Quiz: Can You Guess The Drama Actor Based On Their Abs?
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Quiz: Can You Guess The Drama Actor Based On Their Abs?

As a long time drama watcher, you may have started to notice a pattern of events that always occur in dramaland. Rarely is there a drama without piggyback rides or some form of wrist or hand grabbing. Theres certain things you may or may not like in dramas, but one thing for sure is you always look forward to the gratuitous shower scenes. If there isnt a shower scene, dramas will always find a way to show the actors beautifully sculpted bodies. Now thats what I call some top notch fan service. This quiz was created just for fun, but we want to see how good you are at telling drama actors apart by only looking at their drool-worthy abs.

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Soompiers, can you get 10/10 abs? Let us know your score in the comments below!

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