Yoon Si Yoon talks about his new drama ‘The Best Shot’ with ‘Allure’

Yoon Si Yoon talks about his new drama ‘The Best Shot’ with ‘Allure’

Actor Yoon Si Yoon recently posed for fashion magazine ‘Allure’,where he talked about his new drama ‘The Best Shot’!

The actor completed the boyfriend look dressed in trendy denim clothes, grinning at the camera.

He will be acting alongside Cha Tae Hyun in the role of Yoo Hyun Jae, a top star from the 90s. Yoon Si Yoon commented on preparing for his character, “I took the late Deux member Kim Sung Jae into consideration in preparing for my role. Compared to the other artists during that time, he seemed to be on a different level. He also wore stylishclothes back then. He was my favorite singer and I thought hard on ‘what would it be like if he were still alive today?'”

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Yoon Si Yoon also mentioned how he felt somewhat overwhelmed working with well-known figures like Cha Tae Hyun and producer Yoo Ho Jin. “I do feel a bit burdened since my co-stars have been in the spotlight before. However, our goal is not specifically geared toward reaching high viewer ratings but to be the buzz in town among young people,” he shared.

Fans can watch the first episode of ‘The Best Shot’ when it airs this coming June 2!

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