Minah gets flustered when asked if she

Minah gets flustered when asked if she"s single for upcoming "4 Things Show" episode

Minah gets flustered when asked if she

Girl"s Day"s Minah is set to appear on the March 31 broadcast of Mnet"s "4 Things Show"! Mnet has given fans a sneak peek of the episode with a clip titled "Minah"s four letter talk!" featuring Minah answering questions from other guests.

In the clip shown above, fellow Girl"s Day member Yura, f(x)"sAmber, and comedian Yoo Se Yoon can be seen asking Minah four-character/syllable questions. While Yura seems mostly concerned about Minah"s condition, Amber shows her close bond with Minah by affectionately saying, "You know my feelings, right?" and, "Little sister Bbang (bread) is the best."

Of course, Yoo Se Yoon came up with the most random questions. At the 0:25 mark, he even asks, "You got a man?"

Minah appears taken aback by Yoo Se Yoon"s question, as she laughs, "Ah... oppa, you"re driving me crazy." Eventually she composes herself and responds with an ambiguous answer, "What should I say?" expertly dodging the bullet, yet still leaving fans curious.

Minah"s full "4 Things Show" episode will broadcast on March 31. "Til then, stay tuned!



Ladies" Code appear on broadcast for "Idol School" episode

After discussing with Ladies" Code"s families, MBC Music airs the "Idol School" episode of Ladies" Code which was recorded on August 26th and September 2nd.

In this episode airs earlier today, we see the five lively girls Ashley, Zuny, Sojung, EunB and RiSe dancing to their single "Kiss Kiss" and actively and cheerfully participated in the challenges.

Without wavering, the girls brought much laughter on the set with their bubbly and witful comments and acts.

It"s bringing back good memories that EunB and RiSe had shown to us so watch the cuts below:


MBC Music to broadcast

MBC Music to broadcast "Idol School" episode with Ladies" Code

MBC Music will broadcast the pre-recorded footage of Ladies" Code on "Idol School".

According to the production crew, they will air the episode featuring Ladies" Code on "Idol School" which they previously recorded on August 26th and September 2nd.

A rep from MBC Music also said they weren"t sure whether they should broadcast the episode or not, but after dicussing with the families of the Ladies" Code members, we have decided to go with the broadcast as it"s the will from the families to see the girls" beautiful performance on tv for the last time.

This episode will be broadcasted on October 7th at 6pm kst and later will repeat at 11pm kst.


INTERVIEW: Joo Sang Wook reveals his thoughts about his drama Cunning Single Lady and talks about his perspective in marriage and relationships

INTERVIEW: Joo Sang Wook reveals his thoughts about his drama Cunning Single Lady and talks about his perspective in marriage and relationships

Actor Joo Sang Wook took the lead role from the recently ended MBC drama Cunning Single Lady. He often portrayed manly roles from his previous dramas and movies but from his recent drama, we’ve witnessed his sense of humor.

In an interview, Joo Sang Wook shares his experiences in his role in Cunning Single Lady, talks about his co-stars and his personal life.

Q: Tell us something about your comical character in the drama.

Well, I think it’s quite fun to have that role because it’s almost similar to my personality. Though I know it’s a great opportunity, I really thought about it because I know I still needed to make a lot of effort acting out the role. Well, in fact, I was acting quite seriously this time. But people seemed to find it really fun and interesting. Acting is not very easy and you really have to be flexible and natural. Personally, the role that I portrayed in “Good Doctor” was one of the roles that I freely and comfortably portrayed.

Q: So what was your role in the drama?

Hahahaha, at that time, I was the CEO. When I saw what role it would be, I told myself ‘Oh, so I’ll be a CEO’. It was not actually a burden to act it out. Well, at that time, my role seemed to be very different from my previous characters and as well as the atmosphere. It was actually not a very big deal having that kind of role. That such role gave me the opportunity to contribute my own ideas to show that kind of image.

Q: Can you rate your chemistry with Lee Min Jung?

Well, I met Lee Min Jung from the drama we both worked together eight years ago. By that time, we had been friendly to each other and we worked comfortably together. When I knew that I would be working with Lee Min Jung again, I was really happy. We didn’t feel much burden or pressure working together so I want to give a high rating. Hmmm personally, I think it should be 90 points? Well, of course, Lee Min Jung is a beautiful woman too.

Q: Unfortunately, the ratings weren’t really a hit.

I don’t care much about the ratings but rather care more about what the story would be and how the audience would like the story. Honestly, I did have some worries. Well, I also thought that it would get high ratings too but at that time, the 1st and 2nd episode of the drama was competing against the finale of ‘You Who Came from the Stars’ which was really getting high ratings at that time. I told myself, ‘Oh I am not good.’ I thought something like that all the time. But when I met people and told me ‘You look great!’, I felt satisfied and relieved.

Q: As Seo Kang Joon’s senior, how would you rate him as an actor?

Rate? Oh, that’s hard. We first met in the drama ‘Good Doctor’ and Kang Joon just appeared in a cameo role at that time. And at that time, I was not able to greet him personally. But when we met in ‘Cunning Single Lady’, Kang Joon told me ‘You look much better’ and then he told me memories back in our previous drama. Kang Joon is still young but he’s a fast learner and he’s very confident and positive. I’ll give him 100 points for that.

Q: You’re every girl’s Ideal Guy now because of your glamorous looks and many have thought that you’re in a relationship. Do you have a girlfriend now?

No, I don’t have. The word ‘glamour’ is how people often describe men with roles like what I had in the drama, as a CEO. Maybe because of the looks and wealth. It is the typical impression but I actually don’t know what glamour is. Anyway, having a girlfriend is not my priority now. However, men and women should think about it carefully. For me, I don’t think it’s the time yet. My career is my priority for now.

Q: Do you consider yourself as a funny person?

Yeah, maybe a jolly person but I think I am between serious and funny. The funny character that I showed in the drama is something that I really need to portray. I am somehow like that but not as funny as that.

Q: What can you say about marriage and divorce?

It is true that in a marriage, there really are troubles and problems and most of them end up divorcing. I have a close friend who got married but it seemed very sudden though it was because of love. I also want to get married someday. It is very important to get to know the person carefully. But then, I want to be a good man for my future wife.

Q: Do you think that the drama about a divorced couple is realistic?

Before the drama starts, I was also curious about it. It is usual for couples to part ways when they’re in just in a relationship but marriage is a different matter. I think the situation was not very easy like getting married then divorced then get married again. It is not a usual set up but it could be realistic somehow.

Q: Your rival in the drama is younger than you. Have you thought of more threatening or intimidating actor who’d take that role?

Hmmm to compete with? I think there’s no competition hahaha. But seriously, Kang Joon was really good at it. Anyway, I’d never thought of competing with somebody but maybe, Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun would also be intimidating rivals.

Q: Do you want to an older actress as your leading lady?

Well of course. Just like with the actresses I worked with in the historical drama ‘The Great Queen Seondeok’. They are all beautiful and very good in acting. If there would be another opportunity to work with an older actress, that would be great.

Q: What character would you like to try?

Doctor which I once had in ‘Good Doctor’ so it was a dream come true. Also as a King which I also tried once. I really like dramas and the role of being a king in a historical drama seemed to be a great portrayal. If I would be given another opportunity, I want to portray a role of a king again.


"Sly and Single Again" Episode 15

"Sly and Single Again" has come full circle. Jung-woo and Ae-ra are back where they began: single, broke, unemployed and hoping for a brighter future. The big difference between now and the first time they were in this situation is that they've done a lot of growing up.

The divorced couple is finally able to see their past and true intentions clearly. Misunderstandings have been cleared away, leaving only opportunity to either reconcile or move on. This wouldn't be a romcom if they didn't try to reconcile. Neither would it be a Korean drama if one of the leads didn't try to be a noble idiot. However, "Sly and Single Again" circumvents the usual fair of self-sacrifice for the sake of a loved one. Jung Woo hears Ae-ra confess her plan to leave him and doesn't let her follow through with it. It's a sound comment on all of the shows that make a main character foolishly try to protect another by omission of truth and avoiding involvement.

Ae-ra has discovered that she likes working and the fulfillment it gives her so she does not take the job she could've won on Seung-hyeon's recommendation - she wants to earn it herself. She has a goal in life now. Jung-woo is no longer fueled by rage and revenge. He also feels the emotional support from Ae-ra that he longed for while they were married. Their growth as people and as a couple is satisfying.

Yeo-jin, on the other hand, is simply infuriating. She pitches fits, has learned nothing over the past fifteen episodes, and runs her business based on how she feels. Her character is a waste of space. She had a lot of potential because her issues were touching and real, but they were handled badly and in a way that made her completely unrelatable.

Unlike Yeo-jin, her father has done a little growing. He finally learns to let go of the wife he has been clinging to. Perhaps this will positively affect Yeo-jin and Seung-hyeon who have followed closely in his footsteps. Seung-hyeon seems to be letting Ae-ra go, but he isn't quite there. He didn't have much to do this episode except be a plot pawn. I want to see him truly understand his role as a working man, a son, and a man in love - he's still very much the wayward boy who hasn't yet found what he's looking for. I also want to see him reconcile with Jung-woo, especially after Jung-woo steps up and takes responsibility for the troubles of his company. It's a very mature, adult move that I would like to see Seung-hyeon emulate.

One more episode to go and "Sly and Single Again" will hopefully be " Sly and Married Again " after a few humorous twists and turns. The show is best when it does funny and I hope it sticks to it.

Written by Raine from Raine's Dichotomy

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"Sly and Single Again" is directed by Ko Dong-seon , written by Lee Ha-na-I and features Lee Min-jeong and Joo Sang-wook

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Joo Sang Wook Says Comments Ending Drama

Joo Sang Wook Says Comments Ending Drama "Cunning Single Lady"

(Photo : MBC) MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama "Cunning Single Lady" has made a grand ending. On April 24th, it ended its 16th episode and was loved by many viewers with its perky characters and a unique storyline of a "divorcee romantic comedy". Joo Sang Wook"s acting transformation was especially noteworhty.

Joo Sang WOok who challenged himself in his first romantic comedy showed a comical side that he hadn"t shown before and was love as the new "rom com king". Before, he had shown a bit of his comical nature and humorous side in entertainment programs and this was heightened in this piece. Unlike the cold Image that he showed in the previous piece "Good Doctor", Joo Sang Wook chose a transformation that was 180 degrees different and rid himself of the label "The director" that had followed him for 17 years after his debut, creating a more friendly and likeable side to him.

Joo Sang Wook who has made a transformation from a navie engineering student to a CEO with a cold side showing drastic sides, he said, "I was overwhelmed by the idea of a romantic comedy Involving a divorcee and the fact that this was my first romantic comedy. I often wondered how I would portray the role of Cha Jung Woo who was pathetic but also romantic. I was really happy and thrilled to show a different side of Joo Sang Wook in this piece. In, I loved acting Cha Jung Woo. Thank you to the team at "Cunning Single Lady" for being with us for three months and all the viewers who have supported us." as he delivered his comments.

Meanwhile, to show his condolences for the incident of the Sewol ferry incident t hat shook the nation, Joo Sang Wook donated $30,000 in rescue funds and cancelled his planned Interview.


MBC Drama Broadcast Regularly,

MBC Drama Broadcast Regularly, "Cunning Single Lady" Will End

(Photo : MBC) MBC went ahead with its schedule for broadcasting dramas.

According to the grand schedule of MBC, the daily drama "Shining Romance" and the daily special production "Mother"s Garden" will be broadcast on April 17th and 18th, respectively.

At this, the Wednesday/Thursday miniseries "Cunning Single Woman" will be broadcasting its last episode on April 17th and will be ending with 15 episodes.

On the previous day on April 16th, with reference to the sinking of the passenger ferry near Jeonnam Jindo-gun, MBC cancelled all regular programming and changed to a special broadcasting format. Even on April 17th, it cancelled all dramas and was expected to keep its special news coverage but it"ll continue its dramas as planned.

Meanwhile, based on the decisions of MBC, SBS and KBS is expected to re-program its schedule as well.


"Sly and Single Again" Episode 14

The number one form of communication in "Sly and Single Again" is eavesdropping. Most of the important plot points shared between characters this episode were accidentally overheard and observed. It has happened quite a bit before as well, but this episode had an abundance of eavesdroppers.

Jung-woo is the primary eavesdropper, which makes sense because he tends to stalk Ae-ra in a fashion that could become creepy. He overheard that she miscarried during their marriage and that jerks him into an entirely new understanding of Ae-ra, her anger, her pain and their divorce. While I appreciate the fact that Jung-woo grows because of what he's overheard, it would've been better had he heard it directly from Ae-ra. Part of their marriage issues were the secrets and unilateral decisions. If they can overcome that, perhaps they can be together again.

Both Yeo-jin and Seung-hyun are treading paths that I do not like. They follow in their father's footsteps, using manipulation and cruelty to win love and respect. For a minute, their father, the arrogant President Gook humbled himself before Jung-woo to beg him to marry Yeo-jin and make her happy, but when refused, he reverted back to his modus operandi: money as a tool for manipulation. Yeo-jin uses Jung-woo's need for money to get him to agree to marry her. Seung-hyun uses his status to dominate Jung-woo and win Ae-ra.

I do like Seung-hyun taking responsibility for his birthright and going to work with a vision for its future. I do not like how he's using that to best Jung-woo in the love game and to punish him for hurting his sister. The whole political play of the company is feeling contrived, especially when Seung-hyun has very little business experience and the board of directors accepted him without question. The company's issues are also very one-dimensional and are only present to give Jung-woo another hurdle to jump over before the end of the drama's run.

One thing Jung-woo does handle well is that he admits when he's wrong, begs forgiveness where he needs to, and stands up for his ideals. Yes, he was foolish before, but once he realized it, he made amends. He's a character who needs a little push in order to grow and change, but once that push is given, he changes a lot on his own.

There was a moment where stiff and unyielding Yeo-jin could've become a pitiable character instead of an annoying one. Yeo-jin didn't switch the bags to get Ae-ra in trouble. However, she did take the blame for it and used the situation to tell Ae-ra to leave Jung-woo alone. Yeo-jin's leg is another issue I can't pity her for. She cries and has fits, but she seems more like a temperamental child than an adult with a tortured past.

I sense noble idiocy in Ae-ra's future because a marriage to Yeo-jin is apparently the only way to save his company. Ae-ra can see how Jung-woo has suffered to build his company and doesn't want him to lose it. This is the point in the drama where such knowledge will cause her to make a self-sacrificing decision. Hopefully Jung-woo won't allow it or Seung-hyun will step out of his father's shadow and do the right thing - he'll help Jung-woo. h

Written by Raine from Raine's Dichotomy

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"Sly and Single Again" is directed by Ko Dong-seon , written by Lee Ha-na-I and features Lee Min-jeong and Joo Sang-wook

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"Sly and Single Again" Episode 13

The episode is reminiscent of the earlier stages in most Korean romcoms even though the drama is in its later stages. The main couple is flirting and growing closer while everyone else and their situations conspire against them. The second leads are become more angst-ridden by the moment.

While the angst works for Seung-hyun, it does not work as well for his sister. Seung-hyun was aimless until he met Ae-ra. Now his love for her and his competitive spirit towards Jung-woo have sparked his forward motion. He's actively taking a hand in his future instead of letting life pass him by. Of course, he is not going about it the right way, but that is something he will learn. His mistakes will teach him. The show has done a good job thus far of developing him in that way. Hopefully it will continue to do so.

His sister, Yeo-jin, is just a mess. Her character pitches fits, refuses to go to the doctor when she's in pain, and has pity parties. Nothing up to this point has made her a sympathetic character. The more she acts like a spoiled child, the less appealing she becomes. She has a huge complex over her robotic leg. It would be nice to see more than one short scene about how this leg affects her romantic life, and her life in general.

There were many adorable happenings in this episode, mostly because of Jung-woo and his rekindled love for Ae-ra. He follows her around like a lovesick puppy. While most of it is cute, some of it is overbearing. Part of Ae-ra's hesitance to be with him is that she finally feels like a viable, independent, working woman in society. Where she was a dependent, uneducated woman who needed a man to survive, she is now able to care for herself and proud of it. When Jung-woo flirts with her, he is very pushy and forceful, and she lets that happen. If she is going to be an independent woman, she needs to forbid that kind of behavior. That, and it shows that he loves her, but he doesn't fully respect her. He may understand his role in her past sufferings and see her motivations more clearly, but he doesn't treat her as a human being worthy of respect.

The end of this episode was very weak and contrived. The decisions made were purely to create conflict and didn't fit organically into the drama, especially on the part of Yeo-jin's father. He is the head of a hugely successful corporation and the decision he made does not reflect the intelligence needed to run his corporation. It does reflect his impulsivity, but if he let that part of him run his company, it would fail. He obviously hasn't. So why now?

One thing about this show is that it is not very subtle with its analogies. Most of the time it works to comedic effect. At other times it is just awkward and cheesy. Jung-woo takes Ae-ra to a romantic restaurant where they are served in the dark and proceeds to use dark/light analogies to explain his feelings. It's a little heavy-handed. At the same time, however, it was a very sweet scene. It has to do with the presentation. Had he not just pawed at Ae-ra, I, as a female reviewer, may have been more amenable to the situation.

I'm less excited to see the outcome of Ae-ra's work predicament than I am to see how the characters come to terms with their feelings. The relationships of this show are strong while the trappings of family squabbles and work snafus are weak.

Written by Raine from Raine's Dichotomy

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"Sly and Single Again" is directed by Ko Dong-seon , written by Lee Ha-na-I and features Lee Min-jeong and Joo Sang-wook

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