Siwan and YoonA’s drama ‘The King Loves’ disappoints with low ratings

Siwan and YoonA’s drama ‘The King Loves’ disappoints with low ratings

It appears that Siwan and Girl’s Generation YoonA’s drama ‘The King Loves’ has been showing disappointing results as the ratings for the drama is much lower than expected.

The two actors are currently in the drama ‘The King Loves’ as the main actors. However, despite the large popularity between the two, the drama is not performing up to its high expectations. 

MBC historical dramas are known to have a strong history in producing high ratings in the double digits (at least over 10%), however, ‘The King Loves’ has yet to reach such a result.

Since the first episode aired on July 17, the drama has been stuck in the single-digit rating and even dropped as low as 5.1% on their third episode while their highest rating numbered at 8.1% for their second episode. Currently, it is stuck in the 5-6% range and has not been able to see much light. 

In a combination of YoonA’s much-improved acting skills and this being Siwan’s last project before enlisting into the military, it was inevitable that such high hopes derived for the drama.

It will be interesting to see if the drama can turn itself around in terms of its rating. Have you been keeping up with ‘The King Loves’?

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