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Song Seung Hun

Video Song Seung-heon's "Saimdang, the Herstory" poster and teaser video

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Song Seung-heon's role of Lee Kyeom was once destined to satisfy Saimdang when they were more youthful and he best had eyes for her. He's the Joseon edition of The good Gatsby.

He is an artist from head to toe yet he does notconsider injustice and doesn't chorus from telling correct from wrong even to the best possible powers.

He is the landlord of an arts gallery where many artists accrued back in the days and the pinnacle of a portray bureau making him the Joseon Renaissance Man.

Song Seung Hun’s Sweet Confession to lady friend Liu Yifei Is Immediately Out of a Drama

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On August 12, Song Seung Hun and girlfriend Liu Yifei wrapped up filming for their appearance on HunanTV’s “Slowly Improving” (also referred to as “Day Day Up”).

During the recording for the show, which is the couple’s first since pronouncing their relationship, Song Seung Hun says anything to Liu Yifei that he will have to have heard straight out of a drama. He says, “Honestly, I’m now no longer a grasping person, but if i glance at you, I change into greedy.”

The two actors, who just these days showed their relationship, met at the set of the movie “The 3rd Love,” which is an adaptation of the Chinese novel of the similar name.

Song Seung Hun confirmed<b> to sign up for </b>Lee Young Ae in new drama 'Saimdang'
Song Seung Hun Confirmed To Sign Up For Lee Young Ae In New Drama 'saimdang'

Song Seung Hun confirmed to sign up for Lee Young Ae in new drama 'Saimdang'

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The drama, which is determined to air in the primary half of next year, will have this stud as their male lead, Lee Gyeom, who has a loose spirit but used to be raised in a stern circle of relatives and beginsto modify after assembly Lee Young Ae"s character.

The production company published that he had already participated in a scriptprepare on August 4. We can"t wait to peer this good-looking actor go back to the small screen!

Song Jae Rim and Hwang Seung Un showed for new internet drama 'Pounding Spike'

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The internet drama will take volleyball as its primary theme, center of attention at the tale of stripling, fri finishship, love and choice to win a number of the volleyball trainer and volleyball athletes. Hwang Seung Un can be gambling as Sera, a "volleyball goddess" who is the trainer of a top college men"s volleyball team. Song Jae Rim can be gambling as Jae Woong, a player in a top college volleyball team.

Song Jae Rim and Hwang Seung Un showed for new volleyball internet drama
Song Jae Rim And Hwang Seung Un Showed For New Volleyball Internet Drama

Song Jae Rim and Hwang Seung Un showed for new volleyball internet drama

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The drama volition revolve about volleyball, yet the characters the ii might exist gambling in the drama make now now not concretely existen printed, possibly to upload a part of marvel later on on. however, Song Jae Rim had mentioned in A up to date interview, "i Am practicing volleyball," so there Are speculations he is Also A volleyball histrion or trainer!

Song Jae Rim and Hwang Seung Eon confirmed for Upcoming internet Drama
Song Jae Rim And Hwang Seung Eon Confirmed For Upcoming Internet Drama

Song Jae Rim and Hwang Seung Eon confirmed for Upcoming internet Drama

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On July 31,Actor Song Jae Rim’s firm SM C&C published to MBN famous person that theActor might exist starring in theApproaching web drama “ we've got something especial” ( running name).

Likewise,Actress Hwang Seung Eon’s firm Urban industrial plant Ent commented, “Hwang Seung Eon is confirmed to seem in ‘ we've got something especial.’”

“ we've got something especial” volition middle at the tale ofA volleyball trainerAnd volleyballAthletesAnd their efforts to win. Amidst the sports endeavors, there might existA candy younger dear tale.

Song Seung Hun in Talks to enroll in Lee Young Ae’s Upcoming Drama
Song Seung Hun In Talks To Enroll In Lee Young Ae’s Upcoming Drama

Song Seung Hun in Talks to enroll in Lee Young Ae’s Upcoming Drama

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Actor < robust>Song Seung Hun is in talks to join the < robust>SBS drama “< robust>Saimdang, The Herstory.”

The actor’s firm < robust>The Joeun ENT told the media that “Song Seung Hun has gained an be offering to be the lead in ‘Saimdang, The Herstory.’ He has now no longer showed the casting, yet he is thinking about it among other tasks.”

If he were to settle for the role, it'll be his first drama since 2013′s “< robust> guy in Love.” ‘Saimdang, The Herstory” is the go back task for actress < robust>Lee Young Ae, who has now no longer been in a drama since 2003′s “< robust>Jewel in the Palace.”

Lee Young Ae
Lee Young Ae"s Upcoming Drama "saimdang, The Herstory" Sells Television Rights To Six Countries + Song Seung Hun To Most Likely Sign Up For

Lee Young Ae"s upcoming drama "Saimdang, the Herstory" sells television rights to six countries + Song Seung Hun to most likely sign up for

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But who might be Lee Young Ae"s leading guy? the next actor up to megastar in the drama might be Song Seung Hun. The production workforce of the drama told OSEN, "We gave an be offering to Song Seung Hun, and we are definitely discussing it. the verdict might be made soon." Song Seung Hun"s corporate also told OSEN, "He has  won an be offering, and he's lately bearing in mind the production."

The drama "Saimdang, the Herstory" might be set in the Joseon length about Shin Saimdang, who became once a poet, artist, creator, and more. Lee Young Ae will play either Saimdang in addition the individual that discovers Saimdang"s journals in the trendy day.

Lee Seung Gi has wowed people with the introduction of the amazing 1 minute music video designed for the song called "And Goodbye"

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An affiliate of the production crew stated, We tried our best to edit, but it was difficult to create a music video only with the little footage we had. The title song and album are already out, so we dont have enough time to shoot it again. We debated on whether releasing a poor-quality music video with plot holes was the right thing to do.

Lee Seung Gi did not want to let his fans down, though, so the production crew decided to release a one-minute music video, created with the remaining footage they had.