[Video] Mystery “Grendel” reveals intense trailer

[Video] Mystery “Grendel” reveals intense trailer

Thrills and mystery abound in the trailer for “Grendel”, the tale of morality and death. While rather grueseome a concept, it is also fascinating. Exploitation of someone’s death may bring another’s success. What will the answer that “Grendel” delivers? I’m sure curious to know.

-Yours, the ever-curious Lisa

Directed by Yoon Han-min

With Kim Tae-hyeon-I, Kim Ga-eun-II, Yoon Han-min, Lee Bo-young-I, Nam Tae-hoon, Seo Dong-bok,…

Desire makes human a different existence / This is a movie with a new concept of mystery. What choice would you make if death of others can bring success in your life?

2016 Canadian Diversity Film Festival Best picture of the month

2017 London Independent Flim Awards Best Foreign Feature

2017 AAB International Film Festival Official Selection: February 2017

2017 Lake view international film festival march international feature film

2017 International Independent Film Awards “Platinum Award Winners”

2017 Toronto international Nollywood film festival “Finalist”

2017 Hollywood International Cinefest “OFFICIAL SELECTION: FEATURE FILMS (FOREIGN)”

2017 festical internacional de cnine de queretaro “Tombstone Nights”

Release date in Korea : 2017/11/23