YG Entertainment Releases New K-Pop Idol Video Game!

YG Entertainment Releases New K-Pop Idol Video Game!

You read correctly and it is no joke – YG Entertainment will be releasing a K-Pop idol video game app for the Andriod and iPhone play store! The app has been named ‘BeatEVO YG.’

Get ready to become a K-Pop idol manager and run your own team and even your own company with your favorite YG Artists such as Black Pink, 2NE1, Big Bang, PSY, Lee Hi, AKMU and more!

The app,’BeatEVO YG,’ already released an official website as well as a Facebook page that has over 100K likes. While there haven’t been any more official announcements regarding the app or an official release date, the app is set to be released within this year!

The game consists of the popular Rhythm-tap genre/style of games where the player picks their favorite artists and match up with the beat as they tap their way to victory and enjoy watching their favorite artist’s MVs. The player is able to manage, upgrade and level up their artists and collect player cards! The game features dialogue from artists as well and is currently available in Korean and English. More languages and developments are expected after the beta. Check out a preview clip down below!

Are you ready to become the next big manager of YG? Check out the official website HERE!