[Video] “Go Back Couple” has a new name and funky new trailer

[Video] “Go Back Couple” has a new name and funky new trailer

“Go Back Couple”, formerly known as “Confession Couple”, has dropped its first trailer and it’s fun as all get out. We see the couple in question, Jang Nara and Son Ho-jun, who tough it out as parents and failing workers. Struggles result in divorce – but never fear! An earthquake seems to be just the thing to take them back to 1999, their youthful faces, bodies, and situations. Presumably, it is in 1999 that they will learn to love and accept each other again, but it seems like quite a few antics are in store before that happens. I’m excited. Bring it on!

-Yours, Lisa, who adores both leads and another take at the time-travel genre

Directed by Ha Byeong-hoon

Written by Kwon Hye-joo

With Jang Nara, Son Ho-jun, Lee Byung-joon, Kim Mi-kyeong, Kim Byeong-ok, Jo Ryun,…

16 episodes – Fri, Sat 23:00

Also known as “Confession Couple”

A couple who regrets marriage war it out in this time-travel drama. Second chances may give them exactly what they need to love again.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2017/10/13