Watch: Ailee Drives Amber Crazy In Hilarious Instagram Live Video
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Watch: Ailee Drives Amber Crazy In Hilarious Instagram Live Video

f(x)s Amber and songstress Ailee are two best friends that we cant get enough of!

On June 10, Amber broadcast a live show on Instagram to chat with her fans. However, Ailee had other plans, as she appeared in the comments to ask if Ambers live video would end if she called her right then.

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Amber begged Ailee (using her real name Amy) not to call her because she would ruin everything, but that seemed to be Ailees goal!

Why do you guys want Amy to call me?! Amber asked her fans, before taking a screenshot of Ailees comments. Amber soon after posted the screenshot on Twitter, which includes Ailees comment spam of, IMMA CALL AND RUIN EVERYTHING. Amber wrote in the caption, Exposed.

Exposed. @itzailee

Amber J. Liu (@llama_ajol) June 10, 2017

Ailee did end up calling in via FaceTime on their friends phone so she could take part in all the fun. She drove Amber crazy throughout the live show by screaming at her in the background, calling her a butthole, and just generally being a menace. Ailee happily yelled every once and a while, Im ruining your show!

As Amber tried to give a shout out to all the fans all over the world who were sending in comments, Ailee screamed, Amber is a robot! Dont listen to her!

Watch Ailee ruin Ambers show and drive Amber nuts below.