Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki Speak about Their Love And War Drama

Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki Speak about Their Love And War Drama

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki(Photo : Descendants of the Sun)

When "Descendants of the Sun" starts airing on February 24, all Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki need to do after this iswait for the ratings. That issince the drama used to be shot in advance, unlike maximum other k-dramas, which may be filmed a couple of episodes at a time and with reference to air dates. That's a first for KBS, the network which produced the drama.

Filming the drama in advance approachit should premiere in Korea and China at the similar time, with Chinese audience tuning in to the net video platform iQiyi. Censorship necessities in China make it trickyto turn dramas which are filmed in the traditional way.

The anticipation is prime equally the drama is Song Joong Ki's comeback role after serving his two year neededarmy duty. He has now notseemedat the small-scale screen since his role in the 2012 drama "Nice Guy." It regarded a herbal step to take on the role of an army man, Captain Yoo Shi Jin when he becamebrand new out of the military.

"Having lately been a soldier, I presumedit may besimple to play this character, yet Yoo became out to be more complex than I might expected," stated Song Joong Ki at the February 22nd press convention for the drama.

Since he did get the script whilst serving his excursion of duty, he had time to boost up his workout routine, in order that he could glance his best.

"I'm not the sort of actor who is understood for his physique," he said. "But I had toappearance good."

The melodrama is determined in the fictitious country referred to as Wooreukeu, a rustic ravaged through war.

Song Hye Kyo plays Kang Mo Yeon, a physician with a humanitarian organization. Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Shi Jin first meet in Korea and alternatively in Wooreukeu, where they every have a mission. And where they're going to fall in love.

Being in a position to movie in advance did be offering Song Hye Kyo time to seek recommendation fromthe solid and workforce on such subjects as characters' motivations. But that was not necessarily at all times a just right thing for the actress, ultimatenoticed on the small screen in the 2013 drama "That Iciness The Wind Blows."

"Sometimes there has been too much time to think and that confusing things," said Song Hye Kyo at the clicking conference.

According to Song Joong Ki, the melodrama gives a love story, plus a number of action and dramatic moments lightened by some comedian ones.

"We wanted helicopters, wars and earthquakes to make two folks fall in love," he said.

Are you taking a lookahead to this drama?


Yook Seong-jae and Kim So-hyeon-I sing Love Song at KBS Drama Awards ceremony

Yook Seong-jae and Kim So-hyeon-I sing Love Song at KBS Drama Awards ceremony

Yook Seong-jae and Kim So-hyeon-I presented a duet functionalitystuffed withthe sentiments of younger love.

The KBS Drama Awards ceremony, emceed by way of Jeon Hyeon-moo, Kim So-hyeon-I, and Park Bo-geom, happened at KBS Annex Developmentbeginning at 8:30 PM on December 31st. Kim So-hyeon-I wonPerfect Couple Award for their roles in 'Who Are You - Faculty 2015'.

The two showed off the gorgeous chemistry whilstmaking a song Love Song, an customary sound song of 'Who Are You - School 2015'.


Writer of

Writer of "Secret Garden" and "The Heirs" Sends Love Call To Song Joong Ki For New Drama

Writer of Secret Garden and The Heirs Sends Love Call To Song Joong Ki For New Drama

The well-known writer of "Secret Garden" and "The Heirs" Kim Eun Sook sends a love-call to Song Joong Ki for an upcoming project, “Descendents of the Sun.”

Song Joong Ki will not be discharged from the military until May, but he is already fielding many offers for his first post-military project.

His agency released a statement saying “It’s true that Song Joong Ki received an offer for the lead role in Kim Eun Sook’s ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ However, nothing has been decided yet.”

Song Joong Ki left for his military service after establishing himself as a star in popular projects such as “A Werewolf Boy” and “The Innocent Man.”

“Descendents of the Sun” comes from the writer of “Secret Garden,” “Heirs,” and “Lovers in Paris,” all big hits for SBS. For the first time, writer Kim Eun Sook’s drama will be airing on a different network, on KBS. “Descendents of the Sun” will be helmed by “Secret” PD Lee Eung Bok.


SISTARs Dasom to Participate in Her First Soundtrack for Drama Love Rides the Song

SISTARs Dasom to Participate in Her First Soundtrack for Drama Love Rides the Song

SISTAR’s Dasom to Participate in Her First Soundtrack for Drama “Love Rides the Song” SISTAR’s Dasom will be participating in the third theme song for the KBS daily drama “Love Rides the Song.” The “Love Rides the Song” production team revealed this on March 5, saying that the song “Ya Ya Ya,” featuring Dasom, singer Kim Tae Hyung, and various musical actors, would be released that day.

“Ya Ya Ya” is the opening title song heard during the first scene of the first episode, featuring a catchy chorus and a melody that is easy to sing along with. The song is a collaboration between Choi Chul Ho, the musical director for the dramas “Slave Hunter” and “Good Doctor,” and composer Jo Yong HoonLee Sung Kwon, the president of Deohagi Media, said, “As Dasom’s first OST, the ‘Love Rides the Song’ soundtrack is garnering quite a bit of interest, showing off Dasom’s singing.”

“Love Rides the Song” is a musical drama about three families who learn to be thankful for family, and reflect on the wrongs that they’ve done to others.


SISTAR Dasom Advertises Her Drama

SISTAR Dasom Advertises Her Drama "Love Rides the Song"

sistar, dasom, love rides the song, kbs

sistar dasom advertises her drama Group SISTAR's member Dasom asked her fans to watch her drama KBS 1TV "Love Rides the Song."

Today, Dasom posted on SISTAR's Twitter, "Tomorrow is finally the first episode! KBS 'Love Rides the Song.' Don't forget to watch it. I'll be trying my best!!" along with a picture.

In the picture, Dasom is wearing a bright blue dress, showing off her beauty for the camera. In the paper she is holding up, it says, "We're filming to the best of our ability. Don't forget to watch it~"

Internet users who saw this commented, "Beauty given from god" and "So pretty."

Photo Credit: SISTAR Twitter


SISTAR’s Dasom promotes her new drama ‘Love Through Song’

SISTAR’s Dasom promotes her new drama ‘Love Through Song’

SISTARs Dasom promotes her new drama Love Through Song

SISTARs Dasom posted new photo to promote her KBS drama Love Through Song.

On November 3, SISTARs official Twitter posted, Finally, the first episode will broadcast tomorrow! KBS Love Through Song~ Please give your support. Dasom will make efforts! Please watch the first episode.

Attached the post was a photo of Dasom, looking lovely in sparkling blue gown. She is holding a sketchbook that says, The first episode of Love Through Song will air on November 4!! Im filming hard! Please! Watch it on time~!

Love Through Song will premiere on November 4 at 8:25PM. In the drama, Dasom will play the role of Song Deul Im who is an aspiring musical actress.


[Photos] Added posters for the upcoming Korean drama

[Photos] Added posters for the upcoming Korean drama "Love Rides the Song"

Added posters for the upcoming Korean drama "Love Rides the Song" (2013)

Directed by Lee Deok-geon

Written by Hong Yeong-hee

Network : KBS

With Dasom, Baek Seong-hyeon, Hwang Seon-hee, Seunghee, Kim Hyung-joon, Kwak Hee-seong,...

Mon~Fri 20:25

Formerly known as "Beans and Fields" ( , kkong-ga-ne bat-ga-ne)


In the social conditions of individuality, this drama deals with three families who appreciate what they have between each other and repent the hurt they've given others.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2013/11/04


“Doctors,” A Drama About Non-public Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Both

“Doctors,” A Drama About Non-public Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Both

Doctors, A Drama About Private Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Either somilha July 20, 2016 0 Doctors, A Drama About Personal Growth, Love, And Finding Courage For Both These days reigning over the Monday Tuesday primetime drama slot is SBSs Doctors, starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. Doctors is a romantic drama set in the scientificglobal that unearthsthe tale of a guy and a girl who conquer their adolescence struggles. Its a drama about personal growth and the sure effects of authentic love written via screenwriter Ha Myung Hee of Top Society and directed by director Oh Choong Hwan of My Love From the Star.

Park Shin Hye stars as our major character, Yoo Hye Jung, a pessimistic high-school antisocial who comes from a coarse background. Hye Jung struggles with opening up to these around her, opting for rather to take choicemovements which ceaselesslyends up in violence. Her tale unfolds in some waythat permits us to peer her growth from an apathetic and competitiveearly life to that of a young, decided doctor. 

Kim Rae Won plays the local high college teacher, Hong Ji Hong, who comes from an prosperous family. His compassion for his scholars and care against them breaks down their barriers and serves as a type of encouragement for Hye Jung. He is a superbinstructoryet his mannerisms recommend that there are topics in his lifestyles that he avoids. Even supposing Ji Hong is adopted, he stocksa robust bond with his followed father.

If the impressive production group of workers and major characters did now not catch your attention, the drama also capabilities an achieved ensemble of supporting characters. Audienceacquainted with the drama “Pinocchio” might beready to witness a other dynamic between Yoon Kyun Sang and Park Shin Hye, as the former plays a neurosurgeon (Jung Yoon Do) who works in the similar hospital. Jung Yoon Do is highbrow and blunt; his quirky personality makes him the comedic relief but also endearing to watch.

Lee Sung Kyung, who garnered combinedstories for her portrayal in Cheese in the Trap wraps up our romantic quadrangle as Hye Jungs hardworking and rich classmate, Jin Search engine optimization Woo. Lee Sung Kyung delivers in her portrayal of the jealous high faculty student who fancies her homeroom teacher. Despite the truth that her motives are commonly selfish, her talent to voice her feelings makes her a personality thats in a function to much development. Not each2nd lead is supposed to serve as a rival for a heroine. In this drama, Seo Woo and Hye Jung percentage many differences, but bitterness and hate isn'tthe sole result in their clashes. 

Doctors has aired 10 episodes of its 20 total so far. By this point, weve been exposed sufficient to our characters to grow to be invested in their stories. As this display has progressed, I'mrepeatedly being inspired by the deft way it has captured the relationships between various individuals. The prove has done an implausibletask showing raw human emotions whilst pairing it with a sprint of sweet romance.

There are many stereotypical roles in the drama that will havelong gone wayward, but they didnt. The superficially stereotypical are fleshed out into unique, relatable characters. For example, Jin Seo Woo is the beautiful moment lead who comes from a prosperouscircle of relatives and is complete of jealousy, but she is also a personsufferingto appreciate herself and to discover the values she needs to reside by. Yoo Hye Jung is the cuteleading character with a disturbing past; she could also bea girlfinding out to be touchy and robust in a global where it roughly feelsladies cant be both. The characters in this drama are multidimensional. Just as in genuine life, it isn'tsimple to categorize them as just right or bad.

The beautiful cinematography and the sprinkles of narration by Yoo Hye Jung have truly made this drama a joy to watch. Although I was concerned about the teacher-student dating narrative, I am beginning to understand perhaps the story is intended show the growth a of mentor-mentee relationship to that of lovers. This topic, which turns out taboo, has been treated amongst care and an enchanting plot.

Are you interested in this drama? Music in to the primary episode of Doctors below.

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