2PM’s Taecyeon and Song Ha Yoon to Superstar in JYP-Produced Internet Drama

2PM’s Taecyeon and Song Ha Yoon to Superstar in JYP-Produced Internet Drama

2PMs Taecyeon and Song Ha Yoon to Big name in JYP-Produced Internet DramaJiwonYu March 25, 2016 0 LINE it!2PMs Taecyeon and Song Ha Yoon to Star in JYP-Produced Web Drama 2PMs Taecyeon, Song Ha Yoon, Park Joo Hyung, and Kim Jong Moon might be starring in a new web drama Im Going to Touch You (working title), produced via JYP Pictures and Contents Pool.

This is a romantic comedy about a guy who can see the long run and a wonderful woman. Taecyeon will be gambling Do Jin Woo, the guy who has the powerto peer the close to future.

Taecyeon said, Here is my first time acting in an internet drama. I suspectIn deficient health have a a laugh fourth dimension filming it.

Actress Song Ha Yoon will be playing Taecyeons contrary Jin Hee Young, an worker in a cosmetics shop whose destiny dream is to turn into a makeup artist. Song Ha Yoon has been receiving quite so much of love thru her present drama My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol. Unlike her sturdysymbol in My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol, she candisplay a more bright and angel-like personality in this web drama.

Other actors in the internet drama come with Park Joo Hyung, recently starring in tvNs Memory, and Kim Jong Moon, who starred in the drama The nice Doctor. They are going to exist playing Oh Young Dal and Kang Hyun Search engine marketing respectively.

This new web drama will air in June.

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JYP's 'Dream Knight' Starring GOT7, Song Ha Yoon Is An Intriguing Web Drama

JYP's 'Dream Knight' Starring GOT7, Song Ha Yoon Is An Intriguing Web Drama

GOT7 (Photo : JYP Pictures)

GOT7"s Bam Bam and Yugyeom portray members of an idol group in "Dream Knight." The first episode of the web drama "Dream Knight" premiered on January 27. Dream Knight stars the members of GOT7 along with Miss As Min and actress Song Ha Yoon, who is currently starring in Sweden Laundry. Comedienne Lee Guk Joo (Roommate) will guest star on Dream Knight along with 2PMs Chansung and Park Ji Min (15). Other notable appearances will include JYP Entertainments founder Park Jin Young and Choi Woo Shik (Fated to Love You, PridePrejudice).

(Photo : JYP Pictures)

"Sweden Laundry" star Song Ha Yoon leads the cast of the web drama "Dream Knight." "Dream Knight" is a co-production of JYP Entertainment"s JYP Pictures and Chinese video platform Youku Tudou. "Dream Knight" is a fantasy-romance drama which tells the story of a girl with a painful past. Song Ha Yoon channels her downtrodden persona from "Sweden Laundry" into her portrayal of Ju In Hyung, a bullied high school student. She is berated by a group of schoolgirls led by Jenny (Miss A"s Min). In Hyung takes the bullying in stride.

Miss A (Photo : JYP Pictures)

Miss A"s Min leads a group of mean girls in "Dream Knight." Jackson, Mark, JB, and Youngjae mysteriously appear at the school. The female students are instantly besmitten by the guys. In Hyung retreats to the rooftop of the school, where she pretends that she is confronting Jenny and the other bullies.The guys approach In Hyung, in an attempt to befriend her.

The drama then segues to a scene in which Jr., Bam Bam, and Yugyeom make a grand arrival as the members of an idol group named Got. In Hyung is a fan of the group but she faces another embarrasing moment when she tries to greet them during their arrival at the school.

According to the Korean outlet Enews, Dream Knight has generated interest from outside of Korea, with American and Japanese entertainment companies seeking publishing rights.

Dream Knight will be simultaneously broadcast online in Korea through Naver tvcast and to viewers in China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan on Youku Tudou. "Dream Knight" airs in mini episodes that are under fifteen minutes. Audiences in Thailand will have access to Dream Knight through Line TV. .


Backstage Selfie At

Backstage Selfie At "2014 MBC Drama Awards": Song Yoon-ah & Moon Jeong-hee

A picture of Song Yoon-ah and Moon Jeong-hee in the waiting room was captured.

The two of them are each wearing a mesmerizing dresses, one in blue and one in white.

Song Yoon-ah won the Special Productions Grand Prize at the MBC Drama Awards this day.

She cried as she thanked everyone and said, "Moon Jeong-hee should"ve received this prize because if it wasn"t for her, then Han Seung-hee wouldn"t have existed".

Song Yoon-ah continued to say, ""Mama - Nothing to Fear" was a miracle for me and I am thankful to everyone I worked on it with".

Song Yoon-ah appeared in the MBC drama "Mama - Nothing to Fear" as Han Seung-hee and Moon Jeong-hee appeared as Seo Ji-eun.

Meanwhile, the MBC Drama Awards nominated its winners through public voting.

Source : starin.edaily.co.kr/n...


Lee Yoo-ri & Song Yoon-ah Are Up For Grand Prize At MBC Drama Awards

Lee Yoo-ri & Song Yoon-ah Are Up For Grand Prize At MBC Drama Awards

The highly anticipated drama festival “2014 MBC Drama Awards” is coming closer. Which celebrities have you voted for the grand prize?

The event is particularly special this year. Not only is the Grand Prize winner in the hands of the public but it seems like the winner will come from a weekend drama. The candidates haven’t been up yet but Song Yoon-ah from "Mama - Nothing to Fear" and Lee Yoo-ri from "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!" seem likely to be on the list. Song Yoon-ah starred as a mother and Lee Yoo-ri starred as the evilest woman in the history of evil women.

Of course, it's too early to say anything. There is also Jang Hyeok who brought back MBC drama to life with his comical act in "Fated to Love You". He’s the only man between the two women. Who is going to take home the Grand Prize?

Lee Yoo-ri – Her first trophy? Very favorable

Lee Yoo-ri has been getting great reviews from Netizens. She could also say she’s greedy for the Grand Prize because of this atmosphere.

Lee Yoo-ri is responsible for making "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!" possible. She played Yeon Min-jeong, an evil minded woman who would do anything for success. Her poisonous expressions and words sliced through her opponents.

Yeon Min-jeong is the most evil woman of the century and it looks like things are going to stay that way for a while. It wouldn’t have been possible without the outstanding performance by Lee Yoo-ri.

However, things have not always been that great for Lee Yoo-ri. She has a list of filmographies but she’s never taken home the Grand Prize before. The fact that she’s not the main character of the drama and the heat for the drama has died down a little could also affect her chances of winning.

Song Yoon-ah – Is she aiming for the Grand Prize?

Song Yoon-ah from "Mama - Nothing to Fear" is a very likely candidate. She played Han Seung-hee, a single mom who was given only a short time to live.

Song Yoon-ah successfully brought the character to life. It was more realistic because her act of sadness was contained and didn’t involve any exaggeration.

This was her first come back to drama in 6 years and she was reviewed again as an actress. She managed to appeal to the public once again. It looks like she"s going to have a second peak moment of her life if she takes home the Grand Prize.

However, Song Yoon-ah’s performance was great but the votes are based on the public so it’s hard to tell.

Jang Hyeok – Will the only standing male bring a twist of events?

We can’t leave out Jang Hyeok. He was the only guy in list of candidates and Sin Ha-gyoon could be a likely rival but still, he’s in the lead. Sin Ha-gyoon"s "Mister Baek" hasn’t been doing too well in the second half.

Jang Hyeok succeeded in being funny and romantic at the same time in "Fated to Love You". He was a third generation plutocrat who is clumsy and sly.

He was also sincere. He pulled of various faces in one drama and proved his talent. He reunited with Jang Na-ra for the first time in 10 years and that resulted in good reviews about the couple.


Korean Drama

Korean Drama "Drama Special - This Is My Dad" Releases Stills, Featuring Song Ha-yoon and Moon Ji-yoon

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Drama Special - This Is My Dad""s page to HanCinema database

"Drama Special - This Is My Dad"

Directed by: Kim Yeong-gyoon

Written by: Yoo Jeong-hee

Network : KBS

Cast members:  Song Ha-yoon, Moon Ji-yoon, Goo Won, Seong Byeong-sook and others

Part of the "Drama Special" series

Synopsis: The process of understanding and accepting family centered around a single mother named Hee-yeong.

Broadcast starting date in Korea: 2014/11/30


Song Jae Rim gets jealous over Kim So Eun and her co-star Lee Sang Yoon on upcoming episode of

Song Jae Rim gets jealous over Kim So Eun and her co-star Lee Sang Yoon on upcoming episode of "We Got Married"

Song Jae Rim gets jealous over Kim So Eun and her co-star Lee Sang Yoon on upcoming episode of

Song Jae Rimshowed his cute jealousy overKim So Eunand her co-star Lee Sang Yoon during the recording for the upcoming episode ofMBC"s "We Got Married"!

During a recent filming, the onscreen couple were eating breakfast when Song Jae Rim mentioned the articles he read on Kim So Eun"s press conference for her tvN drama "Liar Game". One of the articles said, "[Kim So Eun] likes Lee Sang Yoon more than Song Jae Rim," and Song Jae Rim couldn"t hide his disappointment reading this.

Although Kim So Eun explained that that wasn"t what she meant, Song Jae Rim continued to get jealous as he mentioned how she had failed to put a heart in the caption for the photo of them on SNS, but she put a heart for the photo of her and Lee Sang Yoon.

He quickly got over his jealousy though as he helped put lipstick on his "wife" while she was getting ready for their outing, telling her "Close your eyes". Having earned the right to a wish in the previous episode, he told her, "You have to go straight into [skinship] three times today."

Stay tuned for another exciting episode this Saturday at 5 PM KST!


Kim Tae Hee, Kim Woobin, Bada, Lee Yoon Ji, and more participate in star-studded tribute video and song for Pope Francis

Kim Tae Hee, Kim Woobin, Bada, Lee Yoon Ji, and more participate in star-studded tribute video and song for Pope Francis"s papal visit

South Korea"s biggest stars have gathered to record a song dedicated to Pope Francis" 1st Papal visit in 25 years.

36 of the brightest actors, athletes, entertainers, singers, and more participated in the video and recording of the song titled "Koinonia", a Greek word which means "communion". It is composed by Noh Young-Shim and produced by Won Dong-Yeon. The video was recorded in Cathedral of Myeongdong in Seoul.

Some of the celebrities who participated are Ahn Seong Gi, Kim Hee Ae, Kim Tae Hee, Kim HaNeul, Kim In Jung, Kim Kang Woo, Lee Yoon Ji, Kim Woo Bin, Park Jin Joo, Yoo Hae Jung, Hong Dae Seong, Ryu Si Hyun, ballerina Kim Ju Won, KBS announcer Hwang Jeong Min, Park Seung Hee, and more.

This song is going to be the official theme of the Pope during his stay in South Korea until August 18. The video will be played during main events like Asian Youth Day.

Listen below:


Song Ha-yoon to star in JYP & Japanese drama

Song Ha-yoon to star in JYP & Japanese drama

Song Ha-yoon has been cast as the lead female of an online drama.

Song Ha-yoon is starring in the online drama that has been trending ever since the beginning of the collaboration between JYP and Yooku Tudou, the biggest video group in China and the casting of GOT7.

This drama is a mixture of music and dance, about a boy with a painful past one day meeting a group of teens and learning dreams, love and friendship.

Song Ha-yoon takes on the role of a Joo In-hyeong. She"s an optimistic 21-year-old candy girl and Song Ha-yoon"s usual cheerful image blends well with Joo In-hyeong.

Song Ha-yoon debuted with the 2004 KBS drama "Sang Doo! Let"s go to school" and further starred in "Helpless", "Dangerously Excited" and dramas like "Taereung", "Ghost - Drama" and more. She"s currently looking forward to the release of OCN "Reset" and movie "Whistle Blower".

Meanwhile, the said drama will crank in this August and be released in late 2014.



Song Ha Yoon confirmed as the lead for GOT7

Song Ha Yoon confirmed as the lead for GOT7"s online drama

Song Ha Yoon confirmed as the lead for GOT7

Actress Song Ha Yoonhas been confirmed for GOT7"s online drama!

The drama (currently untitled) will be produced byJYP PicturesandYouku Tudou!The online fantasy romance drama portrays the story of dreams, love, and friendship between a girl with emotional baggage and mysterious flower boys. Singing and dancing will also be incorporated into the drama.GOT7 will play the roles of a popular idol group and mysterious flower boys who protect the female lead.

The drama will crank-in in mid-August, and start airing on Tudou during the second half of 2014.


K-Drama Couple: Sol Kyung Gu and Song Yoon Ah

K-Drama Couple: Sol Kyung Gu and Song Yoon Ah


Song Yoon Ah hasn"t made a film for four years since she appeared in "Wedding Dress" and she hasn"t had more than a drama cameo since playing a divorced mother in "On Air" in 2008.

Now she will return to the small screen in a new drama titled "Fearless Mama," which co-stars Hong Jung Hyun as her younger love interest. She will play an artist with a son. Her life is turned upside down when she learns she has a terminal illness.

The model, singer and actress has not acted for the past few years. After marrying actor Sol Kyung Gu in 2008, she stayed home to raise their daughter. Besides volunteering, she has only worked part time giving lectures at the Korean Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Song Yoon Ah met Sol Kyung Gu when they worked together on two films, "Jail Breakers" in 2002, and "Lost in Love: in 2006. But they did not date right away.

At a press conference to announce their upcoming wedding, she explained that they were friends for a long time before seeing each other in a romantic way.

"We appeared together in two films but we did not start dating until the fall of 2007," she said. "We spontaneously got to have mind to get marry each other."

She called their reunion fated.

Sol Kyung Gu has worked hard while Song Yoon Ah devoted her time to raising a family. In the last few years the film actor has been in high demand. In 2013 he starred in "Cold Eyes," "Hope" and "The Spy: Undercover Operation." This year he will appear in "My Dictator" and "Two Constables."

It was not the first marriage for Sol, who dissolved a 10-year union in 2006 after four years of living apart from his wife.

When the couple married Song Yoon Ah became the target of cruel remarks. Some said she began dating him before the divorce and other rumors said she fought with his ex-wife. The couple said that none of if was true. But the rumors did not end.

In 2013 rumors that the couple were heading for divorce upset both Sol and his wife. On an episode of "Healing Camp," he said he declined to make a public statement about the rumors for the sake of his daughter. And he apologized to his wife for any pain she might have suffered. He praised his wife saying she never gave him any cause for divorce and that if there was any problem in his marriage, it was his fault.

Earlier this year, the actress decided to take legal action to stop the false rumors. After years of being slandered, Song Yoon Ah decided to prosecute those who have been most active in spreading the rumors.

It has not been easy for this couple, but they stuck together for better or worse.