[Video] Dangerous Kim Hye-soo in trailer for “Special Lady”

[Video] Dangerous Kim Hye-soo in trailer for “Special Lady”

There is no shortage of strong assassins, vigilantes, and other such women in film and television. “Special Lady” tells the story of one such woman whose talents are used for rather dirty business. The appearance of her unknown son not only puts her in danger, but him as well. I suppose all that’s left is for us to join the action and watch a very dangerous mommy protect her kid.

-Yours, Lisa, a fan of strong female leads

Directed by Lee An-gyoo

With Kim Hye-soo, Lee Sun-kyun, Lee Hee-joon, Choi Moo-sung, Kim Min-seok, Oh Ha-nee,…

Filming began: 2016/01/28

Story of a woman who fights against the ruthless world of man’s society in order to protect her only son.

Hyeon-jeong, a used-to-be prostitute, is now the NO.2 of the gang which turns into a leading enterprise. Sang-hoon who has been picked up by Hyeon-jeong, becomes the top killer in the gang. Hyeon-jeong is the reason why he bears all the dirty works in the underworld. Dae-sik, a fierce prosecutor, gets caught in a trap by Hyeon-jeong and is now forced to help to build up the gang’s business, but seeks for the revenge. Meanwhile, the fatal weakness of Hyeon-jeong, the existence of her hidden son who she secretly gave birth in a prison, is revealed. The boy immediately becomes the target for every opponent including Sang-hoon. Blinded by jealousy, Sang-hoon plans to demolish the gang and negotiates with Dae-sik. Hyeon-jeong now starts the lonely fight to protect her son, who doesn’t even know his mother’s existence…

Release date in Korea : 2017/11/09