Pop Quiz: Guess that Music Video!

Pop Quiz: Guess that Music Video!

One of the best things about K-Pop is that it’s a visual experience. K-Pop MVs attract new fans on the daily with their colorful, shocking, mesmerizing eye candy.

Some MVs stick to your memory more than others, but can you identify an MV from just a screencap–even if that screencap is random? 

Let’s try it out! Take our quiz below and test yourself. Are you a K-Pop MV expert? 

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Highlight ”Plz Don’t Be Sad”

Pentagon ”Can You Feel It”

Baek Ah Yeon ”Bitter Sweet”

Kim Chung Ha ”Why Don’t You Know”

Seventeen ”Don’t Wanna Cry”

Top Secret ”Mind Control”

Pop Quiz: Guess that Music Video!

WOAH, you’re a true K-Popper. You’re the fan who checks out almost every K-Pop MV by the popular groups and even the super rookies. Impressive!

Oh yeah! Good job! You missed a few but your knowledge on K-Pop MVs is still very impressive. Keep tuning into more MVs and you’ll get an A on this quiz very very soon 😉

‘C’ means average! Not bad at all. You missed a few but that’s because you were too busy to check out some of the latest K-Pop MVs. With a little more dedication, you’ll become a K-Pop expert in no time!

It’s alright. You missed a little… bit too much but we applaud your effort. You’re not the type who watches each and every K-Pop MV but we know you truly love K-Pop at heart.

K-Pop MVs aren’t your #1 priority. You watch it every now and then and that explains your score of ‘F’. No need to cry, though. Keep tuning into more K-Pop MVs and you’ll be able to bump up your score soon!

Maybe you’re new to K-Pop…? Nice try, though.

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