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Secret To Conclude Promotional Activities For I Do I Do Next Week

f(x)'s Victoria Releases Promotional Video For Her Upcoming Drama "Beautiful Secret"

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f(x)'s member Victoria has revealed a short video, greeting and calling for fans' support for her upcoming drama "Beautiful Secret."

Close battle between
Close Battle Between "the Night Watchman" And "secret Door" This Week, But Which Mon-Tues Drama Came Out On Top?

Close battle between "The Night Watchman" and "Secret Door" this week, but which Mon-Tues drama came out on top?

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It was a close battle between "The Night Watchman" and "Secret Door" once again, but it was the former that regained its #1 spot in its time slot this week!

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, MBC"s The Night Watchman" achieved a 10.2% viewer rating on Tuesday, which is a 0.3% decrease from its previous viewer rating of 10.5% on Monday.

Recap of SHINee's Weekly Activities Past Week

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On Sept 24, a press conference was held for the drama 'Medical Top' team at the Severance hospital in Shinchon-dong. Among the cast member is Choi Minho, who has announced that he will be playing the part of the Thoraci surgeon in the top team of medical practitioners, Kim Seong Woo. During the conference, Minho stated, Its an honor to be able to work with such a great director, writer, and actors. As I studied by watching domestic and international medical dramas I felt that this wasnt going to be an easy role. I had to observe the actual operation and study medical terms and analyze why the patients were sick. But most of all, I liked pushing myself to experience and learn something new and foreign.

SHINee has been chosen as the faces for Sketchers and despite the photos that were released, fans can also be thrilled to know that there are behind the cut photos as well. These are photographs of the behind the scenes of the photoshoot, they provid an extra perspective to the happenings behind the photoshoot. There were also five lucky fans who won a Sketcher's contest on July who visited the site during the shoot.

Korean drama Drama of the week
Korean Drama Drama Of The Week "secret Garden"

Korean drama Drama of the week "Secret Garden"

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This quirky, high concept drama follows a neurotic businessman and a passionate stunt woman who come to possess each other's hearts and bodies...literally! Kim Joo Won is the arrogant, eccentric heir to a large company. Poised to inherit a large department store, he constantly rejects the girls his matchmaking mother sends his way. When he meets Gil Ra Im, a beautiful, driven stunt-woman, she changes his life, as he becomes fascinated by her strength and vulnerability. Ra Im wants nothing to do with this oddball, drawn more to his pop-star cousin Oscar, whose music she admires. Ra Im and Joo Won are thrown together when, due to a magical accident, they end up switching bodies. Now, they'll have to live each other's lives, coming to know each other (and themselves) in the process better than they would have thought possible...

SB Week in Review, 12/19 to 12/25
Sb Week In Review, 12/19 To 12/25

SB Week in Review, 12/19 to 12/25

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Starship Entertainment singer Jooyoung has enlisted. This news got herein a while after the release of Love Line with Hyorin and Bumkey.Produce 101 has been busy uploading introductory videos of each and every trainee at thepresentations official channels. I have a feeling that I can be observing all of them: will you be joining me?Got7Jr has been solid in his first movie role. He'll play the lead in Nunbal.Eric Nam and Spica have left B2M Entertainment and signed on with CJ EM TuneTrade Unit.tvN is making plans on remaking US Television series The Just right Wife. So long as they do right by KalindaWhile his bandmates are in a alternative way occuped (see below), Shinhwas Hye-sung is gearing up to celebrate his 10th anniversary as a soloist. He will be sheddinga different album in January.Dates and venues for Exos February North American excursionhad been announced Along side Lays absence. The teams sole closing Chinese member has schedules in China during that time.Teen Top will be making a return in January. Other News

As already mentioned, iKon were givenstuck up in some other fan war over colours; this time, Shinhwa members themselves entered the fray.South Korea is one of 2 markets where Star Wars: The Force Awakens has failed to top the box office. The blockbuster was beat by The Himalayas in Korea and a native remake of Miss Granny in Vietnam. (Facebook, The Hankyoreh12, The Hollywood Reporter, Instagram, Instiz, Mwave12,, Sports Chosun, The Celebrity Chosun, Xsports News. Photographs via: DSP Media, Style Girl, Mwave)

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Luhan is ready to combat in the entire 'Star Wars' promotional video

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In the video, a depressing force is coming in, and Luhan gets himself ready to combat with his lightsaber. Luhan selling 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' makes us think he must have also acted in the film too.

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New Still of f(x)’s Victoria in Chinese Drama “Beautiful Secret” Released
New Still Of F(X)’s Victoria In Chinese Drama “beautiful Secret” Released

New Still of f(x)’s Victoria in Chinese Drama “Beautiful Secret” Released

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New Still of f(x)s Victoria in Chinese Drama Gorgeous Secret Releasedkiddy_days December 7, 2015 0 The Chinese drama Exquisite Secret published a new still of f(x)s Victoria, inciting the interest of viewers.

In the photo, Victoria is dressed in a large, black bag across her shoulder and is using a red scooter. Any otherlady sits at the back of her and is speaking to her, yet Victoria remains stone-faced and practically angry as she just looks ahead.

Meanwhile, Beautiful Key is a drama with Jiang Meili, a deficient but self-assuredwoman amongst a secret who works as a birth girl, the primary character. The tale unfurls as songmanufacturer Guan Yi (played by Peter Ho) discovers Jiang Meilis amazing musical ability and makes a decision to make her into a star.

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Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: November 23–29

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With the hassle with her ex-husband resolved, Hye Joo is tracked down and persuaded by ability of Hyeong Gyu to pass back to Seoul with him. On the bus ride back, Hye Joo falls asleep and her head guidelinesin opposition to Hyeong Gyu. He pushes her head away, but it’s similar to a boomerang. And when her head rests on his shoulder, Hyeong Gyu’s middle thumps faster. He wonders, “Why is this happening?” He pounds on his chest as although that’ll slow down his quick-beating heart, but nervously, he indulges his feelings. As he pretends to sleep, he slyly holds her hand. That wakes her up, and while she’s to get started with taken aback, she closes her eyes and smiles. Hyeong Gyu, too, beams as he dozes off, and for the remainder of the journey, the 2 continue to hang hands, their heads resting on each and every other as they sleep. It should exist the most delightful and relaxing bus travel the two ever had!

Still seething from the humiliation that the Haedong Gapjok Society passed him, Hong In Bang chefs up a plan in which he uses the crowd to implicate Lee Song Gye in crook acts. Mindful that Hong In Bang is threatening the Society to gain their compliance in his scheme, Bang Won comes up with his own plan.

Bang Won infiltrates the Society’s meeting, necessarilyblocking off them from signing the record that condemns their father and implores them to do things his way. He advises them that as an alternative of cowering at In Bang’s feet, they want tosignal smash Won’s document; it main points the crimes of which In Bang, Gil Tae Mi, and Lee In Gyeom are guilty. Hastening their resolution to sign, Bang Won lighting a bomb in the center of the assembly.

Amnesty World Korea Awards 'Infinite Challenge' For ‘Hashima Island’s Secret’ Episode
Amnesty World Korea Awards 'infinite Challenge' For ‘Hashima Island’S Secret’ Episode

Amnesty World Korea Awards 'Infinite Challenge' For ‘Hashima Island’s Secret’ Episode

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The MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' used to be awarded the prestigious Amnesty Global Korea Media Awards 2015 for the 'Hashima Island's Secret' episode, which aired in September 2015.

The 'Hashima Island's Secret' episode unveiled the Korean sufferersthroughoutthe japanese occupation, who worked as miners for little to no income, and their descendants who still reside in Hashima Island.

Amnesty Overseas Korea awarded the 'Hashima Island's Secret' episode at the MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' a media awards of the year. In comparable news, on the latest episode of the preferred MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge,' the individuals were auctioned to otherformpresentations and dramas on MBC and asked to play a role for a charity program. The MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' is some of the popular, long lasting entertainment methods in Korea. It capabilities the CountlessSubject members Ha Ha, Park Myung Soo, Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Joon Ha.

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DramaFever Brings T.O.P's Mini Drama 'Secret Message' To World Fans
Dramafever Brings T.o.p's Mini Drama 'secret Message' To World Fans

DramaFever Brings T.O.P's Mini Drama 'Secret Message' To World Fans

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If you need more of giant Bang's T.O.P for your life, here's your likelihood to DramaFever and chill.

The newest batch of "DF Minis" contains the miniseries staring the charismatic rapper, T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) himself. T.O.P stars alongEastern actress Juri Ueno in "Secret Message," one of several new mini series airing on DramaFever this month.

"Secret Message" is ready two other folks living in other countries, separated via language and distance, in seek ofwhat islacking in their lives. It co-stars Japanese actress Juri Ueno.

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