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You Who Came From The Stars Episode 5 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 11 Recap
You Who Came From The Stars/my Love From The Star Episode 11 Recap
You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 10 Recap
You Who Came From The Stars/my Love From The Star Episode 10 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 10 Recap

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on the balcony they meet and SY says what did you do to me? MJ: what do you mean – do what? SY: you did something to me. you did. if you didn’t do anything then I wouldn’t be like this. MJ: talk so I understand. I was clearly trying to seduce you in 15 seconds but did I fall for you. MJ: what? SY: what do you think of me. no no dont answer. you will die if you answer. it’s cuz I am embarrassed so I will turn my back and talk-you just listen. I’m not someone who does this. I admit you made me grateful all this time. but I am not someone who cant tell the difference between gratefulness and that (other) feeling. if I just pick on gratefulness I am way more grateful to HK. but why do I – over what you said and your kiss – am I crazy? what do you think of me as a woman. no don’t answer if you answer you are dead. DMJ - did you leave. you can answer this. did you leave? she turns around and he is still there just looking at her. they keep staring at each other

she is eating noodles in front of Bok. Bok gives her instructions and says act like you will cry at any time and dont wear accessories and it would be good if you didnt wear makeup well. where are you going to do the press conference. SY gets a call about her shoes that she is trying to sell and yells into the phone those shoes aren’t a fake – SY got them in Milan

MJ is waiting in the cafe and sees the ambulance drive by. he hears what is going on at the parking garage and arrives to see Yoo being taken away by ambulance. then he sees JK in his car smiling at MJ

You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 9 Recap
You Who Came From The Stars/my Love From The Star Episode 9 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star Episode 9 Recap

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she gets ready and says I have to save him. she opens his shirt and starts to wipe his chest so he asks what are you doing. she says this is good for lowering the fever. he tells her to leave. she says to feel fortunate cuz it was her dream to be Helen keller – a nurse. so he corrects her – you meant Nightingale so she says don’t go into details. the point is my dream was to be a nurse and I’m acting like a nurse now. I have to lower your temp with a massage with lukewarm a towel -if you don’t want me to do that – do you want to do it yourself. he says please get out. she asks is it cuz of what happened yesterday (meaning the kiss) cuz you feel awkward. it’s not your fault. I warned you – I am a lump of chemistry – a lump of charm (attractiveness) I understand – you are a man too – so how could you help yourself. after you did the (kiss) if you are suddenly like this -then what am I? by any chance was it your first time? MJ: would that be? SY: at your age? what have you been doing all this time? what is this. I’m the one surprised by it- since it turned out this way- it makes me sorry. anyway i have to lower your fever so even if you are cold just endure it. why are you like this suddenlyy. she goes and opens the window

she goes to her brother’s room and says oppa I am curious about something. that guy caught on the CCTV -how old is he? he teaches at a college. does he have a twin? cant you find out what his relationship is with SY. Yoo says she is your friend so you ask. Sae says we arent friends anymore. Yoo says that’s strange. if you arent friends then why be curious. she asks him to just answer cuz it’s strange. he asks what is strange

MJ wakes up and his window is open. he goes over to close it. he finds SY sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. he asks what are you doing nurse. she asks did you wake up? i was worried and thought I should be near you but it was cold cuz of the window. he says it’s ok now so leave now. she cant unzip the sleeping bag so she gets offended that he doesnt need her anymore. she asks him to unzip it but he says just stay put then and leaves her there. she talks about being backstabbed. if I helped you when you were sick shouldnt you say thank you. you shouldnt live that way. I am going to count to 3 i wont put up with more than that. she is so loud so he unzips and says be quiet. it’s giving me a headache. she asks him to take her out of there so he carries her and drops her on the sofa. she curses at him.

You Who Came From the Stars Episode 8 Recap
You Who Came From The Stars Episode 8 Recap

You Who Came From the Stars Episode 8 Recap

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MJ says I dont drink. he asks if she is drunk already. she says no not at all. listen carefully. when all men see me they throw a fuss. when women see me they get jealous. he says if you arent drunk and are like this you should go to the hospital. she says i already went to the hospital and got a consult cuz of you. how could you say I am the same as a vase and dog. how could you not feel anything for me if you are human. just give me 15 seconds. my nickname is 15 seconds cuz I can grab a person’s interest in that time. if you give me 15 secs and there is no feeling then you can consider me a dog or vase. she starts the timer and makes poses to make him interested. time sort of slows as they stare at each other. she gives up, but he suddenly pulls her close and kisses her. she had her eyes open in shock then closes them and gives into the kiss.

Jang says I’m almost done with your death certificate, but I can’t settle your heart for you (meaning “get over your feelings” cuz Jang knows that MJ likes SY and that MJ wont be able to get over his feelings for her) MJ says i cant settle my feelings. I keep looking back. also I keep regretting. jang: what? MJ: not living like other people even once. spending morning and dinner with someone. going back home where someone is waiting. expressing liking someone sincerely - stuff like that. human who can’t live even a 100 yrs live doing all that and I made fun of it. stuff like that. everything in that small (short) beautiful warm life I now want to do it. what do I do?

"you Who Came From The Stars" Episode 7 Recap

"You Who Came From the Stars" Episode 7 Recap

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after her family leaves, he tells her to let go. she says why hate skinshp so much when you studied in america. didnt you have some friends. he warns he didnt say he would be her manager just asked how much. he asks her to look away so he can press his house code. she says i cant remember it anyway. she confides about the photo she got how she was told to die too. he takes her hand off his door, holds onto it and tells her to come inside and leads her in still holding her hand

she says how she was a star for 15 years but was ruined in 2 wks. everything disappeared like bubbles. he says you didnt do it so it’s ok. but she says how people arent nice.what do I do now. maybe I shouldnt have turned him down. my friend proposed today. she lists all the money she has to return from the Cf but he said he would protect me and my family and take care of me till I die. MJ: why did you turn that down. she wonders the same. he asks why regret turning it down. they insult each other. then she says stick with me starting from tm. MJ: stick with yuo? I will think it over

“You who came from the stars”: Episode 5 Recap
“You Who Came From The Stars”: Episode 5 Recap

“You who came from the stars”: Episode 5 Recap

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LWK takes him home where SY’s mother makes a dinner for them and is nice to LWK and SY’s brother gets angry and leaves. The awful mother tells him how every woman wants for a man to prtect her. SYcomes to her agency only to have people to make faces at her and hear the Ceo to talk about the dropping of sponsors and CFs. She goes in and tells him she will do her job no matter what and goes on the filming side. But it looks there is problem because they tell her manager she doesn’T have a filming today. I think she is angry and drops the drama and goes through all her sponsors and jobs only to be denied everywhere. She plays strong at says she finally has no schedule and wants to go somewhere in her free time only to be refused there as well. LWK’s brother looks at the photos from the wedding and sees SY having YR’s clucth. SY is eating with Semi who offers hers support, Semi recieves a message from the pD of the drama and lies its her mother who wants her to meet her and SY tells her to go. SY get s call from LWK’s brother who asks where she is and she tells him to wait that she will come out only for him to tell her he knows where she lives and invites himself for coffee. MJ sees him garage and realises he is the man he saw at the ship with the ring. The detective stops him and wants to atlk with him. He dirives him, probably to the station, it’S raing (the scne from the BTS photos).The detective chats about his studies at Hrvard while the brother is in the elevator

MJ dozes of rememering the ring on hyung’s brother awhile SY opens the door and invites him in. MJ is uneasy and gets out from the car running in the rain, jumping over cars to get to SY….ENd

Epilogue – the extended scene of MJ and SY talking at the balcony as she cries how pretty she is at the billboard and we see how MJ steps closer to her

Upcoming “Running 
guy” Episode to Feature Korea’s Representative Sports Stars and More!
Upcoming “running Guy” Episode To Feature Korea’s Representative Sports Stars And More!

Upcoming “Running guy” Episode to Feature Korea’s Representative Sports Stars and More!

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“< robust>Running guy” is going to air any other a laugh, supernatural powers episode, and this time it’ll guest some of Korea’s representative sports superstars!

Former basketball player < robust>Hyun Joo Yeob, former football player < robust>Song Jong Gook, volleyball player < robust>Kim Yeon Kyung, pro bowler < robust>Shin Soo Ji, and representative e-sports superstar< robust> Hong Jin Ho will seem at the display, with special seemances from other execs as they summ at their supernatural powers.

This episode’s idea enables the visitors and the “Running guy” solid participants to bring out their psychic powers so as to stand execs that specialise in the games that they come upon.

“The Girl Who Sees Smells” Stars Say Thanks to Fans After Final Episode
“the Girl Who Sees Smells” Stars Say Thanks To Fans After Final Episode

“The Girl Who Sees Smells” Stars Say Thanks to Fans After Final Episode

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On May 21, through her agency FNC Entertainment, actress Yoon Jin Seo also made a statement about the end of the show. I was so grateful and happy to have met, through this great work, the great director and writer, staff, my colleagues, and the sunbae and hoobae actors.

To the fans of the show, she adds, I was truly touched as an actor when so many viewers expressed their hope that Yeom Mi would be okay after she was kidnapped.

SBS Entertainment Show
Sbs Entertainment Show "running Man" Episode 238 Recap

SBS Entertainment Show "Running Man" Episode 238 Recap

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We open at the SBS building, where we waste no time in meeting today’s guests aka our water fairies: actresses Kim Seo-hyung (A New Leaf, Empress Ki) and Ye Ji-won(Cantabile Tomorrow). Seo-hyung immediately brings on the laughs by striking a hilariously confident pose without saying a word. Ha, just take a look at that expression.

Ji-won also happens to be Jae-suk’s college classmate, though tries to avoid the same-year association by greeting Jae-suk as “oppa.” Then she momentarily forgets herself a second later when saying that “Jae-suk-ie” is the most popular alumnus in their year.

This week’s Water Fairy Race is to promote and create awareness of the upcoming 7th World Water Forum taking place in Daegu in April. The team breakdown is as follows: Gray (Seo-hyung, Jong-kook, Haha), Blue (Ji-won, Jae-suk, Kwang-soo) and Black (Ji-hyo, Suk-jin, Gary).

tvN Drama
Tvn Drama "superdaddy Yeol" Episode 2 Recap

tvN Drama "Superdaddy Yeol" Episode 2 Recap

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She ends up in some nearby batting cages, holding a bat with the look of someone who hasn’t picked one up for a while. Yeol’s voice comes back to her, telling her that the worst thing to do is go down and take your team with you. We flash back to a time when Yeol taught her how to swing a bat, and both of them look happy and relaxed. The best player, he says, is the self-sacrificial batter who strikes out but hits with runners scoring, because while he goesdown, he saves everyone else.

In the present, every ball she hits gives her satisfaction. But a tear slides down her cheek all the same. Sa-rang texts her that she wants a bike for her birthday. Another flashback shows mom teaching Sa-rang to ride. Sa-rang begs her not to let go, but mom does, and she crashes. Mi-rae realizes that what her daughter needs isn’t a bike, but a person to be with her.

The next day, the cancer patient tells Mi-rae she’s decided against chemo, and wants to spend that time with her family instead. She says that even if she’s gone, she wants her husband to protect their child. Mi-rae asks, what would happen if there were no father, no other family, only a mom?