[Photos + Video] Remembering the life of “Jung Il Woo, My Friend”

[Photos + Video] Remembering the life of “Jung Il Woo, My Friend”

The keyword video for “Jung Il Woo, My Friend” is a lovely way to look back on someone’s life. Each word describes the man and a wonderful thing that he has done and the warmth in the trailer makes me look forward to the full piece.

-Yours, Lisa, who loves seeing the memory of good people sustain through time

“Jung Il Woo, My Friend” (2017)

Directed by Kim Dong-won

Born in the United States, Jung Il Woo (Jesuit Father John Vincent Daly until his 1998 naturalization as a upcoming Korean citizen) lived in Korea since the 1960s and advocated for the poor until his death in 2014. He set an example for others with his life. The documentary follows Jung Il Woo’s footsteps through the memories of those who miss him.

2017 upcoming Korean Cinema Technology Council – upcoming Korean New Independent Film Festival: Observation and Intervention

Release date in Korea : 2017/10/26