[Video] Yoon Kye-Sang talks about “The Outlaws”

[Video] Yoon Kye-Sang talks about “The Outlaws”

“The Outlaws” (formerly known as “Crime City”) has even more promotional material helping it to gear up for October 3rd’s release. He’s looking clean cut compared to his rather grisley character in this interview.

Directed by Kang Yoon-Sung

With Ma Dong-seok, Yoon Kye-sang, Jo Jae-yoon, Choi Gwi-hwa, Heo Dong-won, Jin Sun-kyu,…

Also known as “Crime City”

A detective (Ma Dong-seok) hunts down a upcoming Korean-Chinese gang headed by Yoon Kye-sang in Garibong-dong.

Release date in Korea : 2017/10/03