10cm ranks #1 on Inkigayo with “What The Spring”   NCT U, Block B, CNBLUE and more for April 17 episode

10cm ranks #1 on Inkigayo with “What The Spring” NCT U, Block B, CNBLUE and more for April 17 episode

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFor this weeks Inkigayo broadcast, CNBLUE, GOT7 and 10cm went head-to-head for 1st place!

Aired on April 17th, 10cms What The Spring?? took house its first tunedisplay trophy with 7,660 issues over 4,292 and 5,146 elements for CNBLUEs Youre So Fine and GOT7s Fly respectively. As 10cm isn't officially selling their name track on broadcast, they were now notprovide to settle for the trophy themselves.

Performers for the evening included Kim Tae Woo, CNBLUE, BTOB, Block B, NCT U, Tae Jin Ah, HISTORY, LABOUM, Eric Nam, Hyosung, SNUPER, Oh My Girl, UP10TION, Sam Kim, Cosmic Girls, Rose Motel and Yoo Seong Eun with Kisum.

Congratulations to 10cm!

Block B A couple of Years Later Toy

NCT U Without U The 7th Sense

Sam Kim No Sense ft. Crush

LABOUM Adventure to Atlantis

U Seung Eun Jealousy ft. Kisum

Tae Jin Ah Concern About My Children

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Watch: BTOB Dreams of the easiest Spring Romance in Remember That Song Video

Watch: BTOB Dreams of the easiest Spring Romance in Remember That Song Video

Watch: BTOB Dreams of the very best jump Romance in “Remember That” Track Videonotclaira March 27, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: BTOB Dreams of the Perfect Spring Romance in “Remember That” Music Video After a week of teasers, BTOB has made their spring comeback!

The seven-member boy crewpublished the music video for “Remember That” thru the Naver V app broadcast in addition on their authentic YouTube channel.

Member Minhyuk and actress Jo Bo Ah are the stars of the springtime ballad. In the music video, Minhyuk opens a room stuffed with dusty furniture and memories as he plays a tape that his female friend made for him.

As he listens to BTOB making a song their center out to the bright, yet unhappy melody, he recollects spending time with Jo Bo Ah beneath a sky filled with falling flower petals.

BTOB Mini Album Vol. 8 - Take into consideration that yesasia albumImprove the artist viapurchasing BTOB - Take into account That from YesAsia Source (1)

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Review: Pony’s Newest Makeup Line Is Absolute best for Spring

Review: Pony’s Newest Makeup Line Is Absolute best for Spring

Review: Ponys Newest Makeup Line Is Best possible for Springkokoberry March 22, 2016 0 LINE it!Review: Ponys Latest Makeup Line Is Perfect for Spring Famous person makeup artist Pony is back with new products for her makeup line Pony Effect. We were giventhe dangerto check one in theirmost smartly liked products from the recent line, the Remain Put Eye Sticks! The eyeshadow sticks claim to be creamy, blendable, and long-lasting. Take a glance at our review to see swatches and more:

Lets speak about the packaging first. The Dwell Put Eye Sticks come in 12 stunningsun shadeswhich are reflected at the base of each and every stick which is truly convenient when youre trying to finda selected shade. The slender and retractable packaging makes it convenient to exploit for all of the corners of your eyes. Also, they are very compact and gentle so you'llwithout problemselevate a couple for your makeup bag.

Now for a closer glance at the shades:

The eyeshadow sticks unquestionably have a modern application and feel creamy. However, after application and blending, the eyeshadow sets and does no longer budge. The swatches proved trickyto take away amongst soap and water, which attests to how long-lasting and water resistant they are. At the aspect of a excellent eye makeup remover, I also counselthe usage of an eye primer with this product. Furthermore, applying a powder eyeshadow on peak of the cream eyeshadow sticks will actuallyassist lock it in.

Check out our swatches (shades seem lighter when blended):

Now for some recommendations! Beam Me Up is a smartcoloration for the internal corners of your eyes as a highlight, it wouldappearance chalky as an all-over shade. Another way has a sexy duochrome quality to it and Untamed has dazzling pink and blue glitter that is difficult to capture in photos.

Pony recommends blending with a eyeshadow blending brush to keep away from any possible clumps and chalkiness. With 8 shimmery shades and 4 matte shades, youre bound to discovera favourite or two. Watch Ponys useful video to peer the product in action!

Buy Pony Effect Stay Put Eye Sticks 

To see other new products from Pony Effect, click here.

Which shades and products are you maximum interested in?

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Eric Nam and Red Velvets Wendy Fall in Spring Love in Duet Track Video

Eric Nam and Red Velvets Wendy Fall in Spring Love in Duet Track Video

Eric Nam and Red Velvet’s Wendy Fall in “Spring Love” in Duet Tune Videoilmare42 March 3, 2016 0 LINE it!Eric Nam and Red Velvet’s Wendy Fall in “Spring Love” in Duet Music Video Eric Nam and Red Velvet member Wendy have teamed up to create the adorable duet track “Spring Love”!

On March fourin the dark KST, the music video used to be released as the newest in SM Entertainment’s weekly tracks that are shared by way of their virtual music channel STATION each and every Friday. The video capabilities the pair guffawing and having a actually perfect time at an amusement park on a candy spring date, set to their cheerful and romantic duet about friendship becoming love.

Check out the music video below!

This track is the fourth song released from STATION, which has prior to now put out Women Generation member Taeyeons solo track Rain, Yoo Young Jin and EXO member D.Os Tell Me (What Is Love) and Yoon Mi Raes As a result of You.

What do you recall to mind this new duet from Eric Nam and Wendy?

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Album & MV Review ASTRO - 'Spring Up'

Album & MV Review ASTRO - 'Spring Up'

Already with an important fanbase, ASTRO has been aggressively promoted, with a webdrama, show off tours, fan meetings, and a fact show. The rookie teamis composed of Yoon San Ha, MJ, Cha Eun Woo, Moon Bin, Rocky and Jin Jin. The call of the crowdapproach "star" in Spanish. Loversmay begladto understand that fairlyamong the songs they heard in the drama have made it onto the album, so you have already got a flavor of what they sound like. Get in a position for the overall 'Spring Up' meal.

A neat little electropop tune, containing probably the mosttopics carried over into their tunes, significantly "Hide & Seek." It is an intro and, of course, quite short.

A fun, uptempo tune, the name track could also be the banger of the album. The song just screams "enjoy yourself," yet 1 own a couple quibbles:

1) there is asection which is cribbed immediately from a grade faculty taunt: "nanny nanny boo boo," and

2) the rap at 2 mins in turns out tacked on, entire alongside a other melody.

These things were jarring at first, but the song's so catchy I were givenstuck up in it and the issues disappeared. The 2d one rap is goingappropriateat the aspect of the music and is fire. The song itself is set how much they prefera womanwho is caught their eye.

A sweeping ballad, midtempo in some parts, with a pounding beat and decidedly optimistic.  Lyrically it deals with first love and the emotions that cross reach in hand with a breakup. But they areno longer morose, in its place grateful. It is abeautiful piece, each and every boy's voice lending emotional weight to the song.

A forgedcomfortable rock tune about how they're in love with a woman and they love waking up in the morning with her. This song is catchy and soothing at the similar time, with a strumming guitar that turns electric right through the refrain and actually makes it all work.

A playful song, mild and poppy, the easiest melody to kick off your spring. The lads audio like they're having heaps of amusing with this song, although the production is still flawless. I admire the artful lyrics: "Even with your not-so-funny jokes, I am already midway head over heels with you," and, "What did you devour that made you so beautiful?"A just right way to finish the EP.

This is an excellent debut. The songs are catchy, but even have asureadulthood and fullness to them. I did notlocate any filler either, although the English is still a bit of awkward. The boys wrote their rap parts, too. I truly like it. The concept that is a bright and pleased springtime album, and this EP does conjure up some fairlysensible feels.    

The boys of ASTRO snare a girl with their authentic charms in "Hide and Seek!"

This is a lovely MV. The scene is determined in two places: a library and a few basement where the boys are cleaning. The lady has piles of books to deal with, but wait! What is that? She looks over and sees ASTRO, and they are besidescapable of see her, but it be simply a window into the other's world. They take off, and she tries to follow. There are adorable scenes where she's ready to do anything in her international that finally ends up having a funny effect in their universe as well. There is a twist finishing that brought a grin to my face.

The cloth cabinet is pretty properly done. The woman is in student garb and looks studious but worn down via having to hit the books. The participants are draped in bright colours of blue and white hues. Of course, when they're now not dancing, they're at school uniforms as well.

The dancing used to be spot on. Drops and kicks and twirls, they knocked this component out of the park. They're manifestlyneatly trained as dancers, and it shows. Even if they're joking around it's still fun to watch.

I like how this is decided up. I have notobserved a thought like this in quite awhile, where the band and the affectionpastime are separated by universes, and she's able to look them bestvia a 2 dimensional frame. Highly original, and its great how they brought this back and made it a section of the story, in position of something that occurs in the background as a piece of neat CGI. Whilst not elaborate, the talebecomeappealing enough, and now I would like a part 2. 

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Drama Starring Kim Woo Bin And Suzy May Not Air Before Spring

Drama Starring Kim Woo Bin And Suzy May Not Air Before Spring

Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin (Photo : SBS)

How long will viewers have to wait for the first episode of the drama "Uncontrollably Fond," starring miss A"s Suzy Bae and actor Kim Woo Bin? Possibly six months.

The Korean media outlet Naver TV recently reported that KBS has still not confirmed the exact air dates for the drama, but it will most likely not air before February 2016. The Wednesday-Thursday drama is scheduled to follow "Descendents of the Sun," which stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. But that drama is set to air in February 2016. "Descendents of the Sun" will be the first KBS drama where the entire series will be filmed before the drama is aired. So, it could possibly be spring before "Uncontrollably Fond" starts airing.

The story of "Uncontrollably Fond" concerns a man and woman who knew each other when they were young. They parted on bad terms. Then they meet years later. One of them is an bad-tempered star and the other is a meek documentary producer.

It has been three years since either star was seen on the small screen. Suzy Bae played Dam Yeo Wool in the fantasy saeguk "Gu Family Book" which co-starred Lee Seung Gi. As an actress, Suzy is best known for her roles in the film "Architecture 101" and the musical drama "Dream High" which co-starred Kim Soo Hyun and 2PM"s Ok Taec Yeon. She has been focused on her musical career.

Kim Woo Bin"s last drama role was in "The Heirs" with Suzy"s real-life boyfriend Lee Min Ho and actress Park Shin Hye. Since then Kim has focused on films, appearing in productions such as "The Technicians" and "Twenty." He also appeared in the dramas "School 2013" and "A Gentleman"s Dignity."

Writer Lee Kyung Hee, who wrote the dramas "Wonderful Days," "Nice Guy" and "I"m Sorry, I Love You," is writing the screenplay for "Uncontrollably Fond."

Suzy and Kim Woo Bin"s upcoming drama is also known as "Carelessly Affectionate."

Are you excited about this drama pairing? Let us know.


[Video] Teen Tops Niel and Juniel Get the Heart Flutters Going in Spring Love MV

[Video] Teen Tops Niel and Juniel Get the Heart Flutters Going in Spring Love MV

--> Making sweet harmony with Juniel, Teen Top′s Niel unveiled his music video for Spring Love.

[Video] Teen Top′s Niel and Juniel Get the Heart Flutters Going in ′Spring Love′ MV

As part of his repackaged album, Niel released Spring Love, along with the music video that shows Niel as a hopeless man in love, whose entire head is filled with thoughts of her.

Spring Love was specially featured by Juniel, creating a sweet conversation between two people in love.

Niel′s repackaged album, Spring Love will be released on April 14.

Photo Credit: T.O.P Media


[Video] Teen Tops Niel Feels the Spring Love in New Teaser

[Video] Teen Tops Niel Feels the Spring Love in New Teaser

--> Feeling the warm sweet breeze taking over, Teen Top′s Niel unveiled the teaser for his upcoming first solo repackage album.

[Video] Teen Top′s Niel Feels the ′Spring Love′ in New Teaser

On April 10, Niel dropped the 25-second teaser for Spring Love, as he takes walks by the beach, rides his bike, and more, completely unable to hide the fact that he′s so clearly in love.

Niel′s first solo repackaged album for oNIELy, Spring Love will be released on April 14.

Photo Credit: T.O.P Media


LOCO releases OST ft. G-Friend

LOCO releases OST ft. G-Friend"s Yuju "Accidental Spring" for new drama "The Girl Who Can See Smells"

LOCO releases OST ft. G-Friend

After numerous teaser videos, rapper LOCO finally released his OST track "Accidental Spring" for new drama, "The Girl Who Can See Smells."

The sweet and acoustic instrumentals which includes a balance of mellow guitar strumming and electronic piano sounds, LOCO collaborates with G-Friend"s Yujuto complete a perfectly warming spring sound for the drama"s soundtrack.

Check out the full release above!