[Video] Mother and son bond in this trailer for “The Preparation”

[Video] Mother and son bond in this trailer for “The Preparation”

This first teaser trailer for “The Preparation” is positively heart-warming. Go Doo-shim and Kim Sung-kyun have struck up a tight-knit relationship as mother and son. Kim Sung-kyun may be playing a man with intellectual disabilities, but to me they just look like a loving family. The thread of sadness pulling the heart strings is made of the sad truth that Go Doo-shim is preparing her son to live without her because she has a terminal diagnosis. But that isn’t made very apparent in this trailer. Instead, we see love.

-Yours, Lisa, who knows that love without judgement can support one through the best and worst of times

Directed by Cho Young-jun

With Go Doo-shim, Kim Sung-kyun, Yoo Sun, Park Chul-min, Kim Hee-jeong, Shin Se-kyung,…

A warm view of a mother who is diagnosed with terminal cancer prepares herself to leave her family and her son who is intellectually disabled.

Release date in Korea : 2017/11/02