Watch: B1A4 Turns Into Hwarang In Preview For Ask Us Anything

Watch: B1A4 Turns Into Hwarang In Preview For Ask Us Anything

B1A4 will be appearing on Ask Us Anything before their comeback this month!

A preview was released on September 9 with all five members entering the shows classroom set in school uniforms. As soon as they entered, everyone in the room turned quiet. The caption on the video implies that the members of the show are disappointed by male guests, and Lee Soo Geun suggested, Change into your gym clothes. Lets go outside and play foot volleyball.

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When Kang Ho Dong asked Min Kyung Hoon what B1A4 stands for, Min Kyung Hoon made everyone laugh by replying, Doesnt it mean four active-duty soldiers and one public service worker? This is a play on words, as the first letters in the words active-duty soldier and public service worker in Korean are often transcribed into English as the letters A and B respectively.

The preview shows CNU performing a bit of a song from his musical and Baro acting like a zombie. It also shares a glimpse of B1A4 and the guys of Ask Us Anything trying to put an end to the curse of the princess who happens to be Kim Young Chul. For the skit, B1A4 got dressed up as members of Hwarang, which was an elite group of young warriors during the Silla era.

Check out the preview below!

B1A4s episode of Ask Us Anything will air on August 16 at 8:50 p.m. KST on JTBC.