This Is How PSY Convinced Lee Byung Hun To Dance On His New Music Video ‘I LUV IT’

This Is How PSY Convinced Lee Byung Hun To Dance On His New Music Video ‘I LUV IT’

PSY finally opened up about his recent release that once again achieves a fantastic viewership record on YouTube. The “Gangnam Style” hit-maker was recently invited on the May 17 episode of SBS “Cultwo Show.” During the broadcast, PSY talked about a lot of interesting things, including how he came about with having Lee Byung Hun making a cameo appearance in “I LUV IT” music video.

PSY delivered his gratitude for Lee Byung Hun, who has accepted his offer to star in his latest music video “I LUV IT,”Soompireported. When asked how he successfully convinced Lee Byung Hun to do a cameo and on-came dance, PSY stated that the actor was actually a natural dancer since he breakdanced when he was young.

PSY initially asked Lee Byung Hun to do a little dance in his MV after he saw the actor dance a while ago. Since Lee Byung Hun was very hesitant at first, PSY needed to beg him and convince him a lot of times before the actor finally agreed.

Even though PSY and Lee Byung Hun didn’t have a lot of times to catch up on the filming set, he had many memorable moments with the actor. PSY shared in a hilarious way how Lee Byung Hun insisted him to take several takes because his angles weren’t right.

Besides talking about Lee Byung Hun, PSY also shared another hilarious incident that happened when he visited China. Allkpopreported a lot of Chinese PSY encountered in the country didn’t recognize him despite his global fame. They didn’t even realize that PSY is not a Chinese and constantly asked for a cigarette in Chinese.

The hit-maker was also asked how he maintains his weight and moves in such age. He said that he never prioritize beauty over health. However, he admitted that his stamina slightly drops nowadays, but everyone can agree that he still pulls off intricate dance moves just well.