'Descendants of the Sun' three-episode special program unveils fantastic volume of creating  movie and behind-the-scenes stories

'Descendants of the Sun' three-episode special program unveils fantastic volume of creating movie and behind-the-scenes stories

Although 'Descendants of the Sun' has finished, it isn't over yet. Its special program has been planned for 3 days beginning April 20th.

A probability to soothe your unhappy feeling to let move of the drama, which recorded its best possiblescore with the finale via 38.8% and created the sensational syndrome among all domestic drama lovers and outdoor Korea, has been ready by the production team.

"See you again, 'Descendants of the Sun'" featuring the maximum efficient lines and most sensible scenes all in combinationcould be aired at 10 PM on April 20th and 21st. Also, "'See you again, 'Descendants of the Sun' Epilogue' is aired at 9:25 PM on April 22nd. Especially, as the 'Epilogue' episode will unveil such so much of scenes from the making film, the drama fans are getting excited to look the scenes they have got been wondering about.

The production team said, "Thank you for all of the love and give a spice up toyou've got been sending to 'Descendants of the Sun'. We have gotwilling abundant contents to watch. You are ready to quench your interest just about the behind-the-scenes clearly".


HanCinema's movie Review 'The Front Line': creating a Mountain out of a Mole Hill

HanCinema's movie Review 'The Front Line': creating a Mountain out of a Mole Hill

Korean cinema has been infused with struggle movies that experience framed and re-framed "The Forgotten War". The Korean War has served as inexhaustible fodder for the industry as filmmakers continue to voice their standpoint and ideologies at the clash that tore a country in two. More contemporary films like "Secret Reunion", "71-Into the Fire", "Poongsan", and "In Love and War" speaks to the variety of flicks being produced on the topic. Comedies, tragedies, espionage, and the ideologically moot all have kept the ball rolling as a nation remembers, relives, and re-questions the occasions and aftermath of the war that drew a line in the bloody sand.

"The Front Line" takes position in the general days of the conflict when the armistice used to be being negotiated and signed. the majority of the combating became over and just the political posturing and jostling for territory remained to explained the Korean DMZ. it's far listen that Jang Hoon starts his tale as Lieutenant Kang Eun-Pyo (Sin Ha-gyoon) is ordered to seek recommendation from the Eastern front so as to research the prospect of a mole existing in the Korean "Alligator Company". Messages from North Korean infantrymen are some how achieving their families back in the South and the suspicious death of the company"s commander has flagged the corporate for an inside investigation. Kang Eun-Pyo reluctantly makes his way to Aerok Hills with the their new commander and a green boy in a position to do his accountability as a soldier. Alternatively earlier than departing Kang is advised that his old friend Kim Soo-Hyuk (Ko Soo) is in fact alive and is now serving with "Alligator Company" in the combat of attrition over the notorious hill.

The movie highlights the have an effect on of war on the particular person as piece on the board acting out the need of better powers. Pawns that act and don"t think as they execute the commands of a few all-powerful figure/ideal this is assume to be using their each idea and action. The ethics and justification of the war are challenged as the bloody conflict for Aerok violently swings like a pendulum, with neither facet capable of protected the floor they are ordered to capture and defend. As every one side makes their advance and then retreats, Aerok Hill becomes a graveyard of forgotten ideals and politics raised up to relevance by way of the men buried beneath. In the end the blood that stains the slopes can not be known as either North or South. All that is apparent is that it's Korean blood that soaks the slopes.

I have attempted to notice to what level the film is in reaction to exact fact. I got here around the wrestle of "Pork Chop Hill" which turns out to involve in massive part the similar account of parties that can also be observed in Jang"s film. "Pork Chop Hill", however, incorporated the yankee military battling the Chinese and North Korean"s on hill of little or now not strategic and tactical price just before the armistice was to be signed. yet "The Front Line" holds back on adding the The usa force in its frames. but even so at the negotiation table and the ill-time bombing of North and South Korean troops, the film minimises the effect of the USA in their war efforts and I'd be very interested to grasp to what degree the film is rooted in fact.

Regardless of the film"s historic accuracy, "The Front Line" was a heart-felt film that assists in keeping the horrors of the beyond brand new in the minds of world. Most likely this was a large thing as to why it was selected to be South Korea"s access to the Academy Awards. Political points may neatly have influenced that call but even so "The Front Line" will without a doubt stand on its own as an epic war drama that depicts the futility and vacancy of war.

-C.J. Wheeler ([email protected])

Below is taken from AsianMediaWiki as their editor Ki Mun transcribed/translated the Q&A consultation for "The Front Line" at the 2011 Busan foreign Film Festival on October 8, 2011. This page might be visted here.


Album Review: Infinite's "Destiny"

Album Review: Infinite's "Destiny"

Album Review: Infinites DestinyHas Infinite Realized Their Destiny? Album Review: Infinites Destiny Well, apparently we are Infinite’s destinyor at least that’s what they claim in their latest song.

Infinite is back with their second single album, Destiny. “Destiny” marks the first time since their debut that Infinite has worked with someone other that Sweetune for their lead single. This time around, they worked with duo Rphabet who produced Tasty’s “You Know Me.”

It’s because of this that I went into the song apprehensively, wondering just what change would happen to the signature sound of Infinite. Turns out, I worried for nothing because the change in producers came at just the right time.

The single opens with the title track, “Destiny.” “Destiny” still retains that signature Infinite sound while at the same time evolving what they had before. The song features heavy layering and is probably the most modern Infinite has been.

Admittedly, I would have preferred that the beginning had sounded like the teaser, or they could have had that as an intro song prior to “Destiny.” The beginning was jarring to the ears. It sounded as if the song was breaking, like the CD was skipping, so the shift 30 seconds in was more than welcome. But maybe this was done on purpose, to enhance the feeling of the break up? Because this songas with most Infinite songsrevolve around a breakup.  The lyrics are typical for Infinite: they are clingy lovers who have been left by their significant other.

That being said, the song isnt bad at all. In fact, it was better than expected. The sudden appearance of a piano in the song was welcome change to the pace. It ensured that our ears wouldnt be overrun by all that was happening. Because Destiny is a busy song and features pianos and string instrumentsall placed perfectly within the song. Its especially pleasing during Hoyas rap. Also, the transitions between Dong-woo and Hoya’s raps were surprisingly smooth for such a heavily layered song.

Album Review: Infinites Destiny And yes, Sung-gyu does have a lot of lines in “Destiny”, but let us all appreciate the fact that Myung-soo, Sung-jong and Sung-yeol have more than one line. Not only that, they carry their parts and they don’t sound off at all. So kudos to Woollim for giving them a chance.

After Destiny, we then move on to “Inception.” After the busy song that is “Destiny”, this is the perfect song for our ears to relax. It’s laid back and it sounds as if Infinite are flirting with the listener. It also sounds as if they were influenced somewhat by Infinite H. This song sounds like it couldve also been part of Fly High.

Fun fact: the warehouse the music video was filmed in was also where they filmed the first level dream in Inception.

“Going to You” is my second favorite song off the single. Again, the lyrics are nothing special. What makes the song special is the way the music builds up. It invokes memories of running or going after a specific goal. The boys sound perfect. The play between Sung-gyu and Woo-hyun from the second chorus onwards was a treat to the ears. It’s a song that one could play while chilling around and relaxing. I feel like this song was made to accompany Inception since the flow between the song is so smooth. And yet they are both very different songs.

The single closes with the obligatory ballad in the form of “Mom.” The song is beautiful. They sound good and invokes emotion at appropriate moments. It plays to the ranges where their voices are most comfortable. It’s a typical Infinite ballad. I particularly love how the chorus was sung. It reminds me of “Only Tears” where one feels all the raw emotion in their voices. But is it a memorable song? Unfortunately, it wasnt. Its not the kind of ballad you would put on repeat. However, after starting the single off with the intense “Destiny”, then going through two laid-back tracks, “Mom” was the perfect way to close off the single.

Album Review: Infinites Destiny All in all, the single album plays to the strengths of Infinite. It signals a return to the edginess they had prior to “Man In Love.” It is a cohesive single. The single does not sound as if you had put your playlist in shuffle. The songs flow in and out of each other without sounding the same. It is the most mainstream Infinite has been, but without sacrificing the signature Infinite sound. Furthermore, the line distribution is more balanced to the vocal skills each member possesses. Yes, Sung-gyu and Woo-hyun still have a bulk of lines, but there is progress made.

Given how good of a single-album Destiny is, I’d like to just write off “Man In Love” as one of those commercials played between two epic movies on HBO. Infinite needed a break between two heavy singles such as “The Chaser” and “Destiny.” After “Man In Love”, it all could only go uphill and uphill it did go.

I would give Destiny a 4.25/5.

(Woollim Entertainment, YouTube [1][2])


INFINITE Releases 'Destiny' MV Teaser Video Online

INFINITE Releases 'Destiny' MV Teaser Video Online

INFINITE, Destiny, MV, Teaser

INFINITE Releases 'Destiny' MV Teaser Video Online INFINITE Releases Destiny MV Teaser Video OnlineGroup INFINITE has released their new song, "Destiny" music video making video.

With their comeback coming up on July 16, they released their MV teaser making video for their fans.

Int his video, director Hong Won Ki stated, "Out of al the idol music videos, this is the largest scale production I've done." Many production staff also stated that they believe that this video will gain popularity not only in Korea but overseas as well.

This video was filmed in the U.S. at Universal Studios and gained much attention from fans.

In May, the members flew to the U.S and stayed for over a week to film their large scale video.


Beyonce & Destiny's Child Dance

Beyonce & Destiny's Child Dance "Single Ladies" At AMAZING Superbowl Halftime Show [VIDEO]

Beyonce, superbowl

Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show to Feature Beyonce and MoreBeyoncewas "Bootylicious" at Superbowl 2013 Halftime show.

Beyonce kept fans on their feet with her performances of "Love On Top," "Crazy In Love," "Til The End of Time," "Baby Boy," "Bootylicious," "Single Ladies," "Halo," and more!

Catch a live stream and recap at CBS.com

The Grammy singer surprised the 72,000 people at the Super Bowl and the millions of TV viewers when the former girl group joined the stage. Destiny's Child returned and did the "Single Ladies" dance together.

The Twitter-sphere is buzzing with awe at her amazing show.

Beyonce's halftime show is certainly considered one of the best halftime performances to grace the Super Bowl stage.

Although Beyonce has been performing for years, she still admited she was nervous about today's big show.

READ MORE:Jennifer Hudson, Sandy Hook Choir, 'AMAZING' At Super Bowl Kickoff Pre-Game

"We've been preparing for about four or five months, so of course, I'm nervous," Beyonce said at a press conference about the Super Bowl 2013 performance. The singer and her crew took the stage for a 12-minute set.

"It took so many months to just decide what the stage was because some of the things that were in my head just weren't possible to put together in that amount of time," she said.

Beyonce remained tight-lipped about which songs she would be performing.

"I can't give too much away but I can say that every little second matters and we're working," Beyonce said.

She had also remained mum about whether or not her Destiny's Child bandmates will join her on the Super Bowl stage. Beyonce neither denied nor confirmed that Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will participate.

"There is nothing like our connection and the sisterhood we have," Beyonce said.

At the press conference, Beyonce also took the opportunity to announce she would be ready to perform live at the show. She recently stirred controversy with her lip synced performance of the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration last month.

"I am well rehearsed and I will absolutely be singing live," Beyonce said. "This is what I was born to do. What I'm born for."


CHI CHI Recognized As Power Vocal Group Through Destiny's Child Cover Video

CHI CHI Recognized As Power Vocal Group Through Destiny's Child Cover Video

chi chi, love is energy

CHI CHI Recognized As Power Vocal Group Through Destiny's Child Cover Video Chi-Chi Power VocalsRecently on an online video forum, CHI CHI's cover of a song by Destiny's Child captured the attention of countless internet users.

The video contains their activity in Japan as well as their preparation for a comeback in Korea. Throughout the video, CHI CHI's bright and sweet personality was shown alongside their surprisingly powerful voices and range.

Internet users commented, "The members are pretty and they sing well too", "Wow~ it's so good~~ Looking forward to their upcoming performances!" and "The song's so good. Anticipating great performances in the future."

CHI CHI is currently out with their new song, "Love is Energy."