if he must go back? If he does not go back he will disappear?

A person from another star canot stay here? He can't stay here?

Jang confirms it.

DMJ also thinks that even if he doesnt go back he will die and it will be ok?

SY says he thinks he is silly if he thinks this way.

Jang talks about how he is different now. how he feels different previously.

SY asks if he will really die? CAnt he stay beside me? How?

Jang says he really likes SY a lot. Since dunnot when he really likes SY. Flash to all the scenes of heartbreak where he showed his love.

Jang says he wants to stay by her side.

MJ appears at the hotel and is knocking on the door. no one opens and so he enters with his powers.

MJ sees HK sitting there drunk and asks what he wants by calling him here.

HK drunk talk to him. Asks him if he is a magician??

HK says no matter what he did for those 12 years, he cant even get into his heart.

HK says he is envious of MJ. MJ says he is the one who is envious of HK.

HK laughs. he says something about his brother dying because of him. He was the one that passed the brother the food and drinks with drug passed by JK.

HK says he cant go back home anymore.

MJ says SY might be in danger again if JK is not stopped?

MJ goes back home and finds SY not there. She left a message that she is tired so she went back first. See you tomorrow.

MJ replies to her and says ok see you tomorrow. Then he takes out his ring and looks on.

SY is in her bathroom putting in lotion and crying.

She thinks about what Jang says about how he loves her so much and cries even harder.

JK is there at the gym and there are two girls talking about him.

Then his phone rings and HE walks to a quiet spot and records.

HK is the one that called him.

JK tries to talk HK around and find out where he is.

JK goes to the hotel to find him.

HK opens the door and is half drunk.

JK asks if hyung can come in. before HK replies he barges in and sits down.

JK and HK talk about Yang Min Joo and all.

SM goes intot he room to bring fruits to Yang Ming Joo. She asks sm If she is close to HK. She says HK might be in danger. SM shocks and asks why HK.

SM tries to call someone.

HK is so drunk. JK says you wont feel anything. He takes out a gun and points it at HK. He asks where is that. JK is saying how if he dies it wont be weird.

JK Where is that and where is Yang Min Joo

HK does not answer.

Suddenly his gun disappears. MJ is there to hold it against his head.

HK then stands up and asks JK to confess.

JK laughs again and HK says he is giving him one last chance.

JK asks DMJ something.

DMJ then brings him to the prosecutor to speak in front of them with his super powers.

Prosecutor is then there to pick JK up.

Police then shows up with the henchman. The henchman is arrested!!

Oh dear, they cornered JK!

JK is arrested and reporters appear to document everything.

JK says something threatening to HK and threatens SY. He asks if HK likes SY.

He got soeone to deliver wine to SY's place and tricks her to go to a restaurant using MJ name. SHe is now there waiting and a poisoned wine is delivered to her. Her phone is being taken from her as well. MJ is angry and uses his power to trap him against hte wall. He wants to know exactly where.

JK says she is now currently being drugged?

HK tries to call her but no one picks up. Cos her phone is being stolen.

Reporters are having such a good time taking photos of MJ.

MJ throws him into the crowd with his powers and he tries to find SY. He freezes time and runs off.'''

Everyone realises that it is SY and tstarts taking photos.

He teleports her to the hospital and tells them she is drugged. and then the hospital staff says to wait and he says he cant wait. He starts to do everything hiself. People starts to strop him and he uses his powers to stop them from coming close. He is trying his best to safe her.

SM reads about it online with the assistant. then ask the manager to bring them to the hospital.

THe hospital is full of reporters.

Lawyer jang reads  about SY and MJ in the hospital.

YJ runs out of the hospital and tells the mom abouit it. Mom says WHY IS SHE IN HOSPITAL AGAIN.

MJ sits beside the bed trying to revive her. THe place is full of reporters.

SY wakes and MJ asks if she is ok. SHe says there are so many people it is annoying. Bring me somewhere where there is noone. He says ok and brings her away and they disappear.

They land in the garden hard on the ground. He seems tired and weak.

She is scared and asks where is this.

It is a very pretty place and MJ seems to be explaining about the place and she mistakes it to be his star. MJ says yes. and she asks REALLY?

HUH they went to his star??

SY asks but how? I am ok?? she gets excited thatshe is ok.

MJ asks are you idiot, how can this be outer space.

SY gets disappointed that it is not.

SY asks where exactly is this?

WOW they went to that snake island??

She is happily shouting that this place has no reporters etc....... and I am CSY and he is an alien!!

She says they will live well here.

She asks him to shout too. Just like her. He clears his throat and shouts "Both of us will live well!"

He holds out his hand to hold hers. AWW SO SWEET.

They clean up at that place and he wraps her jacket to keep her warm. She wants to take a photo with him.

She asks him to take out his phone and they take a selca/ OMG. SO CUTE.







They see a tree and MJ is explaining to her something about the tree. She asks for another photo. He is puzzled why so many.

Then another photo and another photo.

They walk hand in hand together. Just now she told him that she already know about him staying here he will die.

They talk about how good it wil be if he is not an alien.

SY tells MJ that she loves him. Even if you go back to your star, I will be here missing you.

I love you.

SHe does not want him to be uneasy about leaving. She does not want forever and even if it is difficult, she will want to turn back time and meet him once again.

She says she will still love him even if she has a chance to do it again. She cries and he wipes her tears away.

He says ok.

She says what... after such words from a girl why... then he swops in for a kiss. NUMBER 8?? HAHAHAHHA







Of cos he faints and she curses again about having to drag him somewhere safe.

SY news is all over the internet. SY is cleared of the yoora issue, the manager and the company people are talking about her scandal being over.

Manager is very happy. Suddenly the company president is asking about OUR SONGYI. YOU EAT Richard Simmons YOU BAD PERSON.




Jang is in MJ house watching the news about SY and her manager disappearing and the debacle at the hospital.

Jang looks upset and asks him to be happy.

They are in BED. ANOTHER BED SCENE He is resting.

SY asks when did he wake up? He says just, if you are tired you sleep somemore. She wakes up and tries to see if he has fever. He is better already. WOW THAT PLACE IS SO NICE. lookinng over the water. I WANNA GO!! She wants to take another photo and he says again?

They are eating ramen together. SHe asks him something about how many kids he wants and he chocks. He answers 9?

They talk about daughters and sons????? HELLO? Are you guys mad?? Am i hearing wrong??

She asks if they should get a puppy. and he agrees.

She asks if MJ has anything to say to her. SHe is upset that she has told him everything in her heart but he hasnt say anything. Like like me or love me? HAHHA

He just asks her to eat her noodles. SHe gets angry adn then takes the phone to take a photo of him with noodles out of his mouth. OMG cute.


























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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep18 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep18 Recap

You From Another Star Ep18 live Recap by Softy

Starts from MJ walking up the steps and watching SY call out for him. he just stands there watching her. then he goes over and asks why are you calling so much. she asks where he went. MJ: I felt stuffy so I went for a walk. SY: i was alarmed that you left. he asks where would I go. SY: it felt like you left. even if you go that you would leave without saying a word or saying bye.MJ: i wont go – i wont leave you behind and leave. I will stay here. she asks what that means. MJ: I wont go. even after a month or two months so don’t be nervous/anxious. SY: will you be ok if you dont go

He has an image of himself lying on the ground and he starts to disappear -feet first then his hands like he is dissolving. he says let’s go so she asks where. he quotes what YJ said before and says where only you and I can be trapped within walls. she asks what is that – did you hear everything YJ said? MJ grins and takes her inside

JK is meeting with everyone. she says it’s been 7 yrs since you locked me up. Yoo repeats that she has been locked her up in a mental hospital 7 yrs. JK denies it and says arent you listening to one side too much – someone who isnt in her right mind. she claims she is in her right mind. JK says i sent you to study abroad in england. He tells HK he got things wrong. JK says if you have anything else to ask then speak through my lawyer. he leaves

HK follows and asks JK some more about Han and stuff so JK figures out that HK heard everything JK said to MJ. HK cries and says i was trying to understand you till the end but i will give up now. starting with calling you hyung. you are no longer my brother now. he leaves

SY asks is this the only room. he says there is another room. she says how that one isnt heated well. she says how they should just share this room. she warns him not to kiss. he says i wasnt even thinking of doing  that. she says ok then should we feel safe and lay on the same bed. she asks why his ears and face are getting red. he claims it’s hot in here. she says i will lay down first and pats next to her on the bed asking arent you going to sleep.he says i will and lays down. she moves into his arm. she says back then wasnt a dream huh? when you gave me your arm to lay on and kissed me on the ship. he claims you did that. she says it’s nice that he is an alien cuz of his powers. he tries to make the lights go off but his powers dont work so he has to get up and manually turn it off. she asks why he couldnt do it with his power. he says it’s cuz my condition isnt good. she pats the bed next to him so he gets upset that she might do that somewhere else with another guy. she asks him to do it again cuz she likes him being strict

Jang goes to MJ’s home and wonders where he went and isnt answering his phone. he sees the plants and remembers how MJ said how he doesnt have time. the important thing is how to spend that time. now I will spend the remaining time with that person. MJ is sleeping with SY in his arms.

in the morning MJ tells her to wake up but she wants him to elevate her body like before. cant you do it? he says of course it’s not like I cant. he tries but he cant do it. she asks are you doing it. he asks how much do you weigh.  she says what difference does it make. he tries and cant lift her that much. he lies it’s cuz he doesnt have power in the morning. she gets up on her own

as MJ cooks she puts her arm around his waist. she points out how he didnt seem to have much power. he lies that he had a tiring day and he had just woken up a while ago. she tells him not to lose energy and keeps clinging but he tells her not to

when they go home she keeps asking  if he cant use his powers cuz it was fun. her mom comes out and asks where she was yesterday. SY tries to lie she was filming but her mom knows the truth. she asks if the two of them went on a trip. SY says i asked him to go. her mom says it’s not important who took you. Jang comes out and asks SY – did MJ drag you there but SY says no I told him to go. her mom asks MJ if he intends to marry SY. her mom asks Jang to watch MJ so Jang ets mad and says that MJ neve r dated before SY seduced him. her mom asks if that is true so SY says i did seduce him. MJ explains to her mom like  a geandpa so her mom asks Jang – how old is your son

Jang asks MJ are you staying – even if you could die. where is there someone who doesnt die someday here. but there isnt anything strange with your body right. MJ starts to tell him the truth but lies and says I’m ok

while he is alone MJ tries to use his power to move stuff but cant. he wonders if it’s too far away and pours the water himself into the cup and tries to move the mug again. he wonders if it’s too heavy and replaces it with a paper cup. he makes it fall.

MJ listens to the chime on his clock and stops time. he hears SY calling out for him

SY is in her room calling out his name. can you hear what I am saying. you can hear huh. it hasnt been long since we met but I miss you. couldnt you teleport and appear in front of me. why act like you cant hear. do you know how my heart flutters when I think about you hearing what I am saying. her mom and YJ watch her like she is crazy

MJ texts he will go there now and tries to teleport but cant. she asks what are you doing and not coming. he says wait a sec. he tries again and ends up in the middle of the street. he gets a call from her and she asks arent you coming. he says i cant. she asks cant you teleport. he says it’s not like I can. it’s the situation now. he runs home

when HK goes home his dad slaps him. his dad yells do you know what you did. HK says how JK locked up his ex wife. the dad says there must be a reason why he did that so how could you drag him to the police. HK says i have to find out what he did. the dad says leave. I only have one child JK. I wont see you anymore so leave

JK and his lawyer meet with park and Yoo. park points out the victim who was locked up for 7 years said JK was the perpetrator. the lawyer shows paperwork about the ex wife being crazy. park reads the report that she isnt crazy. JK says if she was locked up for that long then it’s the hospital’s fault but Park shows that JK called that hospital. JK lies that he got misplaced calls so how is that his fault it came from the hospital. Yoo cant keep JK cuz there is no clear proof. JK asks where his ex wife is now so Yoo says i cant tell you that

Saemi checks in on the ex wife Yang sleeping.

Saemi’s mom is worried that they are in danger letting some woman they dont know stay here. Saemi says how they do know her cuz they went to her wedding.

HK is by the river and remembers back to when their eldest brother asks why HK was so late. HK says it’s graduation tm so his brother gives him a present. a pen. the brother says it’s not just any pen it records. he records congratulations my younger brother. he tells HK to record his thoughts. HK asks you are coming to my graduation tm right?

HK plays the recording from his brother and cries.

MJ wakes up in bed and sits up. he tries to make the cover lift with his power and it works. then he brings his slippers closer and it works.he smiles. he calls and asks where she is. she asks why. he says i wanted to eat brekfast. she says I am outside with a friend. he asks which friend? HK? she says no another friend. he says to call when she comes home. he makes the water come closer

SY is trying on wedding dresses. Bokja thinks SY is doing this on her own without the other person agreeing to this. SY explains how he had somewhere to go but he isnt going anymore. Bokja asks it isnt cux he had to go but you clung to him? SY remembers back and says not really.

Bokja says if you are going to do this and try on dresses get a clear decison from him to marry before you do this. i dont think you have pride

YJ goes to see MJ and says I approve of you. I can tell you how to get my mom’s approval. MJ asks permission for what. YJ says to marry. just promise to make my sister happy for the rest of her life. she suffered a lot cuz my dad left and my mom gave her a hard time. just dont make my sister cry. I agree. MJ says i was wondering why SY always said whatever she wants and it seems you too are very alike. YJ says there is one more person you need approval from

YJ and MJ walk over and watch her dad getting yelled at by some guy who wants the dad to valet park his car and threatens to fire him. before YJ can go fight him MJ makes the car drive on its own. MJ picks up the keys and says to rethink having a car if he cant drive it on his own. the guy says  it’s so unlucky so MJ makes him have flat tires and says something really unlucky happened

MJ, SJ,  and her dad meet. her dad says we met at the hospital elevator. i only want to ask one thing – are you healthy. MJ says yes. her dad says health is the only thing to protect my family when there is no money and stuff. i should have stayed with them. if only you could stay next to my SY’s side no matter what happens I will be grateful – to do what I couldnt do. he cries and offers MJ a drink so MJ drinks it. YJ ducks and cries

MJ is drunk and YJ helps him walk. MJ tries to get in the phone booth so YJ asks why go in there. they both transport to her home. YJ asks what happened. MJ makes the water bottle come closer and drinks. SY comes over and asks when he came. she sees MJ passed out and asks did you spit in his drink? did you drink alcohol. she tries to drag MJ away but YJ tells her to get away saying she wont believe. he carries MJ inside

MJ wakes up and remembers how he used his power in front of YJ. YJ comes in and says i will keep your secret. MJ thanks him. YJ asks for one favor and lifts his finger. MJ asks what do you want me to do. YJ wants him to touch it so MJ says i am not like that but he lifts his finger to the do the ET hello with fingertips touching

SY asks how the food is. she tastes it and it’s not good. she asks how much his utilities are so he asks if she needs a loan. she says we live next door so I was wondering if we needed to pay separate utilities since we meet often. he asks if she wants to go to Namsan tonight so she asks him to dress up too

MJ goes and buys a new suit

HK comes in and says to saemi how he does stuff that makes him sorry to her. she says dont think that way.

HK meets with Yang and she says how it always seemed like JK hid stuff from her. she found something she shouldnt have. it was a voice pen recording from the eldest hyung. she says how JK doesnt know about it and should have reported him but it was cuz she was so scared. HK asks where the voice pen is.

HK goes and claims the pen and goes by the river to listen to it in his car. the brother started off recording what he did that day and how JK wanted to tell him something later. HK came in and gave him juice. they both realize they will meet JK today.

HK hears the brother telling JK that he doesnt feel well. JK asks why. the brother says I dont know but it feels like I am drunk. JK says it’s not cuz you are drunk. you are feeling paralyzed and you wont be able to breathe and will fall asleep and you will be found by the highway as passed away during driving. you got in the way from a long time ago cuz I was born too late after you so dad never gave me a chance. the brother falls down and pleads please save me. HK listens and cries

SY goes out and MJ is waiting. he asks her to open his trunk. she goes over and opens it and there is nothing in there but a window cleaner. he asks her to give it to her. she does and says dont you have hands – why make a person do it. he tells her to get in and cleans the car. his power failed him again

they are standing by the locks and MJ mutters this is what kids do. he asks how they can open it again if they throw the key in the container. she explains it’s not supposed to be unlocked forever. she says we are locked forever now.

SY waits inside and a waiter brings over a lot of red roses so she was about to say over here but the flowers are for the next table. there is a ring among the roses. SY still had her hand up so the waiter asks what she wants. she says water. she asks if MJ is doneeating. he says no yet. she says hurry and eat

in the car MJ asks if she is in a bad mood. she says why would I be when we hung the lock and ate well. he gets a call and says i will go now. she asks who it was. he says something came up so you leave first

he drops her off and tells her to go to his home and not hers. i have something I must tell you. she is about to get out so he says I will be there soon so wait. she says ok I will wait so hurry and come

SY watches cartoon at his home and looks around his library. she takes out his diary and reads it

MJ drives

she reads the words: a new fate is starting – after waiting 400 yrs I can go back to where I live. i hate women who get drunk and there is some woman like that next door. for the sake of losing SY I told her my identity hoping she would be scared of me. if I dont go back this time I could disappear and die. she cries and remembers asking him – is it really ok if you dont go back. and how he lied it was ok. she closes his journal and cries.

KSH’s song plays





DMJ walks up the stairs as CSY shouts for him madly. He watches from a corner at her with a worried look on his face.

DMJ: Why are you shouting at a person like that

SY: WHere did you go

DMJ: I feel stuffy so I went for a walk

SY you scared me. I thought you left withouit saying anything.

MJ: Am not going.

OK pretty much repeating what was played last week.

MJ: Let's go

SY: where?

lagging so can't hear properly.

MJ says something about going where with just he two of them... somewhere dark???

You and me

Sy says something about Yoon Jae.

Flash to HK side.

Ex wife: 7 years

JK acts blur while everyone tells him she has been kept captive in the mental hospital for 7 eyars. she is crying and calls him a bad person as JK denies everything.

JK walks out and HK follows as well. He have a bit of a struggle, and HK tells him this is the last chance I am giving you to give up everything.

JK refuses to take the plive branch.

HK says that from now I give up on you as my brother. I am not your brother. (I think he said that cos it got lagged hafway).

SY asks if that was not a dream the other time he lent his arm as a pillow to her on the ship.

MJ keeps denying it.

SY says something about it is good to have alien bf. He tries to off the lights but has no power.

He asks her to get lost and he gets out of bed to turn off the lights pissed off.

SY asks why do you have to do that then asks him to get back into bed.

MJ says which girl is like that like her?

SY asks her to say it again.

MJ repeats what kind of girl.....

SY says he is very cute like that. He tickles her. There you have the innocent bed scene.

Jang goes over to MJ house. He looks at the growth at his place.

MJ voice over. cannot catch what it is but in gist saying he decided to stay spend his time here with her?

She sleeps as he watches. She wakes up and sees him watching. He asks her to wake up. (HAHAH REversal of roles in the dream).

She chains her arms around his neck. SHe asks him to do something like lifting her out of bed and he refuses.

SHe pouts and asks him to think about it and do it for her using his powers. He finally decides ok and uses his powers but it doesnt work.

Then it happens she lifts for just a few inches then falls back. SHe is disappointed that his powers are so lousy. But consoles him instead. LOL.

ANd ten he is cooking while she washes up. SHe goes behind him and wraps her arms around his waist. He asks her to sit down and wait for the food.

SY asks for him to use his pout and act cute for him and he refuses. In the end he acedes to her requests and act in SY's role in his dream with HK. HAHH HE IS SO CUTE.

they go home and then meet the MOm.

The mom interrogates them as SY intervenes. THen the dad shows up as well just as MJ says sorry. Dad says what are you sorry about. Asks Sy whose idea it iis to go away. SY admits it is her idea.

Mom Asks if they are getting married.

LOL OMG the argument about son and daughter is happening again.

MJ interrupts with his old school talking again. Mom asks if this is his son?

MJ is talking to Jang. Saying that it is ok.

Then MJ is eating and tries to use his powers to get the cup. But it is not working. He tries to concentrate to get it to work. BUt it does not move.

He lifts his hand to try the power again and still no use. In the end he has no choice but to stand up to get water. LOL sigh the sad things that we have to do as humans.

He pours the water and then walks back to try to move the cup over. Stil does not work.

Thinking that it is too heavy, he uses a paper cup now. It works and moves a bit. He seems relieved yet worried.

He goes to the library and listens to the clock. As the clock chimes, he tries to stop time. And it did stop. He is relieved as the clock starts moving again.

Next door SY is doing her preview stunt again. Asking him to teleport to her side.

Mom and Yoonjae comes over and sees her acting like a looney. THey look worried watching her act cute asking MJ to come over.

MJ hears it and texts her saying that OK coming.

Hecloses his library door hoping that when he opens it goes to her room. But it doesnt work.

SY whines about him being slow. He texts her to say WAIT.

He tries the library door again to see if it works.

He leaves behind a slipper and ends up in the middle of the road. He calls her and says It won't work and there is a situation now. LOL OMG this part is killing me even though I am so sad he losing his powers. He runs back barefooted.

They are asking JK if he admits to keeping his wife at the hospital wrongfully.

He denies.

The ex wife is at the prosecutor's place. Seami watches her sleep and turns off the lihght for her. SM's mom is worried about being in danger. SM says why are you worried this is JK oppa's wife.

HK is at the han river side as the fan sightings have revealed. He is alone with the car.

Flash back to the day which he came home with a bunch of flowers, the elder brother comes down the stairs and gives him his present. A pen.

Then it lags for me.


Elder bro tries to convince him that it is THE Pen. Looks like they really love each other, oh man the brotherly love.

HK is sad recalling about the past. He takes out the pen which can record voices, and his brother left him a happy birthday message. As it plays HK cries. OMG this breaks my heart.

Back to MJ's apartment. He wakes up in the morning. He tries to use his powers to lift the covers and it works.

He is very relieved. Background playing the happy comic music. The com is really back.

He steps off the bed and see his slippers far away. He uses his powers to bring it closer. He calls SY and it gets cut. He say what the hell and pours himself a glass of water.

SY is in a wedding dress with Bokja.

Bokja seems to be asking why is the guy not leaving anymore. I think MJ already decides to marry her? I think I missed that part of the conversation in my lag!!

Bokja asks her to think carefully what is thereason why he is not leaving now. Asks her to think about it carefully about getting married.

YJ goes to MJ house and says he has something to tell him. MJ asks him to come in.

YJ asks him something which makes MJ hestiates. It lags so I cant hear. but ten YJ goes on to ask him to promise to give his sis happiness.

YJ says the sister had a tough time with about the dad, and the mom also gives her problems. Then lags. Then the two of them head out together. This is the part where he is wearing white pants and spotted filming at Sinchon.

SY dad is being bullied there by a man asking him to be his valet. He says he doesnt do that then gets insulted.

YJ and MJ sees tht. YJ rushes over and MJ uses his powers to move the car to scare everyone before YJ hits hte guy. MJ uses his powers to try to scare them further to move the car. But is unable to move it further. He picks up the car keys that dropped and passed it back to the guy and asks him to do it himself? Then the car tires burst. I dunno whether he did it cos he looked so innocent and passed the guy the keys.

MJ brings the dad and bro out for lunch.

Yj comes in and then MJ tries to explain his behaviour earlier.

YJ shushes him up and then lifts up his finger wanting to do the ET thing with HIM OMG PLEASEEEEEEEEE CAN THIS GET FUNNIER??

YJ insists and MJ says no i am on this kind...

end up he has no choice he looks away and do the ET finger with him.


SY prepares a meal for MJ and asks him how is it.

MJ tastes it and then says nothing.

SY asks MJ about money?

MJ gets suspicious and asks if she needs it? Then they argue about something she ends the conversation.

MJ asks about going out together. She asks where. He says didnt you say you wanna go namsan? She says should I dress up? He says up to her?

Then shows a rack of suits.

Then change to HK talking to SM. He is there to see the ex wife. He is asking him more about JK.

HK asks the ex wife where is something.

Shows him going to the place to collect a box of the same pen.

He goes to the river again and tries to listen to the pen. It is his elder bro's diary talking about JK.

HK interrupted that session and bring the brother food. It recorded JK talking to the brother. about the brother feeling not good. JK asks if he is feeling numb. The pen recorded the conversation. I guess the wife picked the pen and found out about JK's secret.

The brother is shocked that JK is trying to murder him.

Something about the dad and that he must get rid of the brother.

HK hears everyhthing on the pen and finds out how JK killed the brother. He cries.

MJ shows up downstairs waiting for SY. Sy is wearing the blue jacket and had her tie.

MJ asks her to check the trunk.

She says ok and goes to the trunk and opens it.

She opsn it and there is nothing. LOL. He asks her to take out a wiper looking thing and pass to her. She is upset and then passes it to her. He asks her to get on. He uses the wiper to wipe the car. SOMEONE HAS SOMETHING UP HIS SLEEVES.

At namsan people recognises her., He gets uncomfortable. They put the lock and he says it is childish. She locks the lock and then hands him the key. SHe asks him to put the key in and wish to be together forever. THen she says to him to be together forever. He loosk upset then she asks if he doesnt like it? He says no I do. She says I AM CSY blah blah blah.

Then the waiter pushes out he trolley as they are having dinner. She thought it was hers. BUt it was not. ROFL MJ is in trouble.

THe ring is hidden in the dessert for the lady at the other table. As she watches on, she gets upset. LOL.

She stares at him and asks if he finished. He says no, then she asks him to hurry and lets go.

On the way home she keep sighing. He asks if she is not feeling well. She denies relunctantly. He says CSY... then is interrupted by a call. HK called him!!

He says he will go over. Then he drops her off at the building exactly like what we saw. She does not want to get off. MJ asks her to go back first. TO OUR HOUSE!!! OMG so sweet. He says he has something to tell her. She seems happier hearing that. Then as she gets off, he says I will be back soon and grabs her hand. She says ok com eback quickly. Why does this break my heart?

She watches TV and walks around to the library to see the diaries.

She picks one up to read.

On the other side he is rushing off somewhere. He seems deep in thoughts. OMG don't let anything happen to him ok.

She reads about the opportunity to leave now after 400 years. SHe reads about him meeting her. All the interviews. Like why is he meeting her now.

About how he felt about her. About the leaving this place. If he does not return, he might die and disappear.

She gets a shock and flashes back to the day she asks him if it is ok not to leave and he says yes it is ok. She cries and reads it again about him disappearing. FINALLY she finds out.

She is so shocked that she cries and hugs the book to her chest.

songyi find out by reading his diary if he will die soon if he still here on earth..

and kim soohyun' ost is playing on the background...

songyi is crying



kim soohyun wear suit...

and find out he alrd buy ring, and prepare ring and will give it to songyi..

but he stop the time and change it to mop!  he actually prepared balloon etc...

and he also will giv the ring when they have dinner together but just cant do it
















































when MJ was buying that suit -sales clerk asks if he is going to meet the in-laws for the first time or  go to an interview. MJ says to propose.

he buys a ring and goes home to rehears how to propose to SY. he finally just tosses it and says you do it (you put the ring on).

then he asks her to open the trunk. balloons with her poster were supposed to come out.

at the restaurant SY was irritated he didnt have an event for her and asks if he is done eating. he says not yet. she says hurry and eat so we can go. he was about to take out the ring to propose but couldnt

MJ: I dont know how long I can live next to your side so i shouldnt say these words but I will do my best to stay a long long time by your side. I dont know how long that will be but I will love you.

recap you from another star ep18 별에서온그대 ep17 별에서 온 그대 ep17 별에서 온 그대 man from another star recap E18 you who came from the star e 18 recap you who came from the stars e18 you who came from the stars e18 summary


You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep17 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep17 Recap

You From Another Star Ep17 Recap by Softy

Starts from MJ narrating about when he first ended up here how he thought about when he would go back.

back in Joseon time a guy asks what MJ is reading so MJ tells him. the guy says dont people talk about strange things. he brings up how the world rotates so MJ laughs and says you can see it from afar how beautiful this land is that we live on

MJ says how earth is beautiful looking at it from afar so I wanted to come here. he talks about how it’s been over 400 years and if he misses this chance to go back he would have to wait another 400 yrs and if he doesnt go back he might die





Back to last night scene – MJ looks at her and says let’s do everything you want to do in advance. SY: in advance? MJ: yes in advance- within one month let’s do all of it. she asks why – why do we have to do it all within a month? huh? why? why do we have to do that? MJ looks down and says:I have to leave. she asks what are you talking about? leave where? where are you going? MJ: where I am originally from. after one month, I have to go back to where I came from. she repeats you are going – you are going back. he says yes. she cries and says go back. if you go then when do you come back? huh? tell me. I can wait well. huh? a year? two years? 10 years? he keeps crying. so she asks you wont come back. if you go you wont come back. is that why you did that – talk about being selfish. you bad guy. you are the worst out of all the guys I know. she cant believe it and says over and over – one month? she runs off and he keeps crying.

SY gets a ride with Saemi to go back to seoul.

in the car SY keeps crying. Saemi says her name. SY says turn off the music cuz I am not in the mood. Bum turns it off so Saemi says it’s my car. he explains SY doesnt want to hear music. SY criesand asks if he has those songs and plays a little bit of sad songs

YJ watches the news about the comet that’s coming. his mom is bored and tries to change channel but he wont let her. SY comes home so her mom asks why wear sunglasses at night. why is she like that. YJ wonders if she was rejected by MJ.

SY sobs in bed.

the staffer says how SY’s phone is turned off. the director thinks she is getting them back for not contacting her last time and threatens, but suddenly MJ is there and says she went to the hospital cuz the director made her overdo all those action scenes. director says a person’s body is important and says let’s reschedule her.

HK asks JK to go visit the older grave with their mom but JK cant make it so HK says elder brother will be sad cuz he liked you more than me.

MJ goes home and hears her mom saying to SY – dont cry and talk to me. he looks at his edward book but just sits on his bed. he narrates from the book: look at me. you made a wish grandma. I am hurting. my heart hurts. help me.



MJ is in bed when he hears her mom asking where she is going. SY said jogging so MJ gets up

MJ chases after SY asking why she didnt answer her phone. she keeps bringing up how he is leaving soon. she tells him how she is going to get engaged. she runs off so he is about to go after her but his previous student calls out to him and says dont you remember me. she says howshe got an F and was almost kicked out of home. she says i got prettier than last year so you might not recognize me. SY turns and sees the girl fliriting and with him. she is about to reach for him but SY backs into them and interrupts. the girl asks if he got a phone instead of his pager. she asks for his number so she can text. he is about to give it to her but SY comes back and says dont you have something to say to me. choose – do you want to talk now or never see me again. MJ tells the student to go well and leaves

SY asks what happens if you dont go. cant you not go? i dont know where it is but do you have to live in your hometown. cant you live somewhere else. she says you lived a couple of hundred years here and I finally made up my mind to do things properly and we didnt even get to date properly so why are you leaving now. couldnt you stay here with me? if you arent going to then dont make me waver. you can leave but i have to stay here. so if you are going to go leave quietly and leave me alone. he says if that is what you want then I will do that. he walks off

HK puts flowers on his brother’s grave. he tells his mom that his brother died in that accident at my age now. she says yes. he says i thought brother couldnt drink alcohol so why did he drink. the mom says your brother had depression. we found out later about his medication. HK says the brother i knew wasnt that kind of person – something went wrong.

HK does research on his brother’s accident by looking over old papers. then he reads about Han’s death. he connects the dots.

HK goes to meet Yoo. Yoo says I heard a lot about you from Saemi.

Yoo asks why are you telling me cuz he is your brother. HK says i have to know how much of it was my brother’s doing. HK gives him his note.

SY is eating with Bokja. she is drinking cuz she is miserable so Bokja says you met your dad and you are doing a movie so what is upsetting

Jang says to drink alcohol so MJ says I cant drink. Jang says it’s just the two of us so it’s ok. it would have been better not to start up with her from the start. MJ says you asked me before how I was able to live such a long time alone. when I was living it wasnt miserable but now that i have someone I love for the first time and I have to leave I am miserable like I am left alone. he drinks makali

SY says aloud to Bokja: if I could turn back time it would be nice to go back to where I didnt meet him. then I wouldnt have wavered over him or like him.

SY goes home and looks over

the lights on MJ’s house goes on and off cuz MJ is drunk. Jang has to stop him from drinking more. Mj asks what should I do. all the lights go off

SY is getting some water and her lights go off too. she calls out to YJ to find candles. the whole building loses power

Jang mutters what is this. i thought he would drink just a little. MJ asks why he has to stay such a long time miserable. right now even an hour one min or one second is a waste so why am I spending it with you.. this isnt where I want to be. the candle goes off. Jang says in front of a woman our 30 yr friendship means nothing. he lights the candle and MJ is gone

MJ is on the balcony telling Saemi’s photo to move cuz that’s my SY’s place. MJ causes a neighborhood wide blackout. Jang says i shouldnt have let him drink

Jang sleeps next to MJ on the next sofa over but when SY goes to bed MJ is sleeping in her bed. she tells him in a low voice when did you get here. hurry and get up and go. she pretends to count. i warned you and you dont listen. cant be helped I did as much as I could. she smells alchol on him and wonders but he doesnt drink. he mutters i want to be with SY. she asks who do you want to be with. he says her name

next morning MJ wakes up in her bed.

MJ narrates how he hates people who drink and black out and forget where they slept. not being able to control his behavior cuz of alcohol. he tisks.

but right now MJ did that so he wonders what happened. SY comes over and asks what happened. he says i clearly slept at my home but she says you passed out on my bed

MJ says i did that? that wouldnt happen- I dont remember anything



she says you teleported and dont know what happened at night. he says move away cuz I cant come to my senses. she says then what about this and kisses him. she tells him to go now. he asks are you kidding – after doing that. she says this is how it feels – how you were being selfish. her mom knocks and asks to come in but MJ cant teleport. she asks why arent you going. he says it’s not working. she says my mom is outside. he tries again but he cant do it.

MJ goes home the old fashioned way and crawls over the balcony while she critizes him for not having powers and that he is no better than an earthling

she goes back in and YJ is there. he asks who she was talking to. she asks if he called dad. he says he is dad to you not me. it’s so awkward. she says he is your dad. you think you fell from heaven. what are you – some alien?



YJ goes and stalks his dad at his job and watches him from afar

park and Yoo go the mental hospital that HK gave the address to. park warns that Yoo could get in trouble for this but Yoo wants to see this through. they go in with a warrant to check all the patients.

the guy at the hospital says we told you there was no patient like that

MJ runs into YJ. YJ says my sister seems strong but she isnt. for the past few days she cant eat or sleep well.

SY sits and watches the time tick by. she texts MJ. what are you doing now? why is time such a waste? a month is ok so let’s be together. I like you a lot. she debates whether to send. she calls out his name aloud. can you hear me? in his room he says yes I hear you. she says i thought it over a lot and i overreacted. ever since I was young I quickly changed by mind. I didnt even like the same singers all the way. i thought it over and I think I can forget you. if I send you away without doing anything then I think i will have regrets. so like what others do in 3 months or a year – like you said – let’s do it all within a month. she cries and says so after we do everything we want to do – even if it’s not a month I might get tired of you. i am originally that kind of person. DMJ. he says why? she says so I can forget you well -without any regret – help me. MJ:ok but how can I forget you? she asks can you hear me? are you listening? he cries. she says let’s go on a trip tm – if we stay together all day I might get tired of you and not like you. are you listening. she gets a text from him – let’s go on the trip.

next day she comes out and he is waiting. he had been waiting earlier and she came out earlier in case they were late. they ride the elevator together and she holds his hand. she says let’s just hold hands. he agrees

in the car she holds onto his hand and his arm

JK is on the phone and says look into another hospital. HK knocks and goes in. he asks if JK has some time.

HK takes him out and says there is someone you need to see. they walk over to a door and HK tells him to open it. just then JK gets a call. the caller says Yang MJ disappeared. JK asks what happened. he is about to leave but HK stops him. HK opens the door and she is sitting in there with park and Yoo. HK tells him to go in cuz sister in law is waiting. they have a lot to ask you

flashback to when HK called SY and she said she was jogging. he hears MJ telling her to stop so HK asks is DMJ with you?

HK met with MJ that morning. HK points out all the times MJ appeared. how MJ said weird things about protecting SY from my brother but now I know why you told me that. her accident was ordered by my brother. help me so I can get my sister in law.

HK told Yoo to go looking for YangMJ cuz the hospital will move her. so it was all planned and MJ watched and saw where she was moved to. before she could be drugged MJ went in and took her out. that’s when JK got the call that she disappeared. HK tells JK – I have a lot to ask you

MJ gets the call from HK and HK says thank you.

MJ goes back to SY and she asks was it that young girl from the park or some other girl. he says it wasnt. she asks him to rehearse lines with her. he says i cant act. she says all my managers did this. so MJ reads the lines. he says stuff like you are prettier than all the girls I know. he asks why are the lines like this. she says it’s always like this. he reads about a back hug and asks if she has to do everything written. she asks to practice. then she asks him to read the next line and he does and says let’s stop and walks away

she clings to him as he makes tea. she asks are you tired of me cuz I cling. MJ smiles remembering how YJ said she never dated before. after dad left my sister had a harder time than my mom. that’s why she cant raise puppies. all that time SY says the opposite of what YJ said about her. MJ just holds her hand tighter

she goes back in the room but he is gone. so she goes out looking for him. she calls out everywhere. he asks why call like that. she says i was surprised that you left. he asks where would I go. she says even if you go that you would leave without saying bye. he says i wont go – i wont leave you behind and leave. I will stay here. she asks what that means. he says even after a month or two months I wont leave. she asks will you be ok if you dont go

MJ narrates about how if he doesn’t leave he could die

MJ tells her – it’s ok. SY: is it really ok? she hugs him. he puts his arms around her and they hug with the snow falling around them.



























recap you from another star ep17 별에서온그대 ep17 별에서 온 그대 ep17 별에서 온 그대man from another star recap E17 you who came from the star e 16you who came from the stars e17 you who came from the stars e17 summary


You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep16 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep16 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars ep 16 recap by Softy

Starts from SY saying: since you dont seem to know this still I will say it clearly. I dont like you anymore – since you are like this I don’t like you even more so please disappear from my sight – no, from my life. also it would be nice if you knew how selfish you are. MJ suddenly makes all the lights turn on everywhere. he makes her float over to him so she ends up in his arms. she asks what are you going now. MJ: the most selfish thing I can do to you. he leans in and kisses her.

She pulls away and says there really is nothing you cant do. she walks off so he stops her. she turns away and asks why – do you like me? you really cant lie. you could have just said you liked me in this mood. is this what you do on your star. kiss a girl you dont like. on this star they only kiss the girl they like. dont you think so? she turns and sees him on the ground trying to catch his breath. she has to half carry him up the steps and says why are you like this. she puts him in the car. what kind of man faints every time he kisses. she gets in the car and asks where the keys are. she gets it from his pocket and starts the engine. his head falls on her shoulder as she wonders which star did you come from?

SY speeds and drives like crazy yelling at drivers to move away. MJ says go slowly – I will really die if you do this. she asks cant you see I am trying to save you. she looks at him so he says please look straight ahead. she almost hits the car in front

she half carries him home and puts him in bed. she says talk – this isnt a coincidence huh? last time you kissed you did this too. what is more shocking than being an alien. does this happen when you kiss. i have to do what i can do and cant do. so starting from kiss I cant do the rest. cant do anything more? he pulls her close and makes her lay in his arms. he says you can do this. she says ok so let go. he doesnt let go so she pretends to complain you dont listen. cant be helped. when i asked you in the past how was I as a woman. i thought you were interested in me cuz I resembled that hairpin girl.but then you kissed me. so who did you kiss? me or that girl I resemble? she complains cuz she cant beat a girl who isnt around. i really want to know – who did you kiss a while ago? me or that girl? he says i did it to chun SY. SY: who? he says her name again so she makes him repeat and cuddles. they sleep like that.

when YJ comes downstairs he doesnt see her. it’s morning -7am. he chckes her room but she isnt there so he calls and says do you know what time it is. she lies and says i filmed all night and I am going home now. when she leaves MJ’s home her brother is there. she says dont misunderstand but he yells follow me in and looks angry

He asks where you there all night at his house – have you lost your mind. she says it’s not that kind of situation. he says all men are the same when the sun goes down. so there is only one thought. she says he isnt that kind of person. he says if he was sick then you must have used a blanket – if you cover up with a blanket it’s over. she says i wasnt able to do anything at all.

JK remembers his lackey saying how HK might have seen him on the day of the accident at the site.

JK goes in and HK says hi to him. their parents are there. JK asks when HK woke up. the mom says not too long ago. the doctor says HK has to take it easy. JK asks if HK is ok. HK thanks the doctor for wrapping his head. the mom says HK cant remember the day of the accident. he only remembers bringing the food truck and nothing after that. HK wonders if SY is ok cuz she has been discharged. he looks for his phone so he can call SY.

Yoo and Park are watching their interview with JK. JK lied how Han and he just had a meal or two and she might have misunderstood. they bring up his ex wife. so JK says she is in london.

Park says to Yoo how they are looking for the mental hospitals.

Yoo tells his boss how Han’s death could be a murder but his boss says JK has everything so what motive does he have. Han’s death was a suicide

JK and his dad talk. the dad trusts that JK wouldnt make any mistakes. that JK is his hope now. cuz you are my heir.

MJ opens the door to find YJ there. YJ says my sister slept here huh? he goes in so MJ says brother and sister are the same (just bursting in)

YJ says I guessed from when I brought over kimchi. but do you like my sister? MJ asks for his name. YJ asks why he is smiling. do you like my sister? MJ: want chocolate milk? YJ:you have some. YJ is drinking and talking about his sister when she was a kid. he loses track of what he was saying and goes over to MJ’s telescope and asks how far he can see. he finds another one so MJ lists nerdy stuff like what else he can see with that – how far, the magnification, etc. YJ asks is this yours? can I take a photo with it? MJ says take it. YJ takes photos. MJ asks do you want the photos if you like stars? they talk about the places MJ went and took the photos and YJ is in love

as he walks YJ out, MJ talks about NASA and tells YJ to study. YJ says my sister lacks but be good to her. there is something I want to say. can I come over again?

SY knocks and goes to visit HK. he pats the bed next to him and says come over here. she goes over and hugs him with a sad face. he says why are you like this. my heart is racing so I could faint again. she says dummy why did you do that. you could have died. if something bad happened to you i wouldnt have been able to live. why did you do that for me when I didnt do anything for you. he says you made me love you. he checks and asks you arent hurt anywhere. she cries and says i am sorry. even if you did this for me i am the same as always. I think I am making you miserable. I like DMJ – I can’t help it. he says I know. I cant do anything about this either (his feelings for her). he stops her from talking by saying chance.

flashback to some guys bothering SY and HK protecting her and getting beaten up. she asks are you ok. he asks for one chance. she asks what? he says later on listen to my favor just once. she says ok. he makes her sign his hand and stamp by hitting her head

HK asks if she remembers. how he saved that wish. she asks what his wish is. he says dont say what you are going to say now. even if like someone else – if you are not next to me i really will be miserable so dont say what you were going to.

HK is eating when JK asks if SY came by. JK remembers what SY and JK said here. JK asks what she said about Han. anything about her accident. HK pretends he cant remember. he just says that SY said it felt unfair cuz her death wasnt my fault. he pretends to be dizzy when he has to think. JK says to rest then and leaves.

when SY goes home YJ says how MJ is nice. he likes him cuz MJ watches stars. she says he doesnt watch stars he is from there. she asks if he believes in aliens. he says yes I think they could live next door to us. she calls him smart

when she goes out on her balcony she calls out MJ’s name. he comes out and asks why. she says i was just checking if you could hear. how could you just go back in. I missed you so I called you. she turns around and he is there. he pinches her cheeks so she says let go.

she mmakes coffee and YJ thought it was for him but she says it’s both for me for when I get sleepy while memorizing lines

she asks MJ if his dad came from the star too. MJ says he isnt my father but he is someone like a father. she asks then he isnt your real dad. so you dont have family. MJ says i dont have any. she says but you stayed this long without family. I met my dad this time. cuz of the accident. we cant live together right away but i can call anytime so I feel more comfortable. he says thank goodness. she holds his hand and says i am here now. i will stay by your side a long time and not go anywhere. she suddenly takes back her hand and asks if his face will stay the same. she remembered his photo. how does that happen. he says the time on my star is different from time here. she worries what about me i will get wrinkles. he says you will be pretty even when you age. she talks about vampires and decides to go in cuz cold hair could age her

she puts on a mask and says I’m ruined. she does hoolahoop and says i will be 30 soon. she watches something on tv about looking younger and does it -blowing up gloves

Jang says how MJ is leaving in a month but MJ makes him quiet and points to the mic there. he writes on his phone that there is a mic and to speak naturally. MJ says i met JK and he asked me to help and I said i would think about it. Jang asks what did you tell him. MJ says i said I would think about it cuz it doesnt seem bad cuz I only need to protect SY. as long as JK is quiet i might cooperate. Jang says that’s worth thinking about.

SY and her mom are talking about MJ and HK. YJ likes MJ but her mom doesnt like MJ’s dad. she brings up how HK is being discharged

at the hospital HK wants to go see SY. he notices the new driver but pretends he has seen him before and mutters how he is always making mistakes remembering in front of JK

JK drops him off and says say hi to SY. HK says I will and waves bye. then he gets into a cab

HK goes and finds out about the crane on her film site. the guy says how he found a bolt. we should have checked well so I am sorry. HK says i didnt come for you to take responsibility – I was just curious. he asks if they use part time workers so the guy goes to check if there was a new part timer

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MJ goes to pick up SY so YJ yells for her to hurry and come out. MJ points out YJ is too rude to her so YJ offers to fix that. she comes out looking like a kid. when she goes back in to change YJ tells him my sister lacks a lot

in the car SY tells him how there is a kiss scene so MJ doesnt like it. she lied cuz all she has are action scenes so he doesnt approve cuz the doctors dont want her to do that either. she asks then should I tell them to give me a kiss scene instead so he yells. she says how happy she is cuz he is next to her watching out for her. even if it takes a long time until I go back to my place.

on the set Saemi says hi to MJ. how are you here. SY says to follow me. Saemi asks why. MJ says to be SY’s manager. Saemi says i thought you had a contract with SC. SY says no. Saemi says how the entertainment news is here so how about doing it together

the reporter asks SY about the chaebol she had a scandal with so SY says he is just a friend. Saemi says how when SY was younger she dated more than one guy at a time so SY yells when did I do that? Saemi talks about how when SY was the lead she took care of me so this time it’s my turn. he says how good a friend Saemi is. he asks for her to say what she wants so Saemi says to her – we wont change from here on right? SY makes a face to MJ

MJ lectures her how she should be more like Saemi

the director comes over so she says how they didnt contact her last time that the filming ended. the maknae PD says sorry I forgot. they walk off so she says how in the past they werent even able to look me in the eye.

MJ overhears those men talking about how SY mistreated them in the past so the PD did well by forgetting to contact her. they decide to make her suffer today

while SY is filming her action scene the director keeps making her do it over and over. when she is having a break MJ yells at her to listen to the doctor and not overdo it.

director keeps calling out NG and makes her jump over and over. after all of it he decides to go with the first take. while he is walking away MJ makes the director fall down. then MJ makes the other one fall down too

MJ covers her with a blanket and she asks if he is the one who made the director and PD fall down. she links arms and says how nice it is to have an alien manager. he asks arent you cold. she says yes I am. she asks if he can make fire come out of his fingers. she says i am cold – cant you make me warm. dont you have an ability to make me arm. he puts his arm around her so she says i am totally warm

at night there is one more scene and one more hour so SY complains that means there are 3 more hours. what do we do. the crew is playing go stop.

SY joins in and plays with them with MJ sitting next to her. she keeps winning cuz of MJ. they call her Tazza. MJ stops time and changes her card. she thanks them all and it makes MJ smile

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they are sitting by a fire. SY says how this is the first time it was so fun. it’s ok to stay up all night too. she leans her head on his shoulder and asks what they are going to do on their 100 days. she wants to do the 100 days and the one year anniversary. i dont know when we started so should we start now? he asks what she wants to do for their 100 days. she lists all the stuff she wanted to do like hang a lock with her boyfriend and eat ice cream so there is a ring inside. she wonders what to do for their 1000 days. go to europe? he doesnt say anything so she asks why? he doesnt speak so she asks arent we dating? am I doing it alone? he says let’s do everything you want to do within one month. she asks why – why do we have to do it all within a month? why? MJ:I have to leave. she asks what are you talking about? leave where? where are you going? MJ: where I am originally from. after one month, I have to go back to where I came from. he looks at her and tears drop from his eyes.


who came from star recap ep16 love you from another star ep 16 You From Another Star E16 Recap by Softy


You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep15 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep15 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E15 Recap by Softy

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Starts from when MJ goes into her hospital room and leans over to kiss her forehead. then in the morning her dad is holding her hand. she looks over at him and says dad. she sits up and stares at him.SY: what were you doing to come now. why did you come now (so late). her dad says sorry my daughter. SY: what were you doing for the past12 yrs when I grew up alone. why come now.  why? he says sorry again. she says what is this- how can this be?  why did my dad’s face get so old.  why is it like this. he hugs her and cries.

at night they are having chicken and beer but he wont let her drink even though she tries to get in one sip. she reminds him in the past when it snowed and he bought chicken he would say – when are you going to grow up so you can have alcohol with dad?  now instead of just one I can drink a lot. that’s how much I grew. while I was doing that – didn’t you miss me? the dad says thank you for becoming famous. cuz you were famous I like it a lot.cuz I could see my daughter on the tv, newspapers, and theaters.  how much you grew in height – how much your face got prettier -I saw everyday. SY: what about me?  i couldn’t see you – whether you were alive or passed away – I didn’t know. she talks about a previous manager -he had a dad who had to have an oxygen mask and was hospitalized for years and so the manager had a hard time but I was envious of that cuz at least it’s better to have a dad who is wearing an oxygen mask.  even if it was a dad like that – it would be nice to have him next to me. that’s what I thought. the dad asks didn’t you hate me? SY: do you really not know your daughter that much? after getting mad – the minute I turn around – I regret. that night after running out like that -I almost got into an accident. when I go home I thought I have to tell dad that. I was almost in an accident but some ajussi rescued me – but when I went there you were already gone. he says sorry. SY: thank you for staying and not running off anywhere and being by my side after my surgery – cuz  just with that – the past 12 yrs of resentment all disappeared.  he smiles and nods. her mom is about to go in but hears SY asking her dad if he remarried and if she has any new step siblings and he says i didnt. her mom listens from outside. SY: what is that- during that time you didn’t date and was alone?  the dad asks if she doesn’t have a boyfriend. she says no. dad: you really don’t have one? SY: I don’t. cuz stuff like this I take after mom so I have really high standards. there  is no man like you dad. he says it’s big trouble if you meet a guy like me. she says there was a guy who was similar to you dad, that uneasiness not knowing when he might disappear at any time but it’s all over now. I was the only one who liked him by myself. she notices his pensive look so she asks what’s wrong.  he  says i dont know who he is but you weren’t the only one.  he must have liked you a lot. she says you don’t know well. while living – the guy I like liking me isn’t easy. other things are a miracle - that’s the miracle. as SY narrates that -Saemi is by HK’s bedside and cries on her way out

at home MJ is writing in his journal.

park is hurting himself trying to find some kind of secret exit. he hits himself against the wall looking for one. but then MJ appears. he apologizes for last time and said I came to say what I didnt get to. but it will be something you cant believe. can we go somewhere it cant be recorded

park and Yoo sit at the park and wonder  what they just heard

MJ told them how he was at the accident site. they ask about the building CCTV so MJ says I can teleport. park laughs and thinks he is kidding. MJ says telling you my identity and being honest is the only way you will believe me. on the cruise I heard about the culprit talking about the accident. Yoo asks who that was. MJ says Lee JK. yoo asks for evidence and MJ shows the USB. MJ explains about the USB and that it proves they were dating and was going to get married. even though her accident wasnt caught on tape. he offers to help for the next month in the case

Park asks do you believe he can teleport. Yoo says I dont know what to believe but one thing for sure is that the truth that MJ is not a criminal. Park says what I cant believe is that I believe MJ.

Bokja tells SY to eat the food but SY tells her to eat. SY is checking her phone so Bokja asks are you waiting for someone. SY wonders if there is anyone who doesnt know she has been hospitalized. Bokja says everyone knows. SY says he might not know if he doesnt use internet. Bokja asks who an alien. SY reacts and says dont say that so Bokja thinks SY stilll thinks that other guy is an alien. she guilts SY to consider HK cuz he risked his life to save her. when a woman says I dotn like you there are many meanings but when a guy says it it means he doesnt like you. just do well with HK and dont wait for that other guy

SY walks over to HK’s room. she asks JK if HK didnt wake yet cuz the surgery went well. JK tells her not to worry. she says if it wasnt for HK I would have died. he says i heard. she sits by HK’s bedside and cries.

SY asks if the detective went to see him. JK says yes. she tells him how she told them that he was Han’s boyfriend. JK says you misunderstood but we didnt have that kind of relationship. she says i shouldn’t  have told. he asks who else she told besides the detective. she says no one other than HK.

SY leaves and someone takes photos of her crying and looking back into the room

Saemi reads about the accident online

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-36-39]

people talk about the man who rescued SY on the day she fell – he is a  flower boy chaebol who saved SY- as she fell he caught her. MJ overhears that

SY’s mom is on the phone as she packs a bag for SY and says how she cant seem to get in touch with Lee JK. that she has to cancel the contract with JK cuz SY is getting discharged tm and I feel uneasy about making the contract without her agreement. did you relay what I said to him? the secretary says I told him but he said you couldn’t do that. her mom says why not – I said I would return the contract money.  JK’s secretary says to look over the contract again cuz it stipulates she has to pay back 3 times the amount to cancel it.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-43-48] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-57-32] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-57-49]

MJ and Jang arrive as her mom leaves SY’s home. MJ with Jang heard her saying what do you mean pay back 3 times the amount.  it’s not like we don’t know each other -I have to speak with Lee JK myself – where is he now? she notices them and says to the secretary I will call later.  MJ: I’m sorry but did you just say Lee JK? mom says yes I did so what? didn’t you know? SY made a management contract with his SC agency. they said they would do all the management.  MJ asks if SY agreed to that.  her mom says not yet. anyway when I met you there was something I wanted to ask. what is so great about you? are you not smart? my daughter is chun SY-how dare you reject her? what are you? so Jang says: what you are saying is going too far. what do you mean “what are you.” she asks who are you. Jang: I am DMJ’s father. why? her mom says my daughter is chun SY. the nation’s goddess. the one every man wants to be with  – she is number one as the woman they want to date. Jang: how old is talk like that. my MJ graduated from Harvard -his looks – as you can see there is nothing lacking. MJ: father. jang: I raised him so well. she argues so what if he graduated from Harvard -he doesn’t know how to take responsibility. if he said he was going to be her manager then he should have seen it to the end. but he stops in the middle. jang says how MJ never said he would be her manager. your daughter kept asking him to so he did it for a short time. MJ tells him to stop but Jang yells at him in banmal – stop what you punk. what is this. did I tell you it wouldn’t work or not? do you not have a job or money -why did you suddenly become her manager? her mom says how there is a line of people to become SY’s manager so Jang says then choose one from that line then. Jang grabs MJ’s arm and says let’s go in. her mom says it’s not a waste at all. My SY made a contract with SC and she will be engaged to HK. MJ hears that and his face just falls.  she storms off and gets in the elevator. Jang is still in annoyed father mode and yells at MJ in banmal -why stand around – hurry and go inside. so MJ has to say lawyer Jang to snap him out of it. Jang apologizes.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-08-22]별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-12-44]

MJ sits and mopes as Jang pours tea. he asks are you still angry over what happened a while ago? I didn’t mean to do that – that ajumma spoke so spitefully so I didn’t realize and did that. he waves his hand in front of MJ’s face to get his attention. Jang:  what are you thinking of. MJ: just cuz. Jang: cuz of her SC contract? MJ: that too. Jang: cuz of her engagement. MJ says she doesnt like that man. Jang: you said she liked him as a friend. MJ: that’s as a friend. as a man and as a friend are different. Jang: how can there be friendship between a man and a woman. MJ:  it’s all a long time ago – these days people don’t do that. men and women can be cool and be friends. Jang: that’s before her accident. this time that friend rescued her when she could have died. now her feelings will change. MJ takes umbrage at that and says: didnt I save her?  i really saved her many times. Jang thinks that’s why SY had feelings for MJ but now that the friend rescued her, her feelings will shift to him so MJ argues -just cuz she was rescued does she like everyone? then everyone in the country must love the police and firemen. Jang: why get angry? MJ: I’m not getting angry -it’s cuz you keep talking nonsense. he gets up and leaves the room. Jang: he always gets mad and says he didn’t.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-23-06]

MJ goes online and reads the article title- actress Chun SY was dating a chaebol and will get engaged. MJ laughs and mutters: what engagement. he signs up to leave comments and wonders if you are suppose to write down your favorite singer as the nickname. (that means MJ is going to use that old dead singer only grandpas know) He types – what do you mean chun SY will get engaged. huh huh – I think that is baseless rumor. he adds on a grandpa like comment about living a long time so online people reply :what is this -how do you know it’s baseless? get lost.” so MJ unleashes more grandpa joseon insults and mutters them aloud -then stuff like how dare these youngsters speak banmal. he shuts his computer

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-18-46]

Then lovesick MJ lays on his bed and checks his phone and types a text message - how are you feeling but deletes it. then he types are you in your right mind to make a contract with SC then he deletes that. then he types -there is no way but are you really getting engaged, then he deletes that and just types I miss you. he debates whether to press send and his thumb does it by accident. he rushes out when he realizes it’s been sent.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-35-04] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-35-12] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-47-09] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-47-21] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-03-32] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-04-02] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[03-10-32]

SY gets the text and reaches over for her phone, but suddenly time stops. MJ goes over to delete the text but cant figure out her code to access the phone. his clean freak side gets distracted and reaches over to remove lint from her hair. time resumes so she catches him doing that with his fingers on her hair strands. they stare at each other. he asks are you feeling a little better. she slaps his hand away and asks what did you just do? she switches from banmal to jondae.  MJ: nothing. SY: you just suddenly showed up in some else’s room. how did you show up?  did you really teleport? he says sometimes when I’m in a hurry or when there is traffic. SY: this is really ridiculous. she sees that he has her phone so he gives it back. she says  how she was about to check her text. what were you going to do with my phone? MJ: I wasn’t going to do anything.  she tells him to leave. he asks arent you going to look at your text. SY: what? MJ: you said you were going to check your text. SY: it’s none of your business. will you please leave.  we don’t have this kind of relationship -I said even if we run into each other don’t act like we know each other. do you not take my words seriously? she typed in her access code and is about to check her text, but he stops time again while she was speaking and takes her phone back and deletes his message and puts her phone back in her hands. she looks and says what is this – it’s gone. he leans over to see and says it’s gone? SY: whether it’s there or not. I will take care of my problem myself so leave now. MJ: i heard you made a contract with S C. that’s what your mother said. SY: yes. I did something so what. MJ: you are going to break the contract right? SY: why should I? MJ: what? SY: there is no reason not to -they are going to make an agency just for me. i’m grateful.  MJ: no you cant – break it.   SY: what difference does it make to you. MJ: you said you wouldn’t make that contract too. she asks how do you know that cuz I told that to HK at my home. how do you know? HK wouldn’t have told you. MJ realizes he has been caught.  she asks if he has the ability to overhear what others say. MJ: it’s not like I listen in on everything. she suddenly remembers all the confessions she said in her place – when she said -am I brooding over that kiss with that person now. then when she said threw a fit and kicked her pillows saying he said nothing is left – he never once liked me – that awful jerk – how do I get revenge. then how she told her mom – if you bother that person I will just live with him. SY worries - starting from when and how much he heard. suddenly she looks up and asks -by any chance- can you hear what’s going on in showers and bathrooms -are you a pervert. he gets outraged and says what are you thinking right now? I told you I don’t listen to every useless thing. just sometimes when I focus I can hear a bit – otherwise it’s too exhausting so I cant live. SY: so you don’t take a peep or anything? MJ: what is this woman – how can she see a person like that. I am not that kind of person. SY: how would I know when you are an alien. what you might look at when you go around here and there. MJ:  I said I don’t. she throws her pillow at him and says get out you alien pervert. MJ: while living this is the first time I had this kind of accusation. I am not a pervert! * she doesn’t look that convinced. maybe if he hadn’t snuck in to erase his text then he might have a moral high ground to stand on, but right now he has nothing.

HK’s dad asks why HK isnt waking up. the doctor explains about his condition. he takes a guess for how long it will take for HK to wake up – if it goes past that it wont be good so just wait and see

MJ watches JK with his parents. JK tells them to go home. the mom asks him to take good care of HK

when JK goes back into HK’s room, MJ is waiting there in the dark. JK: what is it. MJ says i heard you made a contract with SY. JK says yes I did – I manage her schedule and work. but dont worry too much- for your sake I wont get rid of her. why? did you come to stop that (contract). MJ says: if I reveal everything about you to the world -what do you think will happen?  this accident – this accident – not just chun SY but you put your younger brother in danger too. JK: try revealing it, but you are someone the world cant accept. if my identity comes out, your identity has to come out too -between the two – which one do you think will be more surprising? to people – what’s more scary than a murderer/killer is a monster. MJ asks how many were there – chun SY, Han yura, before then how many did you kill or try to kill. why are you doing something so dangerous?  you already have so much. JK: DMJ listen well.  there are a lot of people in the world but there are just a few that you need. the rest exist like bugs. sometimes those bugs hinder your way – so when they do that it’s better to wipe them out so I can go out front. that’s not evil- it’s to help and consideration for the sake of many others. but you are the one I need the most. if you can fix your heart a little, everyone can be happy. you can lend me your ability and I will watch your back. then there is nothing we cant do. of course the one you want to protect so much – SY – will be safe. how about it? MJ says i will think it over. on the condition that you dont mess with anymore people. JK says ok – you must still not trust me enough. think it over well. this promise I will be sure to keep

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-16-35]

SY walks around and checks the room to make sure MJ isnt lurking around. then she looks out the window at the sky.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-17-51]

MJ comes out of his shower and remembers how her mom said SY would get engaged with HK and replays those words over and over. he walks over to his bed and imagines SY waking up HK and acting like newlyweds -SY kisses HK’s cheek and tells him to wake up and tickles him. HK pulls her into his arms and says let’s sleep a little longer. MJ gets jealous and grabs his covers to shake that image away

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-52-36] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-53-04] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-56-32]별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-27-07]

in the kitchen, MJ pours some water to drink and cool off but he imagines HK brushing past and making him spill. HK goes over to her and they speak in baby talk aegyo. HK says sweetie I bought green onions and olive oil. she says you did well. HK back hugs her asking what are you doing sweetie. she says I made eggs but it’s all burnt. HK: I like eggs that are burnt. SY: really? thank goodness. MJ continues to stare with his mouth dropped open in jealous rage and disbelief. HK had his hands on her waist so she playfully says don’t do that.  MJ had enough and yells she said she was ticklish! she said not to do that! she said don’t do that! they ignore him and continue

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-53-29] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-53-37]

MJ walks over to the sofa and sits. He imagines HK feeding her tangerines and SY saying how sweet they are.

Then MJ pictures SY seeing HK off as he goes to work. she says come back well and hugs him saying  I will miss you. after work HK brought back food for her.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-48-35]

as SY gets ready to be discharged, the doctor is telling SY’s dad that everyday stuff is ok for her, but since she had surgery and needed oxygen -she has to cut down on activities/exercise that makes her breathe hard. if she feels any numbness or if her tummy hurts or anything she needs to come in right away. SY and her dad thank him and the doctors leave.  her dad doesnt want her to go back to filming the movie cuz she cant do exerting work. she says dont worry. I can just be careful. your daughter has to make a come back for you to watch her on tv, papers, and theaters. he asks if she is doing this  cuz of money. SY: This time I thought a lot – even if a person lives a long time -how long is that 100 years? but there are a lot of people who don’t live that long.  During that time how much of it is there that I can do what I really want. time when I can eat what I really like. time to talk with the person I like a lot. time where I can reveal my sincerity. time where I can hold my dad’s hand like this. more than other people, we got our time reduced too much. I want to hold onto my dad’s hand for a long time.  also I am going to do the acting I like to do for a long time. of course I have to keep track of calories, but while looking for delicious things I am going to taste them all. when I fell from the wire, I’m going to think I already died once and I’m going to spend my remaining time well – even if it’s short. the mom comes in and says the director called and a stuntwoman will do the wire scene in your place. he asked if you can film starting from tm – how about it – will you be ok? SY nods yes. she wonders why she hasnt seen YJ. did he say hi to dad? he didn’t huh? he keeps avoiding.  her dad says i will be going now but let’s meet again soon SY. i will come. SY says you have to come back soon. promise. he holds her hand.

her mom is meeting with the new manager and explains my SY keeps saying she doesn’t want to. the guy says but we already prepared everything. her mom says – still-my kid keeps saying she feels too much pressure/burden… but then she sees a white a van pull up with a whole new staff for SY so her mom says what can she do when you are all already here. she says hi to the staff and says I am chun SY’s mommy – please take care of her well. the guy says just leave it up to us and leave. we will take care of her well.  the mom thinks it would be better if she wasn’t here and leaves

as she waits for the elevator, she is on the phone with her mom so SY says I told you I didnt want that mom. I don’t know- just tell them to go. her mom hangs up on her.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-56-05] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-57-19]

SY walks out and wonders where the car is. suddenly MJ pulls up in his car. she ignores him. he says get in. she says DMJ the one who lives next door.  thank you so much for the thought but someone is coming to get me. he says that person left. SY: what? why? MJ: cuz I sent them away

MJ met with the new manager and waits for him to get off the phone.  MJ: did you confirm it? the guy says yes. the contract money was deposited. MJ: you can leave now. the contract with Chun SY and SC has been nullified and I already sent over the paperwork stating that. I am her lawyer. you cant take an actress in your car when she doesn’t have a contract with you. he threatens to report them if they persist. Go.

* it means MJ returned 3 times the contract amount to cancel it.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[04-57-37]별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-04-12]

SY asks how did you send them off? MJ: what are you going to do if you know. he makes her get in so she says I told you I didn’t want to. I will count to 3 so let go. 1,2,3, 3 and a half. she gets in his car

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-07-02] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-11-46] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-14-46]별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-14-33]

in the car, SY says let’s hear the reason. why are you doing this to me. MJ: you said you needed a manager. I will be your manager.  she laughs and says you want me to have an alien manager. what do I pay the salary of a manager like that with? sun currency? MJ: stop playing around. SY: what? don’t kid around? don’t you get that I have been diligently speaking jondae with you to put some distance between us? we aren’t close enough to speak in banmal so you speak jondae to me now. he says do you know how much older I am than you. SY: what is the reason for you wanting to be my manager suddenly? are you suddenly interested in celebrities? or are you bored cuz you finished your lectures? or are you still curious about what’s left between me and that girl from the past. MJ: think whatever makes you comfortable.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-19-31] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-20-33] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-21-14] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[05-22-54]

at the set she gets out and tells him not to follow cuz it makes her uncomfortable. MJ: come back after you finish filming – I will wait.   but she says no-don’t wait. go. we are nothing (to each other) you said it. that there was nothing left between us. you said you dont like me then act like a man who doesn’t like me. she walks off alone

on the set Saemi asks if SY is feeling better. SY: yes. Saemi: they said HK didnt wake yet. SY says he will wake up soon. the doctor said so. she takes a step to go, but  saemi stops her from walking away so SY says -why? cuz I should have gotten hurt so much that I couldn’t get up but since I came like this – do you not like it? I am tired so will you let go? saemi: a few days before the accident, HK said to me “let’s not even see each other as friends.” that he wouldn’t see me now.  he didn’t want to make me miserable -why? cuz he was miserable liking you. me hating you- do you understand it? how could you understand? to you HK might have been someone when he is next to you it’s comfortable and he is a good friend,  but to me – he is that one person I would have thrown everything I have away to have him -that one person only sees you so what is there that I could have done. in your eyes, cuz you have everything and don’t need to feel jealousy -behind your back secretly being jealous of you and hating you – it might have looked like I was living in a pathetic abyss  but when I saw HK catching you when you fell and rolling on the ground I prayed that I could die in his place. HK probably felt the same way as me so he jumped in. that heart made my heart  go on its knees so I will ask a favor. couldnt you accept HK? he might be afraid he cant have you, but you wont be afraid to have him. he will love and cherish you all his life. between the two of us shouldnt at least one person be happy? she walks away and leaves SY thinking

MJ sits in his car waiting

park goes to JK. JK holds out his hand to shake and says it’s been a long time. Park doesn’t take his hand and asks to speak for a while. there are a lot of people here looking (so somewhere else). JK agrees.

in the interrogation room, Yoo and Park meet with JK. Yoo says how he should have sent a request to come in for questioning so thank you for coming like this on your own. JK: don’t mention it. let’s start. what is it about me that you are curious?

JK’s dad is at HK’s room and says into the phone -what? why did JK get taken in there? does it by any chance have to do with his former wife? find out what happened – use our connections at the police and find out the details.  HK is awake and hears that. he was also awake when he heard SY and JK talking before. when she said:  I would have died if it wasn’t for HK. JK: yes I heard. when she cried over HK. then when JK asked her – aside from the detective who else did you tell that truth to? SY: no one other than HK.

when his parents left and JK went out to see them out, MJ appeared in HK’s room. MJ looks over at him and says aren’t you supposed to be in an unconscious state? HK was shocked to see MJ appear suddenly. but they hear JK coming back in so HK holds his hand up to tell MJ not to say anything about his awake state. so MJ turned the lights off so he can speak with JK in front of HK. HK heard everything they said. even the part when MJ said – if I reveal everything about you to the world -what do you think will happen? this accident – not just chun SY but you put your younger brother in danger too. JK: reveal it? but you are something the world cant accept. if my identity comes out then your identity comes out too. between the two which one do you think is more surprising? to the people -what’s more scary than a murderer/killer is a monster. MJ: how many were there? aside from chun SY and Han yura, before that how many did you kill or try to kill?

on the set SY is waiting and asks when she is going to film. the guy says you have to wait a lot. wait inside cuz it will take hours. she almost gets mad for not being told earlier but acts nice about it saying it’s the first time I had to go through this.

she waits inside and settles down for a nap.

Saemi is filming her scene. they cant film SY’s scene cuz the sun went down. everyone ends for the day. SY wakes up alone in the dark after everyone went home. she is cold and goes outside.she calls out but no one is around.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-27-26] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-27-44] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-28-14] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-28-33]별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-22-09]

SY walks down the dark steps and asks aloud –  am I the only left and the others all left? really? when I am chun SY. she trips and falls but MJ catches her arm. she pulls her arm away and says i told you to leave. he says i told you I would wait. she asks why? why are you waiting for me. he says i have to protect you. she says protect what. i’ m not smart so you have to say it clearly for me to get it.  why you doing this to me -tell me so I understand. are you a pro (guys that go after girls)  or are you having fun making a person be confused? after what you did – saying sorry you misunderstood – you resembled some girl from the past – after making a person look ridiculous. she walks off but stops and turns around to say accusingly. you said you didn’t – not even once- you never once liked me -didn’t feel your heart flutter cuz of me – didn’t worry about me sincerely – or ever imagined a future with me. that I was in place of that girl! she walks off again but stops and turns around to say: since you dont seem to know this still I will say it clearly. I dont like you anymore – since you are like this I don’t like you even more so please disappear from my life. also it would be nice if you knew how selfish you are.

별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-22-49] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-31-11]별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-29-07] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-29-44] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-34-49] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-34-56] 별에서 온 그대.E15.140206.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-35-06]

she walks off but MJ suddenly makes all the lights turn on everywhere. he makes her float over to him so she ends up in his arms. she asks what are you going now. MJ: the most selfish thing I can do to you. he leans in and kisses her.

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E15

my love from the star written preview ep 15

you who came from the star ep 15 preview

you who came from the stars15

man from the stars15ep

You who came from the stars episode 15 recap by Javabeans

who came from the stars recap episode 15

you from the stars recap softy

dramabeans ep15 youfrom another star

came from the star ep15

you from the stars episode 15 recap

You from another stars ep15 recap


You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep14 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep14 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E14 Recap by Softy

Starts with previous scenes and MJ saying I came here from another place 400 yrs ago and lived here for 400 yrs. I was the one who rescued you 12 yrs ago. that child from 400 yrs ago - the owner of this hairpin -you resembled her, but if you are just Chun SY, then I have no interest – go! Then SY asks – not even for one moment – didn’t you like me? if your heart fluttered cuz of me. or if you sincerely worried about me- not having anything to do with that girl – didn’t you just like me even once? MJ: no not even once. Then HK asked –  do you not like SY or is there another reason? MJ: protect SY from your hyung. then MJ held out the USB to JK and asked – is this what you want? if I give you this then will you stop everything? JK yelled: how dare you give me orders. I will kill you for certain. then when Jang told SY that MJ was leaving soon and to sort her feelings for him now if she had some for him. then how MJ said – what I can do now from here on- isnt it disappearing well.  then how MJ met with JK saying – I came to offer a deal. don’t you want me to take the blame for everything and disappear? I will do what you want. then that narration when MJ was asked how he felt since the day to leave was getting closer. he broke down in tears.

SY jumps and the screw comes off and one of the wire breaks. she sways to the side and hits the wall, but then the remaining wire breaks so she falls. she is rushed to the hospital.

a reporter finds out about the accident and hears that someone died. he starts typing

Jang sits in the interrogation room alone and says he went crazy

JK sits in his office smiling at the news of SY’s accident. suddenly MJ shows up. JK says what’s going on – shouldn’t you be meeting the prosecutor right about now as we promised. just as he is about to push the red alert button under his desk, MJ flips it away. He pins JK to the window and lifts him off his feet. MJ says what do you think I will do to you. JK laughs.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-16-48]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-16-59]

suddenly they are on the roof and MJ holds JK up near the ledge. MJ says i will kill you. JK: me? you? you dare to? MJ: yes – I will do that to you right now. he holds JK off the ledge and says like what you did to SY – I will kill you the same way. he leaves JK suspended and yells die.

A few days ago, Jang was walking and JK’s other lackey runs into him and puts a mic on his briefcase.

their conversation was all overheard – when Jang asked MJ if he couldn’t erase memories. in movies when an alien pushes down it erases the person’s memory. cant you do stuff like that? MJ says that in movies.  so JK overheard about MJ’s powers -you can stop time, transport, and everything else so why cant you do that one? you really don’t have  that ability? MJ: I don’t.  Jang: now we don’t know when your powers will disappear. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. now it’s BBB (random chance). it makes me so uneasy.

JK also heard their conversation inside when MJ said the best thing I can do now is disappear well since I cant live here anymore. and just do what I can do. Jang: what is there that you can do? what?

MJ gets up to leave but Jang stops him and asks you arent by any chance thinking of that right? you cant do that. if you kill someone with your ability then …. we dont hear the rest. JK listens and says so there was that. he calls to meet MJ

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-34-08]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[00-34-22]

JK meets with MJ. JK: I thought about your offer. you said you would take the blame for everything and disappear. there is nothing bad about that. to tell the truth things were getting bothersome.  if you just keep your promise, there is no reason for me to go further. I am someone who has a lot to lose. MJ says if you break your promise. but JK stops him and says I know you are a special person. you showed me many times.  I tried to get rid of you somehow but I know very well that wont work.  if I messed with you (or her) the wrong way, I know fully well that it wont be any fun so why would I – I am not that foolish. MJ said if you break your promise I will get rid of you with my own hands. I am someone who can do that -like you said I showed you many times so you know that very well. JK: yes I know that well

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-17-11]

From outside the room, HK listens to his parents talking about JK’s former wife - the one HK brought up last time. the mom asks have you heard any news of her? the dad says how would I know. the mom says: what she said right before she got divorced still bothers me.  she said how she was scared of JK and to save her. the dad gets mad and says she should have been grateful they took her as their daughter in law, but she gave it all up and ran away so how dare she say she is scared of him. the mom says arent you – he is my child that I bore but JK is difficult. I cant put my finger on it but he is different from HK so I am more careful around him. the dad says that’s why JK is my heir. he is more sensible and different from HK.  the mom says what happened when they were younger still bothers me so the dad warns why bring that up - I told you not to talk about that. HK knocks and comes in. he asks if they have time cuz he is planning to go visit the older hyung’s grave next weekend. the mom agrees to go with him next weekend.

HK goes to the mental hospital and asks to see JK’s former wife – the patient named Yang Min Joo. the nurse says there is no person by that name. HK says how many patients are here in this hospital. it’s such a big hospital so how could you not even look as soon as you heard the name and say there is no one by that name. you must be really smart. she says what are you saying – there is no one by that name so please go back.

Saemi and her mom meet with Ahn. the mom says you heard my Saemi and SY are filming the same movie right.  Ahn says yes I heard that Saemi took good care of SY so the mom says that’s how Saemi is. she is so nice. how could she do this if she thought about how she suffered cuz of SY. Ahn says how in the past SY always asked for Saemi to work on the project together and when the director said no SY said if Saemi is left out then she would pull out too. she threw up such a fuss so it was a headache for me. the mom gives him a look so Ahn stops talking and says that was all in the past.  the mom tells him to take good care of Saemi. Ahn says I already am a lot. the mom wants him to send more staff to the set for Saemi. so that anyone can see she is the lead so that there is a big difference with SY. also make sure there is no more news articles about SY making a comeback. Saemi tells her mom to stop cuz he gets it. Ahn says there is good news – Saemi has that big ad (the billboard one that SY used to look at).

Yoo and Park are talking about the cell phone calls from the villa JK used during his vacation days. Han and JK’s calls were in the same place during the same dates

a mole goes out and reports that they found out about the villa so it needs to be cleaned up

at the villa, maids and staff clean so there is no trace of Han and JK ever staying there together. they leave evidence of MJ staying there and put his school stuff and ID there

when Yoo and park go to the villa there is no evidence of Han and JK being there together and only find the stuff that belongs to MJ and Han. the manager says Lee JK uses this villa for private use and hardly comes here. Park says he stayed here in the last summer break. the man says there is another villa nearby and that’s where JK stayed last summer. Yoo asks who stays here normally then. the manager says buyers JK invites or he lends it out to personal guests. Park asks if Han stayed here. the man says yes she came last summer. I heard he lent it to her cuz she is the department store model. she came with some man. park shows a photo of MJ and asks is this the man? the manager says yes that’s him. park says you have a really good memory to remember so well to recognize someone you saw last year right away.

in the car, Park thinks he caught something from Yoo cuz he feels strange about how things are falling too well into place. somehow it doesn’t seem like it was DMJ.  Yoo tells him how MJ is coming tm to turn himself in. Park: he is really unusual.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-52-13] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-54-05] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-54-39] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[01-56-50] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-00-08]

MJ stares at his photo in the museum. then he narrates while holding the photo in his library. now matter how much time passes – when I had time that didn’t end, not once did I think that time was precious, but now if I can have just one more day to be together -even if I lost everything I had -it doesn’t matter. but now I know the truth very well that I couldn’t get that even if I threw away everything I had. as he says that, he watched her sleep in her room. she wakes and looks around but he is gone

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-02-07] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-02-21] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-03-40] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-05-47] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-06-08] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-07-02]

she stands on the balcony and looks over at the new poster of Saemi across the way. SY looks up at the sky and says what is up with this.  there are times when there are so many stars in Seoul. DMJ -  did you really come from one of those stars. you should just have said you didn’t like me.  why say you came from the stars. from here on now whenever I see the night sky -  I will have to think of you. MJ listens from inside.

MJ: now I also know when a person i love exists the truth that fear sets in - the person I have to protect –  that I might not be able to protect her -  I am afraid now.

the film set is busy preparing for the shoot

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-21-11]

MJ dresses and gets ready to turn himself in

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-21-36] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-22-57] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-26-41]

SY puts makeup on and gets ready. she gets a call that the director doesn’t want her to wear makeup cuz this is an action scene so she takes off her makeup saying I wouldn’t – would I do that. I won’t.  when SY goes out, her mom asks why do you look like that - you said you would do your own makeup – let’s stop by the salon and then go. so SY explains all she is going to do is jump so why bother looking good on set- let’s just go. her mom asks what about the car so SY says I can just drive. the mom says it wont look good (lowers their impression on people) and wonders what kind of manager DMJ is.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-27-50]

when they go out they meet MJ by the elevator and her mom says it’s good that we ran into you.  aren’t you taking care of my SY anymore. so SY tells her mom he no longer does that. when the door opens, SY asks him permission to ride the elevator first cuz it would be uncomfrotable to ride together. he steps back.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-30-29]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-30-52]

on the elevator her mom asks what’s wrong – did you two fight? she offers to talk to him separately  and scold him so SY says mom if you bother that person I will just live with him.   I like him a lot  so I confessed but he rejected me.  her mom says are you crazy – when you have HK. SY: that’s why – it was hard to hold back my feelings for him. the mom asks are you crying? you are crying over a guy? SY:  yes I am crying. cuz of that man I am crying pathetically a lot so dont bother him. I was barely able to be patient just now not to cling to him. her mom calls her crazy. SY: yes I am crazy.  MJ overheard all that

outside the prosecutor’s office, Jang stops MJ and says have you gone crazy – why are you thinking of doing that?  MJ says if I don’t then I have to kill Lee JK -kill him or make him stop -one out of the two or else SY might die. through the detective SY told him about Lee JK and Han relationship. there is no time.  Jang chases after him asking please promise one thing then.  that no matter what – that wont happen. cuz of some man like that – I wont be able to watch that happen to you. promise me – do that at least. you wont listen to me at all and just act like you dont know till you leave – I told you to just be comfortable for the time you have left till you leave but you wont listen to me so just promise me this one thing.  MJ: I promise. Jang says you  promised – if you go back on this promise - I really wont see you again. Jang walks off in a huff.

in the interview room they start the recording. MJ says I am the person caught on the camera on the cruise when Han died.

Bum keeps staring over at SY. Saemi asks Bum to go over her lines with her so he agrees to. he ad libs a line

SY and her mom show up. the mom says Saemi  requested SY to film so she can show off she is the lead. SY says mom I have to memorize my lines. the mom complains cuz no one is bringing a car over. suddenly a car drives up. HK comes out with a crew and sets everything up for SY – chair and everything like food and stuff. her mom is pleased. she welcomes HK. SY asks how did you know to come here. she asks her mom if she told. the mom says he asked where you were. HK puts a coat over SY saying you will catch a cold. the mom thanks him. HK asks who the other actors are. he looks over and sees saemi . saemi walks off set. HK says so it was Saemi. SY says I know too that she likes you alot. he says how she has to hurry and sort her feelings. SY says I have to do that too. he hears that she is doing an action scene. he notices the lackey’s face but gets distracted the staff

the staff are eating and Saemi’s mom comments to SY’s mom cuz she isnt feeding everyone. SY’s mom says you arent a star just cuz you have a few more lines. she invites the director to go eat

HK is worried so SY says dont worry I wont die. i will buy you something good to eat later. she goes to test the ropes.  the stunt coordinator tells her what’s important about the jump.

SY gets ready at the top and then jumps. HK looks over and sees the lackey’s face again and remembers him from all those times he met with JK. just then the wire breaks. even the main wire is pulled but she falls when the hooks alll break off. HK runs over to catch her. he falls down with her. Saemi yells out HK’s name. SY’s mom screams and faints. everyone rushes over to HK and SY

both HK and SY are taken to the hospital.

the reporter gets the news that the person died and types up the report

during surgery, they show HK.

Saemi is waiting outside and HK’s mom asks what happened to HK. the dad says dont make a fuss there are so many people watching.

in the hospital SY’s mom asks why SY isnt going into surgery. the doctor says how she has a special blood type so that’s what they are waiting on.he asks if there are any other family members to test the blood.

at the comic book store bokja is outraged about the bad press so she kicks out some customers for being disrespectful

on the bus SY’s dad hears about the accident and SY’s head surgery. the dad yells which hospital. he rushes off the bus

at the hospital the dad shows up. YJ is surprised to see him. the dad asks about SY and the mom just cries

Park tells him to speak but MJ stays quiet. Jang asks for a break. Yoo and MJ are left alone in the room. Yoo asks is there a secret you want to keep or someone to protect. I dont know who you are doing this for but you cant cover someone’s sin. Park comes in to report about how SY is in danger. MJ gets up and leaves

when park goes out the woman says how MJ didnt come out. park says but he just did. he goes back in and asks if MJ came back in. he was just here but he isnt. why is this not unfamiliar to me. he remembers when MJ disappeared on him before. he looks at the camera and says i have to confirm something even if I am crazy

they watch the video of MJ leaving but he didnt come out the other side of the door. what is this guy – harry potter?

park tells Jang to talk – what is this? magic? or else how can you explain this. jang says you saw wrong. park says its on the CCTV. Jang says the CCTV is broken then. park tells him to call MJ – i feel like I am dreaming now

Jang sits alone and says he went crazy

her parents are told that the dad is a match for her blood so SY can have surgery now. the dad tells the mom not to worry. MJ watches them from a distance and sees how injured SY is.

JK reads about the accident and smiles.

MJ makes a fist and leaves. he goes to JK’s office. JK was about to press the alert button under his desk but MJ flips it. the scene unfolds as before.

suddenly they are on the roof and MJ holds JK off the edge. MJ says i will kill you. JK: me? you? you dare to? MJ: yes – you – right now. he holds JK off the edge and says like what you did to SY – I will kill you the same way. he leaves JK suspended and yells kill you.

as JK hangs MJ yells die but JK doesnt fall. JK says you cant kill me. I know. if I die then you will die too. JK laughs.

flashback to when Jang said to MJ if you kill someone with your powers then you will die too. that’s how you were able to live well all this time. JK heard that so he says did you want to kill me with your life on the line. I know it all – your secret and where you are from and your weaknesses. MJ says if i can kill you and stop you then it doesnt matter if I die. he drops JK but JK yells SY will die too. if I die then SY will die too. you think I didnt prepare for that. even if you kill me you cant stop me. if I die then you die too then no one can protect her. is that ok? MJ tries again to make JK fall. before JK hits the ground MJ stops him right before then drops him. JK coughs and gets up. MJ is standing there. MJ:pray she is safe. if she dies then I will come back for you. you have a lot to lose dont you.  i will make it so you lose everything. JK says how dare you. MJ sys I will let you know who you dared to mess with

doctor tells her parents they have to wait and see. if she resumes consciousness within two days then she will be ok. her mom thanks the dad saying you saved SY. the dad says I will go let me know if SY is ok. the mom says stay until she wakes up. dont you know how much she missed her dad. how could you not show up even once. I am not the coldly harsh one- you are. she leaves the room so he holds SY’s hand and cries

her mom goes out and tells YJ – arent you going to say hi to your dad. he says you said I didn’t have a dad. didn’t even leave a picture. YJ walks off

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-39-48]

as her dad holds her hand, SY narrates – dad when I was younger whenever I was scared I called out for you. but now I call out another name. DMJ.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-40-32] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-40-53] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-41-57] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-43-04]

in her dream MJ and SY are walking together like a happy couple. SY: for the first time there is someone I love more than you. from morning till night -  i have someone I want to do everything together with. in her dream MJ comes out on the balcony and puts his arms around her in a back hug.

while the dad sleeps MJ comes in to see her.

별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-34-03] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-35-31] 별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-35-04]

SY: no matter how much he pushed me away to leave, my feet wont take a step. no matter how much I try not to like him I cant dislike him. I keep having sad dreams where he loves me.

MJ leans over and kisses her forehead.


별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-36-34]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-49-38]별에서 온 그대.E14.140205.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[23-37-16]


after the kiss, as MJ walks away from her bedside, SY holds his hand and she narrates:  I keep having sad dreams

you who came from the star ep 14 preview

you who came from the stars14

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You who came from the stars episode 14 recap by Javabeans

who came from the stars recap episode 14

you from the stars recap softy

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came from the star ep14

you from the stars episode 14 recap

You from another stars ep14 recap


You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E13 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E13 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E13 Recap by Softy

MJ says When I first came here - I wanted to help people who were in difficult situations with the abilities I had. to do that – I had to reveal the truth that I was a different being than them.

flashback to joseon when MJ walked by and helped a man whose leg was trapped under a rock. He uses his powers to lift the heavy rock and save the man

as MJ walked away the man he saved reported him to the guards claiming he used magical powers and with his eyes he made the boulder lift up -all those strange things that happened at the village is probably because of him. catch him. as the guards go after MJ, he vanishes.

MJ says they were thankful for my help for a short time. cuz of the abilities I have – cuz of the truth that I was a different being than them – it made me afraid. even if that person was someone I had affection for a long time -it was the same.

at another more modern time, a man says tell me – we have been best friends for over ten years. what is there for you to hesitate in saying. MJ: do you trust me? the guy says of course I trust you - more than myself. MJ: how is my face – compared to when I first met you ten years ago? the guy says I always told you - your face is the same now as when I first met you. MJ: aren’t you curious about that reason? guy says it’s cuz your face doesn’t age that much. MJ tells the truth and says no. don’t be surprised. I am not from this star. I am an other being from another star. the man says are you taunting me now? MJ: it is the truth. the man says can you show me proof? prove it and I will believe you or else I will think you are taunting me. MJ takes out a book and makes it float and scares the guy. he falls back. MJ asks with concern – you aren’t hurt? the man says please save me. MJ starts to say why would I hurt you and extends his hand but the guy runs off scared yelling save me.

MJ says after a long time and through many experiences, I realized -if I didn’t want to lose someone – the truth that I need to hide my identity well. today – for the sake of losing SY – I told her my identity - hoping she would stay away from me and fear me

back to museum scene. MJ: weren’t you curious who saved you 12 yrs ago. the one who saved you back then was me. there was no other reason to rescue you except back then you resembled that girl from 400 yrs ago - the owner of this hair pin. to confuse you for her in that second – that’s how much you resembled her a lot. SY: what are you saying now - 400 yrs ago the owner of the hair pin – how do you know the face of someone who lived back then? then are you saying you lived for 400 yrs. MJ: that’s correct. 400 yrs ago I came here from another world and couldn’t go back to where I lived. so I lived here for 400 yrs on this land. she says let’s go home now. you aren’t well. she turns to go but he makes the glass shatter and gets her attention. he steps closer and says in an accusing voice: you said it didn’t matter who I was. I am this kind of person. does it still not matter? She asks what was that just now. what did you do? he says don’t you get it still. I could kill you now here if I wanted so while I give you the chance -run away. go! but she holds his hand and cries – a reaction that takes him by surprise. she says I will hold on for a second – it’s cuz my legs are trembling so much. let’s just say everything you said is true. let’s say you could kill me if you wanted. but then why did you do that. during all this time – why rescue me a few times. do everything I asked- listen to everything I said -why protect me – why? MJ: I told you – I did it cuz you resembled that girl – that maybe there was something between you two. but it wasn’t so. if you are just chun SY, then I am not interested in what happens to you. he takes his hand away and walks out.

he leaves the museum and she stands there saying – nonsense/ridiculous. is he joking? an alien? he is the one who has to go to the hospital (see a psychiatrist). she looks over at the hair pin. she remembers the man who saved her as a kid. she wonders -was he really that ajussi? DMJ? she remembers when he saved her from the flower pot and then when he stopped the car from almost going over the cliff

she walks out and MJ watches her leave. he makes it so that the cab cant start its engine and go after her. as she walks away, her stomach grumbles. SY says I am hungry. if he was going to talk nonsense he should have fed me first and said it. I thought it was a date. her heel gets caught in a crack. she yells up at the sky – you came from another star? you are an alien? if you are an alien then I am a vampire. starting from when I was 20 I didn’t age and this face and this skin – they all say that I am a vampire. what do you know you grim reaper. you monster bastard. MJ watches her.

JK goes off the deep end and says who told the detective about me- who do you think it was – the one who knew that truth. it was SY. only she knew. I’m sure she said it. when I don’t check matters stuff like this bothersome situation happens. if I wanted to pick on how SY knew that truth - it’s cuz of you. you wanted to reveal me to your rival so you gave hints so that’s how SY knew about us. Han: you are blaming me now? JK: it doesn’t matter – you cant do anything to me. that’s why I killed you. Han says you did too much already – you think you can cover it all up. JK laughs and says a really amusing guy showed up. he has a strange ability. I don’t know his identity so it’s driving me crazy. I can never beat him under normal circumstances. but I know his ridiculous weakness. chun SY. so I am going to play a game with that weakness. a game I can win for sure. Han: are you going to play a game with someone loving someone. JK says yes. you lost that game too. I wanted to see you a long time so why did you mess with me

the museum staff find out about the broken glass. the guy reports how the CCTV was broken. the security doesn’t know how the door to the museum opened so they are restoring it now. the guy in charge says thank goodness nothing from the museum was missing. also I discovered a valuable/precious photo. it’s a photo from 1910. the guy in charge says it was taken when the university was set up so maybe that person is among them. the one who donated all those valuable stuff in the museum to establish the school. the one who gave tuition fees and donated whenever they were in a financial crisis. it would have been difficult to make the museum without him. they decide to display the photo during the 100 year anniversary. it’s an old photo of MJ

Jang and MJ are walking. Jang asks why did you have to go that far? she must have been so alarmed. MJ: she must have been. Jang: she didn’t run away? MJ: no. even when I told her to run away. Jang: still – why did you have to tell her that. like I said – you should have made it clean and just move away and stop contact. by any chance couldn’t you erase her memory. MJ: huh? erase what memory? Jang: that comes out in movies. when an alien presses down on the head, it erases people’s memories. cant you do that? MJ: it’s a movie. Jang says but you have the ability to make time stop and transport and everything so why don’t you have that ability. you really don’t have it? MJ says I dont have it. Jang: it’s so nice when they press down and all memory is erased. MJ: I said I don’t have it. Jang: even the abilty you have now you don’t know when it will disappear. it works when it does and doesn’t work when it doesn’t. now it’s Bulbobok (random chance) it makes me uneasy

they sit and talk. MJ asks what can I do from here on. I have to leave soon. she cant go with me and I cant stay. wouldnt the best thing to do is for me to disappear well. cuz now there is no place I can live here. eating a meal together, going for walks, congratulating her on a good day -since I cant do those things. that woman – even when I am gone – so she is able to eat delicious things, go for walks, waiting for a good day, so she can live well- doing what I can do for her. Jang asks what is it that you can do for her?

flashback to MJ offering JK -I will do what you want. don’t you want me to take the blame for everything and disappear. I will do that, then will you stop here

Jang asks what is it (that you can do for her)

Bokja tells her to eat some sweet potatoes – you love them. SY says I cant eat anything. Bokja: this is a big problem. you are suffering from lovesickness. what did that man say. SY says you cant tell anyone. she makes Bokja pinky swear and more. Bokja: tell me. SY: he said he was an alien. arent you surprised. you aren’t laughing either? Bokaj thinks he is avoiding. when I first confessed I liked a guy- he said I am going to the army but I saw him at a club a month later getting set up with a girl from another table. second guy said I am immigrating but a year later she caught him eating somewhere. the most overwhelming case was the guy who said he was going to be a monk but he got married not too later at church. SY: so were all those guys lying? bokja: yes cuz of me, but this case is going too far. he said he was an alien. SY: there wasn’t just one or two things that were strange though. even when he said that – a glass case shattered in front of me. Bokja thinks maybe he is one of those people who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens and got powers. SY: I don’t believe that stuff. does that make sense? Bokja: you have less pride than I thought. how much did you cling for him to lie like that -that he is an alien. if that isn’t 100% a lie then he has lost his mind. SY gets up and says I cant leave this alone. I have to confirm

SY sneaks onto a cliff and says if he comes here then I will admit he was right. she yells DMJ help me – I am in danger. other people think she is crazy. she says i knew this. what kind of an alien is he. some superman

in class MJ is taking roll when SY shows up and sits in the back. he ends class and after everyone leaves SY goes down and asks try to go out. if you are an alien can you not leave if I bock your path. cant you transport. he leaves

he tells her people are watching. she wants him to try to fly. she keeps saying you arent right. dont you leave. if you leave I will yell you are an alien. you see everyone is staring at me. if i yell that it will be all over the SNS. did you trust me. you shouldnt have. if you go alone i will yell and call the police and tell them there is an alien so prepare. you saw me as an easy woman. I do whatever I say I will. he asks what do you want. she says have a meal with me.

she drives and says I will decide where we eat. he asks why get on the highway

during their meal she asks can’t you part the sea and stuff? MJ: stop it. SY points out how well he eats certain food like kimchi. do aliens eat that stuff too? you don’t recharge your energy from electricity and other stuff? then she pinches his cheek and asks your skin doesn’t peel off or anything? she lists how aliens have green blood and stuff so he gets mad and says my skin doesn’t peel off, my blood is red, and also people from my star have way better looks than you guys. cuz of ridiculous movies like Aliens – they make aliens seem bizarre- after watching movies like that I wasn’t frustrated just once or twice. she just smiles and offers soju. he says we brought a car, but she says we can go after we sober up and drinks

they walk by the water. SY: let me ask one thing. you asked me before who I was. flashback to the rooftop when SY replied -did you just ask me who I was? you still don’t know me – I am Chun SY. MJ said: yes you are chun SY – you couldn’t be that girl. SY:who is that girl? does she resemble me? SY asks was it that girl from back then – the owner of the hair pin. he says yes. SY: if she was the owner of the hair pin then her hairstyle was braided down the back. did you like younger looking type? I didn’t see you like that. MJ: are you curious about that? SY: that wasn’t the point. was she pretty? if she resembled me then she was. but was that really all of it. that the girl you liked resembled me a lot – was that all. MJ says yes. it started out as a misunderstanding (mistaken identity). you looked too much like her so it pulled me in – made me curious – and made me want to confirm/check. so I ended up next to you, but at some point, I realized you don’t resemble that kid. if I had liked you even a little, even though I realized you weren’t that girl - some feelings should have remained, but there was nothing left at all. SY: nothing was left at all. MJ: yes. SY: not even for one moment – you didnt like me?

flashback to when MJ stepped closer to her on the balcony and then when he covered her up with a blanket. she asks not once your heart felt fluttered for me. you never worried about me sincerely? doesnt matter with that girl – not even once – you didnt like me? he remembers more times when he showed that he liked her. she asks you didnt imagine a future with me even once? MJ: must you hear an answer. SY: yes. answer clearly. MJ says not once. but is that important. instead of me being an alien or living 400 yrs – is that what is important. she says more than all those things – the guy she likes – it’s imp that he liked her even once. over the girl he liked. isnt that obvious. you are the guy i like. i liked DMJ -the man living next to me. I liked you sincerely. but if you looked at me cuz of some other girl. that’s anguishing. if he liked me over some other girl then I will fold it up (get over her feelings) he says you thought well. she says i wont bother you again so dont worry. if i call you or go look for you then cut me off like a knife. even though i wont do those things anymore. she leaves him alone and walks away

they drive home in silence and she goes into her home first.

MJ is giving a lecture in class about anger.

SY is throwing a fit in her room cuz he doesnt like her and doesnt have any feelings for her

MJ talks about reality. she cant believe he doesnt like her and is an alien. she thinksthere is a hidden camera

MJ says third is denial. SY says he wasnt my type. he might really be an alien. he is a nut job

MJ says fourth is being sad. SY cries while she is eating. SY says this isnt tears. YJ says she is crazy these days

SY works out to look prettier.

MJ says how a person goes through sadness and stuff to recover. to meet a better guy.

Jang tries to get MJ to eat but MJ cant eat.

MJ says how the man is way more tormented than the woman

Jang calls and says to MJ – your home is going to sell. someone showed up and is willing to pay more than the asking price. a young person is nearby and is dropping by. he must be there. MJ is on the phone and opens the door and it’s HK so MJ tells Jang I wont sell to him. Jang say but he already paid more than the asking price. MJ says to HK – I wont sell to you. HK says whoever you sell to – I will buy this house. MJ gets mad and breaks the dish. he hears HK telling SY he is going to buy the home next door and she said to go ahead.

MJ quotes something about dust. is settling your heart the same as putting your desk in order. thank goodness she is being cool and sorting her feelings well.

SY tells HK about a new role a new character she is going to play.

from his home MJ can hear their conversation. she says a detective came to see me and asked if Han had a man and if he wasn’t MJ. but to tell the truth I know who it was. JK was the one who dated han. so I told the detective. since it was related to the case I told. HK asks cuz you didnt want to get help from MJ. SY worries that JK will be upset

Park and Yoo are checking CCTV cameras as JK sits in his car and watches them. JK texts MJ and says keep your promise in a hurry. I will give you 4 days to keep your promise.

Park is upset cuz there is no evidence of JK and Han together. he thinks maybe SY made it up. Yoo shows him the phone call list. the days that JK was on a break matches the same as Han. park asks for CCTV for the toll gate.

HK pretends he left something in JK’s car and gets the keys. HK checks the places JK drove to.

SY remembers how MJ said there was no other reason to save you other than you resembling the owner of this hair pin. she goes inside the museum. she finds out the incident with the hairpin was the reason why it’s not here anymore. she tries to ask about the owner of the hairpin and as she turns to leave, she sees an old photo and MJ is there looking the same. some girls are saying how good looking MJ was even though he was over a 100 yrs old. SY stops the girls from taking a photo. then she asks the curator who the people are in the photo. he says people who helped a lot when this museum was first built.

SY’s mom tells Saemi’s mom how SY is going to do a movie. Saemi’s mom says how that would be hard since SY doesnt have an agency so her mom says she has an agency made just for her. she tells Saemi’s mom to worry cuz her daughter is making a come back. SY’s mom is asked to pay before she leaves

MJ hears SY saying outside his door – should I say it or not. why should I tell him? forget it. he watches her on the monitor pacing back and forth.

MJ goes out and she runs away into her home. she left a note to say go to the museum cuz there is a photo for the 100 year anniversary. dont try to know who I am no matter what. he reads it and cant help smiling

MJ goes to the museum and makes his photo go away

Park says he found something that Han and JK went to the same resort. then he asks where are you going. Yoo says how the pen could have been a gift to a friend so Park says we have to find out about it.

SY’s mom is talking to JK about the contract. she is making it without SY knowing. she is going to tell SY while she is busy with the movie. JK says do that but I need to know her schedule. her mom says of course

YJ says i heard you are doing a movie. he thinks she doesnt like this role cuz she has a one sided love. she says how she will show them well.

on the movie set, there is wire set up and instructions to be careful. the lackey is the one working on the wire staff

Park asks if Yoo found out anything. Yoo says no. he gets a call and goes out to see MJ

MJ asks if Yoo is ok now. Yoo says I was curious why you wanted to see me last time. MJ says I have something to tell you.

Yoo went to interview the friend and found out MJ is the same person as Hahn Seo Jin – the dead owner of the pen

Yoo tells MJ – tell me what you want to say

SY’s mom finds out the lead is Saemi and SY is playing the friend. SY learns from the director how Saemi got this role for her. the first scene is a wire scene for SY. Saemi’s mom asks SY to do well next to Saemi. SY’s mom is upset so SY says you always said that to her. her mom yells whose side are you on

Jang tries to stop MJ from going into the prosecutor’s office. Jang says are you crazy? why are you thinking of doing that? MJ says: or else i have to kill Lee JK -kill him or make him stop. one out of the two. or else SY could die. she told the detective about JK and Han’s relationship. there is no time

JK is on the phone and says he is nice and keeps his promise well. take care of chun SY.

SY is getting ready for her wire scene. director asks if she can do this herself without a stuntwoman. SY: you told me to do it. director says I said I would be grateful if you did. cuz it makes it more real. SY:I have to do it.

MJ and Jang are in the interview room with Yoo and Park. MJ is here to give his statement. Yoo says what you say from here on will be recorded. do you agree. MJ: yes I agree. Yoo: start.

SY steps up and jumps through the air for her wire scene.
























you who came from the star ep 13 preview

you who came from the stars13

man from the stars13ep

You who came from the stars episode 13 recap by Javabeans

who came from the stars recap episode 13

you from the stars recap softy

dramabeans ep9 youfrom another star

came from the star ep13

you from the stars episode 13 recap

You from another stars ep13 recap


You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E12 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E12 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E12 Recap by Softy

Starts from MJ being hit with the car. as he flies through the air and lands on the ground, he closes his eyes. a car passes by and a couple pulls over and calls 911 and the police. the ambulance pulls up but MJ is gone. the couple said there was a young man who was bleeding just now

Saemi asks SY why she cant recognize him when he is right next to her. SY asks what are you saying. saemi asks are you curious. SY says no not at all. you like HK dont you. starting from when? Saemi admits ever since HK started liking SY. SY asks is that why you brought up that guy from 12 yrs. for 12 yrs you werent honest with me. during all that time you wanted me to break up with HK. that man is no longer important to me cuz it’s been 12 yrs ago. it happened the night my dad left. even if I recognize him I will do it myself so dont bring him up again in front of me. SY feels pity for Saemi and says dont try to make me go down to your low level. she walks out of the room and goes to her bedroom. she hears Saemi leaving

SY calls MJ but no answer. she texts I have something to say so call me.

she walks out and YJ comes in and gets a call. YJ ignores the call from a girl who likes her. SY asks arent you going to reply cuz she texted. YJ ignores the calls and texts so she hits him saying dont you think about the person who is calling. what is so hard to text or call.

SY goes in and remembers how saemi asked he is next to you so why dont you recognize him. SY decides not to be curious cuz if she is she loses

she goes and knocks on his door and panics when she sees the blood on the keypad. she goes inside and calls out for him. she finds him on the ground all bloody.

MJ is walking in a field when SY calls out to him across the river. she yells dont go. suddenly she is on the same side as him. he takes her hand.

SY calls out to him and asks what happened. he opens his eyes. she asks are you ok? let’s go to the hospital. he says no dont call them. I cant go to the hospital. she asks why – why cant you. no you will die like this. he passes out. she calls out to him – wake up -what do I do

Jang is taking care of MJ and SY asks is it ok to leave him alone like this. why is he like this.he wont die right. Jang says it would have been nice if he left it alone then this wouldnt have happened to him. Jang tells her to leave but she offers to stay till MJ wakes up. Jang says i didnt know if I should tell you this but MJ is leaving. she asks is he going far away – abroad. Jang says if you have feelings for him it would be good if you settled it now. go now.

she goes out of the room and sees the plant has all wilted again

she goes to the hall and crouches. then she paces in the hallways. Jang watches her through the monitor

JK tells her mom to look over the contract and seal it and send it to him. he gets a call and says ok. she asks is there something bothering you. he talks about his charity service at the animal hospital and a dog got out. he then pledges to support SY well

HK is outside and hears the lackey reporting to JK. lackey says he took the USB and saw MJ collapsed and saw the ambulance going to him. JK tells him to go and senses someone but HK already hid. his parents come over to take a walk. mom tells JK to go in and rest cuz he looks tired

Jang looks at MJ and wonders if he is having a good dream. he leaves MJ alone

MJ narrates I had a happy dream. SY leans over and kisses his cheek and tells him to wake up. they are acting like a newlywed couple. he catches stuff in the kitchen when she is about to break them. she tells him to just eat what she makes and enjoys it.

on the sofa they watch home shopping and he stops her from calling in orders.

they walk outside on the lake and play around chasing each other. he slip and falls and they both laugh as they make snow angels. they hold hands as they lay there.

on the way home she wants to buy ice cream. he says you will gain weight. she guesses she gained weight.

at night he hugs her as she sleeps

MJ: i realized a happy dream when I wake up makes me more miserable. it’s not good to have a happy dream

HK finds her outside MJ’s door and asks what are you doing here. he remembers what the lackey said how MJ collapsed but disappeared when the ambulance showed up. HK asks her did something happen to MJ. she asks how did you know that. he says anyone who sees your face would know why are you here like this

inside her home he asks what happened. she says dont tell anyone if he doesnt want to go to the hospital. her mom comes over and says I was going to call you HK. thank you. I heard from your brother that he is going to make an agency for SY. HK remembers MJ’s warning to protect SY from JK. her mom is surprised that HK doesnt know about it. HK says i didnt know. her mom says he brought a contract. you just need to sign it. SY says i wont so her mom says to HK to convince SY. HK says if she doesnt want to then dont. she thanks him

Park goes to question MJ but Jang says how MJ cant see him now. park says Yoo went to go meet MJ. Jang acts like a lawyer and points out park has no evidence to do this. park asks who are you. jang says MJ’s personal lawyer. if you have something to say call me. he gives Park his card

SY is at home and Park goes over there. he says I came cuz of your neighbor DMJ. I heard you were close. did you see MJ at the accident site (the boat). she says how could he go there only people with invitations. she remembers him being there and kissing him. she tells Park that MJ couldnt have gone there. park asks if there is anything strange about MJ and she says no. park says was there something between Han and MJ cuz Han had a man. SY says the two didnt even know each other. park asks then do you know anything else about Han’s guy.

during their meal HK watches JK take a call and his phone code to unlock it. when JK is in the shower HK tries to unlock the phone but JK comes in the room. HK asks about meeting SY’s mom. JK says yes. HK says SY doesnt want it. she doesnt like getting help from people. thanks anyway. JK says try to convince her. should I meet her. HK says no she is stubborn. when she doesnt want to she doesnt.

SY says I know the man Han was dating secretly. I saw them talking in secret. flashback to Han saying look forward to what I will tell them – you will be surprised too. Park writes down everything SY told him about Han and JK’s conversation. park thanks her and asks what her relationship is with MJ. she says i dont know either. could you leave now cuz I am tired

HK wrote down the number and calls the asylum but the caller says there is no one by that name

Jang asks if MJ is ok. MJ says I was hit by a car. jang asks why couldnt you stop it. MJ says i dont know either. i couldnt stop the car. my ability wouldnt do as I wanted. Jang guesses why. MJ says as the day to leave draws close i think my abilities are going away too. Jang says i already told SY that you are leaving and to settle her feelings. all this time I watched you get hurt and I couldnt stand by and watch you by doing nothing. in the past you blamed yourself for the death of that girl cuz you couldnt do anything. if you stay here and see her face every day it will be harder so how about leaving so you can put your heart in order

SY listens at the door but Jang comes out. she asks about MJ. she offers to stay and take care of him but MJ says it’s ok. I am going now to let out this home. I told you – i wish you would leave MJ alone. he gets on the elevator and leaves. she tries to get in but the code has been changed. she rings the bell. she cries and asks are you looking? are you ok? are you really ok? i have a lot to ask but now I am not curious at all. you are woken up now so it’s ok now. I miss you. MJ watches her and reaches out to touch her face on the screen

Park visits Yoo and asks how could you be terrorized like this. do you not remember anything. there were two vans parked by you to cover CCTV. only this old pen was found at the site. but I found out something new.

Yoo gets out of bed and his mom wonders why he doesnt rest longer. doctor tells Yoo to be careful. she asks what Park said that made Yoo get out of bed. park says Saemi is pretty cuz she takes after you

Saemi and her mom are talking. the mom says Han didnt commit suicide. if it comes out Han didnt commit suicide then what happens to SY. her mom doesnt like that SY might recover her career

saemi is meeting a director about the script. she asks if SY couldnt take the role. he says her incident hasnt been resolved. saemi says it will be soon. director admires her loyalty for standing by her friend. he wonders if SY will take the role of the friend of the lead so saemi says I always did that all my life

the realtor is showing MJ’s home and SY walks by. he brags that a celebrity lives here. his father said someone would be home. he rings again but no answer. SY tells them all the things that arent good about this place so the realtor tries to stop her. SY says nothing good happened after moving here. she coughs and acts sick as she goes in

Bok repeats what SY told her. that he cant go to the hospital -his father said he is moving and only has 2 months left and he is leaving. she wonders if SY shouldnt report him. she tells him to protect herself cuz she is chun SY. YJ comes in and he is walking in slow motion so Bok falls for him. she asks who he is. SY says my younger brother. bok says you get to see his face morning and night. so lucky. bell rings then HK walks in so Bok asks who is this flower boy. SY says you know him. it’s HK. Bok says he grew up this well. she asks dont you remember me. HK doesnt. she tries to remind him of her. HK brought food for SY so bok says you are so lucky

Park and Yoo go to meet JK. they repeat what SY said but wont reveal it was SY. park asks him to tell them what happened that night.

on that night lackey went to go get Han. she followed him. she meets JK alone to have their own liitle party. she wonders if he is doing this so she wont tell others. he tries to get her to drink but she wont (cuz she is pregnant) and he lies there is no alcohol. she says the fireworks are going to start. why are you staring at me. he says to look at you a lot. she wonders why his first wife did that to him. that is why she is being punished. dont worry I wont ever betray you. JK says yes you wont betray me. I know that. she ask does this not have alcohol cuz I feel drunk. he says you arent drunk. you are becoming numb. you will fall asleep soon. what you drank the medicine it can be explained later that you took it. you will just look like all those other celebrity suicides. she asks if he is joking. he says i am not joking. why did you do that. I wanted to see you for a long time. she runs outside.

she gets to the railing and tried to reach out to people but the lackey came over to her. she backs away from him and falls over the railing.

JK says I dont know what you heard but Han was just my department store model. nothing liike you said happened. i have a dinner appointment. he twirls his ring

JK meets with MJ and says it’s uncanny that you are fine. MJ says i will do what you want. I will take the blame for everything and disappear. so will you stop here then

SY looks over at his balcony and wonders if he is home. she wants to jump over but looks down and gets scared. she tells herself not to look down and crosses over to his place. halfway there she gets a call from MJ. he asks where are you. she says to see you I am going there. he asks to meet so she agrees and says let’s meet

*when I asked her to step up tonight in my intro, I certainly didn’t mean it this literally – cant believe she risked her life to go over to his side of the balcony like that (good thing that view below is CG )

she goes inside and dolls herself up.

MJ waits outside by his car. she comes out and waves at him. he gets into his car. she says what is this. he didnt open the door. since he didnt open it I can. it’s not like I dont have hands

she asks if he is ok. where are we going. he says you had something to ask me. she says i did but it doesnt matter. whatever your situation was in the past. it doesnt matter cuz you opened your eyes and are next to me. where are we going. this is a date right?

MJ remembers what what Jang said. isnt it better not to see her anymore. MJ says no. I only have two months left but I like her. he cried and said I like that woman

she asks two months later where are you going. somewhere far? europe? I go abroad a lot and was ok there (meaning she can adapt well) so if you are pushing me away just cuz you are going – it would be nice if you didnt

MJ cries and says to Jang: two months is good – one month is good too. I just want to be with her. if i cant leave – like you said even if I die here, like a happy dream – if I dont wake up – then I want to do that. couldnt i do that? couldnt i?

MJ took her to the museum. she asks arent we going to eat dinner. I am hungry. MJ says i warned you not to trust me. the man you are believing like a fool. I wanted to tell you who I am. she says you dont need to tell me if it’s a secret you are saying in such a scary way. he asks arent you curious who saved you 12 yrs ago. it was me that rescued you. there was no other reason – it was cuz you resembled the owner of this hair pin from 400 yrs ago. you resembled her a lot. she asks what do you mean 400 yrs ago the owner of the hair pin. she asks are you saying you lived 400 yrs ago. he says yes. i lived for 400 yrs here. I am an alien and couldnt go back home. she says let’s leave home now. you arent well. she turns to go but he makes the glass break and gets her attention. he steps closer and says you said it didnt matter who I was. I am this kind of person. does it still not matter?