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[Drama Review] "prime Society" - Episode thirteen

top SOCIETY - EPISODE thirteen

♫♫ "It"s a horny day in this group, a horny day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? could you be mine?..." ♫

nothing ever is simple in this series, and the evil sister drama intensifies:

After their altercation, Joon Ki is still petty to Chang Soo. Yoon Ha gets the inside track that her father has cave ind and heads to the sanatorium. Chang Soo meets with his mother, who is still arranging dates for him. He tries to reassure her that he"s all about what mother needs, yet neither Ji Yi nor Chang Soo can fail to remember one any other, and it hurts. Ye Won has Yoon Ha"s secure updated, after taking the SD card with the incriminating evidence. She talk over withs her still-incapacitated dad and suggests marrying off Yoon Ha to Chang Soo.

the next day to come, the mistress is going to talk over with Won Sik. Mom stakes her claim and ends the illicit affair. That afternoon, mother dines with Chang Soo"s mother, and makes a wedding proposal for Yoon Ha. At lunch, Ji Yi gossips to Joon Ki, no longer handiest about Yoon Ha yet also what the scuttle yett is set him. That night time, they come to a decision to tell Yoon Ha in user about a marketing win. Chang Soo meets with Yoon Ha to speak about the speculation of dating. He leans in for a kiss just as Joon Ki and Ji Yi arrive...

Yoon Ha is stuck up in some serious drama now (no pun intended). Her sister has stepped up her game, even going as a techniques as to update her secure with the similar variety number to get get entry to to the contents of the usual. Her circle of relatives needs to marry her off to Chang Soo. Chang Soo doesn"t appear to brain overmuch; he can"t have Ji Yi and reveals other girls demanding, so why no longer? Even her meant friend Ji Yi turns out to be gossiping in the back of her back, which is simply a bad thing. It in reality rankled me ample where I in reality can"t distance myself and figure out whether she used to be seeking to be mean or no longer. Joon Ki assists in keeping seeking to get on the subject of her, yet she assists in keeping pushing him away and toying with him handiest to shoot him down.

"You call that trendy art? That"s no longer what I call it..."

Yoon Ha"s mother has in any case come to a decisiond to settle into the industry of being a mother and wife. in terms of Won Sik, she"s put her foot down, finishing his courting with the mistress (she"ll still get hold of cash as she at all times did), and insisting that he leisure when he gets house. He took her hand as they walked out of the sanatorium, an indication that perhaps things are making enhancements to. And she"s in any case addressed Yoon Ha with anything drawing near maternal care, so perhaps she"s in any case seeing that being the ironclad, hateful matriarch isn't what she needs to be. Maybe she can rule the roost through being softer and kinder.

Ji Yi in reality began to irritate me this episode. i think for her no longer being ready to be with the handiest she loves. I do. But she"s becoming the place of paintings busybody you don"t need around. Whether you"re at faculty or at paintings, you know the sort -- at all times has anything to mention about any individual, at all times looks for some way to tell a tale that has her smelling like a rose, when her scent in reality resembles what a rose may grow in. I"m no longer too enthusiastic about her befri finishing Joon Ki, yet I loved her larger when she paintingsed at the grocer.

The wrist clutch: an equivalent opportunity maneuver.

Things are taking shape in "High Society," yet I"m hoping things enhance for our protagonists. manifestly Yoon Ha and Ji Yi handiest going to be pleased with the handiests they love, yet it"ll take some doing to rebuild the agree with, in a different way it"ll come off totally contrived. And i need Yoon Ha to take Ye Won down. tough. i need Ji Yi and Yoon Ha to be buddies, as simple with every other as they ever were. What I wonder is whether Won Sik"s cave in has helped him be more human. We"ve noticed the effect it had on his wife. I"m hoping to peer them be as affectionate as they were when they were more youthful.

I"m still staring at. alregardless that there"s numerous contrived cliffhangers, a minimum of they"re needing. It"s no longer awful, yet i need a little more. A little less teasing (the compromising eventualities with Ji Yi/Joon Ki-Yoon Ha/Chang Soo are getting stale) and a little more precise, discernible plot flow. I"ll be staring at so long as you're!

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1theK releases fourth and last episode for “Prime” ft. WINNER

1theK releases fourth and last episode for “Prime” ft. WINNER


1theKs Prime releases the last episode featuring WINNER!

On September 5th, 1theK uploaded WINNERs fourth and last episode for Prime where 99 fans had the chance to meet the group. Set in Club 99, the audience waved light sticks as they welcomed each member walking down the runway.

Excited fans were able to view special behind-the-scenes footage from both their teasers and music video. As the footage played, WINNER shared the behind story of their trip and exchanged funny banters on their recent trip to New York. In the said session, they mentioned how Minho almost made them miss their flight back to Korea.

In the second half of the meet, WINNER, showing their close bond with their fans, revealed personal information about themselves during their talk session. Seunghoon unashamedly admits how often he searches up their group on the internet during his free time, but regrets it once he sees his picture show up, much to everyones laughter.

In the end, WINNER thanked the fans for their support and invited them to come up for a high five session.

Doesnt this sound like a dream come true to a fan?

Source: 1theK Youtube


WINNER meet with fans for last episode of

WINNER meet with fans for last episode of "Prime"

WINNER meet with fans for last episode of

WINNER met up with fans for the last part of the "PRIME" series!

In the YG Entertainment group"s final part of their 4-part "PRIME" feature, the boys had a special meeting with 99 fans in a segment called "Club99". The WINNER members shared behind-the-scenes stories from their debut music videos for "Empty" and "Color Ring" and had a high-touch time with the fans!

Check it all out above!


Kim Dong Wans Drama Receives Plaque of Appreciation from Minister of Unification

Kim Dong Wans Drama Receives Plaque of Appreciation from Minister of Unification

With the drama wrapping up, KBS’ Cheer Up, Mr. Kim is being highlighted for the issues it addressed in its storyline.

Kim Dong Wan’s Drama Receives Plaque of Appreciation from Minister of Unification

On April 23, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, Yeon Jun Seok, and KBS executive producer Moon Bo Hyun participated in a special ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Unification.

The Minister of Unification presented the drama with a plaque of appreciation for spotlighting the issue of North Korean refugees living in South Korea.

In a press release by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Unification, Cheer Up, Mr. Kim helped to improve society’s perspective on North Korean refugees by showing that North Korean refugees are not an unfamiliar presence in society, but neighbors who are living their lives with everyone else.

In the drama, Yeon Jun Seok plays Ri Chul Yong, a North Korean refugee, who is taken in by Kim Tae Pyeong, played by Kim Dong Wan.

Meanwhile, Cheer Up, Mr. Kim will finish its series on April 26.

Photo Credit: Liveworks Company


Block B sends a video message to apologize to its Thai fans

Block B sends a video message to apologize to its Thai fans

Block B sends a video message to apologize to its Thai fans

The “idol” group Block B, composed of seven members, recently uploaded a video asking for forgiveness of what they had said in a Thai interview.

On February 23, Block B uploaded a video which is about a minute and thirty seconds long on YouTube to send a message of apology.

The video begins as Block B members bow their heads down to 90 degrees to express their regrets.

The leader Zico, who shaved his head in a sense of self-reflection and being responsible for the controversy they had caused, speaks on behalf of his group, “Hello, this is Block B. We are very sorry for the things that happened in Thailand recently.

The fact that we didn’t think that our actions can damage the Thai people was very stupid and embarrassing, and we don’t know how to ask for your forgiveness. We acknowledge that we made a hasty judgment of the atmosphere of the location, and that was very selfish and we are greatly sorry.

It was childish, and we are very sorry for causing harm. Again, we would like to bow our heads and apologize.”

Zico’s words are translated into Korean, Thai, and English and simultaneously shown on subtitles as he speaks.

While Zico is sending apologetic message, the rest of the members, P.O, U-Kwon, B-Bomb, Taeil, Park Kyung, and Jaehyo, stands with a regretful look throughout the video.

Early on February 20, each member of Block B left comment on fanclub, asking for forgiveness of what they had said about flood damage in Thailand and their joking attitude.

Block B was harshly scolded for mischievously talking about flood damages in Thailand in a video interview titled “New Artist- Block B in Thailand” by a Thai media, RYT9.

During the interview, the group broke out laughing when they said, “We hope that some financial aid can play a part in healing the scars in your hearts. Money’s all we have. How about, say, 7,000 won?”

Source: Starnews