Park Bo Young to take her first drama lead role in 9 years in tvN

Park Bo Young to take her first drama lead role in 9 years in tvN"s "Oh My Ghost"

Park Bo Young likely to make her comeback to the drama land through tvN"s upcoming drama "Oh My Ghost"(working title).

According to tvN on April 14th, Park Bo Young has been offered to play as the female lead in "Oh My Ghost", but her appearance has yet to be confirmed as she"s still considering it positively.

If she accepts the offer, this will be her first drama lead role in 9 years. Her last appearance in a drama was only a cameo in SBS"s "Star Lover" in 2008.

"Oh My Ghost will focus on the love story between a naughty and lustful young female ghost and a chef who does not believe in ghosts. For this drama, director Yoo Je Won and scriptwriter Yang Hee Seung who worked on "High School King of Savvy" will join hands with each other again.

"Oh My Ghost" is scheduled to follow "Ex-Girlfriend Club" and broadcast in July.



[Video] Park Jin-young reveals newest song

[Video] Park Jin-young reveals newest song

Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment revealed his new song "Who"s Your Mama?" during "K-Pop Star".Park also sits on the judges panel of the show.

The song instantly topped nine real-time music charts such as Melon, Bugs and Naver Music, pushing aside "Only You" by Miss A, a girl group Park himself has produced music for. The song comes seven months after his last six-track album, "Half Time", came out.The lyrics of the song praise a woman who has what the protagonist deems as the perfect figure with a 24-inch waist and 34-inch hips. Female rapper Jessi, who gained popularity by appearing on the survival show for female rappers "Unpretty Rapstar", features on the song, which was written by Park. In the music video, Park dances with female dancers wearing tight clothes in a gym. The 43-year-old singer made his solo debut in 1994 with the album "Blue City". Since then he has written and sung many hit songs such as "Honey", and "You"re the One". By Jin Min-ji


Park Bo Young to possibly make comeback in the drama

Park Bo Young to possibly make comeback in the drama "Oh My Ghost"

Park Bo Young to possibly make comeback in the drama

Beautiful and talented actress Park Bo Young is finally considering a drama instead of a movie as her comeback production!

On April 14, a tvN representative told X Sports News, "We are currently waiting for Park Bo Young"s response to her offer for the new Friday-Saturday drama "Oh My Ghost" for the main role of the timid Na Bong Sun."

This is big because the last time Park Bo Young was in a drama was back in the 2008-2009 drama "Star"s Lover". She has had many lead roles in popular movies, but if she takes on this role, it will be her first time playing the lead character in a drama.

The drama is said to be an occult romantic comedy about a female ghost who has taken over the body of a timid girl with zero confidence named Na Bong Sun and a guy named Kang Sun Woo who doesn"t believe in ghosts. The drama is set to air in July.

Do you hope to see Park Bo Young taking on this role? And if so, which actor do you want her to be paired up with?


Actress Park Bo Young in Talks for Her First-Ever Drama Lead

Actress Park Bo Young in Talks for Her First-Ever Drama Lead

Fans may be able to see actress Park Bo Young make her return to the small screen this summer!

It has been reported that Park Bo Young is currently in talks to take on her first-ever lead role in a drama since her debut as an actress nine years ago.

On April 14, a representative of the actress’s agency, Fides Spatium, revealed to TV Report, “Park Bo Young is positively reviewing a casting offer for the lead female role in ‘Oh My Ghost’ (working title). She is currently in the middle of filming for her movie ‘The Cry of Passion’ so she has not yet been able to confirm her acceptance or rejection of the offer. She still needs to make adjustments to her schedule.”

The drama will tell the love story of a lustful young female ghost and a snobby chef that doesn’t believe in such things as ghosts.

Meanwhile, “Oh My Ghost” is expected to begin airing around the middle of July.



[Video] Park Jin Young Leaps Over miss A and Tops Music Charts with Whos Your Mama

[Video] Park Jin Young Leaps Over miss A and Tops Music Charts with Whos Your Mama

--> Pushing his own artist out of the way, Park Jin Young topped the online music charts with his latest hit.

[Video] Park Jin Young Leaps Over miss A and Tops Music Charts with ′Who′s Your Mama?′

As of April 13, Park Jin Young′s new song, Who′s Your Mama?, is placed at the top of nine music charts, which include Mnet, Melon, Monkey3, Genie, Bugs, Daum Music, Naver Music, Soribada and Olleh Music.

This latest update has stopped miss A′s stream of music chart number ones with Only You, which was released March 30. However, Only One is still placed second in majority of the charts, allowing both JYP artists to sit side-by-side at the top.

Park Jin Young made his stage comeback with Who′s Your Mama? on SBS′ K-Pop Star on April 12.

Park Jin Young′s digital single, 24/34 was released on April 12 as well.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment


[Video] Park Jin Young Drops 19+ Teaser Video for Whos Your Mama Feat. Jessi

[Video] Park Jin Young Drops 19+ Teaser Video for Whos Your Mama Feat. Jessi

--> Collaborating with one of the hottest ladies right now, Park Jin Young or J.Y Park, released a teaser for his newest song Who′s Your Mama.

[Video] Park Jin Young Drops 19+ Teaser Video for ′Who′s Your Mama′ Feat. Jessi

The teaser was released on April 10, showing sexy ladies in bikinis at a beach as Park Jin Young struts down after them. Jessi of Lucky J, most known for Mnet′s Unpretty Rapstar was also featured in the music video.

Park Jin Young′s Who′s Your Mama will be released on April 12.

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment


Park Ha Sun And Ryu Soo Young Are The Latest K-Drama Couple

Park Ha Sun And Ryu Soo Young Are The Latest K-Drama Couple

Park Ha Sun and Ryu Soo Young

Although news of the relationship between Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae generated headlines this weekend, they were not the only k-drama couple to go public with their relationship.

Park Ha Sun and her "Two Weeks" co-star Ryu Soo Young have admitted that they are dating.

The actors confirmed their relationship after the Korean magazine "Woman Sense" published an article saying that they started seeing each other a year after they worked together on "Two Weeks." The article said that Ryu Soo Young wanted to reveal the relationship but Park Ha Sun wanted to be careful. So he honored her wishes.

According to his agency, Will Entertainment, the couple has been dating for more than five months.

"We don"t know if they"re thinking of marriage but they are happily dating," said a Will Entertainment representative.

According to her agency, SL Entertainment, the actors naturally became a couple after meeting on the set of a drama.

When the actors appeared in the thriller "Two Weeks," Park Ha Sun played the ex of Lee Jun Ki"s loser character. Until he showed up in her life again, she was dating the detective Im Seung Woo played by Ryu Soo Young. Im was a supportive boyfriend unlike her ex. But at the drama"s end she chose her reformed ex over the supportive second lead. In dramas that"s nothing new but in real life, Park Ha Sun chose Ryu Soo Young.

Both actors have been busy since they appeared in "Two Weeks." He played Han Gwang Hoon in the drama "Endless Love" and now he"s playing Park Hyun Seo in the vampire medical drama "Blood."

Park Ha Sun has been even busier than her boyfriend. She followed "Two Weeks" with roles in "Potato Star 2013QR3" and "Drama Festival "Yi Sang, That Yi Sang." Then she played Park Yoochun"s police officer friend in the thriller "Three Days" and Kwon Sang Woo"s unforgiving wife in the melodrama "Tempation."

The actors also both appeared on the variety program "Real Men." Ryu Soo Young was one of the show"s original members. He encouraged Park Ha Sun to appear on the female soldier special. After recommending that she take the part, he offered her advice and tips to survive the show. Fans are already calling them the "Real Man" couple.

Ryu Soo Young previously said that Park Ha Su was his ideal woman.

Park was rumored to be dating actor Ryu Deok Hwan, although she said they were merely childhood friends. Park and Ryu Deok Hwan played siblings in the movie "The Last Blossom."


Pinocchio Finale Review: Kim Young Gwang Hugs Park Shin Hye for the Last Time

Pinocchio Finale Review: Kim Young Gwang Hugs Park Shin Hye for the Last Time

Pinocchio Finale Review: Kim Young Gwang Hugs Park Shin Hye for the Last Time

In the last episode of Pinocchio, Seo Bum Jo(played by Kim Young Gwang) hugged Choi In Ha(played by Park Shin Hye) for the last time.

Bum Jo was released after Park Lo Sa(played by Kim Hae Sook) got arrested. He asked Ki Ha Myung(played by Lee Jong Suk) to let him borrow In Ha for 30 minutes.

Bum Jo said to In Ha, I was going to give you your birthday gift but I never had a chance. I was going to tell you this. Happy birthday, Choi In Ha. I missed you so much. Choi In Ha. Im glad I met you. In Ha asked, Are you still glad you met me? Bum Jo smiled and answered, Of course.

Bum Jo hugged In Ha and said, I would have regretted if I didnt hug you. Im going to go now for real. Goodbye.


KBS2 Drama

KBS2 Drama "Healer" Is Half-Finished, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young Enter A Dangerous New Chapter

Halftime Report: “Healer”

The KBS2's drama "Healer" has been half-way done with its journey.  Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young are getting ready to explore new bleeding scenes. Let's take a few seconds to review its trip.

After the first two episodes of “Healer,” I was intrigued but not entirely sold. The decades-spanning plot was ambitious, and the introduction of the broad cast of characters didn’t leave enough time to establish a clear thematic center. Don’t get me wrong—I really enjoyed the first two episodes. But after watching them, I felt like I wouldn’t know if I actually liked “Healer” until I had seen more.

Well, we’ve passed the halfway point of 10 episodes now, and I can confidently say that I really like “Healer.” A lot. It’s a pitch-perfect blend of action, comedy, romance, and suspense, and every episode is just a pure joy to watch.

In my First Impressions article, I discussed how much I loved Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae’s characters, while Ji Chang Wook’s titular Healer remained too enigmatic for me to really have an opinion of him. Ten episodes in, Healer, a.k.a. Jung Hoo (a.k.a. Bong Soo) has blossomed into a wonderful character.

It was established early on that Jung Hoo had no fondness for other people, but the revelations of why that was so really broke my heart. Abandoned by his mother after his father seemingly committed suicide, Jung Hoo grew up lonely and angry, constantly getting into trouble for fighting. After a stint in juvie, he was taken under the wing of his father’s old friend Young Jae (Oh Kwang Rok), who taught him how to be a night courier, and then left. The absolute loneliness that Jung Hoo feels, and his self-enforced separation from society, makes perfect sense in light of how deeply he’s been hurt—and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. His confession to Young Jae that he fears that he will eventually turn to suicide like his father was just wonderful, and so well-played by Ji Chang Wook, who’s really impressing me in this role.

healer ji chang wook park min young final

Jung Hoo may be an essentially dramatic character, but he’s a great source of comedy as well, especially in his romance with Young Shin, which is beyond delightful. Bong Soo, his bumbling, timid undercover persona, is such a hoot, and Ji Chang Wook’s comedic rapport with Park Min Young is fantastic (as is everything about her performance!). I could watch an entire episode of her bossing him around and protecting him. Their developing romantic feelings are also handled really well. The only problem with the love triangle between Bong Soo, Young Shin, and Healer is that I can’t decide if I want her to ultimately choose her mysterious protector or her dorky hoobae. But whichever version of Jung Hoo loses, the viewers win. These two are an absolute blast to watch together.

healer ji chang wook park min young 2 final

And what of Moon Ho, the hotshot reporter who is the most directly involved in the main plot? He may not have his own swoonworthy romance (I honestly find his ex-girlfriend, ably played by Woo Hee Jin, sort of dull), but I still love watching him. Of our three main characters, he’s the one who knows the most—both about just who Some Day News is going up against, and also about the past events that connect him, Young Shin, and Jung Hoo. Yoo Ji Tae’s portrayal of an energetic, fiercely intelligent man who always has one foot in the past is just masterful. Seeing Moon Ho digging desperately for the truth of what happened 20 years ago, going up against his hugely powerful hyung in the process, is just as exciting as any of Healer’s flashy adventures.

healer yoo ji tae final

But the joy of “Healer” is that we get everything—we have a huge conspiracy, we have the mystery of what happened 20 years ago, we have an idealistic fight to expose corruption, we have action, romance, and comedy. Thanks to the combination of all of these elements, the result is an addictive, hugely enjoyable drama. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What are your thoughts on “Healer” so far? Let us know in the comments below!