[Video] “Buam-dong Avengers” plan their revenge

[Video] “Buam-dong Avengers” plan their revenge

The three ladies of “Buam-dong Avengers” are a bit unsure of how to proceed in the newest teaser, but they do know without a doubt that they want to exact revenge. Lee Yo-won has money and needs to decide a course of action. Ra Mi-ran is fiercely protective of her kids and seems to be the boldest of the three. Housewife of a professor Myung Se-bin is scared, but also determined to join her fellow avengers. I’m curious to learn about the youngest avenger played by Jun. He hates how his parents treat him and I want to see his face on camera so I can read him like the three women.

-Yours, Lisa, who is excited to see the inner workings of the Avengers’ club.

“Buam-dong Avengers” (2017)

Directed by Kwon Seok-jang

Written by Hwang Da-eun, Kim Yi-ji

With Lee Yo-won, Ra Mi-ran, Myung Se-bin, Jun, Choi Byung-mo, Jung Young-ju,…

20 episodes – Wed, Thu 21:30

Also known as: “Buam-dong Revenge Social Club”, “Avengers Social Club” and “Revenge Social Club” ( , bok-su-ja so-syeol-keul-leob)

This webtoon adaptation tells the story of three women from different walks of life – the daughter of a chaebol, an ahjumma in a fish market, and a housewife – come together to enact revenge.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2017/10/11