[Video] Revealing trailer released for the upcoming Korean documentary “Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno”

Revealing trailer released for the upcoming Korean documentary “Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno”.

Take a peek inside the world of the Bamseom Pirates, punk rock musicians who have a lot to say.

“Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno” (2017)

Directed by Jung Yoon-suk-I

The Bamseom Pirates from Korea make music appropriate to our sick society: a hundred songs in ten minutes, that kind of thing. This at times noisy, but also sparkling, activist and often humorous documentary reports on the resistance offered by these punk musicians to hypocritical, conservative money-grabbers and their often violent hold on society.

“Whereas other bands smash up expensive guitars, we use rubbish”, says one of the members of controversial duo Bamseom Pirates while picking up an old printer lying amongst the junk in an abandoned university building. They prefer to play here rather than in Seoul’s hip concert venues. With heavy irony, they announce their ‘relaxing’ music: a blast of noise called grindcore. They play bass and drums, but use also anything they can get their hands on to make music. Their angry punk attitude is aimed against the established order in South Korea. Many of their numbers have led to controversy and rows, which they warmly welcome.

In his debut “Non-Fiction Diary”, filmmaker Jung Yoon-suk expanded an infamous real-life murder from the 1990s into an analysis of stumbling faith in progress in Korea. His second film starts as a noisy musical portrait, growing into a statement on youthful resistance against the capitalist powers that be.

IFFR | International Film Festival Rotterdam – Bright Future 2017

Release date in Korea : 2017/08/24


Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno