Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho After all Officially Showed For “My Love From The Star” Writer’s New SBS Drama

Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho After all Officially Showed For “My Love From The Star” Writer’s New SBS Drama

Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho In spite of everything Officially Showed For My Love From The Megastar Writers New SBS Dramacrystalcove Might 30, 2016 0 Jun Ji Hyun And Lee Min Ho In the end Officially Confirmed For My Love From The Star Writers New SBS Drama Actors Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun have officially confirmed their appearance in author Park Ji Euns new drama.

Although news has been popping outas though it was once confirmed previously, it changed intomost commonly from the mouths of industry insiders. Now there is precise confirmation from the dramas production company, in addition a agenda and broadcasting station.

The drama, with the runningname Legend of the Blue Sea, will star Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, airing on SBS, Wednesdays and Thursdays, beginning in November. It's miles slated to premiere after the finish of Incarnation of Envy. The drama is a myth romance, taking its motif from the mermaid/merman tale in Koreas first historic (romance) storybook. In the Joseon-era storybook, it's recorded that real-life figure Kim Dam Nyeong returned mermaids/mermen that were stuck fisherman back to the sea.

Writer Park Ji Eun in the past wrote the hit drama My Love From My Star, which also starred Jun Ji Hyun, operatingalong Kim Soo Hyun. The director of the recent drama is Jin Hyuk, who has worked with Lee Min Ho ago on Town Hunter.

The production company, Culture Depot, stated, From the start stages, writer Park Ji Eun created characters matching Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho, thinking of them as the maximum productive couple. The lead actors also determined to paintingsat the drama because they accept as true with in the writer and the director. You'llstay up for their chemistry, which might be beyond ones imagination.

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Lee Min Ho in Talks to Celebrity in Next Rom-Com Drama by way of “My Love From the Star” Writer

Lee Min Ho in Talks to Celebrity in Next Rom-Com Drama by way of “My Love From the Star” Writer

Lee Min Ho in Talks to Superstar in Next Rom-Com Drama by way of My Love From the Star Author crystalcove January 20, 2016 0 LINE it!Lee Min Ho in Talks to Star in Next Rom-Com Drama by My Love From the Star Writer We could be actor Lee Min Ho soon in a drama again!

Starhaus Entertainment answered in an respectableremark to reports that the actor will be in a rom-com drama penned by the My Love From the Star writer –Park Ji Eun – by announcing that the drama is being evaluated undoubtedly amongstbest priority.

The drama may beacknowledged to be helmed by director Jin Hyuk, whom Lee Min Ho has in the past worked with on Town Hunter and has also led Masters Sun and Physician Stranger, among other works.

If Lee Min Ho says yes to the drama, it'll exist the actors go back to the small screen in about 3 years since his last, the hit 2013 drama Heirs.

In comparable news, Lee Min Ho has currentlyfinished filming the blockbuster movie Bounty Hunters.

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Jeon Ji-hyeon negotiating new drama with author Park Ji-eun from

Jeon Ji-hyeon negotiating new drama with author Park Ji-eun from "My Love from the Star"

SBS drama "My Love from the Star" creator Park Ji-eun is making plans a new drama with Jeon Ji-hyeon's control Munhwa Changgo.

The firm is planning on creating a drama for the primary time and they'reoperating on getting Park Ji-eun to get on board.

Nothing particular about the drama has been showed yet and actress Jeon Ji-hyeon is due in February as she is 10 months pregnant.

Whether or no longer she'll be in this new drama shouldn't besureyet she has to take a wreck after she supplies birth.

Meanwhile, Jeon Ji-hyeon used to be awarded the Presidential Quotation at the 2015 Culture and Arts Award Ceremony.


EXO Presentations Their Fanboy Love for “Star Wars” in Video from Trend Photo Shoot

EXO Presentations Their Fanboy Love for “Star Wars” in Video from Trend Photo Shoot

EXO Presentations Their Fanboy Love for Celebrity Wars in Video from Trend Photo Shootilmare42 December 3, 2015 0 LINE it!EXO Shows Their Fanboy Love for Star Wars in Video from Vogue Photo Shoot EXO lately teamed up with Vogue for a unique Star Wars themed photo shoot, and in a newly released video, they get to talk about their fan love for the vintage series.

The shoot is a special collaboration between SM Entertainment and Walt Disney as a section of the increase to Decembers unencumber of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. EXO in the past also dropped a unmarried called Lightsaber to advertise the film.

In the interview from the set in their Vogue photo shoot, Suho says, Were all giantfanatics of Star Wars, so weve discussed Star Wars so much in the past. When we were asked if we needed to turn out to be honorary ambassadors for the film, we fortunatelystatedit should exist great.

Kai explains that theyre acting as children who love Star Wars for their photo shoot. It used to benumerous fun, and it more or less feels like an revel in nosotros wont get to have again, he says. Someday if I have the chance, Identificationlove to make an appearance. Suho turns to him and says, In the film? Id find impossible to resist to do that too.

When asked which persona from the series they prefer the most, Sehun first stocks that EXO member Chanyeol is referred to as Yoda on account of his somewhatenormous ears. I believeI actually like Yoda in Star Wars because I adore Chanyeol, he jokes.

Kai and Chen both say that their favourite character is Darth Vader.

I like the lovely robot R2-D2, says Suho. I use an R2-D2 key chain for my vehicle keys. Suho then does a hilariously adorable influence of the beeping noises R2-D2 makes to communicate.

It turns out like its no contest at all when the guys are asked who loves Star Wars the maximum in the group. All 4individuals point to Suho correct away, adding Suho himself. Theres a big action figure over there, says Kai, pointing to the action figures at the back of them. He already has that one. Suho adds, I even have a lightsaber.

Kai jokes that after he is going into Suhos room, theres such a lot Star Wars-related stuff that he thinks perhaps Suho must tidy up.

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HanCinema's Drama Preview 'My Love from the Star'

HanCinema's Drama Preview 'My Love from the Star'

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A channel is rarely a certain bet, yet SBS does appear to put more price on cinematic quality, diversity of plots and just right presentation of its series. Having had a couple of popular series this year already and typically being a channel that produces some smart quality works, here is anything to be at liberty about.

The chemistry

Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Jeon Ji-hyeon starred in the box place of job hit "The Thieves" together, which approach that they have already got a rapport and a showed excellent chemistry. for the explanation that Min-joon is largely older than Song-i, it's miles appealing to peer how the actors" chemistry will paintings when their characters" energy dynamics are the opposite of what their genuine age would suggest.

The premise

Assuming it'll no longer handiest be there for the sake of being there, it can be offering interesting things to the plot and persona development. If age difference is explored for how it can have an effect on a romance, age difference of a few hundred years plus a difference in species is beautiful out there. It might be interesting to see how all this is treated and if the 2 leads may have a glad ending.

Final mind

The teasers and promotional subject material out up to now are most commonly going for a myth melo tone. whilst the presentation and narrative taste have an air of seriousness around them, they aren't taking a look melodramatic or soapy, which would possibly mean we are in for an impressive atypical fairytale. If they make maximum out of the forged and premise without shedding the ball on how they use the fantasy element, this would finally finish up an overly entertaining fantasy romance series.

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