HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 4

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hogu's Love' Episode 4

To date, the maximum obvious reason for Do-hee"s reckless resolution to bring a kid into the arena is that she just sought after a salve for her own loneliness. Hogu inadvertently discovers here that her motivation is in reality fairly different- or even more sad. Up till now i presumed that Do-hee no less than understood she used to be unhappy, yet the deficient girl hasn"t even figured out that much. No wonder the episode ends with Hogu"s pathetic sobbing.

Relatively little time is really spent specializing in Do-hee"s painful childbirth- despite the truth that what we do see is certainly ample to encourage pity in the woman. Which bizarrely enough is, I think, the most important explanation why Hogu won"t surrender on her. The alternative ladies in his lifestyles were selfish, but more importantly, they didn"t want him. Do-hee"s insane decision to head via all of this on my own is, except Hogu"s epiphany, utterly inexplicable. In the meantime, though, he can"t quit on her. Hogu can"t abandon a friend.

While the glaring emotional climax is the reason for Do-hee"s life, the snippets we get of the other 3 characters might neatly be similarly important. Take Hogu"s paintings as a penciller, in the primary place. Hogu can make excellent work, but more importantly, he has gained genuine, goal evaluate for quite some time. The bizarre parody flashback, while funny in its peculiar staging, also aptly explains why Hogu doesn"t feel the want to prostrate himself for work. Hogu knows what he can do.

As for Ho-kyeong, she can put men in their place- a prospect the mildly psychotic girl obviously relishes. And Kang-cheol, well, he knows how to seem like a winner. For those two, it"s principally the procedure that matters. whilst these desires aren"t precisely noble, they"re actually achievable. Yet as we see here, Do-hee can"t be happy with the rest this simple. That"s what makes the finishing here feel so tragic. If Hogu wasn"t in the picture, I"d be genuinely scared for the baby"s welfare.

"Hogu"s Love" continues, back and again, to hearth on all marks. In precisely two episodes the drama has completely flipped the total lot we concept we knew about Do-hee on its head, while still being perfectly in keeping with everything we"ve observed of the girl so far. Hogu actually is a champ- in his mind, Do-hee is value scuffling with for, now not because she"s a star, but because Do-hee wishes the help, whether she"s willing to confess it or not. And there"s jokes too? Geez, I genuinely do not know how the drama"s in a position to do this.

Review by William Schwartz

"Hogu"s Love" is directed by Pyo Min-soo, written by Yoon Nan-joong and lines Park Soon-cheon, UEE, Choi Woo-sik, Seulong, Lee Soo-kyeong-I, Jeong Won-joong and lots of more.

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A channel is rarely a certain bet, yet SBS does appear to put more price on cinematic quality, diversity of plots and just right presentation of its series. Having had a couple of popular series this year already and typically being a channel that produces some smart quality works, here is anything to be at liberty about.

The chemistry

Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Jeon Ji-hyeon starred in the box place of job hit "The Thieves" together, which approach that they have already got a rapport and a showed excellent chemistry. for the explanation that Min-joon is largely older than Song-i, it's miles appealing to peer how the actors" chemistry will paintings when their characters" energy dynamics are the opposite of what their genuine age would suggest.

The premise

Assuming it'll no longer handiest be there for the sake of being there, it can be offering interesting things to the plot and persona development. If age difference is explored for how it can have an effect on a romance, age difference of a few hundred years plus a difference in species is beautiful out there. It might be interesting to see how all this is treated and if the 2 leads may have a glad ending.

Final mind

The teasers and promotional subject material out up to now are most commonly going for a myth melo tone. whilst the presentation and narrative taste have an air of seriousness around them, they aren't taking a look melodramatic or soapy, which would possibly mean we are in for an impressive atypical fairytale. If they make maximum out of the forged and premise without shedding the ball on how they use the fantasy element, this would finally finish up an overly entertaining fantasy romance series.

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