“Orange Marmalade” Releases New Stills of Seolhyun and First Episode Preview Video

“Orange Marmalade” Releases New Stills of Seolhyun and First Episode Preview Video

Upcoming KBS fantasy romance drama Orange Marmalade has released a new preview video for its first episode, as well as stills of its leading actress, Seolhyun of AOA.

In the preview video, Seolhyuns characters inner torment of being a vampire is depicted, as well as Yeo Jin Goos character gradually developing feelings for her. It also hints at conflict, as Lee Jong Hyuns character seems to want to disrupt the budding relationship between the two.

In the latest behind-the-scenes stills, Seolhyun can be seen closely monitoring her scenes behind the camera, as well as going over her script on the set.

Orange Marmalade will premiere on May 15.

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'Producer' Releases The First Episode Preview

'Producer' Releases The First Episode Preview

(Photo : KBS) Kim Soo Hyun is a bumbling rookie in the preview for the first episode of "Producer." The video opens with the actor, who exuded confidence in "My Love from the Star," haplessly stumbling into what appears to be a production meeting. He draws upon his comedic timing as Baek Seung Chan, an intrepid producer-director, who abandoned a career as a prosecutor. His departure from the seriousness of Do Min Joon harkens to his earnest portrayal of a country bumpkin in "Dream High." Perhaps, this juxtaposition of characters is due to the contributions of screenwriter Park Ji Eun, whose previous works include "My Love from the Star."

Cha Tae Hyun appears confident as Ra Joon Mo, a seasoned producer, who has worked within the industry for a decade. Unfortunately, none of his projects have developed into a hit.

One of the most interesting relationship dynamics in the preview is the friction demonstrated between Gong Hyo Jin and IU. Gong Hyo Jin portrays Tak Ye Ji, a "Music Bank" producer. In the footage, Ye Ji appears to be frustrated with the performance delivered by a K-pop idol. IU is Cindy, the former idol star who appears to carry an air of entitlement.

The preview eludes to the possibility of romance between IU and Kim Soo Hyun. As the footage concludes, the two stars have an awkward encounter on the street.

"Producer" will provide a different perspective on Korean drama. The series will be shot in the style of a docu-drama, with romantic comedy scenes interspersed with shots which resemble variety shows. "Producer" is set within the KBS building and will incorporate fictitious perspectives on television production. It will serve as the first K-Drama for variety show producer-director, Seo Soo Min. She has previously worked on "Gag Concert" and "2 Days, 1 Night." She is also the primary producer of KBS" competitive Happy Sunday variety show programming.

"Producer" premieres on May 15. The series will air on KBS on Fridays and Saturdays in the 9:15 KST time slot.


"SIXTEEN" competitors show their dance moves and tears in preview for first episode

JYP Entertainment released the first preview for their new survival competitive program, "SIXTEEN," featuring a ton of talented trainees who will fight it out to become the new girl group, Twice.

The preview shows the girls working hard and impressing with their dance moves while other JYP artists show up in interviews. Yenny says, "This is not like JYP," and Suzy says, "It"s scary."

It does seem a bit different from the color of JYP Entertainment, but there"s no doubt that the show will draw in a crowd--especially because seeing sixteen girls dancing in unison does look pretty impressive! J.Y. Park says he"s looking for a girl group that will not only show the color of the agency but also advance it one step further.

What are your thoughts on the first episode preview?


Seventeen Project   has  launched  the  Preview   video  before  the release day

Seventeen Project has launched the Preview video before the release day

Seventeen Project Reveals Intense Preview Clip Ahead of Premiere The first preview clip for MBC Musics Seventeen Project – The Debut Mission has been revealed!

After introducing all 13 members through a series of teasers, Pledis Entertainment has continued to build excitement for the new boy groups debut. Fans will next get the chance to follow the boy groups debut process through Seventeen Project, a reality show that will hopefully connect the members with the fans even before their official debut.

In the teaser, Pledis CEO Han Sung Soo tells Seventeen to seek for approval and recognition of the public, hinting that the members will have to prove their talent through rigorous work.

The show will premiere on May 2 at 1 p.m. on MBC Music.

The group also recently launched their official Instagram, along with a special video clip of the members and their hashtags.

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[HanCinema"s Drama Preview] "Ex-Girlfriends" Club"

Romantic comedy in Korean drama most often deals with budding relationships. The draw is the idea that two strangers meet, fall in love and this love is what entertains viewers. Even if those characters are connected in their childhood or by fate, which are popular tropes. However, some shows also deal with love beyond the original attraction and also rekindled love. "Ex-Girlfriends" Club" appears to belong in the latter category.


Bang Myeong-soo (Byeon Yo-han) is a webtoon artist who uses his romantic past in his latest work. When the work gets the opportunity to be made into a film, Myeong-soo"s choice to speak about his ex-girlfriends in it proves unwise. All of the women are somehow related to the project, including producer Kim Soo-jin (Song Ji-hyo), who needs to make the film happen in a very charged environment.

The Worrying

Premise Appeal

Teasing with different pairings and keeping a steady main one is how most series keep the interest of fans, but having only one man and a few women he has already been in relationships with might not match the more fairytale style romance a lot of viewers love. A more progressive take on relationships is automatically a less idealized one and it might appeal less.

Lack of Hype and Simple Promotion

With the series out next week, there is not much going on with its promotion. There are basics out, a few teasers, a highlight video, some stills, but nowhere near the amount usually found for bigger shows. When the channel does not show much involvement with a work, it is a worrying factor. If there are problems down the road, will the channel stick by its aired series or does this lack of good promotion indicate lack of conviction?

The Reassuring

Promising Cast

Song Ji-hyo and Lee Yoon-ji are both actresses with over ten years in their career and many notable works. They can be trusted to deliver what a show needs. Additionally, Byeon Yo-han has impressed through his movie works and the hit drama "Incomplete Life". At a time when questionable casting decisions is a problem, this is an encouraging selection of main actors.

Down to Earth Story

Complicated stories full of attention-grabbing tropes are popular and they usually do well in terms of ratings. However, they can also end up meandering for the sake of keeping things interesting. A more approachable story about regular people leading normal lives might not always get wide attention, but it leaves room for its fewer elements to be explored properly. If the show"s plot realizes the potential of its premise, it would be a refreshing change from the usual drama.

Final Thoughts

Stories of past romances, potential cat-fights and finding an old love are not everyone"s cup of tea. "Ex-Girlfriends" Club" can easily go down a boring path or even worse, resort to cheap tricks to enhance its more realistic premise. With a good cast and assuming it keeps its plot on a stable path and messages clear, it might become a really nice show about the struggles of dating life.

"Ex-Girlfriends" Club" begins its run on May 8th and will air every Friday and Saturday at 20:30, on tvN.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

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Check out album preview video and six tracks of BTS on April 27

Check out album preview video and six tracks of BTS on April 27

-- Awaiting its comeback, BTS unveiled the album preview video and tracklist for its new album In the Mood for Love on April 27.

In the album preview video, BTS highlighted six tracks, including I Need U, Hold Me Tight, Move, and more, out of a total of nine in the album.

[Video] BTS Unveils Album Preview and Tracklist for ′In the Mood for Love Pt.1′

I Need U is the title song of the album and is an emotional song about a man wanting to hold on to an ending romance. Unlike the slow jam version in the previously released teaser video, BTS will unveil the original version of I Need U, raising anticipation.

The tracklist of the nine songs also showed that all the BTS members participated in the producing, composing, and lyric-writing of the album.

BTS will released its new album on April 29. The music video for I Need U will be unveiled on April 30 at midnight (KST).

Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment


"The Assassination" preview trailer unveils lonely independence activist, Jeon Ji-hyeon

"The Assassination" teaser trailer revealed on April 28th foretells the assassination operation with the intense sound of gunshots in the set of the brilliant night street in Shanghai as well as of Gyeonseong City of the lost country. Jeon Ji-hyeon, Lee Jeong-jae, and Ha Jeong-woo finally make their appearance.

Jeon Ji-hyeon, a gunman of Korea Independence Army and Lee Jeong-jae, a member of Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea and Ha Jeong-woo, a contract sniper and his partners, Oh Dal-soo and Jo Jin-woong look amazing.

With the interlaced stories between the characters surrounding the assassination operation and the thrilling action acting, the movie will deliver the unpredictable suspense to the viewers.


"China Town" character preview trailer reveals with confirmed release date, April 29

Kim Hye-soo and Kim Go-eun-I"s movie "China Town" has decided its release date to be April 29th. On April 10th, "China Town" confirmed its release date as well as released the preview trailer to introduce the Ma family members.

The mom, who has been controlling China Town for a long time, possesses the inviolable charisma. She is cold and never hesitant.

However, Il-yeong gets to experience warmhearted kindness when she meets a debtor"s son Seok-hyeon (Park Bo-geom) and becomes aware of the world beyond China Town. And she lies to her mother for the first time in her life. Mother has noticed the subtle changes in Il-yeong and gives her an extremely dangerous task. And the fate of the two is forced to charge into the unexpected direction.

Il-yeong is the most useful one for the mom, who has been keeping her position as boss in the world where only those useful ones survive. Il-yeong was abandoned out there right after she was born because she was not useful. She does anything helpful for her to survive.

However, l-yeong gets to experience warmhearted kindness when she meets a debtor"s son Seok-hyeon (Park Bo-geom) and becomes aware of the world beyond China Town.

The more she becomes curious about the new world she gets to learn, the less useful she becomes to the mom. And Il-yeong is putting herself at risk deeper and deeper. And Seo-hyeon, who has been living an ordinary life, working for a restaurant, faces a completely new fate in his life.


“Orange Marmalade” Teases with a Kiss, Tears, and Angst in First Preview Video

“Orange Marmalade” Teases with a Kiss, Tears, and Angst in First Preview Video

KBS 2TVs upcoming Friday drama Orange Marmalade has released its first teaser featuring leads Yeo Jin Goo and AOAs Seolhyun.

 The released video has Yeo Jin Goo narrating in his deep voice. We can see the two with sorrowful gazes. The couple even gets close enough so that they are basically three seconds away from a kiss. 

Most notably, Yeo Jin Goo displays his acting chops with his portrayal of emotion while bruised and bandaged. The pair is already showing great chemistry.

Despite the short length of the teaser, it is impactful enough to get viewers wrapped up in the drama due to their acting and the sad music.

A representative stated, Through the short but emotional teaser, the romantic melodrama story between Yeo Jin Goo and Seolhyun was well represented. We ask for viewers interest in their story.

Orange Marmalade will air its first episode on May 15.

Watch the teaser below!

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